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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

CNN delete IReport: "Masculine Insecurity LibCon Elite Obstruct Ecofemists PP Racism Challenge Re: Taki-Trayvon-Talk"

CNN delete IReport: "Masculine Insecurity LibCon Elite Obstruct Ecofemists PP Racism Challenge Re: Taki-Trayvon-Talk"

Habeus 4 Mentem | CNN IReport | 08 April 2012

CNN has deleted another IReport: Masculine Insecurity LibCon Elite Obstruct Ecofemists PP Racism Challenge Re: Taki-Trayvon-Talk.

A previous IReport which was deleted was Trayvon Martin Case has White Guilt Foxy Liberal America by the short and curlies.

The article included three uploaded images: Front Image and two screenshots of Twitter Tweets to the National Review and Other Liberal and Conservative (LibCon) Elite informing them of the ""Challenge NR & Critics: Practical Philosophy Conditions for Firing John Derbyshire"" Letter to the National Review: [01][02][03].

Masculine Insecurity LibCon Elite Obstruct Ecofemists Practical Philosophy Racism Challenge Re: Taki-Trayvon-Talk

"The male does not have an erection, like a property or a permanent quality (although how many men wish to have one is anybody’s guess). The penis is in a state of erection, as long as the man is in a state of excitement. If for one reason or another something interferes with this excitement, the man has nothing. And in contrast to practically all other kinds of behaviour, the erection cannot be faked. George Groddek, one of the most outstanding, although unknown, psychoanalysts, used to comment that a man, after all, is a man for only a few minutes; most of the time he is a little boy. Of course, man does not become a little boy in his total being, but precisely in that aspect which for many a man is the proof that he is a man. It is not, then, surprising that the anxieties of men and women refer to different spheres; the man's concerning his ego, his prestige, his value in the eyes of the woman…" -- To Have or to Be, by Erich Fromm, published in World Perspective Series, by Harper & Row.

Irrespective of the written support of an African Problem Solving Radical Honoursty Ecofeminist requesting the National Review to adopt Dr. Gedaliah Braun's definition of Racism: What is Racism; or How Philosophy can be Practical; as the pre-requisite condition to be proven by anyone demanding John Derbyshire be fired for racism; Mr. Derbyshire has been fired by the National Review.

The email "Challenge NR & Critics: Practical Philosophy Conditions for Firing John Derbyshire" provided an Honourable Problem Solving suggestion to challenge anyone who demanded Derbyshire be fired for ‘racism’ prove the following conditions:

1. They must provide their personal or publications definition of racism.

2. If their definition of racism is not the same as that of Dr. Gedaliah Braun’s philosophical definition, then the National Review can – if appropriate - publicly acknowledge that “According to ‘X’’s definition of ‘racism’, which is “XYZ’; Mr. Derbyshire is indeed a racist; however according to Dr. Gedaliah Braun’s definition of racism, as adopted by the National Review as its official ‘racism’ definition; it is the conclusion of the National Review that Mr. Derbyshire is not a racist’.

3. In the spirit of Dr. Gedaliah Brauns’ Practical Philosophy definition of ‘racism’, should any publication wish to challenge any of Mr. Derbyshire’s facts and unequivocally prove such facts to be in error; and additionally Mr. Derbyshire refuses to impartially enquire into, or engage in such enquiry into the true facts of the relevant ‘racial’ matter; then Dr. Gedaliah Braun shall be enquired to determine whether Mr. Derbyshire is indeed a racist; according to his definition and if so decided, then Mr. Derbyshire shall be fired, as a racist according to the National Review’s definition of racist.

I suggest the National Review acknowledge that the majority of white guilt liberals and conservatives shall find any discussion about facts and evidence in a conversation about racial differences and similarities as ‘credible’ as the Catholic Church considered Galileo’s evidence that the earth was not flat.

Employing intellectual Galileo’s – especially in racially neurotic America -- is not for sissy’s! ;-)"

An enclosed Draft of the RULE OF LAW RADICAL HONOURSTY PARTY further clarified African EcoFemists principles of Radical Transparency:
* I understand that the party adheres to a management theory known as ‘radical transparency’: a management or communication theory and practice that calls for total honesty as the foundation of accountability. All members are encouraged to sincerely and openly criticize each other; and behind the back gossiping and sycophancy is totally verboten.

* Radical Transparency Benefits: Brutal sincere honesty, and most importantly a commitment to remain in the honest conversation with each other, until all emotions are spent and both have achieved understanding of each others points of view, leads to: (A) overcoming individual fragile ego's; (B) building trust and intimacy; (D) empowerment of freethinkers: opportunity for true freedom of thought and problem solving; (E) abolishing office and party politics and ego-stroking sycophancy to 'climb the ladder', and finally (F) a true meritocracy.

The Radical Honoursty Party identifies Masculine Insecurity as a direct and indirect root cause and aggravating factor for most of the worlds problems, due to obstructing sincere communication problem solving, and also being a root cause of overpopulation and overconsumption. It additionally intends to abolish all individual and corporate welfare, end corporate personhood and implement a one child per family only law; in accordance to the principles enunciated in former Judge Jason Brent's as yet unpublished book: Humans: An Endangered Species.

The Radical Honoursty Party is neither left nor right, but advocates that the party's policies be implemented based upon a policy of professional ethics and pragmatism: follow the truth wherever it leads and measure problem solving by what works, not emotional or ideological standards or intentions.

The party is looking for committed problems solvers, not sycophantic ignorant cannon fodder zombies. Its intentions are the implementation of an Honourable Free Society with the smallets goverment possible, where Wo/Men rule themselves. It currently has one member only: the founder.

Versions of Radical Transparency as a management theory is practiced by three organisations: (1) Delancey Street Foundation ( the worlds most successful rehabilitation program, where over 14,000 former drug addicts, murderers, felons, criminals and delinquents have rehabilitated themselves by means of Delancey Street Foundations radical transparency brutal honesty each-one-teach-one program; (2) Bridgewater Associates ( the indisputably weirdest largest and best- performing hedge fund in the world; with 2010 returns greater than the profits of Google, Amazon and eBay combined. It is managed according to CEO Ray Dalio’s Radical Transparency Principles; (3) Radical Honesty ( founded by bestselling author Dr. Brad Blanton based upon this principles of Radical Honesty About Anger and Forgiveness, as detailed in his book: Practicing Radical Honesty.

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Honourable Radical Transparency

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