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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

[RHS777INT:008]: Peaches VW-WY Q&A: DARwin's JAGUSCMDYE Buck Stops Here JCS Joint Force 2020 Future Options


DARwin's JAGUSCMDYE Buck Stops Here JCS Joint Force 2020 Future Options Drafts...


Q&A & Requests for Excerpts of Peaches VW-WY Discussions

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In truth, Rommel was guilty of nothing more than keeping his own counsel. Like Kluge, like Guderain, he had sensed that a plot was in the wind - and though no man was witness to his conversation on July 9 with Hofacker, adjutant to the military governor of Paris, he seems always to have rejected assassination. Instead, with or without Hitler's consent he favoured peace feelers to his "friendly enemy", Montgomery. Yet, aware of a plot, he had kept silent. For Hitler, this was complicity enough.

On October 13, Rommel learned by telephone that General Wilhelm Bufgdorf, Hitler's newly appointed chief adjutant, and General major Ernst Maisel, head of the army personnel branch's legal section, would be calling at his Herrlingen villa between nooon and 1 p.m. the next day.

Rommel was under no illusions. On the morning of October 14, during a long tramp into the woods with his son, Manfred, Rommel told him, "Today will decide what is planned for me, whether a People's Court or a new command in the East." "Would you accept such a command?", Manfred asked. Rommel took his son's arm. "My dear boy, our enemy in the East is so terrible that every other consideration has to give way before it... Of course I would go."

The generals arrived punctually at noon: Burgdorf, burly and florid, Maisel, shorter, with a beaked nose. Both men, though the souls of coutesey, declined Lucie Rommel's invitation to lunch. It was, they explained, official business. All three retired to Rommel's ground-floor study.

They had no Eastern Command to offer Rommel, only a choice: a People's Court or a poison capsule, to be followed by a state funeral with full honours. (The wreath had already arrived at Ulm railway station, nearby). Though testimonys obtained under Gestapo duress had falsely implicated him, the Desert Fox was too precious to German legend to perish through a garotte of piano wire.

There were brief restrained farewells with Lucie and Manfred. Then, shrugging into his topcoat, firmly clasping his field marshal's baton, Rommel passed from the villa, to climb into the back of Burgdorf's small Opel. The driver, SS Haptscharfuhrer Heinrich Doose, let in the clutch and the car cruised 200 yards down the road before pulling up on Burgdorf's orders. Following instructions, Doose and Masel sauntered slowly down the road.

Five, perhaps ten minutes later, Burgdorf called them back. In the rear seat, Rommel was unconscious, but not yet dead - "slumped down and sobbing", Doose was to recall, "not a death-rattle or groaning but sobbing."

Solitiously, the SS man helped the Field Marshal to sit bolt upright, as a soldier should. Then, carefully, he replaced Rommel's fallen cap.


On the morning of January 30, one link in the vast seabourne evacuation, which by May 8 was to lift more than 2 million refugees beyond the Red Army's grasp, set sail from Gdynia: the liner Wilhelm Gustlaff, 25,484 tons, a peacetime cruise ship whose 400-strong crew had waited on the whims of the 1,465 minor Nazi party officials, who were their passengers. But on January 30, no less than 8,000 refugees were crammed about the Wilhelm Gustloff - many of whom had used babies as tickets, carrying them aboard only to toss them down again as passports for other members of the family.

Off twenty-two lifeboats which should have hung from their davits, ten had been requisitioned for harbour duties - and the Gustloff, with no warships available to escort her, wallowing at a cumbersome 16 knots, was thus ill-equipped to combat trouble.

At 11:08 pm, on January 31, trouble, in the shape of the Russian submarine S13, commanded by the brilliant if rumbustious Captain Third Class Alexander Marinesko, found the Gustloff. Three torpedoes - predictably labelled "For the Motherland" - "For the Soviet People" and "For Leningrad" - struck her port side. At 11:09 pm, the S13's log noted: "Target began to sink".

Under the pressure of thousands of tons of ice-laden Baltic water, bulkheads and watertight doors gave way. Within sixty seconds the great liner had capsized on to her port side, her funnel level with the Deck never stood a chance. Others recalled moments of apocalyptic horror: a teenager, 13-year old Gunther von Maydell, ran to the boat-deck to find sailors vainly trying to operate winches: the machinery had frozen stiff. Another, 17-year-old Gertrud Agensons, fled from her cabin to find herself thigh-deep in water: in consternation, she saw the body of a dead girl floating past, followed by a tray of sandwiches. Eve Luck, 16, trapped with her family in the Music Room, watched appalled as the grand piano "went beserk", barrelling across the crowded room to crush women and children to pulp.

