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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rector Botman Resolve Prof. Anton van der Merwe & VVK Mr. Abel Malan Dispute, by Inviting VVK to UStb to Debate VVK Purpose & Justifications

Excerpts: Radical Honesty Submission to Univ. of Stellenbosch Rector Botman; Resolve (1) Prof. Anton van der Merwe & VVK Mr. Abel Malan Dispute by inviting VVK and Jus Sanguinis Expert witnesses to University Debate on (1) VVK Purpose and Justifications; (II) Jus Sanguinis Evidence of SA Media and TRC Elite’s Censorship of ANC’s TRC Fraud

VVK is ‘Right Wing’ of Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Julius Malema, Russel Botman, or who?

I don’t know what you mean by ‘right wing’. To be left or right of something, refers to particular reference points; in the same as to be West (left) or East (right) of Greenwich Meantime. So you can be in the Eastern Hemisphere, but be west of a particular reference point; i.e. Capetown is West of George; but both are in the Eastern Hemisphere. So what reference points do you refer to, when you say the VVK is ‘right wing’?

If Russel Botman is a far left communist, then perhaps it is true the VVK is far right of Russel Botman. But it is not clear which reference points you refer to, when you state that the VVK is ‘far right’.

Furthermore, if the VVK is indeed a ‘right wing’ organisation; what does that mean?

Does it mean they should not be listened to? They should be ignored, or censored? Their opinions are not worthy of critical enquiry and investigation?

For example: The liberal DA, African National Congress, Afriforum, FW de Klerk Foundation and Nelson Mandela Foundation, Afrikanerbond and South African media editors, all pretend to the world that they support ‘truth and reconciliation’. They pretend they support the rule of law and justice for all South Africa’s cultures and tribes.

I am a member of a culture whose social contract is founded on truth telling and sincere sensate forgiveness; where we have blacks and whites who live in accordance to our social contract of brutal honesty; and yet I am hated and despised by the Democratic Alliance, the ANC, who consider me to be lower than an Apartheid Kaffir. I am ignored as if I don’t exist.

They pretend to support ‘truth and reconciliation’ but at the same time endorse the legal and political persecution of the only individual in South Africa whose entire culture is founded on truth telling and sincere forgiveness. In fact CityPress consider a culture founded on truth telling and sincere forgiveness to be ‘right wing’.

So, what do you mean, Prof. Botman, when you say an organisation is ‘right wing’? And why even refer to any organisation as ‘right wing’, why not address the issues they raise, the issues and values they stand for; and if you have any objections to those issues, provide your evidence and engage them in debate.

Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression; Except for ‘Right Wing VVK’?

I agree with you that Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression should be considered [non]-negotiable; except unlike you; I mean it. To you they are simply words that you do not practice. To me they are words which I practiced even if it meant upholding my commitment values to them by being imprisoned by the ANC.

My allegation of your two-faced hypocrisy lack of commitment to your alleged ideals; is your endorsement of the censorship from the public of your – and a few of your colleagues – endorsement and support for the legal persecution and prosecution of minorities, such as Brandon Huntley and members of the Radical Honesty culture.

Perhaps you have forgotten? On 25 February 2010 I contacted your office for comment: Request Univ. of Stellenbosch’s Official Comment on Radical Honesty Culture & Religion Free Speech Legal Issue: Non-violent civil disobedience Radical Honesty expression of Dissent to Politically Correct Tyrannical Insanity. American politician and author Dr. Brad Blanton accuses SA Government of conducting a legal prosecution and persecution campaign against non-violent civil disobedience Free Speech dissenter (PDF).

Your comment was:
Univ. of Stellenbosch: Prof. Russel Botman: 03 March 2010
“Deliberate Indifference: Prof. Russel Botman (Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Univ. of Stellenbosch) is deliberately indifferent to certain people of certain ethnicities and/or ideologies and/or cultures and/or religions being politically and legally persecuted and prosecuted; and you fit one or more of those particular ethnic, ideological, cultural or religious categories, towards whom, Univ. of Stellenbosch is deliberately indifferent.”

The Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie represents a significant number of Afrikaans and English speaking South Africans who wish to secede to a Volkstaat; in accordance to the South African Constitution’s Right to Self Determination Clause.

