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Saturday, January 2, 2010

ZA Top 20 Dangerous Travel Destinations # 2: Beware: SA is Violent: UK, US, AU et al warn citizens: “Exercise Highest Degree of Caution”

“In the last 15 years, over 45 000 Afrikaners have been murdered and over 90 000 Afrikaner women have been raped. How can you have a World Cup Soccer event in a country where one of its minority groups are being exterminated?” asks Bittereinder Boer, at his Boycott 2010 World Cup South Africa Facebook Cause
At the Boycott 2010 World Cup Page (, you can find, among others the following statements:
“Backed by travel advice issued by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), London's The Telegraph newspaper has placed South Africa alongside Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Haiti, Eritrea, Pakistan, Burundi, Nigeria and the DRC in terms of danger to travellers.

According to the FCO, SA has “an underlying threat from terrorism”.

‘Avoid townships, practice safe sex and “exercise the highest degree of caution”, are some of the travel tips given to tourists visiting South Africa. The US, Australia and UK governments state websites, were updated recently to include security advice for citizens planning to travel to S. Africa for 2010 World Cup.’

[» » ZA Top 20 Dangerous Travel Destinations]

“.. South Africa was the most dangerous country in the world to work in -- ahead of Iraq and Afghanistan..” -- Securicor CEO Nick Buckles, Reuters, May 24 2009
[» » SA Most Dangerous Country in the World...]

On 18 December 2009, the Independent Online (Noelene Barbeau, Senior Journalist for Daily News) publishes Anti-SA Smear Campaign on Facebook (PDF), which accused the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign of launching an "Anti-SA Smear" campaign on Facebook:
South Africa is six months away from hosting one of the most prestigious sports events in the world, the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup.

However, while the excitement mounts there is a Facebook group and website that is discouraging international visitors from coming to the country.

The Facebook group Boycott 2010 World Cup and website both claim that South Africans are being denied complete crime statistics, especially about racially motivated crimes against whites.

On 21 December 2009, Boycott 2010 World Cup responded to IOL Technology Editor and Journalist Ms. Noelene Barbeau, providing an Official Response to their allegations, that Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign was an 'Anti-SA Smear Campaign': Pro-SA “Boycott 2010 World Cup” Campaign on Facebook:
I was a little surprised at the implied tone of your IOL Technology article, Anti-SA Smear Campaign on Facebook (PDF) regarding the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign ( Your implied tone towards citizen dissent and the freedom of the press – when it comes to citizen journalists -- sounded as if you were enthusiastically applying to be employed by Stalin’s NKVD, and I was Solzhenitsyn who needed to be banished to the Siberian Gulags, with legal charges for vilification and slander of ‘South Africa’s reputation’ for daring to express the White Refugee justifications against, among others, the ANC’s Black Apartheid policies; for why the 2010 World Cup should be boycotted.

You are after all the journalist who has written articles, for which you were – I imagine – paid per word authored, with statements such as “The Justice System is Failing Rape Victims” and “We need to make the Government Aware that Crime is Out of Control”, and “….the timing of the Rattray murder makes a mockery of assurances by police bosses and senior ANC politicians that crime is not out of control and that there is no need to worry about it affecting the World Cup…” and “Diplomats fury at Rape Bungle” and “Murder of internationally famous South African historian hits world headlines and rubbishes claims that the government has crime under control” and “The French and Belgian goverments are incensed at how SA Police Services botched investigations into the rape of a French tourist and an attack on her Belgian boyfriend on the Durban beachfront – [during the International Paralympic Committee Swimming World Championship] – last year.

Were you being PAID to wage an ‘Anti-SA Smear Campaign by [the] Sunday Independent’?

Boycott 2010 World Cup received no response whatsoever; Ms. Barbeau and IOL Technology Editor practicing the ignore any criticism, with total committed indifference; while pretending that the South African media and goverment don't practice DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE to critics.

