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Friday, December 17, 2010

'Boere-Volkstaat for African White Refugees' Petition to NATO Military Committee: Chiefs of Staff; c/o SHAPE & NATO Sec. General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees &
Jus Sanguinis
16 December 2010

'Boere-Volkstaat for African White Refugees' Petition to NATO Military Committee: Chiefs of Staff.

The African White Refugees Petition, from 34 Founding Petitioners to Europe; was submitted to the Belguim Offices of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, c/o: Mr. Mark Laity, Chief of Strategic Communications, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), on Fri, 17 Dec 2010 01:47:27 +0100.

SHAPE Public Affairs Office acknowledged receipt thereof on Fri, 17 Dec 2010 05:06:00 +0100

NATO Secretary General Mr. Rasmussen is requested to officially forward the Volkstaat Secession / Jus Sanguinis Petition and African White Refugees Briefing Paper to NATO Military Committee: Chiefs of Staff.

  1. Brigadier General Maksim Malaj, Chief of the General Staff, Albania
  2. General Charles-Henri Delcour, Chief of Defence, Belgium
  3. General Simeon Hristov Simeonov, Chief of Defence, Bulgaria
  4. General Walt Natynczyk, Chief of Defence, Canada
  5. General Josip Lucic, Chief of General Staff, Croatia
  6. General Vlastimil Picek, Chief of Defence, Czech Republic
  7. General Knud Bartels, Chief of Defence, Denmark
  8. Lieutenant General Ants Laaneots, Chief of Defence, Estonia
  9. Admiral Edouard Guillaud, Chief of Defence Staff, France
  10. General Volker Wieker, Chief of Defence, Germany
  11. General Ioannis Giagkos, Chief of Defence, Greece
  12. Lieutenant General Tibor Benko, Chief of Defence, Hungary
  13. Thordur Bjarni Gudjonsson, Chief of Defence, Iceland
  14. General Vincenzo Camporini, Chief of Defence, Italy
  15. Major General Raimonds Graube, Chief of Defence, Latvia
  16. Major General Arvydas Pocius, Chief of Defence, Lithuania
  17. General Gaston Reinig, Chief of Defence, Luxembourg
  18. General Peter van Uhm, Chief of Defence, Netherlands
  19. General Harald Sunde, Chief of Defence, Norway
  20. General Mieczyslaw Cieniuch, Chief of Defence, Poland
  21. General Luis Valença Pinto, Chief of Defence, Portugal
  22. Admiral Gheorghe Marin, Chief of Defence, Romania
  23. General Lubomír Bulík, Chief of Defence, Slovakia
  24. Major General Alojz Šteiner, Chief of Defence, Slovenia
  25. Air Force General Julio Rodríguez, Chief of Defence, Spain
  26. General Isik Kosaner, Chief of Defence, Turkey
  27. Air Chief Marshal Jock Stirrup, Chief of Defence, UK
  28. Admiral Mike Mullen, Chief of Defence, USA

Martial Monk Military Gospel ‘Law of Five’ Strategy Justifications for Forwarding Request:

Among others the petition letter to NATO Secretary General Rasmussen, requests NATO's Military Committee to clearly define what it means by 'success' of the NATO Mission; a future Eurabia, Paki-Canadia and Medellin-Americana; i.e. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, European Countries for Everybody?

1. How does NATO’s New Strategic Concept define ‘Success’ of its Mission?

NATO’s Allied Command Operations, Strategic Communications Chief for Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Mr. Mark Laity implies that NATO welcomes and appreciates a “full and frank exchange of ideas”, on issues pertaining to the mission of SHAPE StratCom, enunciated as:
“To put information strategy at the heart of all levels of policy, planning and implementation, and then, as a fully integrated part of the overall effort, ensure the development of practical, effective strategies that make a real contribution to success.”