Seventy minutes after the first torpedoe struck her, the Gustloff, her siren howling like a lost soul, boiled beneath the Baltic waters.

Some, crying aloud with cold terror, survived by clawing aboard rafts and lifeboats, others found refuge aboard the torpedo boat T.36, pursuing a parallel course with 250 refugees, the torpedo boat Lowe and the freighter Gotenland. All told, some 964 people were plucked from the sea, some of whom died later from exposure - but at least 7,000 people were lost: a death-toll five times greater than that of the Titanic.

The Soviet Navy's Red Banner fleet of 218 submarines, the worlds largest and to date the least efficient, had scored their only notable victory.


Self Defence Against Fruit (06:32)
Monty Python: Norwegian Party (01:16)
"As you know," he said finally, "the army is short of pilots, petrol, planes and ammunition... We find ourselves at an impasse. There is just one last resort left to us: to crash on the decks of the enemy aircraft carriers, as your comrades have done before you. Two hours ago, our squadron received the order to form a Special Attack Corps.. I am compelled to ask you...."

He paused. "I could not prevent myself from shivering as if I had been slapped in the face," Ryuji Nagatsuka recalled later, waiting for Suneaga to conclude his sentence, "to... to undertake this mission".

He added hastily: "But, of course, you are free to choose. I will give you twenty-four hours to think it over."

That was at 8:30 pm on Saturday, March 31. At 08:30 am on April 1, an eight-mile line of craft moved towards the beaches of Okinawa, an island 70 miles long and seven miles wide, held by 100,000 Japanese under Lieutenant-General Misturu Ushijima.

It was the last steppingstone to Japan in the long US advance across the Central and Southwest Pacific, for southern Kyushu lay less than 400 miles north, the last and greatest land battle in the Pacific War. For the men of Lieutenant-General Simon Bolivar Buckner's Tenth Army, who had coined the slogan, "May you walk in the ashes of Tokyo", every day of the 83-day battle, which cost Americans over 49,000 casualties, was a nightmare - "like pushing a fist down a lion's mouth," one man put it.

By April 2, a day of deceptive triumph, Okinawa was cut in two, the Japanese in the south cut off from the Japanese in the north, but on some days, like May 16, gains were measured in yards, won, lost, then won again. It was a battle for place names that the combatants would long remember: Sugar Loaf Hill, which changed hands fourteen times, Shuri Castle, Bloody Nose Ridge. For the most part it was a battle of what Buckner, mortally wounded by a shell splinter on June 18, called "blowtorch and corkscrew"; the blowtorch was liquid flame, explosives, the corkscrew. In the five days between June 13 and June 17, the flame throwers expended 37,000 gallons of burning gasoline: in this period 1,000 Japanese were dying every day.

On the ships it had begun with the biggest breakfast ever: steak, fried eggs, ice cream, scalding hot coffee. In the foxholes it ended, when the rainy season brought nine inches of rain a day, with cold pork and egg yolks from a can coated with soft red mud.

At Kagohara airfield, Nagatsuka and the other cadets had been momentarily beset by indecision. All that first night they had tossed and turned in their beds, filled with a desperate yearning to live. But next morning, at breakfast, Cadet Pilot Tanaka spoke up for all of them: "Look we're all ready to accept this mission. Why don't we go to the C.O. straightaway and tell him so?"

And Nagatsuka, who had earlier nourished such grave doubts, agreed: "Suicide attacks are the only method left to us, and therefore they must succeed. If with our twenty-four planes we can sink eight or nine American carriers, it would give time for the pilots who follow us to undergo full training."

By evening, all but two men, rejected on grounds of ill health, had volunteered. Under Lieutenant Takagui, a Pacific veteran, the newly-christened Kikusiu (Chrysanthenum) Group would begin one months intensive training to die.

It was a timely gesture. For from April 6 onwards, the invaders of Okinawa were bedevilled by no less than 1,465 Kamikaze attacks - and on April 6, the last ten ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, led by the super battleship Yamato had sailed for Okinawa on what was virtually a mass Kamikaze mission, each ship carrying only enough fuel for a one-day trip. In the Japanese Navy's last sortie, all those ships were crippled or sunk.