On 27 December 2009, Boycott 2010 World Cup filed a complaint with IOL Technology Editor, c/o and via: Independent News & Media PLC Board of Directors: RE: Violations of Press Code Allegations (PDF):
  • Report the news truthfully, accurately and fairly;
  • Presents news in context and in a balanced manner, without any intentional or negligent departure from the facts, whether by Distortion, exaggeration or misrepresentation; Material omissions; or Summarisation;
  • To seek the views of the subject of serious critical reportage in advance of publication;
  • To make amends for publishing information or comment that is found to be inaccurate by printing, promptly and with appropriate prominence, a retraction, correction or explanation;
  • A publication is justified in strongly advocating its own views on controversial topics provided that it treats its readers fairly by: * Making fact and opinion clearly distinguishable; * Not misrepresenting or suppressing relevant facts; * Not distorting the facts in text or headlines.
  • ......
The complaint to Technology Editor; c/o & via: Independent News & Media PLC Board of Directors: RE: Violations of Press Code Allegations, made the following request:
Ms. Barbeau is hereby requested to update her IOL Technology article, with notice of her receipt of Boycott 2010 World Cup’s Official response to her allegations, until IOL Technology make amends for publishing incorrect and inaccurate information and commentary; or alternatively if IOL Technology intend to refuse to publish any retractions or corrections; to inform Boycott 2010 World Cup, of their written reasons for such refusal.

The response, so far, from IOL Technology Editor, or Independent Independent News & Media PLC Board of Directors: RE: Violations of Press Code Allegations:

On 02 January 2010, the Independent Online (Saturday Independent, Tanya Waterworth) publishes UK issues SA crime list to soccer fans (PDF).

The article -- while parrotting information that is also shared on the Boycott World Cup Page, for which IOL: Technology accused the Boycott 2010 World Cup campaign of conducting an 'Anti-SA Smear' campaign against the South African International Marketing Council (Brand South Africa) campaign; does not accuse the British Foreign Office Warnings to Soccer Tourists, of conducting an 'Anti-SA Smear' Campaign.

So, why the disparity in reporting?

Why are the Boycott 2010 World Cup's warnings to 2010 Soccer Tourists accused by IOL of being an 'Anti-SA Smear Campaign'; but the UK Foreign Office warnings are not?

Do journalists and Editors consider the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign a 'smear campaign' cause it includes information about the extent of farm murders (not a high priority for SA media) or the reality that many farm murders are racially motivated, or is it because it exposes the Population Policy / Resource War lies and deceptions of the media?

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

ZA Top 20 Dangerous Travel Destinations # 2: Beware: SA is Violent: UK, US, AU et al warn citizens: “Exercise Highest Degree of Caution”

Britain says World Cup fans at risk of carjacking

USA Today
Posted 11/24/2009 11:40 AM

LONDON (AP) — The British government has warned that fans arriving in South Africa for next year's World Cup could be at risk of carjacking when they leave Johannesburg airport.

The planned high-speed Gautrain rail link from the airport to Pretoria has already been curtailed and may now not be ready in time for the start of the monthlong tournament on June 11.

That will leave most fans hiring cars or taking taxis, and the government's foreign office says they should be on guard.

"South Africa is a wonderfully diverse country and promises our fans a great experience next summer," foreign office minister Chris Bryant said.

"However, it is crucial that those planning to travel to the region are aware of what measures they should take to stay safe."

» » » » [USA Today (PDF)]

ISS Study: Street Crime is the Big Problem for 2010

Virginia Keppler, Die Burger
2009-10-09 06:36

Protector Vest's SAPS Security Facts for South Africa:
» » During 2008/2009 a total of 72,194 (59.5%) of all aggravated robberies were street/public robberies. In 38% of street robberies, knives were used;
» » Knives and other sharp objects were the most common instruments used to kill victims (52,2%), followed by firearms (28,8%) and blunt objects (12,7%);
» » During 2008/2009 a total of 2,098,229 serious crime cases were registered in the RSA;
» » Of the approximately 2,1 million cases, roughly 686,120 (32.7%) were contact crimes.
[Al Qaeda et al Terrorism at 2010 World Cup]

Johannesburg -- The greatest threat of crime staring tourists in the face, during the World Cup Soccer Tournament of 2010 in South Africa, is to be robbed with a handgun for their cellphone or money.

This is according to a report issued by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), who released their report in September. The report states that 66% of all armed robbery cases, occur as Street Crimes. “This must be seen as potentially the greatest crime threat tourists may experience during the Soccer Tournament.”

The ISS held a media-conference yesterday, to reveal their analysis of the the Police's recently released crime statistics, for the period of 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009. According to the statistics 41% of all street crimes occur in townships, 31% in midtown areas, 20% in suburbs, 4% in rural areas, and 2% in traditional settings.