I do not know how NATO Generals or Admirals define ‘success’. As you are no doubt aware, ‘success’ is an abstract concept, which means many different things to different people. For example:
You may think you understand and agree with me when I say, "We all want success." But surely we don't all want the same things. Success means different things to each of us, and you can't be sure of what I mean by that abstract term. On the other hand, if I say "I want a gold Rolex on my wrist and a Mercedes in my driveway," you know exactly what I mean (and you know whether you want the same things or different things). Can you see that concrete terms are clearer and more interesting than abstract terms? -- Abstract, Concrete, General, and Specific Terms, by John Friedlander, Assoc. Prof., English Dept. at Southwest Tennessee Community College

A man I greatly admire says the quality of our answers are determined by the quality of our questions. Considering that ‘success’ would be the outcome/result/answer, of any particular input question, how would NATO define ‘success’ to the following questions:
Will the minority ethnic Europeans of Eurabia in 2050, whose families are executed for being European, where two year olds are lifted up by their hair, to be executed at adult height, subsequent to executing her mother, and chopping up her father into mincemeat with a panga – as was done to the Potgieter family on their Lindley farm in the Orange Free State two weeks ago; believe NATO’s deliberate indifference to the Afro-Arabian demographic Acts of War being declared on their European ethnic descendants, is to be defined as ‘successful strategic NATO decision-making’?

Would NATO Generals observing from the heavens in 2050 how Afro-Arabian community’s hero-worship and idolize the ‘Kill the Euro-Farmer’ ‘liberation guerrilla’s who slaughter minority European families and children in cold blood, while professing to live in Rainbow Multi-Culti Europe consider NATO’s deliberate indifference to the demographic Acts of War declared by Afro-Arabia on Europe, to have been accurately defined as ‘successful strategic NATO decision-making’?

Would NATO Generals prefer to be remembered by their European descendants as visionary Hendrik Verwoerd’s whose ‘success’ is defined by their unwavering commitment to ensuring a future of their ethno-cultural European descendants heritage, traditions and democratic future’s; or the ‘success’ of a Treasonous Traitor F.W de Klerk, whose ‘success’ is defined by their betrayal of their ethno-cultural descendants European heritage, traditions, and democratic futures, in exchange for 30 pieces of Rolex Nobel Multi-Culti Silver?

To put it bluntly: Do NATO Generals and Admirals want their European descendants to live as persecuted minorities in ‘One Bullet, One Euro Baby’ ‘Kill a Euro Farmer” Eurabia, Paki-Canadia, or Medellin-Americana; and if not, when exactly do you put your foot down and say ‘enough is enough’? Is your deliberate indifferent response to persecuted African White Refugees, an indication of your endorsement for Europe to consign itself to oblivion?

Under A Martial Monk’s Definition of Strategic Military ‘Success’: Confront Science of War Reality, it refers to military geostrategist, Homer Lea's analysis of the science of war:
“This book will someday be studied by thousands of people. Lea understood more about world politics than all the cabinet ministers now in office.” -- Vladimir Lenin, about Valour of Ignorance, by ‘Martial Monk’ Homer Lea, which became compulsory reading for Japanese and West Point cadets.

“Just quoting military gospel – according to Homer Lea.” .. [..] You see,” the Colonel said, “thirty-five years ago, a strange young man who called himself ‘General’ Homer Lea, wrote a book about a war to come between America and Japan. In it he described, in minutest details the Jap campaigns against the Phillipines, Hawaii, Alaska and California.” “A sort of American Nostradamus?” The Colonel said, “Not at all. Homer Lea was neither a mystic nor a prophet. He was a scientist. He studied the science of war – the fundamental laws of which are as immutable as those of any other science. He also sought to analyze the causes of war and diagnose the symptoms of an approaching conflict.” -- Valour of Ignorance, by Homer Lea.

“Investigation shows that whenever two nations have become engaged in warfare they have been advancing on converging lines of self-interest and aggrandizement. When the contact takes place, the struggle for supremacy, or even survival is at hand. This inevitable hour is approximately fixed and determined by the angles of convergence plus the sum of the relative speed by which the nations are moving along their respective lines. Thus it is that, when the angle of convergence of both or even one of the nations is acute and the speed or progress along one or both of the converging lines correspondingly great, war results in a few years or decades.” – Homer Lea, Valour of Ignorance

It then proceeds to list a number of quotes, demonstrating the alleged angles of convergence and the relative speed of their convergence, with the final question again being:

In the application of ‘Martial Monk’ Military Gospel Homer Lea science of war – angles of convergence -- wisdom to the Anglo Saxon/WASP Endangered Species problem; how would NATO redefine ‘success’; a future Europe, or Eurabia?
"The Turks are taking over Germany exactly as the Kosovars took over Kosovo: via a higher birth rate. I wouldn't mind if it were Jews from Eastern Europe with a 15 percent higher IQ than the German population. [..] In demographic terms, in the long term, the enormous fertility of Muslim immigrants poses a threat to the equilibrium of culture and civilization in an ageing Europe." – Thilo Sarrazin, Deutschland schafft sich ab: Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen (Germany Consigns itself to Oblivion)

