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Friday, January 28, 2011

Open Letter to Tutu: Why do you endorse blacklisting of TRC Fraud critics & evidence?

28 January 2011

Honourable Desmond Tutu,

Why does Archbishop Tutu endorse the blacklisting and censorship of Radical Honesty SA?

As you know Archbishop Tutu, you know who I am, and you know that I am censored and blacklisted by the SA media, because I belong to a culture founded on telling the truth, and practicing sincere – not fake - forgiveness. You know that I was so committed to sincere forgiveness between black and white South Africans, that I was willing to donate my entire inheritance to contribute to that reality, as per my 1999 submission to the TRC.

As you know: You tell the world: South Africa supports truth and reconciliation; and then you censor and blacklist the only South African whose culture is founded on truth-telling and sincere forgiveness! And then you wonder why ‘Proudly South African’ whites and blacks who practice fake reconciliation and sycophancy and hate brutal honesty, suffer from inferiority complexes!

As you know, you endorse me being blacklisted and censored; because you don’t want to hold an honest conversation with someone who belongs to a culture who practices telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, every hour of every day. You do not want to hold a conversation with someone from a culture who has no murderers and no rapists. You do not want to ask them: HOW DO YOU DO IT? WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM YOU? PLEASE SHARE WITH US YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE? NO, YOU CENSOR AND BLACKLIST THEM! BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR TRC FRAUD!

As you know, Dr. Brad Blanton, founder of Center for Radical Honesty and bestselling author of the Radical Honesty series of books, former candidate for United States Congress from Virginia in 2004 and 2006, has filed expert witness affidavits in the South African High Court (WC Case #19963-09) and Constitutional Court (Case #23-10), wherein he clarifies his reasons for how and why Tutu and Mandela’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was fake, not sincere, a fraud committed on black and white South Africans.

What answers did you give to the legal documents filed in the SA Constitutional Court (CCT #23-10) for how and why your Truth and Reconciliation Commission committed TRC fraud, Sir?

As you know Archbishop Tutu, the contents of the Radical Honesty SA Amicus Curiae and its evidence of your TRC FRAUD is censored and blacklisted by the SA media, from the SA people. As you know, Archbishop Tutu, you have and continue to support and endorse the South African people being denied the evidence for how you committed TRC fraud.

In Whites and blacks in SA were victims of apartheid, you say the psychological problem of blacks who still suffer from inferiority complexes and how whites who think they are superior, is a result of apartheid.

As usual when anyone in the ANC wishes to avoid confronting the root cause of any problem, what they do is refuse to take personal responsibility for the problem, and choose to rather blame apartheid.

Mr. Archbishop when it comes to lying to your followers, by deliberately avoiding defining the words you use to brainwash them: ‘reconciliation’, ‘closure’, ‘ubuntu’ etc; you are superior to me. When it comes to being honest and informing both blacks and whites, that Black Liberation Theology Forgiveness and Reconciliation are achieved by means of a violent economic Marxist class struggle; while Calvinist Christianity Forgiveness and Reconciliation have absolutely nothing to do with economics or a violent class struggle, but are a result of a spiritual (i.e. inner self) emotional, intellectual and psychological process; I am superior to you.

When it comes to asking black South Africans under Apartheid whether they really and sincerely wanted black rule, Dr. Gedaliah Braun is far superior to you Desmond Tutu. Dr. Gedaliah Braun’s book: Racism, Guilt, Self-Hatred and Self-Deceipt: A Philosophers Hard Headed Look at the Dark Continent, documents his brutally honest conversations with working class black South Africans from all walks of life; asking them whether they wanted black rule. He could not find one black South African who wanted black rule. He concludes that although many black Africans were very unhappy with particular aspects of Apartheid rule; they most definitely did not want black rule. They feared that black rule would be similar to black rule in the rest of Africa, which was far worse, than life under apartheid. Simply ask those who were imprisoned at the ANC’s Camp Quatro prison camps, whether they would rather have been imprisoned in Apartheid prisons or ANC prisons! Educate yourself!
ANC: VIP's of Violence [01/03] [02/03] [03/03]
When it comes to supporting the Marxist 'violence as a cleansing liberating force' on the 'rotting corpse of the settler' ideas of Frantz Fanon's Wretched of the Earth Handbook of Black Liberation, as a means of enabling the colonized mind to liberate himself from his inferiority complexes, the ANC and TRC elite are far superior to me.

