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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hellen Zille, Henri Le Riche & White Refugees Perspectives of the Rainbow-Hypocrisy-on-Steroids SAHRC

The SAHRC appear to be on a mission to become more honest about the fact that they are a Proud member of Rainbow-Hypocrisy-on-Steroids SA. If you belong to a certain culture, race, or ideology, then for all intents and purposes, the SAHRC will endorse your political or legal perseuction and prosecution, or your murder and torture.

For other cultures, races and/or ideologies, it shall raise its shrill Rainbow-Hypocrisy-on-Steroids voice, that would make a Vuvuzela Fishwife squirm with its 'Human Rights' Abuse Hypocrisy.

Acording to Helen Zille, in Capetowns recent Open Toilets Saga:

"If you enclose your own toilet in phase one, it can be incorporated Into your house in phase two, and you will reap the benefit of a bigger house.

"This is why families choose to enclose their own toilets in phase one.

"It is an empowering and logical choice. That is, until the ANCYL decides otherwise," Zille said.

The saddest aspect of the saga was the "pitiful report" of the SAHRC, which "is full of the factual inaccuracies required to reach the conclusion that the council Violated the human rights of the residents of Makhaza".

"It is the clearest possible demonstration of what happens when the ANC deploys its parliamentary cadres into institutions that are supposed to be independent of the ruling party.

"They become extensions of its power abuse instead of limits on its power.

"Some Chapter Nine institutions allow themselves to be abused and, unfortunately, the SA Human Rights Commission is one of them," Zille said.

Open Letter to Rainbow-Hypocrisy-on-Steroids SAHRC, from Henri Le Riche

Monday, July 05, 2010 2:31 PM


As a Human Rights activist and member of human rights organisations here in Europe I am very disappointed with the stance it seems the SAHRC is going in.

To keep it short. Your organisation seems very one sided in its approach as there are many human rights abuses going on in South Africa and you seem pre-occupied with where only one race seems to be the victim and/or perpetrator.

As any form of human rights abuse is unfortunate, it is even more unfortunate when an organisation under the guise of ‘human rights’ only seems interested in certain ‘flavours’ of suffering. So far your motives seem more political than for human rights from someone looking at your organisation objectively.

I refer to the following statement specifically, about the four ladies at the
University of the Orange FreeState:
"The humiliation those women suffered... you can't put value on dignity. One million does not go very far in alleviating the pain these ladies suffered," Moaga said." - SAHRC (Source: News 24: R 1 Million not enough for UFS women)

Though this was an unfortunate incident where the ladies were humiliated by doing undignified initiation practices by four racist students I want to add these ladies were not raped, tortured or killed. Thankfully.

I want to know if these ladies get R1 million each, where is/was the SAHRC commission speaking up for the voiceless victims of farm murders?"

For some the SAHRC seems like a race obsessed, hypercritical ANC body, working with the ANCYL, where 'human rights' only have one objective. Injustice and racism is monopolised by organisations working under the disguise of 'human rights' for the purpose of their political needs. All humans are equal. No race has a monopoly on injustice, or human rights.

What is the dignity worth of all those farmers that was tortured and murdered due to hate crimes committed against them? Why is the SAHRC commission silent on these issues? Is it because you are paid by the SA (ANC) government? There is a clear distinction when it comes to being a human rights activist, and being a political activist.

As they say, "action speaks louder than words", when it comes to human rights. Your actions have a political flavour with a human rights colour coded jacket…

True human rights have no colour and no political affiliation and all issues should be dealt with on an equal basis.

We will follow your statements with interest and hope to see more human rights issues to be dealt with on an equal basis which will help with your credibility and trust where people feel their needs are also being protected by the SAHRC.

If the SAHRC wants to win the trust of all people, then the organisation needs to show they are concerned about all human being, regardless of colour, religion, sex or political party.

Kind Regards,

Henri Le Riche

White Refugee Response to Mr. Le Riche and SAHRC

Monday, July 05, 2010 7:54 PM

Thanks Mr. Le Riche,

I shall post your letter to the SAHRC to the Why We Are White Refugees blog, soon as I find a spare moment. The SAHRC also declined to make an impartial enquiry into my complaint (SAHRC WC-2009-0455 BS).

