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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Letter to Austrian Embassy, Burgstaller & Symcox Families; RE: Boycott 2010 World Cup

Peter Burgstaller, Austrian football goalkeeper
Letter to Austrian Ambassador, and the Burgstaller and Symcox Families.

RE: Sentencing of Burgstaller Murderers, and Boycott 2010 World Cup

Peter Burgstaller (Wiki):

Peter Burgstaller (13 February 1964 – 23 November 2007) was an Austrian football goalkeeper.

He played for Favoritner AC (until 1984), Wacker Innsbruck (1984-1986), Grazer AK (1986-1987), VfB Mödling (1987-1988), Austria Salzburg (1988-1991), SV Ried (1991-1992) and finally a second spell at Austria Salzburg before retiring from the game in 1993.

Peter Burgstaller

After retiring from the game, Burgstaller coached lower division side FC Puch during the 1995-96 season, and later founded an event agency in Salzburg.

Murder Charges laid against Accused of Burgstaller Murder

Burgstaller was shot and killed in on a golf course in Durban, South Africa on 23 November 2007.[1] Police suspect the murder was the result of a robbery, as Burgstaller's mobile phone and golfing equipment were missing at the scene of the crime. At the time of his murder, delegates were attending the World Cup qualifying draw in nearby Durban, South Africa.

Three men were arrested after the murder.[2] On 30 October 2009 two of the arrested men were convicted of murder and of robbery with aggravating circumstances. They received lengthy prison sentences. [3]

* 09-11-07 Correction Update *
Letter: Notice of (i) Correction of Errors & (ii) Retraction of Enclosure; re: Encl. Your Life is In Danger ( (PDF:49K)
Enclosure: Annexure AA: Transparency Disclosure: Email Correspondence: Lara Johnstone to & from: SA Sucks: Doodler & Lone Wolf. Dates: Friday Oct 30, to Nov 5, 2009 (2603K)

31 October 2009
The Ambassador
c/o Mr. Gerald Seitter
Embassy of Austria in Pretoria, South Africa
1109, Duncan Street
Brooklyn, Pretoria , South Africa
Tel: +27-12-452-9155 | Fax: +27-12-460-1151

Trade Office:

CC: Mr. Burgstaller’s family, Pat Symcox Family.

Dear Ambassador and Mr. Seitter,

RE: Conviction and Sentence of two African brothers, for the murder and robbery of ‘the white man’ Austrian tourist, Mr. Peter Burgstaller

Originally when Mr. Burgstaller was killed, Mr. Pat Symcox, a former South African cricketer, and then president of the Selborne Golf Club, where the murder occurred, stated:

“The government should deal with our crime situation. If they cannot, they should cancel the 2010 World Cup in this country.”
(Hundreds of children on the streets, brutal gangs terrorising tourists and a police force unable to cope... it's a very warm welcome to South Africa, Daily Mail)

It appears that the South African police and courts have gone out of their way to provide for an efficient and professional investigation of the murder of Mr. Burgstaller, including the prosecution and sentencing.

I read that the Austrian government is:
“We are very impressed with the sentences. We are impressed with the work of the police and the prosecutors,” said Austrian government representative, Gerald Seitter after the sentencing. (Austrians Death, Brothers Get Heafty Sentence, IOL)

I am happy that the police and the prosecutors went out of their way to provide for a professional investigation and prosecution of the murderers of Mr. Burgstaller. I simply have the small problem that unfortunately the South African police do not seem to value the lives of South African victims of crime, as much as they value those of tourists. If they valued South African victims of crime, as much as half, of tourists, that would be saying something, but unfortunately I’d venture it is far less than 10%. I say so, because the murders of tourists are predominantly efficiently investigated and solved, heavily prosecuted and sentenced. When it comes to South African victims of the crime, the police and prosecutors, are anything but professional. The following are the statistics for the value of South African victims of crime, and if you can believe it, the statistics for rape victims in South Africa are considerably worse:
For every 1 000 crimes reported in South Africa, only 430 criminals are arrested. Of these, only 77 are convicted and barely 8 of these are sentenced to two or more years of imprisonment. (Getting Away with Murder & Rape: RSA Wins Gold In Rapes & Silver in Murder, at Crime Olympics, Why We Are White Refugees)

I noticed that the statement (at least the one in the media) had nothing to say about the lack of professionalism of the South African police and prosecutors, when the victim of the crime is not a tourist, but a South African citizen, or taxpayer who pay the salaries of the South African police and prosecutors.