When it comes to supporting Gandhi's doctrine of self-respect, honour and integrity by means of non-violent passive resistance, that colonized minds are liberated by means of honour, honesty and integrity; I am far superior to the ANC and TRC elite.

I have no inferiority complex about Jacob Zuma being far superior to me, in his ability to breed dozens of children from dozens of women, some of them illegitimate. When it comes to controlling our sexual urges, Jacob Zuma and I am not equal; I am far superior to him, in exercising control over my sexuality, and he is far superior to me, in lack of control over his sexuality.

Why am I capable of honestly and openly admitting what I am inferior in and what I am superior in and focussing on educating myself about what I wish to become better in, so as to improve my meritocratic superiority in that skill? Is it because I do not suffer from inferiority complexes, that I am able to admit what I am inferior in, because I know that only by admitting my inferiority in any skill or cultural behaviour, can I make an honest decision about whether I want to develop that particular skill or behaviour to become meritocratically superior therein?

Does the decision to deny oneself the reality of inferiority in any particular skill, or belief, the root cause of that individuals inferiority complex? Put differently, is the act of confronting reality regarding our inferiority in any skill, the first act of liberating ourselves from our inferiority complexes, about that skill, behaviour or belief? When we deny ourselves the ability to confront how many skills we are inferior in, do we thereby imprison ourselves in multiple inferiority complexes?

Why would you Desmond Tutu refuse to confront the reality that a culture with zero rapists is not equal to a culture with thousands of rapists? Why do you want your culture’s people to believe that their culture, which has thousands and thousands of murderers and rapists is equal to a culture that has ZERO MURDERERS AND RAPISTS? Why do you insist on lying to Africans, that their culture is equal to another which does not have murderers and rapists? Because you suffer from an inferiority complex, and that inferiority complex requires you to lie to yourself, and to deny the superiority of other cultures. By lying to yourself, you deny yourself the ability to liberate yourself from your inferiority complex, by denying yourself the opportunity to take personal responsibility for gaining the skills and competency to improve your meritocratic superiority in that particular skill, which would improve your sense of selfworth in that skill.

Do you want poor black Africans to remain stuck in their inferiority complex problems; because you benefit from their ignorance, victimhood and inferiority complexes; and you can use their anger and hopelessness and direct it towards blaming apartheid, and thereby cover up your TRC FRAUD?

Surely if you cared – really and sincerely cared in your gut – about black Africans problems, you would care enough about them to tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, about how to solve their problems?

Surely you would tell them that problems can only be solved by individuals who take full personal, psychological, emotional and spiritual responsibility; and are courageous enough to confront reality and the root cause of their problems?

But instead you prefer to keep them victims, to encourage them to avoid taking personal responsibility, to avoid confronting reality, so that they forever remain helpless blaming their inferiority complexes, on white people and apartheid; instead of confronting their own beliefs, choices and behaviours!

Why Whites Don't Want to Apologize for Apartheid

Why do you lie to the ignorant black African youth, and deny them the truth that Apartheid provided poor black South Africans with not only the highest living standards on the continent of Africa; but that poor black Africans under apartheid had higher living standards than middle class white people in every single Communist country on planet earth? If you disagree: Why don’t you demand the ANC hold a referendum for all black and coloured people over the age of 50, and ask them whether their lives were better under apartheid than under the ANC?

When whites arrived in South Africa, blacks had no written language, no legal system, no schools, no universities, etc; etc; so how did whites ‘oppress’ blacks by bringing them all these educational and legal benefits of civilisation? When have blacks ever said ‘THANK YOU’!?
In 1868, whites were 50% of the population and blacks and coloureds were 50% of the South African population. The majority of white people chose to focus their lives on getting an education, keeping a job, and only procreating children once they were in a committed loving relationship. They focussed on concentrating their wealth, by saving their earnings and investing it, what is known as financial personal responsibility. Blacks - and coloureds to a lesser extent - on the other hand chose to focus their lives on avoiding getting an education, and instead on breeding as many children by as many partners as possible, avoid committing to one loving relationship, and avoid saving and concentrating their wealth. What they earned was predominantly spent at the bottle store, in a yet further search to totally avoid taking personal responsibility for their misery.