“Karl Marx had it wrong. Class has, to be sure, been a major factor in history; but class itself is a derivative concept that is based on the ultimate causative power in history: sex. Marx’s famous formulation must be revised: The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of struggles based on the division of our species into two sexes, jealousies emanating from this division, exaggerations of the differences between the sexes, misunderstandings about sexual reproductive power, and metaphors derived from sex. Together, these closely related matters constitute the most important, but largely neglected, set of motive forces in human history. Control -- or the claim of control -- over the means of reproduction has been even more fundamental to history than has control of the means of production.” -- Eve’s Seed: Biology, the Sexes and the Course of History, by Robert McElvaine

“We must all understand that the most potent weapons of war are the penis and the womb. Therefore, if you cannot convince a group to control its population by discussion, debate, intelligent analysis etc., you must consider their action in using the penis and the womb to increase population an act of war.” –-- Jason G. Brent, Attorney and author of Humans: An Endangered Species.

“Population control will be difficult enough to achieve peacefully if society has merely to deal with families that differ in their desire to have children. If groups larger than the family assert their intention to exceed community norms, the difficulty in achieving population control will be greatly compounded. This problem is often stated as a racial problem. Some exponents of “Black Power” identify all proposals to control population as “genocide” and call upon blacks to engage in a breeding war” -- Garrett Hardin, Stalking the Wild Taboo: Population, Biology and the Law, p.231

“We have also run into the rarely openly-spoken, but widespread belief among adherents of the Turk-Islam synthesis that Turkey's role is to spread Islam in Europe, "to take back Andalusia and avenge the defeat at the siege of Vienna in 1683" as one participant in a recent meeting at AKP's main think tank put it. This thinking parallels the logic behind the approach of FonMin Gul ally and chief foreign policy advisor in the Prime Ministry Ahmet Davutoglu, whose muddy opinion piece in the Dec. 13 International Herald Tribune is in essence a call for one-way multi-cultural tolerance, i.e., on the part of the EU.” -- Eric Edelman, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, 30 December 2004, in Wikicable: 04ANKARA7211, ERDOGAN AND AK PARTY AFTER TWO YEARS IN POWER

“We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.” -- Moammar Gadhafi, April 10, 2006

“Resource scarcity will be a direct cause of confrontation, conflict, and war. The struggle to maintain access to critical resources will spark local and regional conflicts that will evolve into the most frequent conventional wars of the next century. Today, the notion of resource wars leads the Westerner to think immediately of oil, but water will be the fundamental need of some states, anti-states, and peoples. We envision a need to preserve rainforests, but expanding populations will increasingly create regional shortages of food--especially when nature turns fickle. We are entering the century of "not enough," and we will bleed for things we previously could buy. [.. ] Gross overpopulation will destroy fragile possibilities for progress in much of the non-Western world, and much of this problem is the West's fault. Our well intentioned introduction of relatively crude concepts of sanitation and disease control, combined with our determination to respond generously to local famines, has allowed populations to explode. [..] Basic resources will prove inadequate for populations exploding beyond natural limits, and we may discover truths about ourselves that we do not wish to know. In the end, the greatest challenge may be to our moral order.” – Major Ralph Peters, The Culture of Future Conflict, US Army War College, Parameters, Winter 1995-96, pp. 18-27.

“If you finish high school and keep a job without having children before marriage, you will almost certainly not be poor. Period. I have repeatedly felt the air go out of the room upon putting this to black audiences. No one of any political stripe can deny it. It is human truth on view.” -- Excerpt from John McWhorter’s Review of Professor of Law Amy Wax’s book: Race, Wrongs, and Remedies: Group Justice in the 21st Century

“We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices, often not felt to be such by those concerned, in order to prevent our being swamped with incompetence. It is better for all the world if, instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Buck v. Bell

“One of the most commonly used words In the Bible, Tsedeq -- found in Psalm 72, 85, etc; -- in its fullest sense, meant “world in balance” both ecologically and politically. This was not only the responsibility for the Gods, but also kings and people, and when this carrying capacity law was ignored or violated, Prophets Isaiah, Habakkuk, Joel, Hosea and Nahum warned of pestilence, war, famine and death.” –- Radical Honesty SA Amicus Curiae in Support of a Population Policy Common Sense Interpretation of the Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act, in Concourt #23-10