I also read that the individuals convicted of Mr. Burgstallers murder, had views in regard to his race:
Mthokozisi, who had interrupted proceedings since the beginning of the trial last year, accused the court of finding him guilty of a crime he did not commit. “I want the court to show me concrete evidence which prove that I killed the white man,” Mthokozisi yelled. “Shut up! I have just given you reasons for my finding,” Judge Shabalala countered. (Austrians Death, Brothers Get Heafty Sentence, IOL)

This is quite common in South Africa. Not many South Africans are willing to confront the reality that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was not real. Like Robert Mugabe’s ‘reconciliation’, it was simply a political tactic, to gain power, pretending the aim was ‘non-racialism’; when in fact it was all about black power and black superiority and ‘Africa for the Africans’ black vengeance:
“We are going to kill you Whites like flies when Mandela dies” -- Judge John Motata

“Kill the Boer - Kill the Farmer” - Peter Mokaba

“I have beaten the Colonials - and I am going to beat the children of the children of the Colonials” - Julius Malema

“Kill them- Kill the Amaburu” - song by the ANC and Mandela

“All whites are racists” - Dept. Minister Fikile Mbalula

“The British want to be beaten up. Anyone find an Englishman, do so, beat him up,” - Sam Nujoma

“Be careful. If they (Whites)- come here we will show them and teach them a lesson as we did to South Africa during the liberation war” - Sam Nujoma

“Make the whole of South Africa ungovernable! Paralyze Apartheid” - ANC Manifesto

“The time has come to take the war to the White areas” - ANC Manifesto

“You must not steal from blacks - rather steal from whites” - Willy Madisha

“Whites will be threatened with a revolution by black people if the racial quotas are not met” - Jimmy Manji

“I will warn them (Whites)- that this will be a revolution by all black people- if you want to unite the people- this is the way to go” - Dept. Minister of Labor Membhathisi Mdladlana

“Unfortunately there are some people you have to drag to heaven because they are heading for danger” - Jimmy Manji on White farmers that refuse to give-up their farms for land grabs

“Bring me my Machine Gun (Umshini Whami)” - Jacob Zuma at his rallies

“You think we have forgiven you- we have never forgiven you - we have chosen to follow reconcilliation as described by our organization- but we will never forgive you” - Membhathisi Mdladlana

“Whites must watch-out- we will take action and make the country un-governable if they do not get in line quickly” - Gwede Mantasha

I don’t have a problem with ‘Africa for the Africans’. I don’t have a problem with Africans wanting to rule themselves, or even wanting whites out of Africa. If that is what Africans truly want, then why can we not have an honest conversation, and they can request European nations that their descendants be repatriated? If white African are willing to return in terms of Africa for the Africans; but European nations refuse to take us; where must we go? Alternatively, in the same manner that the National Party granted each African tribe their own homeland under apartheid where they could have their own elections and elect their own leaders; I know of many, many white and coloured South Africans who would prefer to live – like the Kosovars – among their own, and to be ruled by their own people. As Dan Roodt recently wrote, in an excellent article, Nkosi: Seen ons met apartheid (Boss, Bless Us With Apartheid). Many, many white and coloured South Africans would be overjoyed to be able to be given the opportunity to rule themselves in their own homeland, in the same way that the Apartheid Government provided the Black Tribes to rule themselves during Apartheid. But unfortunately, unlike the Apartheid government, under the ANC we are all being coerced and forced to pretend that we want to live with each other, when none of us want to, and we all very much resent being forced to.

While white students who don’t want to be forced to integrate, make civil disobedience satire video’s, to express their dissent; blacks who don’t want to be forced to integrate, and who want whites out of Africa; write their messages, not on satire videos, but on the walls, with statements like ‘Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer’; in the blood, of the dead white farmers they have murdered and tortured, and gutted like pigs, for slaughter.