The number of armed robbery street crimes had fallen by 7,4%, from 77 984 in 2007-08, to 72 194 in 2008-'09. [This of course relates only to crimes reported to the SAP, many of which are never reported.]

Nkhosilo Seimela of the Research and Statistics Department stated that 57% of armed robberies occur with a handgun, 38% with a knife, and 5% with a blunt weapon He stated that the armed robbers general are in search of cellphones (64% of street armed robberies). Money is wanted in 50% of robberies, followed by personal items (11%), clothing (9%) and jewels (7%).

He stated that of the 20 police stations where the most armed robbery street crimes are reported; eight are in Gauteng, seven in KwaZulu-Natal, three in the Western Cape, and one in North West.

According to the ISS soccer fans could also become the target for sindicates focussed on cybercrime, drugs and crimes related to the sex industry.

» » » » [Die Burger (PDF)]

W. Australia family caught in middle of South Africa gunfight

ABC News, Australia
Posted Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:10pm AEDT

A West Australian man has told how his family survived a frightening attack by armed men in South Africa on Tuesday night.

School principal Peter Stone, his wife and their three children were staying with family in a home in the eastern province of Kwazulu Natal when three gunmen burst into the house and took four people hostage.

Mr Stone says the hostages were held with guns against their heads and knives against their throats. He says the hostages were saved by neighbours, who shot one of the gunmen and wounded the two others during a shootout.

[Cape Times] One man was killed and two others were wounded when holidaymakers foiled an armed robbery at a holiday house at Pennington, on the South Coast, on Monday.

The balaclava-clad men, apparently carrying a handgun and knives, entered the house and held up 14 people, including four women and seven children. Neighbouring holidaymakers intervened and one robber was killed and his accomplices were wounded in a subsequent scuffle.

» » » » [ABC News, Australia (PDF)]
» » [Cape Times: Hijacking suspects linked to massacre (PDF)]
» » [Saturday Independent: Victims give robbers shocking surprise (PDF)]

German Immigrant murdered in her Johannesburg home

André Damons, Beeld
2009-12-10 09:46

An unnamed 64-year-old German immigrant was murdered in her Roosevelt Park home near Johannesburg on December 9 2009.

Her friend, well-known car dealer Dieter Fürrutter (65), who owned Dieter Car Sales, was murdered in January this year when he went to help his friend Wolfram Ebel, whose car had broken down on the N14 near the Diepsloot squatter camp.

Neighbours suspected a problem when they didn’t spot the old lady in her garden as usual – and phoned the police.

Police inspector Bokkie Keulder said it appears as if she was attacked in her bathroom and bashed over the head. They found her beaten to death there. Her name is being withheld pending notification of next-of-kin in Germany

» » » » [Beeld (PDF)]

German Man Left to Die on N14 Highway

Graeme Hosken, IOL
January 20 2009 at 07:46AM

A good Samaritan, shot through the neck, bled to death in front of a friend moments after stopping to help his pal on a notoriously dangerous road outside Pretoria.

The gunning down of German national Dieter Furrutter, 63, on the N14 opposite Diepsloot in lunchtime traffic on Monday came as police, who were several kilometres away, were discussing plans on the re-introduction of safety patrols along the very stretch of highway where he was gunned down.

Furrutter, who owned Dieter Car Sales in Randburg, was attacked moments after he stopped to help his friend, Wolfram Ebel, whose vehicle had broken down 1km from the Hartebeespoort-Sandton off-ramp and the relative safety of a nearby petrol station.

» » » » [IOL-Pretoria News (PDF)]

Two German Tourists robbed in Stellenbosch; German Couple and Romanian Tourists Robbed in Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Hermanus

Malani Venter, Die Burger
2009-11-26 07:39

Two German tourists who have been visiting South Africa for ten years, were robbed early Tuesday morning in their four star guesthouse, of belongings and thousands of rands.

Irrespective of the security measures at the four star Laibach Vineyards Lodge, Mr. Michael Wienands (49) and his wife Michaela (45), were robbed by three armed men wearing balaclava's. They were not hurt. One man climbed in through a window and opened the door for the others.

The couple woke up and started screaming.