The Briefing Paper Executive Summary includes additional angles of convergence quotes, such as:
‘The exponential and explosive growth of the non-White population of the earth - which effectively doubles itself every 34 years (compared with White population which now only doubles itself every 200 years), means that by the year 2100, only three per cent of the earth's population will be White. From 1900 to 2100 - a period of 200 years, the proportion of Whites on earth will have dropped from 30 per cent to three percent.’ –-- Wake Up Whitey! African White Refugee Canaries in the International Ethno-Cultural Geopolitical Coalmine

“With complete freedom in reproduction, conscientious people will be eliminated.” -- Garrett Hardin, The Feast of Malthus: Living within Limits and The Tragedy of the Commons

“What is the greater danger - nuclear warfare or the population explosion? The latter absolutely! To bring about nuclear war, someone has to DO something; someone has to press a button. To bring about destruction by overcrowding, mass starvation, anarchy, the destruction of our most cherished values-there is no need to do anything. We need only do nothing except -- breed. And how easy it is to do nothing.” -- Isaac Asimov

Civilian Justifications for Forwarding Request of Petition

Under civilian justifications for the forwarding request of the Petition and Briefing Paper, the petition includes among others allegations that organisations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, US State Department and British Home Office cannot be considered as ‘credible and trustworthy sources’ of ‘objective evidence,’ in the matter of ethno-cultural conservative Afrikaners/African White Refugees, if or where they are ideologically biased in favour of the ANC narrative of Apartheid history.

It is herewith alleged these NGO’s and Government entities may be ‘credible and trustworthy sources’ of ‘objective evidence’ in many refugee matters, where they have no particular ideological bias in support of, or against, either of the relevant parties they are reporting upon. This is however not the case when it comes to South Africa, where these organisations are -- as members of, or ideological supporters of the ANC / Anti-Apartheid Movement -- hugely biased against ethno-culturally conservative white South Africans/African White Refugees.

In fact, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Anti-Apartheid Movement communities endorsement, silence and censorship of the ANC’s horrific torture, execution and detention without trial, of its own ANC members at Camp Quatro in Angola for years and years, documents when it comes to endorsing the persecution of those deemed by ANC leaders to be enemies of the ANC; organisations and government officials who considered themselves members of the Anti-Apartheid Movement have no objections whatsoever to endorsing and supporting not only persecution, by horrific torture and executions, by the ANC of their own dissenting members. To believe that such NGO’s or government officials who endorse the ANC’s torture, execution and persecution of their own, would object to the ANC’s Ethno-cultural White European enemies being tortured, executed and persecuted, is unbelievably naïve. The only Anti-Apartheid organisation that objected to the ANC’s Camp Quatro treatment of ANC dissenters, or SWAPO’s torture, execution and persecution treatment of its dissenters, was Baruch Hirson’s democratic socialist publication Searchlight South Africa who described the ANC led Anti-Apartheid Movement as “the most successful Popular Front Lobby for Stalinism anywhere in the world.”


It is alleged that these organisations have hugely different standards in their demands from European conservative governments treatment of black Africans (as they had of Apartheid, but not of any other Black African state, who treated black Africans far worse than Apartheid did); which are required to be of an exceptionally high standard; than they do of African governments treatment of Africans or conservative Europeans, for which the standard is lowered to include almost any kind of systemic persecution, torture or execution, as long as the NGO or government entity can get away with pretending they don’t know about it, or describing it is ‘random’ or non-systemic.

For example: None of these Anti-Apartheid Movement ideologically biased organisations or government agencies consider the expert opinion of the world's top expert on the subject of Genocide, Dr Gregory Stanton -- a former US state department legal expert who set up "Genocide Watch", who has no Anti-Apartheid Movement ideological bias support for the persecution of African White Refugees, as relevant for inclusion in their reports. Dr. Stanton, of Genocide Watch asserts that the crime experienced by whites in South Africa is no ordinary crime wave, but a form of genocide, in accordance with the Genocide Watch international law definition of the term genocide.

[7] None of these Anti-Apartheid Movement ideologically biased organisations or government are remotely interested in any impartial enquiry as to the lack of ANC leaders commitment to any social contract with white South Africans, considering:
(a) Former Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula was by far not the only person who is blatantly indifferent and contemptuous towards whites concern about crime, as he stated in Parliament; that ‘whites who keep complaining about crime, should either just go blue in the face, or leave the country’ .