Apparently being arrested without any arrest warrant, without any legal justification, and detained in Pollsmoor Prison, without any bail hearing for 33 days, was not a violation of my human rights, worthy of the SAHRC enquiry. Being made fun off in University hazing session prank is a massive human rights violation, but being illegally arrested and imprisoned for 33 days is not a human rights violation; nor is being legally and politically persecuted and prosecuted. It all depends on what ideology, race, culture and religion you belong to, whether you are entitled to SAHRC legal protection.

Succinctly: Where a complaint to the SAHRC of being illegally arrested, detained, legally persecuted and prosecuted, murdered, or tortured, etc fits a category of religion, race, or culture, which the SAHRC deems to be deserving of legal persecution and prosecution, etc, they shall avoid making any enquiry. Yes, they have no problems endorsing legal and political persecution of select individuals or groups! They will do so, by legal gymnastics (See a good description in Excuse Me, Mr. President: The Message of the Broken Eagle, by Rick Paul Springer, or Black/White Rage Confronts the Law, by Paul Harris, Center for Guerrilla Law; The Dilemma of Albie Sachs: Constitutionalism and the Death of Thami Zulu (PDF), by Paul Trewhela) of how the legal system acts as legal parasites, what you would refer to as political activists ‘with a human rights colour coded jacket’.
‘Lawyers are either social engineers, or they are parasites. Social Engineer Lawyers aim to eliminate the difference between what the laws say and mean, and how they are applied; whereas legal parasites aim to entrench their parasitism from the difference between what the laws say and mean, and the application of such differences to their parasitic benefit.’ -- Howard Law School, Professor Charlie Houston, the primary legal mentor of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (Simple Justice: The History of Brown vs. Board of Education, by Richard Kluger)

If the person however fits a particular group of persons, culture or religion, which the SAHRC consider worthy of their enquiry, they shall pursue such enquiry with all their might. The farmers being tortured, murdered and raped are not only the wrong colour, but worse they are (a) Afrikaans, and/or (b) conservative (in SAHRC speak: read ‘extremist right wingers’).

Remember these people are stood by and said nothing and endorsed the torture and execution of their own at places like Camp Quatro
What Happened in the ANC Camps?, Hein Marais; South Africa: Torture, ill-treatment and executions in African National Congress Camps (PDF), Amnesty International; Women in the ANC and SWAPO: sexual abuse of young women in the ANC camps (PDF), by Olefile Samuel Mngqibisa; A Miscarriage of Democracy: The ANC Security Department in the 1984 Mutiny in Umkhonto We Sizwe (PDF); An Open Letter to Nelson Mandela from Ex-ANC Detainees (PDF); The ANC Conference: From Kabwe to Johannesburg (PDF); A Death in South Africa: The Killing of Sipho Phungulwa (PDF); The Case of Samuel Mngzibisa (Elty Mhlekazi) (PDF); Resignation from ANC; Inside Quadro: End of an Era (PDF), by Paul Trewhela

The ANC-TRC gave these ANC members who were tortured, some executed, by their own MK-Mkobodo superiors, the big middle finger; just like they gave others the Abner Louima TRC-plunger
The Truth about the Truth Commission (PDF), and People’s War, by Anthea Jeffery; The Conflict of the Past: A Factual Review (PDF), by General Johan van der Merwe, a former Commissioner of the South African Police Force and the Commanding Officer of the Security Branch of the SA Police Force from 01 January 1986 to August 1988; Complaints to Public Protector of TRC Handling of SADF (PDF), submitted by Gen. J.J. Geldenhuys, SSA, SD, SOE, SM; Genl A.J. Liebenberg, SSA, SD, SOE, MMM; Genl M.A. de M. Malan, SSA, OMSG, SD, SM; and Gen C.L. Viljoen, SSA, SD, SOE, SM; January 1998, etc.