But now Nagatsuka was close to despair. Okinawa, he knew, was a turning point in Japan's destiny - but would the battle still be raging when their training was over? For on April 4, classes were once more suspended. Again the fuel had run out.
-- The Years of Victory, 1944-45; by Richard Collier (p 196-197; 236-237; 260-261)


September 27th 10'17"S 35'11"W 1,836 miles to go

Today was Sally's birthday. I was up early. I called Simon - I really miss him when I talk to him. I miss our little house and the dogs, our home. He was not very forthcoming, as usual, so I did most of the talking.

Its very hard to say 'I love you' when you know there are hundreds of people listening; not to mention half of the Whitbread fleet. I called mum - she's OK.

I had a hell of a time getting through to Portishead; we go up and down the frequencies until we find one that works. Sal did her interview with Scottish tv; then she went back to bed. I was duty boat for the chat show; I really enjoy doing it; the guys are all so sweet (when they are in front, of course :)).

When Sally got up for her evening watch we all gathered outside the galley. Kristin lit the candles on the cake. We gave her her present (a Batman T-shirt) and her card and the poem Claire had written.

Its funny sitting in the nav station and watching the comings and goings. It is at times like these that I feel really fond of them all and totally in love with life. Even if we are third from last it doesn't matter.
- Maiden, by Tracy Edwards and Tim Madge (p.66)

The only ambition of the self I have is to spend time with someone I love in a little cabin far away from two faced schmucks, alone off grid, doing our thing. If anyone thinks that is immature or avaricious; I don't give a fuck. They are welcome to whatever ambitions they want for themselves.

I took nobody hostage: if anything any being who breeds a child into this world that does not want to live on this godforsaken planet of gutless cowards breeds such a child into hostage. How the fuck can I take anyone hostage?

The only vague similarity between you and a cockroach is that you survive nuclear verbal exchanges. Beyond that I dont imagine there are any similarities between you and cockroaches. I doubt cockroaches have the ability to make fun of themselves as being of reptilian minds, since that would require a neocortex, which - as far as I know - they don't have.

Why can nobody solve the problem? Which problem are you talking about? Short ansa: How many just want to pretend they want to solve the problem; and how many are serious about wanting to solve the problem? Wasting your time talking to the former about the problem is a massive fucking waste of time. Those fuckups are so serious about avoiding solving the problem -- from which they benefit -- they legislate laws to shut up any opportunity for honest discussion about the problem, inventing such fucking shit as 'hate speech' and 'racists' and so on, never of course defined. Any problem, big or small, serious or minor, can only be solved by finding the root causes of the problem. You cannot solve a problem by having political correct PR bullshit plausible deniable conversations about solving it. Waste of time.

Happy Birthday Sir

I am not sure how to interpret your blogpost.

If I am interpreting you correctly (i.e. as a message on behalf of another: someone I know); I appreciate you for your frankness, and for relaying the message.

If the correct interpretation is your own message, or your own in addition to relaying on behalf of another (as above); I still appreciate you for your frankness, and for relaying the message. I imagine you would not relay such a message without his consent.

Could you clarify which interpretation is correct, please. If the latter; I imagine your motivation for doing so, involves your knowledge about me, or information about me, as a result of your access to military classified information networks. Thats okay, but I am sorry I cannot say I know you, as I have not been made privy to the exact individuals with access to such information networks. If your message is simply that are disclosing you are one of them. Thanks for letting me know. If I should attach additional meaning to your message: platonic or otherwise, please verify with your wife her informed consent.

PS: Please don't allow any two faced hippies, or bunny-rabbits on steroids (unless they are committed Army Green) on our lifeboat Sir!

Custos Divini: I imagine you are referring to my Jus Sanguinis Letter to NATO, and its definition of 'success'.

I disagree with Sebastian Ronin that Rainbow Ethno-Cultural States shall solve the, as they call it 'Occident' racial suicide problem. In my view it shall mitigate it, by drawing whites together; but in my personal opinion: in the long run, if blacks and browns refuse to abide by some population control measures, the law of competitive exclusion means whites shall one day be in exactly the same situation as the Samaritan tribe: on the verge of extinction.

Don't expect the two faced WWF or Greenpeace to give a fuck, about white tribes that are on the verge of extinction; any more than you can expect the Fortune 500 CEO's to give a fuck about thousands of animal species extinctions, for their pathological parasite profits.

And don't expect a world run by African black and brown psychopaths as the majority to give a flying fuck about protecting a tribe such as the Samaritans from extinction; or giving a flying fuck if the species extinction rate quadruples.