The liberal media are outraged with the former, screaming from every front page, about these ‘racist’ white Afrikaner students, who are ‘white racists’; and remain silent about the ‘black racist murderers’; suppressing the ‘race’ of the criminals; and suppressing the horrific details of the crimes.

This is unfortunately not a reality the cowards and spineless politicians and journalists want to confront, let alone transparently disclose; and so the lies about ‘Truth’ and ‘Reconciliation’ continue; and all parties get more angry, more irritated, more resentful, and the anger builds and builds, like a pressure cooker, of highly inflammable gasses, and all it needs is one spark, to ignite the fuse.

According to Securicor, the worlds largest security firm CEO, Mr. Nick Buckles, Group 4 Securicor will not be providing security to FIFA football World Cup 2010 tournament in South Africa due to concerns over the tournaments organisation.

Furthermore he stated that:
“.. South Africa was the most dangerous country in the world to work in -- ahead of Iraq and Afghanistan..”

Nobody denies the racial, religious and tribal antagonisms, in Iraq and Afghanistan which contribute to those places being very dangerous to live in; but in South Africa, we don’t call a spade a spade, we blame everything under the sun on the scapegoat of ‘apartheid’.

According to the following news reports:
Germans May Wear Bulletproof Vests in S.Africa: Bus. Day Says, Bloomberg:

Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- German football players travelling to South Africa next year for the soccer World Cup have been advised to use armed escorts and wear bulletproof vests if they venture away from their hotels, Business Day reported.

The team has been urged to take extra care of its security because of South Africa’s high crime rate, the Johannesburg- based newspaper said, citing a report in Sport-Bild magazine that Guenter Schnelle, head of security company Bay-Secur.

Group 4 Securicor Chief Executive Officer Nick Buckles said in May that his organization would not work at the World Cup as it regards South Africa as the most dangerous country in the world, the newspaper said.

‘SA not ready’ 2010 Terror: ‘'Intelligence Services woefully unprepared’, Cape Argus:

AN EXPERT on Islamic militancy has warned that the South African intelligence services are “woefully, inadequately prepared” for the potential threat of terrorism during the soccer World Cup next year.

Hussein Solomon, head of the International Institute of Islamic Studies in Pretoria, said militants have already established cells in South Africa.
Solomon said today that he had been trying to warn for some time about the threat of terrorist action during the World Cup. He said Interpol had already warned of such a threat but the South African intelligence services did not seem to be listening

“Our intelligence services are extremely politicised,” Solomon said, adding that they would rather spy on investigative journalists to discover their sources than spy on potential terrorists.

“When I interact with our counter-intelligence people, they are more concerned about the Boeremag than al-Qaeda. This is nonsense.”

Imagine, Mr. Seitter, Al’Qaeda or one of the Islamic terrorists groups, commit a terrorist act during the World Cup? I imagine you are aware of how the ANC have been funded by among others, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, et al, with millions and millions. Is it possible a politicized National intelligence agency and Ministry of Intelligence, could create the ‘spark’ of diversion, to ‘eliminate whites from Africa’; by planting enough evidence on some ‘patsy’s’ that such terrorist attack was done by some disgruntled ‘Boeremag’ farmers? Think about it.

My request to you is as follows, would you kindly peruse Boycott the 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice, or Secession? (PDF), documentation, and consider whether the South African citizens therein referred to, deserve the South African governments police, prosecutors and intelligence agents to treat the criminal acts they are victim of, with the same impartial and highly concerned professionalism, that Mr. Burgstaller received?

If so, what do you think Mr. Burgstaller would have wanted? What would his family want on his behalf and in his memory? How do Mr. Burgstaller’s family want the Austrian people and the Austrian government to honour his death, so that his death was not in vain?

Would Mr. Burgstaller family think that Austrian and soccer tourists to South Africa should get grossly elite and preferential treatment when it comes to criminal acts, they are victim of?

Would Mr. Burgstaller’s family have the courage to request the Austrian Soccer Team, to consider Boycotting the 2010 World Cup; to demand the South African government provide the same impartial and professional police and prosecutorial services, to South African citizen victims of crime, as they do to Austrian tourist victims of crime?

Respectfully Submitted,

Lara Johnstone
Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

Source: Letter to Embassy (PDF) [Updated (Boycott 2010 WCup PDF)]

Media Sources & Reference:


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