If a Rainbow father considers his own ANC-blood children to be collateral damage expendable, worthy only as economic slaves and cannon fodder; what on earth gives you the idea that he is going to treat another mans’ children – you -- any better than collateral damage expendable? Similarly, what makes you think that you, someone not a member of the SAHRC select superior elite group, are worthy of their SAHRC legal protection? These are all harsh questions I have had to confront myself with, to face Rainbow-Hypocrisy-On-Steroids reality.

Your taxes are required to pay for their salaries, but when it comes to your rights under the Constitution; didn’t you know, you are not worthy? You are an inferior species?

The SAHRC response to the expert witness affidavit (PDF) I provided to the SAHRC, from an international recognized expert – Dr. Brad Blanton, former US Congressional Candidate in 2004 and 2006, author of Radical Honesty books, founder of Radical Honesty culture and religion, and a human rights (not political) activist, for over 40 years, who cultural foundation is founded on the practice of sincere forgiveness (unlike the politically correct two-faced hypocrisy forgiveness practiced in South Africa)) – who accused the SA government of legally and politically persecuting and prosecuting me, was ignored by the SAHRC, as if it simply does not exist.

If the SAHRC says the earth is flat, then no amount of evidence, from NASA or anywhere else appears to concern them, whatsoever.

Accordingly, I concur with you concerns about the SAHRC being a political organization, pretending to be a human rights organization, or as you so eloquently put it ‘only interested in certain flavours of suffering’.

It appears plausible that if they were participants in Stanley Milgrams studies on blind obedience to political correct ideology authority, and they could find co-conspirators, they’d be quite happy to go right to the top of their little execution torture experiment, when it comes to endorsing the torture, murder and extermination of Afrikaners or their favourite hate category, anyone whom they can accuse of ‘right wing’.

Unlike a certain former CODESA National Party politician, who has at least admitted that he never forgave the right wing, or anyone whom he perceives to be right wing, during the TRC process, basically admitting that the TRC, to him was just a farce, cause he still resents the ‘right wing’ (whatever that is) as much as ever (hence is unable to be impartial towards, or to feel any concern or empathy for any person of ‘right wing’ suffering); the SAHRC are not prone to such honesty.

The difference between them and the Apartheid Regime was that with the latter, they were honest about ‘certain races or religions only welcome’ for certain particular services. The SAHRC practices the exact same discrimination; they have select individuals who belief in certain ideologies, racial/culture or religions that they consider as worthy of their discrimination. With the Apartheid Regime you knew where you stood, which organization was concerned about your rights, and if none, you were justified in appealing to international organisations.

The SAHRC don’t even have the integrity and honour of Apartheid Politicians honesty. They pretend they serve all citizens of all races, cultures, religions. It’s a blatant lie. They do not serve the citizen of the Radical Honesty culture religions, whose cultural foundation is sincere forgiveness. So, you got to know if they can happily discriminate against a Radical Honesty White Refugee, the chances of them discriminating even more against an Afrikaner or ‘Right Wing’ White Refugee are exponentially increased, if not stratospheric, depending on the level of their suppressed resentment and hate for such person, religion or culture.

As Malcolm X said (with adaptations):
The black nationalists aren’t friends of the poor white minority Afrikaners (whitey) either, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl and keep whitey always aware of where he stands with them. But the Rainbow Two-Faced Reconciliation liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to whitey but pretend that they are smiling. The Rainbow liberals are more dangerous than the black nationalists, they lure whitey, and as whitey runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the ‘smiling’ fox, and is devoured.

Hopefully the SAHRC shall heed your words, although I would suggest you keep a healthy reminder of the natural law fact that just like leopards don’t change their spots, very seldom do you find hypocrites, to admit their hypocrisy. You are far more likely to meet a bigot who frankly admits to his bigotry, and gives you his reasoning and justifications, to better understand his experience, than you are ever going to find a Rainbow-Hypocrisy-On-Steroids-Hypocrite to admit their Hypocrite bigotry. They are incapable of the honour or integrity. It does occur, but very infrequently.


Lara Johnstone
Why We Are White Refugees

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