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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amicus Applic. to Dewani’s Judge: SA is a criminal mafia parasite state: Descartian Jurisprudence does not exist in ‘Rainbow Hypocrisy SA’

Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

London, UK (19-Jan-2011): An Application was filed with the City of Westminster Magistrates Court late yesterday, by a South African citizen in support of Dewani's case to oppose his extradition to South Africa. The Amicus Application accuses the South African Government of being a "criminal mafia parasite state that breeds and feeds crime, for political and financial benefit of the TRC FRAUD elite".

Shrien Dewani, 31 from Bristol is accused by the South African government of being the mastermind behind the murder of his wife, Anni Dewani (Hindocha), 28, when they were hijacked in Gugulethu, a township near Capetown on November 13, 2010.

The murder made world headlines, and four South Africans have been arrested, one (the taxidriver) sentenced to 18 years in prison. Dewani was allowed to return to Britain, but the SA Police subsequently charged him with being the mastermind. He says he is being used as a scapegoat to protect South Africa's tourism industry.

The Amicus supports a private prosecution of Mr. Dewani in UK Courts, with Impartial, Competent EU Judge and Jury, as the only means Hindocha & Dewani families will receive a free and fair trial, to determine Mr. Dewani’s guilt or innocence based on Descartian worldview concepts of evidence.

The Amicus Application states that the citizen's experience of going through multiple trials in South Africa, for the past nine years, where she has "never received anything remotely resembling a Descartian Heuristic / Western Civilization concept of a free and fair trial".

Descartian Jurisprudence does not exist in ‘Rainbow Hypocrisy SA’

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”
-- Mohandas Gandhi

Firstly she describes the difference between Descartian and Ubuntu Jurisprudence.

She says that "Descartian Jurisprudence does not exist in ‘Rainbow Hypocrisy SA’", because the "Ubuntu Legal Heuristic Application of ‘Free & Fair Trial’, is not the same as Descartian EU."

The Application details the large differences between a Descartian Individualist and an Ubuntu Conformist worldview.

In the Descartian “I Think, Therefore I am” westernized existential paradigm an individual’s sense of identity is a result of his ‘thinking’, his cognitive conscious awareness to recognize his cognitive biases, and to educate himself to overcome them, so as to improve his critical thinking faculties, his conscience. The socio-cultural consequences of such a paradigm produced western civilisation’s critical thinking giants, from Socrates and Leonardo Da Vinci, to Martin Luther, Voltaire and Soren Kierkegaard; as a result of the essence of their identity being founded on their critical thinking capacities.

In the Ubuntu “I participate, therefore I am” African existential paradigm the individual’s identity is not a result of his own critical thinking faculties and powers. The Ubuntu African’ sense of identity is a result of his willingness to conform to peer pressure, to be accepted to participate in the tribe. The Ubuntu African is not encouraged to increase his personal meta-cognitive critical thinking conscience to improve the quality of his character, to ‘know himself’, and hence his knowledge of right and wrong, in accordance with his principles and values. The Ubuntu African’s sense of identity and self-esteem is a result of his community’s acceptance of his willingness to conform to their demands and their values.

Themba Sono refers to the result of this Ubuntu African paradigm as the “constrictive nature” or “tyrannical custom” of a derailed African culture, especially its “totalitarian communalism”. The Ubuntu African’s existential psychology is focused on belief, not reason. Rationality is overwhelmed by emotional identity to belong, and to conform, in order to improve the individual’s sense of self-worth.

The Descartian highly values personal responsibility, as the essence for his psychological, financial and spiritual growth. Freedom is thus a consequence of choosing to be personally responsible. The essence of his ego-identity is founded on the 'rock' of his critical thinking faculties, which contributes to his psychological and spiritual security.

The Ubuntuist's concept of freedom is the opposite: the absence of personal responsibility. Freedom is thus being free from all responsibilities of ethical conduct; to do exactly what you want, without any conscience or accountability. The essence of his ego-identity is founded on the quicksand of his chameleon like ability to conform, to fit in; which contributes to his psychological and spiritual insecurity.

The Descartian values constructive criticism feedback, because it helps him to confront his blind spots, and to improve himself. The Ubuntuist values sycophancy and conformity, for it helps him to maintain his state of self-denial and self-deception.

Psychologically, heuristics are simple, efficient rules, which are hard-coded by evolutionary and cultural learned processes, which explain how people make decisions, come to judgement, solve problems. Heuristic rules can work well; or lead to systematic errors or cognitive biases.

The Amicus states that it is easy to observe how Descartian Pro-Responsibility heuristics helped the Descartian geniuses to make good decisions, to correct previous incorrect decisions, to make fair judgements and to solve problems.

