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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks] Mike Smith Responds: Rendier's distorted Inquisition reality

Mike Smith, from Mike Smith Political Commentary blog, who also used to run the SA Sucks blog (Cache), shut down by R3ndi3r and his fanclub, in the Intellectual -- R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks -- Jujitsu debate:

Mike Smith Responds: Rendier's distorted Inquisition reality

Mike Smith
SA Sucks
& Mike Smith Political Commentary

Hi Lara

Thanks for bringing Rendier’s long albeit boring and untruthful response about his reasons for getting SA Sucks shut down to my attention.

It is clear that Mr. Rendier has a distorted view of his own reality. Allow me to put into perspective what his real reasons were.

A certain Lady on FB [Name Witheld] basically had a disagreement with Rendier and told him to go and have a look at SA Sucks to see the truth about Mandela that he was praising. Cowardly Rendier then accused her of causing the site to be shut down, when it was him and his sheeple followers who flagged the site at Wordpress. Wordpress shut us down, not Rendier. He does not have the power to do so.

I do not hold this lady, who is one of our supporters, responsible for the shutting down of SA Sucks. It was Rendier, his followers and ultimately Wordpress who shut us down. For him to now hide behind a girl, absolving himself of all blame, shifting the blame onto others, etc just shows the moral backbone of this person.

Rendier issued three videos on Youtube in which he makes explicit threats. The first one I wish to refer to is this one.

Khayav : A perfect example of an ignorant South African (

In this Video he admits that he was an ignorant six year old at the end of Apartheid so he actually knows nothing about it. A few minutes later he tells his black friend Khaya that he knows there were many things wrong with Apartheid, but does not list the so called “Wrongs”. He then states about five minutes into the video that if he could “Kill one of the guys responsible for enforcing Apartheid, he would”.

Well, he would then have to start with his own parents and grandparents who probably voted for the NP and their policies.

He threatens the lives of every single white person who either voted for the NP, the CP even Smut’s UP or any white person who served in the armed forces (Police, Army, Navy, Air Force) etc. Including his own father!

What would Rendier do if he met one of MY family members who exercised their democratic right to vote and voted for the NP back then, or any of us who served in the armed forces? According to him, he would kill me and my family members.

Typical hypocrite, he wants to now turn around and accuse SA Sucks of making death threats against him, when the only one I see making any death threats is Rendier himself.

Now he wants to turn around his verbatim words quoted back to him, and blame his death threats on his Afrikaans language. Again shifting the blame onto something else. If it is not a girl he hides behind it is his pathetic excuse that he cannot speak English properly; well from his constant swearing it is self evident. It is people like him that actually gives other Afrikaners a bad name. Really the idiocy is beyond belief.

In his next video,

He calls people who “Insult Mandela”, “White Cunts” and how he would like to “punch the living fuck out of them”…(2:50)

The death penalty for an insult? What kind of morality does Rendier uphold? The same as when he took the law into his own hands to beat up a black man he thought was a burglar? With no proof? A crime that he spent a weekend in prison for.

Typical low IQ idiot…wants to “Moer” everything and everyone who do not want to listen to him.

About (3:27) he utters, probably, because of the lack of intellectual capacity, education or logical deduction, the now extremely boring cliché, “One man’s Terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”

It is clear that Rendier has no comprehension of the Geneva Convention. It is not my job to educate him. I will only point out his ignorance.

It is clear that he has no idea of what the targets in a “Just War” are or even what the concept means.

ANC: VIP's of Violence [01/03] [02/03] [03/03]
He further has no idea on what the Geneva Convention says about the usage of children during war, something frequently employed by Nelson Mandela’s ANC during the “People’s War” as documented in the book by Dr Andrea Jeffrey.

Basically, a freedom fighter is anyone who exercises their Geneva Convention right to resist the occupation of their territory by a foreign power- and restricts that resistance appropriately to military, police and political targets only.

An insurgent is similar to a freedom fighter- except they are in breach of one or more of the Geneva convention stipulations.

A terrorist is someone who directs violence against civilians, or uses it indiscriminately to intimidate, subvert or repress the population or otherwise achieve a political outcome by violence.

For more info, See link below


In Rendier’s next video,

The Rendier Show: "Vote ANC or Go to Hell" (Call to Shut Down SA Sucks Blog)

He becomes even more specific in who these people are that insult Mandela and whom he would like to punch the living daylights out of. The insults he refers to is that Mandela was a terrorist. About (2:30) he launches into a vehement attack, foaming at the mouth, on SA Sucks.

He calls, “The people on there” the most “Racist” he has ever seen.

All of this without once interviewing any of us, or debating any of us. He claims it his right to be judge, jury and executioner of these so called “Racists”.

He is a narcissist who must think he is God!