The couple do not want to talk to the media, and found other accomodation in Capetown, before thier return to Germany on Saturday. A German couple and tourists from Romania were recently robbed in two seperate incidents in the Fernkloof Nature Reservation, near Hermanus.

» » » » [Burger (PDF)]

Robbers Hijack Four Dutch Tourists Near Kruger National Park

Buks Viljoen, Beeld
2009-12-02 09:31

Four elderly Dutch tourists were shot at enroute to their Marloth Park holiday cottage near the Kruger Wildlife Reserve and robbed of about R100,000’s worth of electronic equipment and personal documents. Their rental car was hijacked and they were left stranded at the roadway in the pitch-dark. The attack happened at 20:30.

“It was a shocking incident but fortunately we are still alive,” said one victim, Robert Haagenaars, 66. The group arrived on 23 November in South Africa for a countrywide tour.

Haagenaars, his wife Will Haagenaars-Segers (66), her sister Anna Segers (61) and her husband Aloysiun Verhoeven (62) were attacked at 20:30 in Plaston near the Kruger Park international airport. Haagenaars said they had left the wildlife reserve through the Kruger gate and were enroute to the Marloth Park holiday-cottage resort via White River.

They filled up their rental Honda vehicle a few kilometres outside White River at a petrol station in Plaston. “We suspect we were followed by the attackers because they knew we were tourists,’said Haagenaars…

» » » » [Beeld (PDF)]

Dutch Tourist Couple robbed while taking photo of mountain

SAPA, News 24
2009-10-21 15:13

Port Elizabeth - A Dutch couple were robbed of their camera, money and watches, while taking photo's in Kareedouw outside Port Elizabeth.

According to Supt. Priscilla Naidu, police spokesperson, the tourists stopped on the Clarkson bridge on Tuesday afternoon next to the N2, to take foto's of the moutnains, when they were attacked by two men, who jumped out of the bushes.

» » » » [News 24 (PDF)]

Belgian Tourists Luggage Stolen

SAPA, News 24
2009-10-28 10:32

Durban -- Three men appeared in the Magistrates Court in Dundee on Wednesday, after they allegedly stole Belgian tourists luggage, said the police in Kwa-Zulu-Natal.

“The tourists from Belgium were eating Sunday lunch at a restaurant. When they got back to their car, they found their luggage was no longer there,” said Capt. Shoes Magudulela.

» » » » [News 24 (PDF)]

Pilot [Nationality Unknown] Robbed of Uniform at SA Open Golf Tournament

By Lavern de Vries
December 22 2009 at 01:34PM

A pilot has been prevented from flying after his uniform, cap, passports and visas were stolen at the South African Open golf tournament at the weekend, which featured five of the world's top players.

The pilot, who declined to be named, and who says he works for a major South African airline, attended the tournament in Pearl Valley when his car was broken into.

"We paid a R10 parking fee and expected the security guards to have heard the alarm going off," he said. Eyethu Events, the security provider for the event, disagreed, alleging that the theft was the work of a syndicate.

» » » » [IOL-Daily News (PDF)]

Robbers Attack [British] Tourists at Guest Lodge - Rape Two Women

Sep 23 2008 10:00:51:350PM - (SA)

Geoff Maud, Owner of Hippo Lodge

Six armed robbers held six guest hostage on Saturday night, at the Hippo Lodge, and raped two women.

“We have been living here for 13 years and this is the first time something like this has happened,” said Mr. Geof Maud, owner of the Hippo Lodge, yesterday.

The six family members, of which the daughter and husband live in England, visited the lodge for the second time this year, and were visiting in the lodge, when the robbers stuck a gun through the window. Another one broke open the door with a brick.

“The robbers tied up the men and stole two cellphones and jewelry. Just one of the robbers raped the daughter and her fathers friend.”

Mr. Maud was still very emotional about the attack, and said he has not been able to sleep for the past two nights.

“Just imagine what the victims must be going through.”

He said he is not aware of how the robbers got onto the premises, because it is surrounded by electified fencing and alarms.

According to Insp. Tebogo Kgomo, spokesperson, the police found the stolen Nissan Tiida wherein the robbers fled, in the Diepsloot squatter camp. “None of the stolen items have been found and nobody has yet been arrested.”

The attack follows the murder of Mr. Franz Richter, owner of the nearby Heia Safari Ranch, in November last year.

» » » » [Beeld (PDF)]

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