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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UK Ind. Party (UKIP) Request to City of Westminster Clerk of Court; RE: Dewani Amicus Curiae Application

Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP in the European Parliament, for South East Region requested City of Westminster Magistrates Court to please provide the courts response to the Amicus Curiae Application filed by Lara Johnstone in RSA v. Shrien Dewani.

Mr. Farage believes that any applicant who files a legal application to the clerk of the court, should receive a written answer, even if such an application is unusual; and that he trusts that the court shall 'issue the requisite notice of a decision, without further delay.'

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) are a libertarian party seeking Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

Johnstone filed an Application to Proceed as an Amicus Curiae in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) vs. Shrien Dewani Extradition matter (PDF), with the City of Westminster Magistrates Court Clerk of the Court, on 18 January, two days before the recent 20 January preliminary hearing.

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis EU Citizenship
Lara Johnstone is a direct descendant of United Kingdom citizen: JOHNSTONE, James Augustus who was born circa 1810 in Edinburgh (Dumpfries), Scotland, and was an 1820 settler to Port Elizabeth. His Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) descendant, Lara Johnstone is one of the Jus Sanguinis Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Founding Petitioners, who filed a written petition and briefing paper appeal to their Progenitor/Stamvader nations (UK, Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland) for Political and Legal Recognition for a Boer Volkstaat in South Africa; or in the absence thereof, for Jus Sanguinis citizenship from their respective progenitor European nations.

The General Secretariat Parliamentary Services Office of Hansheiri Inderkum, President of Switzerland's Council of States requested that a Printed Hardcopy of Boer Volkstaat Theses Petition, be submitted to the Swiss Embassy in Pretoria, who would forward it to the Committee for Legal Affairs of the Swiss Parliaments, for their consideration. The hardcopy petition and briefing paper is currently being processed for printing, and shall be delivered to all Jus Sanguinis Progenitor Nations, including NATO: Military Committee.

Complaint to Court Manager

When Johnstone received no status update from the Clerk to confirm whether the Clerk submitted her Application to Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle, and if not, why not; she filed a complaint with the City of Westminster Magistrates Court, Court Manager:
Request for Clarification in Accordance with HMCS Leaflet EX343

My apologies to bother. Her Majesty's Court Service Leaflet EX343 provides guidance which explains what to do if you when administrative or procedural issues of misunderstanding or irregularities occur in any court matter. It recommends first contacting the relevant court Manager.

Please find below (and attached) the Application to Proceed as an Amicus Curiae, in the matter of Republic of South Africa (RSA) vs. Shrien Dewani, which I submitted to the City of Westminster Clerk of the Court / and to Mr. Russel Sykes (Case 1004020346), on January 18, 2011 5:41 PM.

I am struggling to receive any response from the Clerk / Mr. Sykes, as to what the status of my application is. Mr. Sykes initially responded to provide me with the Case Number; but I have not had any acknowledgement of receipt or status update regarding the application.

Please could you ask the Clerk or relevant person to provide me with a status update regarding the application I submitted. Has it been submitted to Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle? If not, will it? If not, why not?

The complaint was acknowledged as received and read, by the Clerk of the Court, but as of date, no further answers or response of any status update, or written notice has been provided, by the Court Manager.

Complaint to Home Secretary

Johnstone then wrote letters to (i) Ms. Theresa May, Home Secretary of the United Kingdom; (ii) Rt. Hon. Michael Meacher, Former U.K. Minister of Environment 2001-2003, House of Commons; and (iii) Justice: CEO Roger Smith:
Dear Ms. Home Secretary,

RE: Request Clarification of Status of Application to Proceed as an Amicus Curiae filed with the City of Westminster Magistrates Court; in RSA vs Dewani (Case 1004020346)

My apologies to bother. As per documentation below and attached, I am struggling to get the City of Westminster Magistrates' Court to provide me with an update on the status of the Application I filed to Proceed as an Amicus Curiae in aforementioned matter, in which your office, is a party.

Would you be so kind as to request the Court to provide me with an update as to the status of my application.

The Home Secretary acknowledged receipt, but no further response was received. Justice acknowledged receipt, but declined to request the Clerk of the Court to provide a written response status update to Johnstone's application.

UK Independence Party Policy on Extradition from UK

Johnstone then wrote to the UKIP, who had supported Mr. Julian Assange's position, that the UK courts need to be provided with prima facie evidence, before any extradition can be agreed to, from British soil.

Assange up against entire EU system, Wednesday, 12th January 2011, UKIP:

Gerard Batten MEP meets with human rights campaigner Bianca Jagger outside the court
UKIP's Justice Spokesman and European Arrest Warrant campaigner Gerard Batten was at the extradition hearing of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, in London yesterday.

After the hearing, Mr Batten said: As I explained to the gathered representatives of the media, it is no longer called extradition but 'Judicial Surrender', as designated by the European Union.

"The doctrine of the 'mutual recognition' of EU judicial systems means that they are all considered equally valid and no prima facie evidence is required to be considered by the court convened to grant judicial surrender - indeed it has no right to consider the evidence.

"This is the problem that Mr Assange and his lawyers are up against. Irrespective of his guilt or innocence of these allegations the British court has no right to consider if there is sufficient evidence against him to justify judicial surrender.

"I did several interviews with the foreign media but as usual the British media (e.g. BBC) are simply not interested in talking about the real problem with the European Arrest Warrant - i.e. that it throws our tradition and hard won legal safeguards against unjust arrest and imprisonment out of the window."

Request to UK Independence Party

Nigel Farage, South East Region, UKIP MEP in European Parliament
Johnstone wrote to Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP in the European Parliament, for South East Region
Dear Mr. Farage,

RE: Request to City of Westminster Clerk of Court to provide Clarification of Status of my Application to Proceed as an Amicus Curiae filed with the City of Westminster Magistrates Court; in RSA vs Dewani (Case 1004020346)

My apologies to bother. As per documentation below and attached, I am struggling to get the City of Westminster Magistrates' Court to provide me with an update on the status of the Application I filed to Proceed as an Amicus Curiae in aforementioned matter.

The Amicus Application Argument supports Mr. Dewani's case that the Extradition request of South Africa should be denied.

The relief to be requested:
Private Prosecution of Mr. Dewani in UK Courts, with Impartial, Competent British Judge and British Jury, is the only means Hindocha & Dewani families will receive a free and fair trial, to determine Mr. Dewani’s guilt or innocence based on Descartian worldview concepts of evidence.

Argument: Descartian Jurisprudence does not exist in ‘Rainbow Hypocrisy SA’
  1. Ubuntu Legal Heuristic Application of ‘Free & Fair Trial’, not same as Descartian EU
  2. Descartian Reality in South Africa: ANC and Anti-Apartheid Movement committed Truth & Reconciliation (TRC) Fraud
  3. Systemic Ubuntufied Criminal & Political Corruption of Criminal Justice System
  4. Motive: Negligence; or Malice?: Dunning & Kruger Effect; or Pathological Fraudsters?

Would you/UKIP be so kind as to monitor my request to the Court and the Home Secretary to provide me with an update as to the status of my application?

Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP in the European Parliament, for South East Region letter of request to City of Westminster Magistrates Court: Clerk of the Court: Mr. Russel Sykes

Disclosure: Andrea Muhrrteyn is the White Refugee blogger nom de plume for Lara Johnstone, of Radical Honesty SA


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