He could not even define “Racist”. He makes unsubstantiated claims based on his own interpretations, that we insinuate killing blacks, without providing any proof.

About (4:05) he calls on all his readers to shut SA Sucks down.

About (4:50) he decides, by himself, what is right and what is wrong. He even calls SA Sucks “A piece of shit, white trash blogspot.”

He obviously sees himself as better than the “Racists” that he accuses us of being. He creates and Us vs Them scenario in which he sees people who speak the truth (calling Mandela a terrorist) as evil and people who glorify Mandela, like him, as the good ones.

It appears as Mr. Rendier is unaware of his own bigotry that he accuses others of.

It is quite a common fact that Nelson Mandela and his co accused at the Rivonia Trial were charged with 221 acts of sabotage designed to "ferment violent revolution". Mandela was found guilty on four charges of sabotage. The Rivonia Trial played off in front of the Media of the world. The defendants had as their defense lawyers some of the best legal minds in the country. Mandela is a convicted Marxist Terrorist…far from an innocent martyr and “Freedom fighter.”

Nevertheless, after his three threatening videos, we retaliated his attack on us on SA Sucks, actually pissing ourselves because of the sheer stupidity and the foaming at the mouth, “Roid Rage” of this vainglorious, egotist.

It wasn’t long before he showed his carefully photoshopped carcass on our blog to challenge and threaten us some more. Calling us “cowards and cunts”.

I called his bluff and challenged him to roll on the mat in a no-holds barred Jiu Jitsu contest. He obviously refused and challenged me to put a photo of myself up. I went one better and offered to come knocking on his door and present myself face to face after which he could decide if he wants to roll on the mat or rather buy me a beer. I asked him to e-mail me his physical address so I could show him that I WILL present myself to him so we can see who the real cowards are. I even offered him “FULL anonymity on my word as a gentleman”.

If he wants to see an open challenge to a Jiu Jitsu contest in front of his choice of witnesses (as I offered him) as a death threat then he is nothing but a neurotic, narcissistic, drama queen, who loves the attention, because only important people get death threats.

Sorry he is not important enough for any of us to bother threatening him. He can’t even hit a dent in a castor oil turd… with a run-up… why should we bother about him?

He responded by saying that it is not necessary for him to put out his address, because it all stands in the internet, freely available to all who wants to look for it. Well if the mountain does not want to come to Mohammed, then Mohamed must go to the mountain.

Some of our readers decided to put his claim to the test and found that Mr. Rendier was right. All his details were in the internet and were found very quickly.

These are details that he openly published HIMSELF over the years. Because of his vanity he has left a trail of elephant tracks about himself that a five year old could Google in fifteen minutes if he wanted to. He is the one who invited the people to go treasure hunting and look for the details.

What did he think? Did he think he was dealing with idiots? Did he think he is the only intelligent one? Did he think people were not going to find the details? How naïve can one be?

To now claim that SA Sucks published his details is nothing but laughable. None of that information came from any other sources except what is already openly available in the internet…and it is information he largely published himself on various social networks.

But let’s move on.

Rendier frequently swears in his videos and even calls black murderers and rapists, “Pigs and Kaffirs”, but then sanctimoniously wants to chastise SA Sucks for using similar words.

What was/is SA SUCKS?

It was mainly a rage and rant, satirical blog documenting the slide of a once First World nuclear power on the African continent into a Third World African hellhole.

It contained articles from the liberally biased Main Stream Media with our own interpretations and questioning thereof. It was a blog that aimed to educate people on the REAL situation in South Africa…in a brutally honest style.

It was a blog where we did not close our eyes or numbed our minds to the daily rape, torture and murder of Whites in South Africa, especially the white farmers. It was a blog where we wanted to wake people up and alert them to the racist BEE and Affirmative Action policies of the Marxist Terrorist ANC government as well as to their racist policies of University entry and sport quotas. It was a blog where we wanted to wake white South Africans up to the daily destruction of their heritage and wiping out of their languages, cultures and history in South Africa.

It was a blog where we wanted to educate people on the truth about what Apartheid really was, and the benefits, success and contributions it brought to all the people of South Africa. It was a blog where we wanted to show people that we Whites had contributed tremendously to South Africa and that there was nothing to feel guilty about.

Along with the referenced MSM articles SA Sucks contained our own insights into politics, history, philosophy, poetry, jokes and much more. It was our Freedom of Speech. It contained our defiance of the corrupt government. It was our rage against the dying of the light in South Africa, our passion our emotion…Our will to SURVIVE against all odds.

The pictures that accompanied our articles were freely Googled off the internet and used to emphasize the brutality and stupidity of blacks that we believe is inherent to them…a believe stemming from living our entire lives in South Africa, extensive travels, personal experience and the benefits of proper education. A belief that we are justifiably entitled to.

