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Summary of Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality Problem Solving: Poverty, slavery, unemployment, food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, racial, religious, class, gender resource war conflict, militarized police, psycho-social and cultural conformity pressures on free speech, etc; inter-cultural conflict; legal, political and corporate corruption, etc; are some of the socio-cultural and psycho-political consequences of overpopulation & consumption collision with declining resources.

Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

[RHS777INT:006a]: DRAFT: DARwin's JAGUSCMDYE Buck Stops Here JCS Joint Force 2020 Future Options: Vision of the Future...


DARwin's JAGUSCMDYE Buck Stops Here JCS Joint Force 2020 Future Options Iron Felix Rules for Radical Honesty WANTED Negotiation


A vision of what the next century could look like. ...

Excerpt: Geopolitics, and Policymaking in the 21st Century, Sir Halford Mackinder (US Army War College: Parameters, Summer 2000, pp. 58-71):

Without a vision of what the next century ought to look like, no policies can be formulated to bring it about. ...

Policy is driven by analogy, both historical and theoretical. One common, and dangerous, analogy that drives US Eurasian policy is “the game.” Brzezinski speaks of chess; Central Asian policy is the “new great game”; Kissinger and Nixon used game analogies throughout their reign and in their writings afterward. Impenetrably complex problems are simplified to games, which was problematic enough during the Cold War but is acutely poisonous today. Take Brzezinski's chess analogy. Chess has two players, and one opponent; it is zero-sum, and to the finish; there is a winner and a loser, with no middle ground. The opponent of the United States to Brzezinski is, and has always been, Russia. If we approach Eurasia as if it were a chessboard, then we will be met by opponents, and cooperation and mutual benefit would be removed from our calculations. ...

If the leaders of the most powerful nation on earth were to conceptualize foreign policy as a chess game, it would virtually ensure that other nations would as well. A Eurasian alliance to counteract growing US influence would be virtually inevitable. ...

Policymakers in the United States vastly underestimate the hegemon's potential to shape the nature of the international system. Intellectuals wedded to old ideas about the unchanging nature of power have so far failed to lead the world in the new directions that it expected. The unparalleled unipolar position that the United States found itself in when the Cold War abruptly ended is being wasted by politicians with no vision for shaping the future. The debate that occasionally resurfaces over the "isolationist" nature of the United States misses a key dimension: if nothing else, America has certainly been intellectually isolationist in the post-Cold War era, hiding behind walls and refusing to lead the world in new directions that its unprecedented power has made possible. The rules that govern international relations evolve. ...

No so-called permanent interests, or eternal geographical realities, exist. The only way that the next century can be better than the one we are leaving is with a reevaluation of the assumptions and attitudes that underlie our actions. A prolonged investigation into the utility of all geopolitical theory would be a good place to start. ...

Excerpt: A study of the Anglo-American Establishment: The Pilgrims Society Membership list:

Every historian at one point will realize that all he or she is reading about is the shifting of borders and the destruction of cultures as a result of abusive rulers looking for more territory and more riches. The only difference between all these wars is that they have become increasingly destructive as the centuries went by. At this point they will be so destructive that a war among the major nations of the earth will have to be avoided at all costs. The globalist group understands this, which in this case is good for everyone. What people in the conspiracy community may actually want to do is to stop fighting the concept of globalization, as apparently America's ultra-right wants them to do, and instead focus on educating themselves and other people about the corruption in national governments and the globalist group. We need to get to a point in which enough people are so informed about conspiracy affairs that it will be impossible for governments to manipulate them into giving up their rights or supporting economic or military policies which will ruin the country, or maybe even Western democratic civilization as a whole. For a number of reasons, some more obvious than others, this is a daunting task, but one things is for sure: a more systematic and intellectual approach to conspiracy affairs, combined with a "different-globalist"* stance, will draw in many more educated and influential persons than the unfocused U.S.-inspired isolationist attitude that is still dominant today.