Imagine if the ANC had been sincere about liberating Black Africans out of their poverty and misery, it could simply have started a non-violent cultural campaign to educate them to change their values: to value the importance of education, the importance of avoiding procreating until married in a committed loving relationship; the importance of concentrating wealth by saving, the importance of small committed families, dedicated to nurturing their children, to accept personal responsibility for their lives. If more Africans had adopted these value systems, they would have had no problem lifting themselves out of poverty, without any help from any white person, and they would not be suffering from any inferiority complexes as a result of BEE policies. They would know they earned their worth, by studying and hard work. They would also have sent the Apartheid voters and government a strong message that Africans were starting to take personal responsibility for their families, for how they breed, for their children's future, that such responsibility was worthy of national political suffrage reward for those individuals. They would have said – we are willing to take personal responsibility for our children’s future, by our actions, and we prove this to you, we are worthy of the vote.

If the ANC had done that: South Africa would currently be populated by 10 million people, 50% whites, and 50% blacks and coloureds, the majority of them educated, middle class and from small loving families. It would be a country similar to any in Europe demographically and politically and socio-culturally.

Instead the ANC chose to instruct their poor black Africans to conduct a breeding war, and so South Africa sits with millions of poor black Africans in thousands of squatter camps, all with inferiority complexes, thanks to the decision-making of black political and religious ‘leaders’. The ANC decided to encourage blacks to breed like rabbits, to keep them in misery and poverty, because they could blame the poor blacks poverty and misery on apartheid and whites, and the more blacks bred more poverty-stricken black babies, the more their leaders could blame the poverty and misery on apartheid and whites. And the more blacks avoided taking personal responsibility, the less able they are to help themselves, the greater grew their inferiority complexes. So the cycle of poverty and misery and inferiority complexes continued, thanks to ANC decision-making, all conveniently blamed on Apartheid and whites. You lie to them, bribe them to breed to keep them in poverty, so that you can blame their poverty on apartheid and white people!

Its just so much easier to avoid taking personal responsibility and blame all your problems on apartheid, isn’t it? Don’t you know that is what inferior incompetent minds do? Avoid taking personal responsibility?

And this behaviour of deception and lies to your own people – you want white people to respect!? You treat your own people worse than any white farmer treats his cattle, and you want us to respect you, cause you treat your own people like cattle breeding slaves and cannon fodder?

According to Desmond Tutu, to provide blacks who lived in huts, squatted on the ground, had no written language, with an education, a legal system, schools, houses, running water, engineering, philosophy, an example of a culture that practices personal responsibility, and a commitment to a democratic future for their children, etc; is ‘oppression’?

The truth is Archbishop Tutu; what you secretly mean by ‘oppression’ is white people telling black people the truth!

According to Desmond Tutu: To tell a black African person, the truth, is to oppress them!

That is how little blacks value honest, constructive criticism; THEY DON’T. They wish to avoid any and all honest feedback, because they are addicted to being lied to, which enable them to avoid taking personal responsibility for their behaviour and beliefs, which only further increases their lack of self respect and inferiority complexes!

According to Desmond Tutu: To tell a black man who fornicates like an animal, without taking any personal responsibility over his animalistic urges, that he is not equal to a white man who does take personal responsibility is to ‘oppress him’.

In fact, not even animals rape their young, so these men who rape babies and children and women are not even equal to animals; yet Desmond Tutu wants the world to pretend that they are ‘equal’ and ‘human’, simply because they are too lazy and incompetent to control their sexuality, and their cultural leaders make excuses for their behaviour? Its easier to blame apartheid, than it is to take personal responsibility for behaving like a reptile?

Why do blacks suffer from psychological insecurity complexes; that they are incapable of hearing honest constructive criticism? What is the source of African’s inferiority complexes?

