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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Employee Attacks [Pt3] : Murdered, Tortured, Robbed or Raped by their Employees

POTGIETERS: Attie (40), Wilna (36), Willemientjie (3); Lindley Farm, OFS; 01 December 2010

POTGIETER: Attie, beaten to death with panga and garden fork; Wilna & Willemien executed with bullets to the back of the head; by 6 attackers, 3 of them farm workers.

2010-12-02 23:10
Jana van der Merwe en MJ Lourens, Beeld

Lindley, OFS: Farm attackers took a three year old little girl to an outside room where they shot her in cold blood -- presumably for fear she would identify them.

They then took her little corpse -- still with a pink ribbon in her red hair -- and dumped it next to the corpse of her mother in the main bedroom of the farm.

As far as can be deduced, both small Willemien Potgieter and her mother, Wilna (36) were executed in bullets to the back of the head.

Willemientjie's father, Mr. Attie Potgieter (40) corpse was found outside in the garden next to a hedge, near the backdoor of the house.

It is presumed he was attacked there with a sharp object, presumably a panga to the back of his head, and he was presumably also stabbed with a garden fork.

When the murderers left they wrote the following message in Sotho on a carton box, and stuck it on the gate of the farm Twee-fontein: “We murdered them. We will be back.”

Three farm workers were arrested yesterday for the three murders, and later in the day two more, including a 17-year old, was arrested in the township. Another accused is being sought.

Five of the accused: L-R: Tshololo Tello Mischach Letala (18), Tapa Mopontola Mofokeng (23), Paulus Samson Vusimuzi Khumalo (22), Telleko Sex Seekoei (19) en Stemmer Boy Mofokeng (22). The sixth accused is under aged. Khumalo and the two Mofokengs were farmworkers on Tweefontein.
The Potgieter family would have celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary this week. Allegedly Mr. Potgieter withdrew R7,000 cash yesterday to pay workers wages.

Allegedly the three accused who live in the townships, paid the farm workers each approximately R500 for information on the families movements.

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VON BRANDIS: Ben (54) and Gail (50) attacked on farm, Groot Marico, 12 Feb 2010

VON BRANDIS: Ben badly attacked with an axe; wife smothered and tortured with hot plastic, by three attackers, with inside farm worker knowledge

2010-02-12 15:19

Protesting Little Boy at Willemientjie's Bail Hearing
Two days after a supt. of the polie said he was only going to react to the communities complaints after something bad happens; a man from Groot Marico was very badly hurt when he and his wife were attacked with an ase in their farm house.

Mr. Ben von Brandis (54), a businessman from Broekmansfontein near Rietvalley, and his wife Gail (50) were asleep, when they were woken up around 04:00 by three men in their bedroom.

Insp. Sam Tselanyane, police spokesperson for North West, said the men, two of whom wore balaclavas, got into the house by breaking the security gate's lock.

They wanted money.

According to Tselanyane, one of the men grabbed Ms. Von Brandis and said he was going to rape her. He tried to remove her nightclothes, but couldn't; and then dropped hot plastic onto her legs. She wrestled with the attacker, who took her to the dining room, where he tried to smother her with a cloth over her face. He then tied her up with telephone wire.

In the meantime the other two robbers were attacking Mr. Von Brandis with the axe in the bedroom.

Ms. Von Brandis managed to escape and hide in the garden. Mr. Barend von Brandis, one of the couple's sons, said the house is known to the attackers, because they wanted to know where his brother Jacques, who lives on the farm was. Jacques was not home that evening.

The robbers tried to get the safe out of the cupboard, but couldn't get it open. They left with the couple's Hyundai truck, with the safe on the back, with approximately R12,000 in cash, and a .22 Bruno rifle.

Mr. Von Brandis was admitted to hospital with serious head wounds.

A neighbour, Mr. Danie Conradie, says that the neighbouring squatters camp is the cause of many of the community's problems. He says farmers have lost millions of rands of damage, from robberies and stock theft.

Complaints to the police fall on deaf ears. Frequently their excuse is that they don't have a vehicle available. The complainants are not issued with case numbers.

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PODOLSKI: Eric (71) murdered, Miriam (62) assaulted, Albert Falls, KZN, 4 September 2006

PODOLSKI: Eric was murdered, and wife assaulted, by three men who came to his farm asking him for work, which he gave them. They tied him to a tree, and hit him on the head, where he died.

News 24
2006-09-05 20:00

A member of the Free State Health Departments Forensic Unit, puts the corpse of three year old Willemien Potgieter on a stretcher. Photo: MJ Lourens
Pietermaritzburg - An elderly farmer was killed and his wife was assaulted at Albert Falls, said police on Tuesday.

Inspector Joey Jeevan said Eric Podolski, 71, had been tied to a tree and hit on the head in a field where he was later found dead.

Initial investigations showed that three men had arrived at his farm asking for temporary work, which he gave them, doing bush clearing about 400m away from his house.

Shortly after Podolski was attacked, the men entered the house asking Podoloski's 62-year-old wife, Miriam, for a grass cutter.