Excerpt: The Crippled Giant, J. William Fulbright (p26)

The matter was raised when Chairman Khruschev visited the United States in 1959, and he replied with some anger that he had been talking about economic competition. "I am deeply concerned over these conscious distortions of my thoughts," he said. "I've never mentioned any rockets."

We will never know, of course, but it is possible that an opportunity for a stable peace was lost during the years of Khruschev's power. As we look back now on the many things he said regarding peaceful coexistence, the words have a different ring. At the time we did not believe them; at best they were Communist propaganda, at worst outright lies. On the occasion of his visit to the Foreign Relations Committee on September 16, 1959, for example, Chairman Khruschev suggested that we lay aside the polemics of the past. Mr Khruschev said:

"We must face the future more and have wisdom enough to secure [a Homer Lea Martial Honour Warrior] peace for our countries and for the whole world. We have always had great respect for the American people. We have also been somewhat envious of your achievements in the economic field, and for that reason, we are doing our best to try to catch up with you in that field, to compete with you, and when we do catch up, to mover further ahead.. I should say that future generations would be grateful to us if we managed to switch our efforts from stockpiling and perfecting weapons and concentrated those efforts fully on [population control and space exploration)].

Excerpt: “Military Gospel – according to Homer Lea”: Valour of Ignorance, by Homer Lea

BlackfootSwan ~ SageRedRussian :: “Military Gospel – according to Homer Lea”: Valour of Ignorance, by Homer Lea :: CheyenneMission ~ RedArticBell

When will that Golden Age be ushered in upon this unhappy earth, and arbitration between individuals substituted for law and dynamic force in which it originates and ends? When will laws made by man for the government of man, together with his courts, his penal institutions, be put aside and voluntary arbitration between man and man take their place?

Only when arbitration is able to unravel the tangled skein of crime and hypocrisy among individuals can it be extended to communities and nations. As nations are only man in the aggregate, they are the aggregate of his crimes and deception and depravity, and so long as these constitute the basis of individual impulse, so long will they control the acts of nations.

The Feynman Series - Beauty (05:11)

The Feynman Series - Honour (03:57)

The Feynman Series - Curiosity (04:24)

Sagan Series: NASA: Frontier Is Everywhere (01/07)

JAG.USMC.DYE: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Goddamn Truth

JAGUSMCDYE: Jon Michael Dye is a 17 year USMC veteran, whom I call Gunny. While on tour somewhere I can't remember, he was informed that some asshole had beaten up his former wife and put her in hospital. Gunny got leave and flew back to California, where he found the man who had beaten up his wife, and beat him up so bad, he put him in intensive care, with broken ribs, legs etc.

Paraphrased Gunny told the Judge: 'You are goddamn fucking right I beat that motherfucker to within an inch of his life, and I should have goddamn fucking killed him, and if he ever so much as touches the mother of my children again, I fucking will kill him.'

The JAGUSMCDYE point being: Gunny told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the goddamn truth about his actions. No puffery, no sugarcoating. IN YOUR FACE: THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE GODDAMN TRUTH. Why he did what he did, as a SOLDIER and FATHER.

What stopped that asshole from beating Gunny's wife ever again? Was it because the Judge put Gunny in prison and thereby protected the asshole from Gunny? Or was it the knowledge; on the court record, before a Judge that if that man so much as touched Gunny's wife again, Gunny would kill him? Who knows?

If the Judge had been some passive aggressive Pacifist cunt; he could have thrown the book at Gunny for being honest (telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the goddamn truth in his court of law), and convicted him of attempted murder, assault etc, and sent Gunny to prison for many years.

The California Judge appreciated Gunny's honesty (telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the goddamn truth, clearly meant something to him, more than just fucking words on a piece of paper) and I cannot remember what Gunny was convicted of (some misdemeanour if I recall) and sentenced to few weeks of community service; at times that suited Gunny.