(b) In 1998, then President Nelson Mandela said the same thing. He claimed that fear of crime was mainly a white preoccupation fomented by a mainly white-owned press. Of people who left the country because of crime, the then President said, “Good Riddance” .

(c) Some years later the then Minister of Justice, Penuell Maduna, and the then Minister of Safety and Security, Steve Tshwete, scoffed at rape statistics when they said on American television, ‘We’ve been standing here for 26 seconds and nobody has been raped’ . Since then the rape statistics in South Africa have gone from one woman raped every 26 seconds, to every 17 seconds.

The argument that asserts that simply because black South Africans are equally the victims of crime in South Africa, means whites should ‘shut up, go blue in the face, f**k off, or endure rape, torture and murder with a smile on their faces, or be deemed ‘racists’; totally ignores the reality that IF black South Africans are remotely sincerely upset or concerned about crime; they are the demographic majority and capable of electing alternative political parties or leaders who are serious and sincere about the importance of a competent ethical police force, justice system and government to seriously, competently and impartially deal with everyone and anyone alleged to be guilty of any crime. White South Africans are not politically capable of removing the corrupt and incompetent ANC; only black South Africans are; and black South Africans couldn’t care less about doing so.

The letter continues with allegations that International Refugee Agencies, such as Refugee and Migrant Justice and European Council on Refugees & Exiles (ECRE) refuse to accept evidentiary documentation regarding the reality of African White Refugees
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ECRE is an AISBL under Belgian law, Registration Number 0809.651.278

It further alleges that the Canadian High Commissions' response to African White Refugee evidentiary documentation, indicates its clear bias against the concept of African White Refugees, and its deliberate intentions to avoid Transparent Accountable Impartial African White Refugee Judicial decision-making, by the Canadian Federal Court:
Your message

To: PRET ( G)
Subject: Att: High Comm. Ms. Adele Dion; High Commision of Canada in Pretoria; Re: African White Refugee Petition to NL & Federal Court Canada
Sent: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 00:41:10 +0200

was deleted without being read on Mon, 6 Dec 2010 12:09:07 +0200

Conclusion: Organisations and Officials who are ideologically prejudiced against Boer Afrikaners must not be considered ‘credible and trustworthy sources’ of ‘objective documentary evidence’ on the issue of African White Refugees.

The Petition Letter to NATO Secretary General Rasmussen concludes:
It is clear that organisations and governmental bodies deemed by Judges to allegedly be ‘credible and trustworthy sources’ of ‘objective documentary evidence’ on the issue of Refugees, cannot even be considered credible and trustworthy ‘forwarding postal agents’ of evidentiary information regarding African White Refugees, which their ANC and/or Poverty Pimping and/or Anti-Ecolaw ideological bias, requires them to censor, ignore, or suppress. Considering such organisations as ‘credible trustworthy sources’ on the issue of African White Refugees or racially motivated resource war criminal political violence, will not result in any court acquiring ‘objective documentary evidence’ about the reality of African White Refugees.

Conclusion: Organisations and Officials who are ideologically prejudiced against Boer Afrikaners must not be considered ‘credible and trustworthy sources’ of ‘objective documentary evidence’ on the issue of African White Refugees.

Lords of Poverty and Government sponsored Welfare production of poverty and misery International NGO’s and Government Departments, who endorse (i) the ANC / Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM)’s narrative of South African Apartheid history, and/or (ii) Poverty Pimping (abnormal government-sponsored population explosions of poverty and violence) breeding wars as a tactic for power/status ; (iii) Human Rights and social justice, while ignoring, censoring or suppressing the population policy requirements for an ecological social contract (Ecolaw: the ecological carrying capacity laws of sustainability ); cannot be considered ‘credible and trustworthy sources’ of ‘objective documentary evidence’; when it comes to respectively (i) their nemesis: “Boers” (i.e. ethno-cultural conservative European Africans); and/or (ii) & (iii) the demographic/overpopulation ecological overshoot root causes of resource war political violence.