The entire TRC elite; from the DA, African National Congress, Afriforum, FW de Klerk Foundation and Nelson Mandela Foundation, Afrikanerbond and South African media editors have and continue to pretend that the VVK do not exist; to censor any and all information about their activities, their meetings, their upcoming election.

As far as the ‘TRC Elite’ are concerned conservative Afrikaners don’t exist, and have no right to express their perspectives in the media; nor should their organisations activities be reported upon, because they are not to be considered worthy to be part of South Africa’s TRC Rainbow. They are less than ‘white scum’; only worthy of being gang-raped, murdered, robbed, tortured.

Did your alleged values to endorsing Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech ever extend to inviting the VVK to come to Stellenbosch University for a debate on their perspective to South African Apartheid history; or their reasons for why they wish to secede?

Don’t you give a flying fuck about their ‘academic freedom’? If the last Afrikaans University in South Africa does not give a flying fuck about all Afrikaners, and all their different perspectives and give them an Academic Voice; is your University really committed to encouraging your students Academic Freedom Critical Thinking minds?

Why not? Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression; Except for ‘TRC Fraud’?

As detailed in the documentation submitted to you in February 2010, the leading world expert on truth-telling and sincere forgiveness, Dr. Brad Blanton says the TRC was a fraudulent PR publicity stunt. Radical Honesty SA filed an Amicus Curiae in the Constitutional Court matter of Citizen v. McBride (CCT 23-10) arguing that South Africa’s TRC was not sincere, but fake. On 03 May 2010 the Concourt approved the Application. On 18 July 2010 Radical Honesty submitted Heads of Argument (PDF), in support of Radical Honesty Population Policy Common Sense Interpretation of Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act, 34 of 1995. It was supported by the expert witness statements of Dr. Brad Blanton (PDF) and Dr. T. Michael Maher (PDF).

The South African media bribed the Constitutional Court to pretend the Amicus (supported by two international expert witnesses) had never been filed. The SA media censored any and all mention of the Amicus Curiae and its TRC Fraud argument before the Concourt from the SA public. Even the Right2Know campaign endorses the censorship of the TRC Fraud Arguments from the South African public, including dozens of other SA organisations.

Dozens of South Africans Political, Academic, and Media TRC elite were aware of this media and Concourt corruption; that reduces Rupert Murdoch and News International’s corruption to that of kids stealing other kids lollipops: (CAS # 823-08-2010): Bribery Conspiracy to Censor Ecolaw TRC fraud evidence before Concourt from Public’s Right to Know, to (a) enable TRC elite to retain TRC-PR benefits & (b) obstruct administration of Ecolaw Concourt justice (PDF).

On 19 April 2011 Radical Honesty filed an application to proceed as an Amicus Curiae in the ‘Kill Boers’ Hate Speech Equality Court case of Afriforum v. Malema (PDF). The Amicus application requests the court to “admit the attached Heads of Argument as the Radical Honesty Culture and Religion’s Official For the Court Record Objective Reasonable Perspective in this matter.

On 05 May 2011 Radical Honesty SA filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court at the Hague rrequesting the ICC: Prosecutor’s Office to: “Initiate an investigation into the allegations that the respondents are to be held criminally culpable for their endorsement and concealment of TRC FRAUD, the consequences of which are genocide and crimes against humanity against white South Africans, and ethno-cultural legal and political persecution of Afrikaner/Boer and Radical Honesty cultures.

Complainants allege the Defendants cover up and censorship of the ANC and Anti-Apartheid Movements (i) Frantz Fanon/Black Consciousness (‘liberation by violence on the rotting corpse of the settlers’) (ii) Black Liberation Theology (‘violent elimination of ‘whiteness’); and (iii) Houari Boumediene/Black Power Breeding War (“The wombs of our women will give us victory”) inspired TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION FRAUD (“TRC FRAUD”) perpetrated against citizens of South Africa, and predominantly against white Afrikaner/Boer/Settlers; is committed in the context of endorsing the ANC’s institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by Africans over other racial groups, particularly Boer/Afrikaners and committed with the intention of maintaining the ANC regime.

Did Stellenbosch University endorse academic freedom and freedom of expression, and to encourage their students that critical thinking and enquiry requires hearing all sides to an argument; to invite Radical Honesty to debate the TRC Fraud arguments submitted to the Concourt; being censored from all SA citizens right to know?