In my personal opinion you need to find and implement policies that cull the scum, from all tribes and races, from the planet: the two faced liars and parasites. Ideally this system should be one where their actions eliminate themselves from the gene-pool. By this I mean, the so-called 'justice' system process must be made to be simply a record taking process; not involved in ultimate 'innocence' or 'guilt' decision-making. It simply records the agreements made by respective parties in their negotiation. Both Judge Jason Brent's 'One Child Only Policy' and the FICCOW & FICROF, etc ideas involve very simple rules, easy to understand; and place the decision making about breaking them, or living in accordance to the rules of the commons, in the hands of the individual citizen, with very clear notice of the consequences for the rule breakers.

No poor schmuck will be able to complain, s/he did not have enough money for a lawyer, cause lawyer will not be needed. Don't make agreements you don't intend to keep, and don't breed in excess of the carrying capacity; or you will be culled.

It discriminates not against any tribe or race or ethnicity or religion; just against the lying, two faced, parasites. It puts the decision making in the hands of each individual, of any colour or creed. Adhere to the rules of the commons, or hasta la vista.

I have to think about what you mean by the Patton issues. Not sure am interpreting you correctly.

From: Lara
Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2011 2:25 AM
Cc: 'Mike Smith'; Stan_Goff; 'Timothy McVeigh c/o: NSA: Stuart Church'; Timothy
Subject: Response to: Frank Ellis; Mike Smith & Stan Goff

Hi Frank,

For reasons you may better understand after reading the email; I am copying this email to other former individuals whom were sent a similar invitation such as yourself:

  • Stan Goff
  • Wayne Moller (Mike Smith)
  • Timothy McVeigh (Note: he pretends not to be Timothy McVeigh; and I humour him since I don’t know exactly what his reasons are for doing so, and maybe one day he will tell me, and maybe not. Anyway, until he wants to unequivocally do so, ain’t much I can do. It is also possible he may not be McVeigh, but be psychotronically manipulated by McVeigh/NSA. One thing is for sure; he aint spilling the beans. He refuses to give his last name, or to verify whom he says he is; allegedly some black guy; but wont provide a telephone number, so I can call him to verify he is not McVeigh.)

I received your subsequent email saying "OK. Understood". I am unable to say that I totally understand 'what this is all about'; since it involves many working hypotheses, and very few hard facts. I don't want you to be misled. Although - in my opinion, based on my experience - many of the working hypotheses have been tested to the point of perhaps close to beyond reasonable doubt; if the 80/20 military intelligence rule is applied, and the 20% that I am missing sufficiently contradicts the 80%; then I would have to reevaluate the entire working hypothesis. I don't think that is the case, but I have to consider it as one possible - even if small - option.

I don't think this is all about 'one' issue; not that many events are. Its a very long story, that could probably make War and Peace seem short; so its hard to shrink into a few paragraphs, that won't be interpreted by the average schmuck as being stated by someone 'whose not wrapped too tight" (as John Callahan, Disclosure Project Witness and former Investigator for the FAA, states in his witness testimony on the response from ignorant imbeciles who have fuck all interest in making impartial enquiries and label any information provided to them that they know fuck all about as being 'insane', or such shit.)

The short answer to 'what this is all about'. Frankly: I have no problem disagreeing that men are more intelligent than women; in fact way more intelligent. I have no problem with men being in charge of the planet. I simply have an opinion that as beings who are allegedly so goddamn fucking intelligent, they were making one goddamn fuck up of how they run the planet. Anyway, I don't exactly know what the fuck it was, I suspect my hysterical fury at the crucifixion of McVeigh; and actions to oppose it; but at some point I realized thoughts were being generated in my consciousness, which were not from my own experience. I investigated and tested any such thought I deemed not to be my own being's creation, debated those I disagreed with, and refused any I considered an order or demand, which violated my principles.

I don't know what your knowledge is about military psychotronic scientific developments, but here is a letter I wrote to a bunch of psychologists that contains both scientific evidence of how it works, studies etc; as well as a challenge to these psychologists about the phenomena. Needless to say, I have not received any response from the gutless cowards.

Anyway, I realized long ago, there was sweet fuck all I could do about it; so I could either choose to feel like a victim about it; or just deal with it, and maybe even use it to my benefit; many of the conversations were interesting. In fact very interesting. Others were really fucked up shit. I don’t recall the contents of the fucked up shit; it was way back in 2002/3. Anyway, I developed my own response to it. I would simply imagine I was standing infront of an oncoming train, and then watch as the blood splattered and my bones got crunched to pieces, and I would do that over and over again. Anyway, the fucked up shit stopped for the most part shortly thereafter. Since then, some ideas have been strange, others ingenious, others hilariously funny, and generally not anything anyone with an open mind would be unhappy to listen to.