Gunny cannot stand his ex-wife and they do not have a good relationship; BUT SHE IS THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN! Gunny took responsibility for what he had done in accordance to what he considers THE LAW; i.e. HIS CODE OF CONDUCT to others; HIS HONOUR; his RESPONSIBILITY TO HIS FAMILY.

Excerpt: A New Kind of Trailer Trash

by Brad Blanton, Ph.D (Autobiography)

My name is Brad Blanton

HEAVEN: I was born in Staunton Virginia on September 8, 1940, into a family with two parents and a sister who was 9. My brother was born 15 months later. My father was a lineman for the telephone company and my mother was a homemaker and a poet and a songwriter. We lived in a small house in the middle of an apple orchard and as far as I can remember, we were in heaven.

HEAVEN INTERRUPTED: When I was not quite six years old my father dropped dead from a heart attack at 37 years of age. Everything changed. My mother, desperately alone and grieving and with three children to raise, a year later married a shell shocked veteran who had just returned home from six years in the Pacific. He was a machinist, she became a secretary, and they both became alcoholics.

HELL: Our heavenly family became the family from hell. The social security checks for us kids went for liquor, my stepfather beat my mother, sometimes putting her in the hospital, causing injuries, broken bones and three miscarriages. My little brother, Mike, was born a couple of months premature after a beating, but survived, and when I was 9 I became his primary caretaker until he was four and a half years old. My sister, who was 16, left home right after my brother was born to escape my stepfather’s sexual advances.

RAISING HELL: When I was 12 and my little brother was 3 he got rheumatic fever and it damaged his heart. The doctor said he had to have rest and quiet to have a chance of healing. I became then not only his caretaker but his protector from the chaos of our family. When I was 13 years old, I interrupted one of my step father’s violent attacks by picking up a stick of firewood and breaking three of his ribs and fracturing his skull. A few weeks later, I stole the social security money, went to the hardware store in town, bought two shotguns and two cases of shells for me and my 11 year old brother (along with a basketball, a basketball hoop and backboard and a rod and reel), and took over the family at gunpoint for a while and got the house cleaned up. I told my stepfather to his face when he was cold sober that I was going to kill him the next time he laid a hand on anybody, and it became clear the family had to come to an end one way or another. I called in my grandparents we split the family up. My little brother Mike went to live at his grandmother’s house in Virginia, my younger brother Jimmy went to an aunt and uncle in Tennessee and I went to Texas to live with my sister. My mother and stepfather stayed together for a couple of more years.

FORGIVENESS: I forgave my stepfather for almost everything before he died. It wasn’t easy, and beating the hell out of him was a part of the process of forgiving him. Also included in the process of forgiving him was my coming to understand all the sadness and heartbreak and damage done to him by the life of killing he had been thrown into as a teenager when he spent 6 years in the Pacific slaughtering human beings. I learned the truth of the bigger story that crippled him. The hatred that could have consumed me didn’t. Compassion won out over vengeance. It was almost accidental. But I am not stupid. I was certainly struck by how brilliant our human arrangements for war work as a way to do religion and property settlements! That really works well doesn’t it? And I can testify it lasts for generations to come—a gift that keeps on giving.

I forgave my mother for everything before she died, as well. Forgiving my mother and stepfather benefited me more than them. I learned that if we are able to forgive we can make a new beginning. I also learned that forgiveness is a very tough process, sometimes including things I myself need forgiveness for along the way. I learned that love happens when forgiveness is a two way street, and that there is probably nothing more important than forgiveness and letting love happen.

DARwin's JAGUSCMDYE Buck Stops Here JCS Joint Force 2020 Future Options Iron Felix Rules for Radical Honesty WANTED / FOR SALE Negotiation / Classifieds


If you want to practice or engage in Plausible Deniability: FUCK OFF TO THE HA HA INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.


If you want to practice or engage in Buck Stops Here: I take Personal Responsibility for what I want: Welcome



The usual but you are sick to death of being contacted by 'interested' people who waste your goddamn fucking time, because they don't seem to know what the fuck they want.