Why not? Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression; Except for ‘TRC Fraud’?

In light of aforementioned; would it be fair to say that when it comes to endorsing Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression; you and your university endorse the censorship of academic voices which you disagree with, such as those you perceive to be ‘right wing’?

It is not more accurate to say that: As a University, it is your duty and role to censor any and all debate and discussion that contradicts your ideological and political perspective?

If not, when shall the University of Stellenbosch be issuing the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie an invitation to debate their justifications for Secession Arguments to encourage constructive and inclusive debate on these important issues?

If not, when shall the University of Stellenbosch be issuing the Jus Sanguinis International and South African expert witnesses an invitation to debate their evidentiary arguments justifying that South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation was a Fraud?

Currently available South African and International Expert Witnesses willing to testify before any Parliamentary Hearing or Enquiry on specific arguments raised in Jus Sanguinis Petition and Briefing Paper submitted to EU Progenitor/Stamvader nations.

The following Jus Sanguinis Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Briefing Paper expert witnesses are available to testify as expert witnesses before any Parliamentary Hearing or Enquiry to the following expertise issues. Their expert witness testimony and participation should not necessarily be perceived as implicit support for the Jus Sanguinis Petition and Briefing Paper in general, only on their specific area of expertise.

» » » » [Excerpt: Letter to Univ. Stb. Rector Botman (PDF)]

Lippy Liberal Afrikaner Prof. Anton van Niekerk meets his match

14th of July 2011
By Mike Smith, Mike Smith Political Commentary

Don’t you just hate them? Lippy Liberals, I mean…especially the ones of the self-loathing kind.

One of them has at least met his match today… hopefully many more will follow.

There is currently a bit of polemic in the Afrikaans media over a new nationalist feeling and revival amongst white South Africans. It follows a new theatre show/musical called “Tree Aan!” about the life of our soldiers on the Angolan border during the South African border war of 1966-1989. The show is a massive hit and this Afrikaner Nationalism should be suppressed reckons the libbies.

Some prominent Afrikaners are putting a Volks Verkiesings Kommissie (National Electoral Commission) together in order to push for self determination for the Afrikaners.

There is no doubt that everyone is experiencing a cultural and nationalistic revival in the last few years, because people are not swallowing the lies of the ANC Marxist terrorists anymore. They are realizing the truth about Apartheid thanks to various recent books and blogs like this one of mine, and many others.

People can also see for themselves the rate of crime, mismanagement, corruption, nepotism and racism of the ANC regime. I guess some elephants are just too large to hide nowadays, but it doesn’t stop self loathing Lippy Liberals such as Professor Anton van Niekerk, a philosophy professor and B-rated researcher at Stellenbosch University from slagging off his own kind.

Recently the Prof. thought it well to write an article in Beeld in which he slagged off Afrikaners who refuse to believe these Marxist lies and who embraces the truth about their history. He also said that Whites are guilty and should acknowledge this guilt.

The guilt he is talking about is that whites fought Communist scum on the border with Angola. He said we did not fight against a communist onslaught…”hat is laughable”…he said that fought to keep rich whites in power, whilst oppressing Blacks.

The Prof failed to explain why thousands of blacks, coloureds and Indians who were exempted from conscription, voluntarily fought on the side of the whites against Communist MPLA, Communist Cuban, Communist East German and Communist Russian forces.

He also failed to explain how billions of dollars of Communist weaponry, many of the Class A kind, arrived in the hands of Communist forces on our borders. Basically he is vilifying Apartheid, vilifying whites in general, vilifying Afrikaners specifically, vilifying the boys who were on the border, puking all over the achievements and pride of the White South Africans…etc…typical Marxist critical theory bullshit that a first year would be able to recognize.

A certain Abel Malan (48) of Nelspruit, VVK member, former paratrooper (company leader) and Border War veteran allegedly made an appointment with Van Niekerk under the pretext that he would like to discuss the column. Van Niekerk met Malan in good faith at the entrance of the Arts building and took him to his office. During the conversation Malan became aggressive and made numerous threats before he jumped up, overturned Van Niekerk’s desk and assaulted him. Prof Van Niekerk’s spectacles were broken and he sustained serious bruises to his face as a result of the attack.

