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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Response from R3ndi3r: Why I shut down SA Sucks

The following is the response from R3ndi3r, in the Intellectual -- R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks -- Jujitsu debate between SA SUCKS (Cache) bloggers: Knorrig and Mike Smith (Mike Smith Political Commentary) VS. RENDIER (RENALDO) GOUWS: Rendier - Equality - Gouws (Facebook) and R3NDI3R: The R3ndi3r Show (Youtube):

Response from R3ndi3r: Why I shut down SA Sucks

Renaldo Gouws
Rendier / R3NDI3R

Hi There and thanks for the link.

I would have appreciated a chance to give my side of the story before you actually went and published it but I suppose you are more inclined to agree with people you have known personally from years on the blogs.

I really see this as wasting time because regardless of what I say your mind has been made up, but I do suppose some more neutral people that will see the above article might actually want to hear my side of the story. So here it goes.

On February 5 at 7:12pm I got a message from a lady on Facebook, that I now know to be a member of SAS, I wont name her as I would like to show her more respect than what she showed to me.

She sent me a link to an article Knorrig wrote about me, basically bragging about what was in the article and how I looked like a complete fool. I then decided to follow the link and see what all of this was about. After reading through everything and seeing I was called a "big Little man", "Steroid Bunny", "faggot", "kaffer lover" and so forth because I made a video on Nelson Mandela and how I think that everyone that insults a person on their death bed is a bastard and white trash.

This is not limited to Mandela as I perfectly made it clear in my video. Anyone that insults someone on their death bed is a piece of scum. Wouldn't you agree? Am I not right in saying this? If your family member had to be on his death bed and you read online or somewhere from someone that "HE IS FINALLY GOING TO HELL" or "HOPE HE SUFFERS", wouldn't you feel the exact same way?

The issue started with him misquoting me in my video and ofcourse making it fit his image of me, he basically said "rendier says that all white people are white trash if they are against Mandela"... that is obviously not true as I have mentioned above.

So after I posted a couple of comments I obviously got the whole SAS on my case commenting and insulting everything I had to say, regardless of how or what I wrote. Insults varied from "you are a dom poes kaffer lover" to "Go fuck your black poes kaffer God" etc etc.

Please note that I didn't have an issue with those comments as obviously it is the internet and people will say whatever they feel.

The issue for me came when threats of violence started coming from "Andre from Cape Town" as well as "Mike Smith". Both threatened my life and both threatened to find out where I live and come to "teach me a lesson" and "put a bullet through my head" This is not to mention the countless others that I can't remember.

Now Listen... I have received my fair share of death threats from online mediums but seriously, when an individual is so specific and constantly asking people where I live and how he can find me, what would you do in this instance? Is this not a direct threat on my life? Is this any less severe due to the fact that it's an online threat? Of course not, our law states that an online death threat is punishable and can lead to imprisonment.

Another important factor to take into consideration is from what source this threat came from. It came from someone who hosts a site where he has pictures of dead black people with slogans "WELL GEDAAN" etc on it. Is this not serious enough to report?

After that I decided to make a video regarding Zuma's comments and also SAS, in the video I stated exactly how I felt and that I think that the site should be taken offline for reasons mentioned in my video. It seems that alot of my subscribers agreed and therefore reported them. Which according to WordPress was the right thing to do as they were not following the Terms and Conditions and also obviously threatening my life and spreading lies about me.

Besides the death threat you have to consider the fact that they were in direct violation of WordPress's Terms and Conditions. If you decide to host your blog on a site then be sure to follow their rules, and in this case the rules was no hate speech, no death threats, no violence focused photographs. Which, to be honest, he ignored. He literally broke all the rules of WordPress in that regard.

After the video I found out that 4 more blog posts were written about me where more lies were spread. Look, I really do not care what people call me but when they start distorting my message then obviously it becomes an issue for me.

The main issue they had against me was that I admired Mandela, now regardless of how wrong I am in their eyes am I not entitled to have my own opinion without fear of insults and death threats? Because before that video Knorrig posted some of my previous vids and only had good things to say about me... which by the way I never noticed as I never knew the site existed before the other day.

So my point is this, and obviously this is my reasoning at work...