If such conversations could be held publicly by committed individuals serious about finding answers to the questions; I imagine the world may be a very different place. If or where I was deceiving myself, they could - if they knew it to be true - point such out to me; and I could correct my hypothesis. Anyway, the point is they did not always tell the truth; or perhaps I misinterpreted the thoughts. I call them 'thought magnets' for want of a better word.

Anyway, one of their ideas was a - as far as I can gather - is to recreate some kind of Da Vinci Code type of knighthood. Why the fuck I am involved; I imagine has to do with Tim McVeigh (he was given a secret pardon by Bush with a faked execution). So, if that was the sword hanging over my head that I have to sacrifice in order to be with Tim; fair enough; but I had conditions. I don't know if that is the case; but I have asked that question repeatedly and repeatedly not received any answer. I am not interested in being involved in some goddamn fucked up knighthood shit with men, bullshitting themselves just cause they participate in some godamn fucked up ritual with a bunch of other men, all of whom pretend its 'cool' or such shit. If it rocks their boats, makes them happy that’s fine. Who am I to tell them what to do, to make themselves happy?

Anyway, President Putin (or others, but Pres. Putin is acting as the front person), as far as I am aware agrees if it proceeds, with conditions, it could be a good thing, an opportunity to inspire men to some kind of behaviour they currently seem to lack the ability to inspire themselves towards. In that regard I do agree with Claire Khaw that much of the disgusting behaviour of men has to do with the low standards of women’s expectations of men. Women don’t judge men on their honour, integrity, honesty; their character. Well in such a world women inspire men to be shallow two-faced schmuck bags of lying scum. Anyway, so as far as I am concerned if we do some knighthood shit, then lets do it properly or not do it at all.

The other issue is that I recognize that there are men - and I have met some - who are capable of being honourable honest men, but who carry albatross events around their necks, which they are unable to speak frankly about; such as my sniper friend Michael Martin.

Well what kind of intelligence creates a world where honest honourable men are treated like the scum of the earth and lying two faced passive aggressive malicious parasites are revered as saints. This is fucked up! If that’s intelligence; then I don’t subscribe to that fucking definition of intelligence.

Succinctly I'd say that happens as a result of the Tragedy of the Commons factor. So, how can we create a honourable honest system of equal justice that culls these scumbags out of the gene pool?

The other issue was my opinion that this world is full of a bunch of gutless men; and not any quality men whom I considered to be capable of fatherhood. So there was no fucking way I was going to breed any children.

Anyway, I have fuck all problem participating in any theoretical conversation on any issue. So when the suggestion was made about a social science experiment of petri-dish fatherhood; I thought it funny. You will not believe some of the ideas these people come up with.

I mean, there was one man I was/am willing to consider for fatherhood (if he wanted to be a father, and that would be only if we had a long conversation about what it would mean to us); and not before that.

I think my fatherhood ideas are common sense; but I am focussed on problem solving, not finding some walking penis with a wallet to entertain me cause I am too afraid of being alone. Anyway, so some thought the ideas were interesting, and had their own suggestions.

Anyway, so I am humouring the conversation; and these motherfuckers are quite capable of saying things psychotronically, but when it comes to publicly they have reputations to protect. Well I don't have a reputation to protect; cause I don't consciously pretend one thing and withhold information; except where I have been asked by any individual to please refrain from discussing certain issues with them. So I don't, but I don't withhold the information so as to manipulate my image; I'd be happy to sit down at anytime and discuss any issue; including these bizarre issues, if they wanted to; and were willing to listen and make an impartial enquiry. And even if not; and they think I am crazy; they may be right. I am willing to hear any and all evidence they provide for such allegation. I have yet to come across any fucking moron imbecile with any knowledge of psychology who has provided me with a shred of evidence as to their investigation into any of this, who still goes around calling me crazy. So fuck them; in fact, with such assholes it is in fact better they consider you crazy, cause they leave you alone, and you don't have to listen to their goddamn fucking normal boring inability to reason.

So, the only way to determine whether any hypothesis is correct or not, or needs amendment, deletion or is worthy of further enquiry; is to shine a light on it and test it. To hear the opinions of honest impartial individuals.

I highly value your opinion; and so you were plausibly deniably nominated; to test whether I would have the guts to 'bite' and test my reputation with you.

So, if you think I am 'not wrapped too tight' thats fine. You are correct; you ain't heard nothing yet! ;-)

Anyway, that is enough for a start, I guess.

Feel free to participate in the conversation; share your thoughts as bluntly as you always have done; which is one of the reasons I so highly value your opinion, no matter what it is.