Was our rage justified? Of course it was. It was always reactive. A response to the violence, corruption and degradation going on the country of our birth. A country that we defended with our lives, not mere Youtube videos.

I wonder what Rendier says when a black Taxi cuts him off on the road…”Oh, you naughty black man!” ???

Hey? Rendier? Tell us what do YOU say?

Now Rendier wants to get all sensitive about using racial epitaphs? Please…get real.

That is only when a Taxi cuts him off…Now imagine how we feel about the killing of innocent three year old white children, the rapes of our wives, sisters, mothers and grandmothers…all by blacks.

Imagine how we feel about the torture over hours of our people…torture conducted with boiling water, hot clothing irons, molten plastic, garden shears, severe beatings, etc…all by blacks.

Then and only then can you start to understand our rage.

Rendier wants to now make a movie “about that 3 year old red haired girl…”

Willemien Potgieter
He does not even know her name! Her name was Willemien Potgieter. We raged since the day of her death for months about it until Wordpress closed us down.

The REAL reason why Rendier wanted us closed down was, because he has an ego bigger than himself that he keeps tripping over…not because he was offended by pictures on our blog or racial epitaphs. That is utter nonsense and rejected with the contempt it deserves.

It was simple childish jealousy and the petulant behavior reminiscent of a four year old with a fragile ego, throwing his plate of spaghetti against the wall.

We refused to adore the Adonis God-not Rendier and masturbate his tiny impotent ego, instead we sent this Oedipus back to his mommy…and therefore we had to pay.

The closing of the blog was inevitable. We are actually surprised it lasted that long. We have seen our blog closed down by the Politically Correct Inquisition several times. The last version of SA Sucks was actually our back up blog that we simply used for storage in the past.

Just like the Inquisition burnt the books of Galileo Gallilei, Wordpress, Pope Rendier and his flock of sheeple went and burnt over 1600 article and thousands of comments in their private little witch-hunt. I hope they are happy. I hope they are proud of themselves. They should be hanging their heads in shame. As usual, the enemies of our people are not the blacks, but some of our own people…the traitors in our midst’s: Afrikaners like Rendier.

I am glad that Rendier did what he did. Now we know where we stand with him. He cannot be trusted and will eventually be ostracized by Afrikaners and other whites of South Africa. He will be casted on the rubbish dump of SA Sucks wannabees.

SA Sucks has become a symbol of the will of the whites of South Africa. We will NOT go down. In fact we will be even stronger than before.

I have seen the blog go down five times now. Every time our readers did not forsake us. They stood by us and when we stumbled, they helped us back on our feet again.

When one fell the others were there to pick up the banner and carry it forth. This time round it is no exception. The help that has been streaming in is tremendous. It gives me hope, for it shows me how whites CAN and WILL stand together in times of crisis and need.

And it is during these times that we find out who our friends and who our enemies are.

After every shutdown we simply gain more and more readers. We cannot be silenced. Our readers are from 150 different countries. We finished the last SA Sucks version off with 8000 hits per day. We will be rising from the ashes soon and will be clocking double that hit rate in the next few months.

Please bear with us for a little while longer. SA SUCKS will be back!

Mike Smith


petergabriel said...

I know the lady he was referring to that according to him was instrumental in shutting down SA Sucks. "rubbish", She is a dear friend of mine on fb. I myself belonged to your site and am greatly anticipating it's return. As for the GI JOE WANNABEE POSER RENDIER I'M SO IN LOVE WITH MY OWN VOICE, He knows nothing of the sacrifices made, blood shed and lives lost by the real heroes of our past and heritage

James said...

Mike, we so dearly anticipate the return of SAS. Mark my words, SAS will hit 10000 hits and beyond in no time. Having to argue with Rendier is probably like talking to a potato. This egocentric, intolerable twirp is an embarrasment to all free thinking people.

Having SAS withdrawal symptoms, big time!!!

Krakende kakebene...

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

White Refugee: SA Sucks Resurrected:

Mike Smith said...


Whitelaw Towers said...

I am subscribed to his channel. I was even willing to let this one slip thinking he is like a lot of people at his age around the world. White Guilt is forced upon them to such an extent they can no longer even conceive the truth.

I thought well he may learn from this and look at some REAL NON MARXIST history. I felt like I was throwing the baby out with the bath water to unsubscribe.

I have some SA friends in Australia. I could never understand why they are always reluctant to speak the truth, when they hear it they tend to drop their heads and look at the ground. Much like a German does when they hear something positive about them instead of negative. It starts at school and carries on in the media.

I am growing tired of trying to save silly people from themselves. They are just a distraction. I will now go and do what should have been done three days ago.

Xar said...

R3ndi3r is a egocentric dumb-ass. The Afrikaans version of Julius Malema

The Rooster said...

Mike Smith. Aren't you like 62 ?

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