They then tied up and choked her and ransacked the farmhouse, fleeing with R1 200 cash and possibly the farmer's firearm.

The wife broke free and called the police.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information that may assist the police in their investigation is requested to contact inspector Robin Mays on 082 413 8474 or captain Nico van Rensburg on 082 556 1315.

» » » » [IOL: Elderly man killed in farm attack]

DU PLOOY: Aletta, Misty Farms, Louis Trichardt, Attacked, January 2010

DU PLOOY: Aletta attacked by farm worker, Daniel Fulufhelo Muzhanzhi wearing a mask, who robbed and tied her up, after an alleged wage dispute.

29 January 2010

The woman who survived a farm attack in December last year, can sleep more soundly after her alleged attacker was apprehended.

The 26-year old Daniel Fulufhelo Muzhanzhi appeared in court briefly on 19th, in Louis Trichardt, on one charge of robbery with aggravating circumstances and one charge of possession of an illegal weapon.

Muzhanzhi is alleged to have attacked Ms. Aletta du Plooy from Misty Farms in December last year.

Du Plooy was attacked by a man with a mask, tied up with a chain. She managed to get herself loose and went to look for help with her neighbours.

Before the attack on Ms. de Plooy, Muzhanzhi had an argument with the owner of the farm's wife, about his wages. He told her “I’ll come for you!” His case was postponed to 2 March for further investigation. He will remain in custody.

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Employee Attacks: [Pt. 01-02] Murdered, Tortured, Robbed or Raped by their Employees

  • OLIVIER: Lauren, 28, Sunningdale, KZN; 06 Sept 2007: Lauren Olivier, 28, was left tied up and gagged while dying with 40 wounds after she had called him 'a kaffir', claims gardener Makhela Johnson Thabethe in a signed confession... he'd only worked there a month...
  • CARTER: Cheryl , Buckingham Lane, Jhb; 12 March 2006: Live-in maid of 13 years hired a sangoma/traditional healer to rob and murder Ms. Carter for fear she was going to lose her job, if they moved to security village.
  • VAN DER WALT: Hannetjie, 78, Haldon Rd. Universitas, Bloemfontein; January 08, 2009: Strangled by painter hired by her husband Peet van der Walt, 84, who caught the casual painter at his wife's body in the dining room.
  • UNNAMED WOMAN: robbed & tortured with iron; Luxury Bryanston complex, October 2009: Tortured with a hot iron by gang of robbers, connected to gangland boss Leonard "Golden" Dube, in conspiracy with domestic workers, Patricia Moyo, 29, and Tracey Khalima, 27.

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  • TERREBLANCHE: Eugene, 69, leader of AWB on his farm Witrandjiesfontein, April 2010: Tortured, beaten and finally murdered by two employees, Zimbabwean Chris Mahlangu, 28, and a 15 year old over an alleged wage dispute.
  • GREYVENSTEIN: Johan, 54 & Annelise, 53, Musina, in their car, 2 Nov 2010: Executed in an ambush, allegedly by two fired employees, with former prison records.
  • VAN DER LITH: Pieter Blomerus (Blom), 65 and wife Henna; Nov 2010: Murdered and tortured to death, allegedly after a dispute with an employee, 70 km outside Louis Trichardt, on their Farm Swartklip.
  • CROESER: Erica, 32 and husband Morne, 34, in their home at Msinsi Game Reserve at Albert Falls Dam; August 2010: Erica's throat was slit and her husband was stabbed in the stomach, allegedly in response to a labour dispute.
  • UNNAMED WOMAN: gang-raped and stabbed at her home, Boksburg; Feb 2010: Gang-raped, stabbed by a group of men hired as labourers by her husband to build a lapa.
  • VAN ZYL: Koos (63) and his wife, Retha (66), in their farmhouse; Jan 2010: Murdered with a meathook and shotgun on their farm Poortjie between Senekal en Steynrus, by a fired employee.
  • VAN DER HOVEN: Anna, 64 a UNISA Criminology professor in her garden, July 2009: Beaten, throttled and punched while taking a cup of tea to a worker building garden feature for her Lyttelton home.
  • ROWE: Alan, 58, Rietvlei/Mooiriver KZN farmer; May 2009: Murder by former fired employee, who organized a gang of eight to rob his former employer.
  • VAN DEN BOSCH-GRIEP, Johannes, 63 and his Jacobi, 60; Dutch immigrant farmers; May 2009: Beaten and stabbed to death by former employee Akhona, Inocent Gini, 25, who robbed 2 cellphones.
  • HAYWARD: Clint, 35 and Michelle, 37 in their bedroom at the Mountain View Hotel, Louis Trichardt, on 20 October 2004: Shot in cold blood, by three Zimbabweans, one a former employee, Themba Thomas Chirume (20), Liberty Marumo (18), Jason Muleya Chadhebha (25).
  • SCHMIDT: Rudi, 51 on farm Tuscanon, near Pontdrif, Messina; March 2002: Farmer stabbed to death and died from blood loss, during robbery by alleged former farm security guard, Dennis Moyo, 27.

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