PS: Stan: I disagree with that quote from that communist is the biggest load of horseshit. I have a theory many of these theories extolling the virtue of plausible deniability as a preference to hard facts or brutal honest opinions where such are available, do so for reasons of psychological, intellectual and other insecurities. Instead of taking personal responsibility for their intentions to passively aggressively manipulate people with plausible deniable bullshit, they invent some fucked up theory about how this ‘creates’ change.

I think the greatest opportunity – certainly this has been my personal experience – for change exists when I have been provided with brutal honest factual information that clearly contradicted previous working hypothesis, or even beliefs. For example: I can believe a man I am dating is possibly fucking me around because he does a bunch of plausible deniable passive aggressive fucked up shit, while telling me how much he loves me. So I may have little doubts here and there. How the fuck this creates an opportunity for change. I don’t know. Or, I can walk into a room and see his ass bonking away fucking some whore, and that slaps me across the face and forces me to confront a belief that I had about how he allegedly felt about me; which was clearly an error.

Anyway, maybe I misunderstood your quote, and perhaps it is appropriate when dealing with people who are psychologically and intellectually so insecure, that they are incapable of hearing information that contradicts their sense of self. But the answer to such problems, is not to extend the system that creates intellectual and psychological midgets, who are incapable of confronting crystal clear information and evidence of their errors; but to implement a system that encourages education that enables psychological and intellectual strength to confront their errors.

It is a fair question whether Timothy McVeigh is fucking me around, and continues his plausible deniable behaviour, for fear of exposing whatever the fuck is going on; or whether it was a deal he made to avoid being executed. I don’t know the answer and he has not been forthcoming with it, and neither has anyone else.

Anyway if you can spot any errors in my thinking or logic, which I am sure there may be and are; and can benefit from some serious enquiry; please feel free to make such suggestions.


From: Lara
Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2011 3:56 PM
Cc: 'Mike Smith'; Stan_Goff; 'Timothy McVeigh c/o: NSA: Stuart Church'; Timothy Truthseeker
Subject: RE: Update to: Frank Ellis; Mike Smith & Stan Goff


I have been asked to clarify for you what I meant by ‘hysterical fury at the crucifixion of McVeigh’.

It was only confirmed for me unequivocally that McVeigh’s execution had been faked when I met Michael Martin (his Special Forces Commanding Officer) in Phoenix, AZ; in Phoenix, AZ. I had been directed to go there and I would be contacted.

From the time of the execution (11 June) to at least 4 July, I believed McVeigh had been executed. I was furious. I had written hundreds of letters to support him to get a free and fair trial. I was hysterically furious against goddamn fucking liberals who are allegedly anti-death pentaly and crawling all over themselves to object to the execution of psychopathic fucking nigger criminals on San Quentin Death Row (you should see them there, they may as well stick a goddamn fucking sign on their forehead: we want to suck black cock, or some such shit); and here was a white man who was on death row for upholding the goddamn fucking constitution; who didn’t go and rob some goddamn fucking old lady in the middle of the night. A man who fucking bombed what he considered a goddamn fucking bully: the US government.

And these goddamn fucking liberals were salivating at his fucking execution like dogs with rabies.

I don’t think I have ever been so angry and it was what Kristol would call for me being slammed across the face with a fucking two by four; about two-faced goddamn fucking liberals.

So, I concluded that if these goddamn fucking humanists love executions so much, then they must also believe in hell; and since they are so fucking enthusiastic to go to hell; I would help them along the fucking way.

I purchased a bunch of jerry cans of petrol; some fuses, etc. I waited for the 4th of July, whereupon I intended to cycle all along Oakland’s parks along the mountain, and set some brushfires that would fucking burn down Liberal La La Land; and send these liberals off to the hell they so enthusiastically wanted. On the day, the goddamn fucking Generals at the Pentagon made sure there was not a fucking breath of wind. Nothing moved! So, my plan was fucked.

Shortly thereafter I informed the INS what I had intended to do; and why and handed the cans and fuses and shit over; including my fake British Passport (I had gotten it years before while apartheid was still alive; and you could not travel on a South African passport; because the worlds goddamn fucking two faced liberal governments had sanctions against South Africa. I had gotten the passport by following the ideas in The Day of the Jackal and it was in a dead persons name. I only ever used the passport to travel, never used it to go on welfare, or to get any type of government assistance.)

The INS asked me to inform them if I intended to leave town kind of thing, which I thought was fine, and did do. If I recall, shortly thereafter I received the first clues about Tim’s execution having been faked. Whenever I left town, I did inform them, including that I had been given some clues Tim was not dead, and that I was going to attempt to find more information.