SAS was massively against Malema singing kill the boer kill the farmer, (and so am I) because they knew it was hate speech and that it passed the barriers of freedom of speech due to him insinuating that people must kill boers... but when my life is threatened by the OWNER of the site, Mike Smith, I am not entitled to ask the same of my subscribers? Double Standards perhaps? Didn't SAS pass the barriers of Freedom of Speech into hate speech when the main writer Knorring, Mike Smith and Andre from Cape Town threatened me? Am i really the only person who can see this?

Also I see that you also wrote little stabs that in my mind is really unnecessary as you don't really know me or what I stand for.


"Masculine Insecurity on Steroids: Rendier (Renaldo) Gouws "

You really being serious on this?

"The Rendier Show - I Disagree With What You Say, And I Will Ruin You If You Say It - fanclub."

Not at all how it happened but hence my point at the top that you took their side without even considering why I did what I did... so you maybe SAS fanclub?

"I must say -- in my personal opinion, from observing Mr. Gouws -- NMMU's masters in psychology did not help him to deal with his fragile ego demons."

Industrial Psychology has nothing to do with normal Psychology.

"His choice of how he markets himself, in his desire for popularity and power, reminded me of the manner gangs in the Oakland ghetto used to go about in their -- Verbal Mounting -- gang turf-wars."

Not really sure why you say this but perhaps you could do so in the future.

"Rendier runs howling to his fanclub how he's been bitten, by the baddie racist white trash. The majority of his fans don't actually bother to make an informed enquiry, and neither does Rendier encourage them to do so"

I actually did as I told them to go and look at the blog and if they felt the same way I did then report it.

"While Rendier is totally brainwashed by the mainstream media's propaganda story about Mandela,"

I don't even read or watch the mainstream media. I get all my info from sources or blogs.

So basically those are just some of the ones I saw that really appealed to me. I would like to ask you a quick question.

If I really was against freedom of speech and against anyone else "succeeding", wouldn't I also go after I luv SA, Tia-Mysoa, White Refugees, White Reference? Wouldn't I also try and close them down? No. and the reason for that is because just like me most of their articles are fact based without having to belittle another race. That is blogs I can be proud of that sends the rest of the world the message that even though we are under siege, we still have the dignity and respect to not use derogatory terms for black people or to show pictures of them hanging or pictures of their heads on a platter.

I will end off my saying that I never started this, but due to things that were said and threats that were made I made sure I finished it. Please be aware that I do not and never will stop anyone from their freedom of speech. But when their freedom of speech moves into my freedom to live and to feel safe, then it becomes an issue, and that is exactly what happened at SAS.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give my side. Even though after looking at your post it seems that it will fall onto deaf ears.



Updated Note:

I would appreciate it if you could add something for me seeing that I just read the comments and one of the posters had a valid point and that I forgot to mention.

I made the Mandela video on the 27th of Jan and got wind of the blog on the 5th and responded on my facebook for the first time about SAS on the 6th asking my subs to help close them down. I posted that status after I got a death threat from Andre from Cape Town. Seconds before that status was posted SAS already had two articles on me and the third one came hours after I posted the status.

This clearly indicates that the Timeline is in sync with what I have said all along. I also see that you quoted me out of context regarding my Mandela Saga video. I ask that you please correct that part as I never aimed that video at SAS as it was aimed at people on news24 reporting on the articles. So the whole "punching" and "white trash" thing was taken out of context as I spoke about it being said to my father and not Mandela, and also didn't even revolve around SAS, as I didn't even know about SAS until the 5th of Feb.

The response of R3ndi3r, to the article: Voltarian SA Sucks Temporarily Shut Down by Masculine Insecurity on Steroids: Rendier (Renaldo) Gouws


Whitey Lawful's Blogspot: The spirit of the law is greater then the letter. said...

The whites in South Africa forsaked their stewardship. Naziesque nonscense is keeping many from actually understanding what Apartheid and the present system is all about. I suggest picking up your cross and standing firm--rather then crucifying yourselves on it for supposed racial injustice.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Thanks Whitey

johan said...

I know Renaldo very well he is a nasty piece of work. He DJ's in a popular night club in Port Elizabeth, a white night club. I can say this because I have witnessed Renaldo asking his bouncer friend to throw black people out this club, while playing music to a group of white followers. I can verify that Renaldo is a very clever racist who indeed has a in a gang of white thugs supportive of him and his vile actions.

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