You want an honourable secretary / wife / girlfriend / RoMeAl wife who can make an agreement and stick to it, like you will. Who tells you the truth, like you tell her. You are sick to death of your dick taking charge of your employment decisions, cause you are not in an environment where you are encouraged to conduct a brutally honest interview. You want a fully informed consent interview, that includes any and all of your unusual requests upfront, so that if any agreement is concluded it is a fully informed one; on the record.

You are a national leader stuck with a can of worms conspiracy you had nothing directly to do with. You think Disclosure of the event may be a good idea that can lead to catharsis. You would like to avoid Geopolitics Political Correct Bullshit Kiss Ass Secret Backroom Diplomacy and find out if there are any other leaders who support your efforts. You are sick to death of PR bullshit sycophantic diplomacy crap, requiring you to be a sycophant on the world stage. You want the real thing: the JAGUSMCDYE truth, the whole truth and nothing but the goddamn truth.

For example: President Obama thinks its time that Africans be told that AIDS is Iatrogenic (manmade) to depopulate them, because they breed like rabbits on Viagra. Are there any African leaders who are willing to ‘Buck Stops Here’ support him to do so?

Or: An African leader/s knows that AIDS is Iatrogenic and thinks its time to discuss how and why; so that Africans can wake up to why AIDS was created to depopulate them. Such African leader would like to invite Pres. Obama to disclose the Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS.

Or: You are Bill Gates and you are sick to death of manipulating your public image pretending to give a fuck about Overpopulation by your so called investing in ‘vaccines to save lives’; while profiting from Iatrogenic depopulation. You would like to develop some Buck Stops Here Disclosure and end this passive aggressive corporate corruption crap and demonstrate your support for Pres Obama to disclose the Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS, and the entire Iatrogenic Medical Pharamaceutical Cancer et al complex.

You get the idea.


You are so fucking pissed off with those fucking bankers on Wall Street / journalists on Fleet Street / etc; you cannot stop thinking about hiring a bloody platoon of snipers to blow them away to their next fucking life for what they have done. You would like to tell them how goddamn fucking pissed off with them you are, but you are afraid those passive aggressive dickheads will accuse you of threatening them, when all you want to do is get it into their goddamn fucking skulls how goddamn angry you are, so you can get over it and forgive the cocksucker dickheads.

You want an independent on the record witness to find out if they would honourably meet you, to hear you express how pissed off you are with them; so you can forgive them.

Same could be said for your wife, ex husband, friend, or whomever who has pissed you off way beyond ‘I resent you’, to ‘I want her/him wiped off the face of the earth yesterday’.


This option is only available to individuals who have made an honourable effort to resolve their disagreement/anger with the relevant individual by means of the Trailer Trash Radical Honesty Forgiveness Procedure; and the relevant individual/s you wanted to meet to resolve your anger with refused your honourable request.

Once it is clear they refuse to meet with you face to face; you may choose to submit the individual/s name, which shall be submitted to the United Russians of American Sniper Vigilante Justice Task Force; via the Judge Advocate General (US Navy JAG’s office) for addition to the White House’s ‘Kill List’ for their – or any JAGUSMCDYE Casper inspired honourable snipers’ - action. Attached to your request shall include all documentation verifying your efforts to resolve your dispute by means of TTF.

Anyone can show their support for the TTF additions to the Kill List process, by signing the Petition to the White House (to be drafted) to inform the White House that you as an individual endorse the aforementioned procedure of Honourable Citizens TTF additions to the Kill List, to remove individuals with dishonourable Kaffir DNA from the planetary Gene Pool.

A copy of the documentation shall also be submitted to the Chief of Police and Director of Prosecutions for the relevant country, who may object if they prefer not to participate. If so, such objection shall be made publicly available, with all other documentation, related to the particular 'Kill List' file.