Petition: Boer Volkstaat for African White Refugees Petition

The Boer Volkstaat for African White Refugees Petition appeals for:

[A] International and EU Political and Legal Recognition for Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) elections & negotiations for a Euro/Boere-Volkstaat in South Africa; or in the absence thereof;

[B] The legislative enactment of Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return legislation by the relevant Progenitor/Stamvader EU Nations, for EU citizenship for African White Refugee descendants

Their Volkstaat Secession / Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return Petition Justifications (evidentiary details provided in the African White Refugees Briefing Paper # 10/31/16), are:
  1. International Law: Jus Sanguinis, Right-of-Return, International Covenant on Civil, Political, Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, etc;

  2. S. 235 of the SA Constitution and the Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination between the Freedom Front, the African National Congress and the South African Government/National Party (Encl. to Briefing Paper);

  3. African National Congress (ANC) / Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) / Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Fraud.

  4. The geopolitical, national, ethnic and cultural importance of amicably resolving population pressures colliding with declining resources multi-cultural conflicts, prior to their friction theory on steroids aggravation by the socio-political and economic resource war consequences of Peak Oil.

Briefing Paper Justifications: Rainbow Illusions TRC Fraud: Politically Incorrect Truths About Apartheid & TRC

Why Whites Don't Want to Apologize for Apartheid
  • The ANC's war against Apartheid was not legally a Just War, in accordance to International Just War legal principles; because the 'liberation struggle' had no just cause, was not a war of last resort, the ANC had no proper authority, no right intention, and did not use proportional force.

  • The ANC's decision to forsake a commitment to Gandhian non-violence, spawned a Fanonstein Government of comrade tsotsi's, gangsters and kleptomaniacs

  • The majority of poor blacks under apartheid, may have been unhappy with apartheid, but they did not want black rule

  • As bad as apartheid may have allegedly been, Apartheid South Africa still provided poor black South Africans with the highest living standards on the continent of Africa

  • The ANC's decisions to launch a violent liberation struggle were motivated by the ideas of Frantz Fanon, as enunciated in his Handbook of Black Liberation, that Violence was the cleansing force which liberated the African from his inferiority complex and restored his self-respect, on the "rotting corpse of the settler." This was a total repudiation of Gandhi's non-violence doctrine of self-respect by way of honour, honesty and non-violence.

  • The ANC launched the People's War, to terrorize black Africans to support the liberation struggle, for it was well aware that poor blacks did not want black rule, and poor blacks were aware they had the highest living standards in Africa under Apartheid white rule

  • The ANC's motives were not to 'liberate the African people', to the contrary; their intentions were to do exactly what they have been doing for the past 16 years: enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of taxpayers and the people.

  • The ANC and Anti-Apartheid movement actions towards Mbokodo's torture, execution and detention of ANC dissenting members at Camp Quatro simply proved that the ANC led Anti-Apartheid movement "was one of the largest and most successful Popular Front Lobby's for Stalinist fascism anywhere in the world."

  • Ubuntu conformist culture is diametrically opposite of Western Descartian individualist culture, and consequently they are incompatible for a peaceful multi-cultural society

  • The ANC's perspective towards reconciliation is based on Black Liberation Theology which believes that salvation/reconciliation is achieved by means of a violent Marxist class struggle; whereas Calvinist Protestantism views salvation as a matter of spiritual forgiveness, a change of perception and heart. The concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation are fundamentally different, but nowhere in any legal TRC social contract document is there any definition for which form of forgiveness the ANC are talking about. The ANC accused apartheid of maintaining legal oppression by means of vague definitions, but for the fundmantal key concepts of the TRC social contract, the ANC have provided no definitions whatsoever.

  • The TRC totally ignored white SA's concerns about population policy issues in terms of "swart gevaar" motivations for establishing apartheid; including how population pressures aggravate socio-economic and psycho-political poverty and misery and consequently contribute to resource war conflicts

  • Apartheid was not a crime against humanity, but a Just War for Boer-Afrikaner demographic survival; for it meets all the requirements for international just war principles: it was a just cause for demographic survival, a last resort, declared by proper authority and of right intention, etc.

  • Apartheid's mistakes were that they should not have implemented apartheid to attempt to enable black African tribes to reach the stage of democracy; instead they should have focussed on a smaller area, where they were the demographic majority and seceded from South Africa to form a Volkstaat.

  • The ANC's motivations with Land Grabs, and the concomitant Farm Murders prove that South Africa is not a land of Rainbow TRC Peace, but a Racial Hatred War reality; and that the TRC elite are in deliberate denial of reality.