As far as is known Malan was arrested by Stellenbosch University’s Risk and Protection Services shortly after the incident and allegedly told the SAPS “I did the job”. As far as could be ascertained, Malan is a member of a group from Mpumalanga visiting the Western Cape to mobilize Afrikaners for “our own election for freedom”.


Latest News is that Malan was provoked by the professor and filled him in “Op die Boere Manier” about what national pride and patriotism means to an Afrikaner. Afrikaans source.

All I can say is, “Abel, jou Doring!!! Mooi so man!”

Long distance to travel all the way from Nelspruit to Cape Town to go fill the lippy Liberal in, but I am sure it must have been worth every cent. Where were the “Manne vannie Kaap”? Shame on you guys that an Eastern Transvaler had to come and show you okes how it should be done.

Nevertheless, it was high time that someone had shut that idiot’s trap up. I hope this will be the start of many more “Abel Malans” amongst our people. The message should be clear that we are sick and tired of these liberals defecating and vomiting on our proud heritage and honour.

Self loathing Liberals like Prof Anton van Niekerk is the worst kind of racists there can be. A racist might hate other races, but these liberals hate their own race. It makes them the most sick and despicable traitors that could ever walk this earth. Three cheers for Abel!

» » » » [Mike Smith Political Commentary] [VVK: Abel Malan]

Bekkige filosoof se mond gesnoer

14 Julie 2011
Die Verkennersbeweging van Suid-Afrika

HNP: Die Saak van Afrikaner Vryheid: Boer History, including Land History: Purchase of Land by Boers from African Tribal Leaders (response to ANCYL allegations of land theft); and history and urgency of Volkstaat [01/06] [02/06] [03/06] [04/06] [05/06] [06/06]
Professor Anton van Niekerk, direkteur van die Sentrum vir Toegepaste Etiek aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, het vanoggend ’n les van patriotisme by Mnr. Abel Malan, Verkenner Vise-president en Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie kandidaat ontvang.

Die professor se brief, “Wittes hét baie skuld” het op 4 Julie 2011 in die dagblad Beeld verskyn. Na aanleiding van hierdie brief, waarin die professor die bos oorlog belaglik maak en kots op die Afrikaner se verlede, was daar met hom ’n afspraak gemaak. Mnr. Malan het die professor in sy kantoor ontmoet. Gedurende hierdie gesprek het die neerhalende en beledigende woorde van die professor jeens die Afrikaner, een te veel geword vir Abel. Weens uitlokking deur die professor, is sy tafel omgekeer en hy is in duidelike Afrikaans verduidelik hoe behoudende Afrikaners oor sy uitsprake voel.

Hierdie optrede van Mnr. Abel Malan herinner sterk aan die optrede van bobaas verkenner tydens die Tweede Vryheidoorlog, Danie Theron wat Moneypenny, redakteur van die Star, bygedam het oor sy belediging van Boere vroue in sy koerant.

Ongelukkig kon Mnr. Malan nie bereik word vir kommentaar nie, aangesien hy in die Stellenbosch se Polisie aanhoudingselle is. Die professor wat breedsprakig was om die afrikaner se trots op sy prestasies van sy verlede af te kraak, het skielik sy spraak lus verloor toe hy deur die media om kommentaar oor die voorval genader is.

Die Verkennersbeweging van Suid-Afrika het begrip vir die optrede van Mnr. Malan en is trots op die onverskrokkenheid wat deur sy leiers geopenbaar word. Hierdie optrede kan ook vir enige ander persoon as waarskuwing dien wat ons Volk en sy vryheidstrewe belaglik wil maak.

Alwyn de Klerk
Sekretaris: Verkenners Beweging van S.A.
082 940 8825

» » » » [Verkenners Beweging] [VVK: Abel Malan]

Stellenbosch-prof in sy kantoor geslaan

2011-07-14 13:25
Nuus 24

Prof. Anton van Niekerk van Stellenbosch Universiteit is vanoggend in sy kantoor by die filosofiedepartement deur ‘n man aangeval. Die 48-jarige man van Nelspruit is intussen in hegtenis geneem.

Die Burger se joernalis op Stellenbosch, Jan Gerber, berig dat die man ‘n afspaak met Prof. van Niekerk gemaak het om ‘n onlangse forum artikel deur die professor wat wyd in Media24 koerante verskyn en gedebateer is, te bespreek. Prof van Niekerk is die direkteur van die Sentrum vir Toegepaste Etiek aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch.