I still hate two faced goddamn fucking liberals; but have simply learnt to not believe a goddamn fucking word that comes out of their mouths, as being worthy of any serious consideration or enquiry. They make intellectual conservative midgets look like fucking giants. I’d rather have a goddamn fucking conversation with an ant; than such fuckwits. I have plenty of time for people I consider sincere liberals (like Stan).

Attached is a copy of the passport; if you don’t believe me. The INS never gave it back; I imagine they handed it over to the UK government. The attached document is ‘my own creation’; a sort of virtual ‘self defence argument against fruit’ kind of thing.

I once went to the UK High Commission in Capetown to see whether I may be able to get it renewed. The response was not highly favourable (perhaps understandable, since I would refuse to lie); so I did not bother trying.

The twitter account of McVeigh at:!/Timothy4316 was revealed publicly to me at on 21 August 2011.

As far as I am concerned: give your advice if any only. If others have other motives; tell em to go fuck themselves.


Lara (Clann/Tribe Name: Johnstone)
I (Sovereign or alleged Corporate identity) do not endorse any contract which does not fulfill the four requirements of a lawful, binding contract, namely: (1) Full Disclosure; (2) Equal Consideration; (3) Lawful Clear and Concise Terms and Conditions simply explained; and (4) Signatures of both/all Parties (In accordance to Common Law, I also consider corporations to be without legal standing, as they have no mind, body, legs, eyes, emotions; and hence are legal fictions).
As a member of Radical Honesty culture I always endorse the resolution of all disagreements and/or misunderstandings in accordance to Radical Honesty cultural practices (See: Practicing Radical Honesty, by Brad Blanton), or via independent arbitration that does not involve bloodsucking parasite lawyers; and am willing to consider the practices of other cultures, who seriously and sincerely consider mine.

“The energy required for being who we really are - full persons - comes from burning all the bullshit beliefs you built your mind out of. Fortunately, since one's mind is a constant bullshit generator, there is an unlimited supply of fuel.” - Brad Blanton

If the 29 Palms reference is implied to support discussion of DeathValley. Message Received. If so:

I have no problem discussing the Death Valley working hypothesis issues. None at all. There are some logistics problems, and in the absence of those logistics problems being solveable, discussion of the hypothesis is nothing but a fantasy story. Now fair enough guys sitting in a foxhole day in and day out with fuck all to do but search the hills for Taliban or VC may keep themselves awake with fantasy discussions or whatever it is that guys in foxholes discuss.

I am not in a foxhole; I have things to do. I have compost to mix, I have worms to take care of; I have veggies to grow, etc.

Let me put it another way. ARe you going to saddle up your horse, drive into town 20 miles away to purchase caviar, which you know there ain't any shop in the town that sells any caviar? No, unless you intend to ride into town to buy shit, and bullshit yourself when you get home, you got a can of caviar, when all you did was take your horse for a ride.

For either of the following Death Valley Perspectives which have been discussed: How do you propose I meet a man that the world says is dead? That practically nobody - besides me and Michael Martin, and a few other former intel agents - wants to publicly expose his fake execution?

Now if he is exposed as being not dead.

Radical Honesty DeathValley: Its pointless having a public Radical Honesty with Tim; because to go to a Radical Honesty workshop you need to have some knowledge its you and the other participants. You cannot do it on television. Just wont' work. If the issue is 'fuck what works' bow down to Hollywood! My response is: Fuck Hollywood.

Russian Dacha DeathValley: Do you think USMC General Peter Pace would want a bunch of strangers watching him and his wife be intimate alone? What about General Stanley McChrystal? I don't think so! I most certainly have no interest whatsoever watching any of them be intimately private with their spouse. I am not a big fan of pornography, never have been. Gunny Dye in full force being his total self, raging about Berkely Liberals who 'can't pour piss from a boot', or whatever his pet liberal fuck up story of the day was, is way more stimulating and sexy to me, than anything Hollywood pornographers could ever concoct.

Only if it those interested are serious about being used for a higher purpose, am I willing to consider it, as more than a simple possible working hypothesis theory.

I am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of women, beautiful women, who would be overjoyed to be some porno star; without any conditions for any higher purposes goals whatsoever. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.

Those who want a porno star: call Hollywood.

If anyone wants to be present when Tim and I meet (if we ever do, and if our genitals are interested in each other at the time; which I can guarantee you mine will be frigid as the Artic, if there is any one person there I consider a stranger) why should we do so before strangers?