All Citizen nominations to the ‘Kill List’ documentation shall be publicly available, similarly to the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ files. If, or when, the assassination is a clean hit without violence, and the assassin left a ‘Casper Aviation Platoon’ card at the body, within reasonable distance and/or by sending it to a reputable individual trusted to make it public to the Prosecutor’s Office; then the death is to be considered an Honourable ‘Wild West High Noon in Main Street’ or ‘British Duel Challenge’ ‘Tragedy of the Commons; Culling Dishonourable Kaffir Genes from our Genepool’ Bon Voyage resolution to the particular disagreement; for all involved. [Casper Aviation Platoon is in honour of: Sgt. William Brown, 173rd Airborne Brigade and his Message to Vietnam: a message the dispatched dishonourable Kaffir may wish to meditate upon in the hereafter.]


You are a national political, media, corporate, non-profit leader in your country and you are aware of the fact that you often make decisions that possibly piss citizens, customers your electorate or readers off.

You are not a leader who suffers from a fucked up fragile ego who is too goddamn fucking petrified to meet with citizens/readers/voters who are pissed off with you. You welcome anyone who is pissed off with you and who wishes to honourably resolve their anger with you and to start a clean slate, to contact you for a face to face meeting.

You support people to get over their anger towards you sincerely and you are willing to declare publicly that you do so; and to welcome any citizen/voter/reader; or – in fact - elite colleague who is pissed off with you, to honourably contact you, so you can resolve your disagreement or misunderstanding.

Your Personal 'Buck Stops Here' Declaration


RHTFSC: Radical Honesty Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract (PDF)

You are a national political, media, corporate, military leader in your country who has committed acts which are considered ‘national security’ by one group of conquer-and-multiply Legal Indulgence Matrix Reality lawyers and Judges, and ‘criminal’ ‘war crimes’ etc; by another group of conquer-and-multiply Legal Indulgence Matrix Reality lawyers and Judges.

You are able to identify your direct victims: For example: Timothy McVeigh is able to identify his victims as the family members of those who died in the OKC bombing. A CIA or military torturer knows the names of the individuals tortured. Dick Cheney and NORAD flew drone planes and/or missiles into the WTC and Pentagon. The direct victims are the families of those events. The victims of subsequent events, whereby thousands of people contributed to the decision-making to ‘go to war’ against ‘us or them’ are not for the purposes of RGR considered ‘direct victims’.

Indirect victims of such events are to use the (TTF) submission process.

  1. You wish to Offer to resolve your alleged crimes with the direct victims (named, if you know their names) by the process of Radical Honesty.
  2. The individuals or organisations representing them are informed of your offer for their consideration.
  3. Any or all direct victims can accept your offer to resolve the issue by means of Radical Honesty process.
  4. A Radical Honesty TFSC workshop is arranged for your meeting (Radical Honesty to charge for expenses only); and is private (See Radical Honesty 8 Day Workshop for more details).
  5. If TFSC was successful, relevant final agreement decided upon by parties is made public; and is considered an honourable agreement made by both parties.
  6. If TFSC was not successful, parties commit to further remaining in the conversation with each other, until real sincere TFSC is achieved details are arranged for additional TFSC meetings; for as long as it takes, until sincere TFSC occurs.
  7. Both parties acceptance of the TFSC Offer require their serious and sincere commitment to refuse to pretend any fake intellectual forgiveness, and secondly to remain in the facilitated conversation, sharing their anger and the true details about their crimes with qualified impartial Anger and Forgiveness facilitators; until both parties are 100% sensate certain, they have unequivocally forgiven each other (For example, they could eyeball-to-eyeball their victim/victimizer, and experience no physical sensate signs of discomfort, no sweaty palms, no blinking and avoiding eye contact, no tight shoulders, no tight jaw, no negative thoughts, etc; totally and sincerely seeing the other person in a new context)
  8. Where a victim declined to accept the Offer, they can proceed in their attempts for legal justice via the courts; and if successful; the TFSC Offer to the victim is to be considered a significant factor in mitigation, if convicted.


RULES, etc Coming soon ................. Stay Tuned!

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