Conversely, she provides a few examples for how Ubuntu Anti-Responsibility heuristics enabled Ubuntuists to avoid taking personal responsibility for their failures, or weaknesses; and additionally to rob them of such opportunity, by transferring the cause of their failure to an outside scapegoat. Four articles are provided as evidence:
Badly performing schools blame witchcraft, Sunday Times, 14 January 2011

ES Malele and Ben Matlhosa were amongst the poorest performing schools in 2010. They blame witchcraft. Their principals claimed to the MEC the reason for their under-performance was "witchcraft", department spokesman Joseph Mabuza said. "The principals said that the learners did not trust each other, and they believed that there are learners within the schools who are bewitching them.

'Witchcraft' made me do it, says judge, IOL: Karyn Maughan: 14 July 2008

A senior military judge who doused herself with petrol and then set herself alight has told medical staff she believed "witchcraft" was behind her actions.
Colonel Yvonne Nomoyi, the military's first black senior judge, is understood to have expressed bewilderment at why she had set herself alight in the garage of her home on June 26, saying she had no idea what had prompted her behaviour. Neither did she know who would want to bewitch her into committing the suicidal act.

Military judge escapes prosecution: SANDF official still at work despite suicide attempt, Prega Govender, 09-Nov-2008

A Senior military judge has escaped prosecution for attempting suicide because some of the SA National Defence Force’s top brass allegedly believed her claim that she had been bewitched. The defence force’s first black female judge, Colonel Phildah Nomoyi, 41, doused herself with petrol and set herself alight in her garage in June.

Witchcraft and Statecraft: Liberal Democracy in Africa, by Nelson Tebbe.

[..] Prominent politicians and intellectuals are moving away from a philosophy of non-racialism understood as governmental blindness toward differences of culture.3 They are demanding African solutions to what they see as uniquely African problems.4
Witchcraft tops the list of those unique problems. In colonial times, witchcraft was thought to be “the outstanding problem of the lawgiver in Africa.”5 Today it remains central to statecraft. Fear of the occult6 has not faded with apartheid but, surprisingly to many, has only intensified during the transition to democracy.7

[..] A large majority of the citizenry believes in witchcraft. Belief in the occult is widespread. Africans comprise some seventy-five or eighty percent of the population of South Africa,53 and among them fear of the occult is commonplace. This is true even among people who also observe Christianity.54 The Ralushai Commission reported that “belief in witchcraft is as prevalent as ever” and it “form[s] part of a basic cultural, traditional, and customary principle of Africans in South Africa and Africa as a whole.”55 That report has been criticized for faulty scholarship,56 but here its conclusion is not particularly controversial. Witchcraft beliefs are not limited to a particular economic class, to rural areas, to non-professionals, or to older generations, but instead are widely (although perhaps not evenly) held across contemporary Africa.57 Recognition of these beliefs therefore may well impact the legitimacy of democratic experiments in southern Africa.

Descartian Reality in South Africa: Ubuntu Censorship of ANC and Anti-Apartheid Movement’s Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Fraud

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.” -– Mahatma Gandhi

She then proceeds to ask whether the South African Government, Politicians, Media and Academic elite's response to the allegations of Truth and Reconciliation Fraud, filed in the Constitutional Court, and Boer Volkstaat Theses Briefing Paper; were those of Descartian Individualists; or Ubuntu Conformists?

The answer is clear: the South African Elite are not Descartian Individualists, but Ubuntu Conformists.

The Executive Summary of the Boer Volkstaat Theses's allegations of TRC Fraud are also included in the Application.

TRC Fraud: Just War Tradition Arguments:
  • Just War Tradition: Mutually Agreed Rules of Combat between Culturally Similar Enemies: Jus Ad Bellum Convention, Principles of Jus In Bello and Just Post Bellum:

  • Forsaking Commitment to Gandhian Non-violence, honour and character, the ANC-Fanonstein spawned a Government of comrade-tsotsis, gangsters & kleptomaniacs:

  • SA Communist Party (SACP)’s M-Plan: Violent Liberation and Mandela’s Cult of Personality

  • No Proper Authority: Did Black South Africans want Black Rule?

  • No Right Intention: Did ‘Evil Apartheid raise poor black living standards to the highest in Africa?

  • Black Consciousness and Fanon’s Handbook for Black Liberation: ‘Violence as a cleansing liberating force’

  • The ANC’s People’s War: Terrorize the People to Support the Liberation Struggle

  • Zimbabwefication of South Africa: The State’s Systemic Collapse

  • Stalinist Popular Front: ANC’s Mbokodo Quatro Torture Camps

TRC Just War Fraud: Clash of Cultures Friction Theory:
  • Pandora’s Multi-Culti Apartheid Box: SA’s Multi-Cultural, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Racial Integration Nightmare

  • Western Descartian Individualist ‘I Think, Therefore I Am” vs. African Ubuntu Conformist “I Participate, therefore I Am’

  • Black Liberation Theology: Salvation/Liberation by Marxist Class Struggle, not Reconciliation/Forgiveness of Sins

  • TRC Social Contract provides NO definitions for Multi-Cultural, Multi-Interpretation of Key Concepts of ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Reconciliation’, ‘Closure’ and ‘Ubuntu’

  • Was Truth and Reconciliation Seen to be Done, by the Ubuntu Black Liberation Theology Truth Commission?