Die man het toe na bewering Prof. van Niekerk se lessenaar omgekeer en hom geslaan.

Dit is nog nie bekend of Prof. van Niekerk beseer is nie. Kampus-beskermingsdienste is ingeroep. Hulle het die man aan die polisie oorhandig.

Die man is blykbaar ‘n kandidaat vir wat as die Volksraadsverkiesingskomitee bekend staan.

» » » » [Die Burger] [VVK: Abel Malan]


Volkstaat!!: Registreer om te stem Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) [01/02]
“Die groot aantal verraaiers in die geledere van die Boere-Afrikanervolk, is ons grootste vyand in die eeue-oue stryd om Vryheid. ‘n Voorbeeld hiervan is die uiters aanstootlike koerant-artikel deur Anton van Niekerk van Stellenbosch, gepubliseer in Julie 2011. Een van die kandidate in die Volksraad-verkiesing van September 2011, Mnr. Abel Malan, is op 14 Julie 2011 gearresteer in verband met ‘n voorval tussen hom en Anton van Niekerk. Die Sentrale Komitee van die Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie staan bankvas agter Mnr. Malan en wens hom alle sterkte toe vir die komende regsgeding.”

"The huge number of traitors in the ranks of the Boer-Afrikaner people, is our biggest enemy in our struggle for freedom, which is centuries old. An example of this is the utterly offensive newspaper article by Anton van Niekerk of Stellenbosch, published in July 2011. One of the candidates in our Volksraad-election of September 2011, Mr. Abel Malan, was arrested on 14 July 2011 concerning an incident between himself and Anton van Niekerk. The Central Committee of the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (Electoral Commission for the election of a Boer-Afrikaner People’s Council) stands firmly behind Mr. Malan and we convey our best wishes to him for the upcoming legal proceedings.”

Paul Kruger (Voorsitter van die Sentrale Komitee van die VVK / Chairman of the Central Committee of the VVK).

» » » » [VVK] [VVK: Abel Malan]

‘Attack on Prof Anton van Niekerk reprehensible’ – Rector

July 14, 2011
University of Stellenbosch

“The attack on Prof Anton van Niekerk in his office on the Stellenbosch campus is a reprehensible act and deserves condemnation in the context of our pursuit of a South Africa where the rights of all its people are protected,” Prof Russel Botman, Rector and Vice-Chancellor of Stellenbosch University (SU) said at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Prof Anton van Niekerk, professor and chairperson of the Department of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Applied Ethics at the University, was attacked on Thursday morning in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Prof Van Niekerk, a B-rated researcher (by the National Research Foundation), specialises in the areas of Bio-Ethics, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy of Human Sciences.

At the press conference Prof Botman strongly condemned the incident. “As a University it is our duty and role to stimulate and guide constructive debate and discussion. Academic freedom and freedom of expression and speech go hand in hand and it is non-negotiable,” he said. “In addition to the charge of criminal assault, among others, SU is considering its legal position and will work from within the full strength of the law to take all possible steps to protect personnel against such acts and intimidation.”

An alleged member of the rightwing group named Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie assaulted Prof Van Niekerk and vandalised his office in the process. This follows after an opinion piece by Van Niekerk that recently appeared in the media. In the column he expressed his opinion that there has been an alarming shift in the public debate “of effective extenuation of the role Afrikaners played in apartheid”.

A certain Abel Malan allegedly made an appointment with Van Niekerk under the pretext that he would like to discuss the column. Van Niekerk met Malan in good faith at the entrance of the Arts building and took him to his office. During the conversation Malan became aggressive and made numerous threats before he jumped up, overturned Van Niekerk’s desk and assaulted him. Prof Van Niekerk’s spectacles were broken and he sustained serious bruises to his face as a result of the attack.

As far as is known Malan was arrested by Stellenbosch University’s Risk and Protection Services shortly after the incident and allegedly told the SAPS “I did the job”. As far as could be ascertained, Malan is a member of a group from Mpumalanga visiting the Western Cape to mobilise Afrikaners for “our own election for freedom”. A group of people who arrived with him for the appointment – they were waiting for him outside the building – told bystanders and University staff that “Stellenbosch does not have the ability to keep Anton van Niekerk safe”.

» » » » [University of Stellenbosch]

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