Who is Lady Gaga? Some Hollywood tart I guess. I wouldn't know who she is if she knocked on my door. Don't pay attention to that type of crap. Why people are concerned about her waistline, is bizarre.

Thats like being concerned whether a books cover has a pretty picture on it, irrespective of whether the information it contains is filth, lies, deception and shit; or whether the books cover is plain and simple, and yet the information inside is life changing.

What the fuck does her waistline have to do with them? Why the fuck does she allow others to manipulate and control her waistline? Stupid woman. Why don't they pay attention to the type of person she is? Whether she is honest, or sincere?

The world is indeed full of moronicaly stupid people.

Posted by Andrea Muhrrteyn to TruthSeeker24's anti-N.W.O. corner at 13:51

Are you implying that my 'whale' waistline is an issue of discussion or concern?

My waistline as in excess fat; or as in pregnancy?

My excess fatty waistline is that way for a very good reason, right now. Natural organic sex-pesticide.

The only person who I have ever been willing to consider seriously discussing pregnancy is allegedly dead. I am not marrying a dead man or bringing an alleged dead man's child into the world. I am not interested in being a single mum. Tim/You either want to be a real father. If so, we can discuss it. You know some of my ideas about fatherhood; so you should decide what you think of them; and if you don't like them give alternative suggestions.

Petri Dish fatherhood: I don't think realistically it can work. Interesting theoretical discussion; but many problems, if you are concerned with 'what works' for the child. Which I am.

Why would a man want to partake in such an experiment? Do you somehow think that your spouse genes may automatically choose your sperm? What if the genes don't? You want to bring up another man's child, as your own? Both husbands would need to be committed to resolving all problems as per the previous suggestions. Well what if one can't and decides he's had enough and wants to walk out? What then?


I am not joking at all. Why do you think Petraeus is not qualified to be President? Because he has been willing to give his life to defend the constitution; a document many liberals think is only worthy of wiping your asses with?

A document many liberals think is only worthy of using to censor anyone who criticises their precious little pet retarded blacks and brown monkeys from criticism about how they breed like rabbits on viagra and treat each other worse than any clansmen ever treated them.

A document liberals think is only worthy of creating legislation to enslave blacks and browns with welfare and to encourage them to breed more enslaved blacks and browns, to destroy their families; so you can keep them as codependent slaves on your liberal welfare nigger plantations; without even having the guts to be honest about how you use them as your vote nigger slaves?

Have you ever read Tragedy of the Commons?

What part of it did you not understand?

As for persons of lower intelligence: Anyone from any tribe, race, religion who fits any one or more of the following Kaffir definitions:

[i] ‘Kaffir Behaviour’: Cultural Beliefs and Procreation Behaviour Definition: Individuals who either independently or as a result of their cultural value systems, are incapable of, or unwilling to, practice sexual restraint and procreation responsibility; who consequently breed cockroach-prolifically without personal financial or psychological responsibility to, or emotional concern for, their offspring; and/or who abuse women and children as sexual or economic slaves procreated for such purpose; and/or whose cultural ideal of manhood endorses non-consensual sex (rape) as their sexual slavery entitlement, etc.

[ii] ‘Kaffir Etymology’: Original Etymological Definition for ‘Kaffir’: The word k?fir is the active participle of the Semitic root K-F-R “to cover”. As a pre-Islamic term it described farmers burying seeds in the ground, covering them with soil while planting; as they till the earth and “cover up” the seeds; which is why earth tillers are referred to as “Kuffar.” Thus, the word k?fir implies the meaning “a person who hides or covers”; To conceal, deny, hide or cover the truth.

[iii] ‘Kaffir Legislation’ = Inalienable Right to Breed’ Poverty, Misery and War legislation; pretending it advocates for ‘peace’ and ‘human rights’. Kaffir Law/Legislation provides citizens with the Inalienable ‘Right to Breed’, but demands that Citizens need a Licence to Own a Gun, a Licence to Drive a Car, a Licence to Practice Law, a television licence, a credit licence, a licence to earn a living, a university exemption licence, a licence to fish, a licence to hunt, a liquor licence, a business licence, a marriage licence, etc, etc. Kaffir Legislation covers up that an ‘Inalienable Right to Breed/laissez-faire birth control policy + No Social Welfare policies or practices provides for an equilibrium carrying capacity; whereas Inalienable Right to Breed/laissez-faire birth control within a welfare state, results in Runaway Growth, and ultimately greater misery, poverty and war.

15 October 2011, 3:47 pm

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