Do black Africans prefer to live in Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela and the ANC’s insane illusion and fantasy that they are not required to take personal responsibility for their behaviour; because they can simply be awarded the ‘right’ to be ‘equal’ without making any effort towards attaining that standard of behaviour?

Imagine if you told a fat woman, that she is not fat, because everyone must simply pretend she is thin, and that is how you solve her psychological insecurity problem that she is fat? She can have the ‘right’ to be thin, because everyone will be required to lie to her, and pretend that they think she is thin. This is her ‘right to be equally thin’. She does not have to take any personal responsibility for eating healthily or exercising she can simply demand her right that everyone considers her equally thin to them. If anyone tells her honestly ‘you are fat’; she can accuse them of ‘oppressing’ her!

If a doctor diagnosed her overweight problem by instructing her to eat more chocolates, would he accurately diagnose the root cause of her problem; or be aggravating her problem? If a doctor knowingly falsely diagnosed her obesity-disease, the doctor would be committing fraud, because the doctor wants the patient to continue to remain overweight, so that the doctor can continue to financially benefit from her overweight problem.

When you Desmond Tutu diagnose Africans inferiority complex problems by instructing them to blame apartheid, instead of taking personal responsibility; you are not accurately diagnosing their psychological inferiority complex problem, but you are directly aggravating it and worsening it. Similarly if you are knowingly providing black Africans with this fraudulent psychological advice, you are committing fraud, because you want your inferiority complex TRC fraud patients to continue to suffer from their inferiority complex problems, so that you can continue to blame apartheid, which enhances your socio-political status!

Why should I help a black person, who does not want to lift their own fingers to help themselves, who only wants to spread their legs and breed like a rabbit on viagra? Don’t you know Desmond Tutu that helping people who do not want to help themselves is NOT PSYCHOLOGICALLY HEALTHY? It encourages their dependency and incompetency to help themselves! To help someone who does not respect themselves enough to sincerely want to help themselves is – psychologically speaking – the worst thing you can do for their inferiority complex, it makes their inferiority complex worse!

But you – Desmond Tutu – are encouraging whites to help blacks, who don’t care enough about themselves to help themselves. Then when such ignorant do-gooder whites do help these blacks who don’t want to help themselves – remember Amy Biehl? – it increases blacks psychological dependency on whites, and their hatred for whites, and further increases their inferiority complexes! Thanks to Desmond Tutu’s psychological advice!

Your advice increases blacks self-hatred, victimhood and inferiority complexes! How can you consider yourself a ‘friend’ of the black people of South Africa, when your advice to them feeds and breeds their own self-hatred, victimhood and inferiority complexes? No wonder black Africa is in the state it is in, when two of its most admired leaders – you and Nelson Mandela – don’t advise your ignorant followers to take personal responsibility; when you are not interested in gaining the skills and knowledge from cultures who have no rapists and murderers, when you endorse the censorship and blacklisting of individuals from cultures which are clearly superior to yours when it comes to abstaining from rape, murder and deception, not to mention taking personal responsibility.

With ‘friends’ like you, is it any wonder that your poor ignorant black and white followers are their own worst enemies, and are drowning in their inferiority complexes? Hint: Any leader who is not suffering from an inferiority complex, has no need to censor or blacklist those who disagree with him, or expose his flaws, because he values and appreciates honest constructive criticism feedback. You teach your followers to hate themselves; you teach them how to be victims and to increase their inferiority complexes; because you don’t love yourself, or them enough to tell yourself, or them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

The Hon. James David Manning, PhD gives a call to arms for white people of truth
When shall you - Archbishop Desmond Tutu – show the people of South Africa, you are capable of taking personal responsibility for your inferiority complexes, by:


Lara Johnstone
Radical Honesty SA

» » » » [PDF: RH Open Letter to Tutu]


Foxed said...

"...cultures who have no rapists and murderers..."

Just curious which cultures you are referring to with this phrase?

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Foxed,

The Radical Honesty culture.

I don't know of any other cultures who don't have murderers or rapists, there may be; I don't know.

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