TRC Just War Fraud: Population Policy Common Sense:
  • Population Policy Common Sense: Eco-Numeracy, Exponential Functions & Carrying Capacity, Youth Bulges Population Pressure Conflicts and Competitive Exclusion Principle

  • The Nature and Causes of Apartheid: A Just War for Boer-Afrikaner Demographic Survival

  • Apartheid’s Strategic Demographic and Political Mistakes

  • Land Grabs and Farm Murders: A Rainbow-TRC-Peace, or Racial-Hatred-War Reality

  • Masculine Insecurity Poverty Pimping: ANC’s population Production of Poverty and Violence Breeding War

  • Population Policy Common Sense Interpretation of Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation (TRC) Act, Amicus Curiae to Constitutional Court: CENSORED

Systemic Ubuntufied Criminal & Political Corruption of Criminal Justice System

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”
Mohandas Gandhi

Again she demonstrates the difference between the conduct of Descartians to Ubuntuists.

She provides an example of current deaths in SA Police custody which have increased by 25,725% in ANC’s ‘TRC Rainbow Democracy’.

‘Crime Against Humanity’ Apartheid South Africa:
Apartheid: 1963 – 1994: 75 Deaths in 31 Years = 2.4 Deaths per year
Anti-Apartheid Movements Response: Worldwide Protests against the 'crime against humanity'

‘Rainbow Democracy’ South Africa:
Jan – Nov 2010: 566 Deaths in 11 months = 617.4 Deaths per year
The Anti-Apartheid movement celebrates ‘TRC Rainbow democracy’ and ‘freedom’.

She then lists a "Brief Overview of the Ubuntuist Kleptomaniac Corrupt Conformist South African Justice System".

She asks that while reading the nine pages of news reports about police, judicial, court, justice system corruption and incompetence; you should:

"Ask yourself what conduct would be seen by the Anti-Apartheid Movement at South African Embassies, if the government in charge of this criminal justice system were conservative White Afrikaner men. How many Amicus Curiae briefs would be filed by the Anti-Apartheid Movement International NGO community, to inform this court that Mr. Dewani should not be extradited, because the ‘racist apartheid’ SA Justice system would not give him a free and fair trial? I suggest to you that the real motivations of the Anti-Apartheid Movement was their hatred for conservative brutally honest white Afrikaner men, who provided black South Africans with the best Justice, Education, Health etc systems and government on the African continent!?

The Amicus Curiae was filed by Lara Johnstone, as a member of the Radical Honesty culture and community, in the matter of Republic of South Africa vs. Shrien Dewani, in the City of Westminster Magistrates Court, UK. Case Number: 1004020346.

Disclosure: Andrea Muhrrteyn is the White Refugee blogger nom de plume for Lara Johnstone, of Radical Honesty SA

» » » » [PDF: Radical Honesty Amicus Application in RSA v. Shrien Dewani]

Response from Voice of America (VOA) Employee: Karabo Special-One Seane

CEO: Amantle Media Group (100% shareholder)

Comment posted to: » » » » [Right of Return to Europe; for African White Refugees]

From: A Generation who consider Freedom:
A choice to take Personal Responsibility

If you want a job done well... retired pilot tows wheelie bin to tip on 8mph mobility scooter

By Paul Harris, DailyMail.UK
Last updated at 7:55 AM on 20th January 2011

He comes from a generation where if you want something done, you take responsibility and do it yourself.

So when 91-year-old former flight lieutenant Alan Cresswell needs to dispose of his rubbish, he doesn’t trouble the council – he hops on his mobility buggy.

The retired Second World War RAF pilot ties his wheelie bin to the back and trundles off on an hour-long round trip to the tip.

[..] Yesterday the widowed grandfather said: ‘People do turn round to look but mostly they just laugh. I reckon people could do a lot more for themselves. Instead of moaning about their rubbish not being collected, they should ruddy well get on with it.’

Piloting a mobility buggy, even with a trailer attached, is a doddle compared with some of the other vehicles that Flt Lt Cresswell has operated.

During the Second World War he flew Hurricanes and Wellingtons, but mostly Halifax bombers. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for ‘a few hairy moments’.

What if the buggy ever conks out? No worries. There’s always the possibility of an air-drop.

Last year Flt Lt Cresswell celebrated his 91st birthday by flying a Cessna 152 aircraft over his home town. Now, if only it had bomb doors...

» » » » [DailyMail.UK]

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