  • The ANC's government-sponsored population explosion and welfare production of poverty and misery is a recipe to breed cannon fodder and resource war violence; and is a result of African Masculine Insecurity complexes. Put simply the ANC derives its political power from welfare grant pimping ever more black Africans into poverty; while deflecting the blame for its poverty pimping resource war consequences upon the proverbial scapegoat of 'apartheid'. The poor are a commodity not only to ANC politicians, but Anti-Apartheid religious and political activists, from those with impressive Archbishop titles to the Poverty Pimping Professors who suck up the research grants to "support themselves and their cronies while they are studying, romanticizing or otherwise exploiting the [African] poor."

Briefing Paper Justifications: Peak Oil Political Necessity of Ethno-cultural Secession and Relocalisation

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash, by Basil Gelpke [01/09] ( [02/09] [03/09] [04/09] [05/09] [06/09] [07/09] [08/09] [09/09]
This argument concludes that multi-culturalism is impossible between conflicting cultures, and emphasises that the geopolitical, national, ethnic and cultural importance of amicably resolving population pressures colliding with declining resources multi-cultural conflicts, prior to their friction theory on steroids aggravation by the socio-political and economic resource war consequences of Peak Oil; cannot be overestimated or overstated; and is founded on the following points:

  1. African White Refugees are the Canaries in the International Ethno-Cultural Geopolitical Coalmine.

  2. Europe is committing Ethno-Cultural Suicide: Dr. Frank Ellis reviews Dr. Thilo Sarrazin's Germany Consigns itself to Oblivion

  3. Ethnicity is a basis for, rather than threat to, democracy and freedom; consequently if Europe's demographic decline is the motivation for its immigration policies, its democracy needs should motivate it to invite its blood relatives home from the Diaspora

  4. Multiculturalism is Impossible between hugely different cultures, and particularly between cultures with many diametrically opposed value and belief systems

  5. The 'socio-political and economic consequences of Peak Oil will be severe', warns numerous Military Energy reports, which include the "total collapse of the markets" and serious political and economic crises, which could threaten the continued survival of democratic governments. Put differently Peak Oil's consequences on among others transportation costs, the financial markets, and food production, would aggravate multi-cultural conflict to experience Friction Theory on Steroids.

  6. Parallel Goals: Economic Relocalisation & Political Secession, argues that the aforementioned Multi-cultural conflict Friction Theory on Steroids consequence of Overpopulation colliding with Scarce and Depleting - particularly Energy - Resources (Ecological Overshoot) can be hugely mitigated by strategically implementing the Parallel Goals of Economic Relocalisation and Ethno-Nationalist Political Secession. Relocalized states and communities can better plan for a world of Energy Depletion, by rebuilding more balanced local economies that emphasise local food, energy and water systems, for local political stability.

For all of these reasons, it is argued that International Legal and Political Support and Recognition should be given to Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) Election, to elect an Boer-Afrikaner People's Assembly (Volksraad). This Volksraad shall attain a mandate, to initiate the negotiations for a Boer-Afrikaner Volkstaat.

The Petition and Briefing Paper is being submitted to the following EU 'Progenitor/Stamvader' nations: Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland, on respectively 05-06, 07-08, 09-10, 11-12, and 13-14 December, culminating on 15-16 December whereupon other NATO and other European Union Officials were notified, for the 'African White Refugee' record; of this Petition for International and EU Political and Legal Recognition for Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) elections & negotiations for a Euro/Boere-Volkstaat in South Africa.

Endorsements: Boer Volkstaat for African White Refugees Websites, Blogs and Facebook Groups Endorsements

The Boer Volkstaat for African White Refugees Briefing Paper is currently endorsed by 23 International and 53 South African Facebook Groups/Websites/Blogs.

The endorsements from Facebook group/pages had membership totals of 52,328: 902 (International groups/pages), and 51,426 (South African groups/pages), on 10 November 2010.

» » » » [Jus Sanguinis :: Briefing Paper :: Endorsements]
» » ['Boere-Volkstaat for African White Refugees' Petition delivered to Dutch Gov]
» » ['Boere-Volkstaat for African White Refugees' Petition delivered to French Gov]
» » ['Boere-Volkstaat for African White Refugees' Petition delivered to German Gov]
» » ['Boere-Volkstaat for African White Refugees' Petition delivered to British Gov]
» » ['Boere-Volkstaat for African White Refugees' Petition delivered to Swiss Gov]

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