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Monday, December 21, 2009

Pro-SA “Boycott 2010 World Cup” Campaign on Facebook

“In the last 15 years, over 45 000 Afrikaners have been murdered and over 90 000 Afrikaner women have been raped. How can a you have a World Cup Soccer event in a country where one of its minority groups are being exterminated?” asks Bittereinder Boer, at his Boycott 2010 World Cup South Africa Facebook Cause

Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign Letter (PDF) Response to IOL: Technology article, Anti-SA Smear Campaign on Facebook (PDF), by Daily News Senior Journalist, Ms. Noelene Barbeau

Sent TO: [Ms. Noelene Barbeau, Daily News Senior Journalist]

Sent CC: [2010 Local Organizing Committee (Ack Rec)] [Belgium Ambassador: Hon. Amb. Mutton] [French Ambassador: Hon. Amb. Lapouge (Ack. Rec.)] [International Marketing Council] [Reputation Institute - South Africa: Dominik Heil, Ph.D.]

Sent CC: Individuals quoted at [Brad Blanton, Ph.D; Radical Honesty] [Dr. Frank Ellis, Former Prof. Russian & Slavonic Studies, Leeds Univ.] [Firearm News] [Mr. Nick Buckles, CEO: G4S Security (Ack. Rec.)] [Michael C. Ruppert, Founder & Editor of From the Wilderness; Star of Collapse (Documentary)] [Ms. Anthea Jeffery, South African Institute of Race Relations] [Justice Malala, Sunday Times Journalist] [Blackwash, Journalist for Uhuru News] [Peter Fabricius, IOL] et al...

[27/12/09: Notice to IOL: Violations of Press Code Allegations]
[*Update 21/01/2010: Facebook Deletes Boycott 2010 World Cup & Pop. Policy Common Sense*]

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

18 December 2009

Ms. Barbeau,

My personal perspectives to the duties and responsibilities of journalists are best expressed by US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black in New York Times Co. v United States (1971):
“The press are to serve the governed, not the governors…. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of goverment and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people …..”

The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom; By David Kupelian

I was a little surprised at the implied tone of your IOL Technology article, Anti-SA Smear Campaign on Facebook (PDF) regarding the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign ( Your implied tone towards citizen dissent and the freedom of the press – when it comes to citizen journalists -- sounded as if you were enthusiastically applying to be employed by Stalin’s NKVD, and I was Solzhenitsyn who needed to be banished to the Siberian Gulags, with legal charges for vilification and slander of ‘South Africa’s reputation’ for daring to express the White Refugee justifications against, among others, the ANC’s Black Apartheid policies; for why the 2010 World Cup should be boycotted.

You are after all the journalist who has written articles, for which you were – I imagine – paid per word authored, with statements such as “The Justice System is Failing Rape Victims” and “We need to make the Government Aware that Crime is Out of Control”, and “….the timing of the Rattray murder makes a mockery of assurances by police bosses and senior ANC politicians that crime is not out of control and that there is no need to worry about it affecting the World Cup…” and “Diplomats fury at Rape Bungle” and “Murder of internationally famous South African historian hits world headlines and rubbishes claims that the government has crime under control” and “The French and Belgian goverments are incensed at how SA Police Services botched investigations into the rape of a French tourist and an attack on her Belgian boyfriend on the Durban beachfront – [during the International Paralympic Committee Swimming World Championship] – last year.”

Were you being PAID to wage an ‘Anti-SA Smear Campaign by Sunday Independent’?

Herewith my response to your Smear Campaign (?) IOL Technology article, against the Pro-SA Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign, under the following headings:
  • True State of South Africa’s International Reputation:
  • Boycott 2010 World Cup’s Perspective to ‘Pro-SA’ Values:
  • FIFA’s 2010 World Cup as an alleged Prestigious Sports Event:
  • South Africa’s Crime Statistics & the ‘Flying Scotsman’:
  • ZA & ‘Afrikaner Genocide’, etc.:
  • Ms. Caroline Suzman’s: The Killing Fields Photographs:
  • Soccer as a Tool of Oppression by ANC & FIFA:
  • Wake Up Whitey’s Alleged ‘Offensive’ Population Growth Statistics:
  • SA Special Police Units to Investigate ‘Martin Luther King’ Quoting Websites:
  • Crime of Apartheid ANC’s ‘Successful’ Hosting of 2010 Soccer World Cup:
  • The Psychological & Communication Hypocrisy Toxicity of / International Marketing Council:
  • Questions for the International Marketing Council ( Mr. Simon Barber, journalist for Mail & Guardian, Business Day, Sunday Times & Cape Times:
  • Your Senior Journalist with the Daily News Professional Knowledge RE: SA’s Reputation on Crime, SA Justice System & Population Issues:
  • I Have a Dream: Imagine R11 Billion Spent on Family Planning Incentives 4 African Poor:
  • Honourable Opportunity: Did your IOL: Technology Article violate the Press Code?:

True State of South Africa’s International Reputation:

After the Party: Corruption, the ANC and South Africa's Uncertain Future; by Andrew Feinstein

A very brief impartial investigative Enquiry reveals that there are many different perspectives to South Africa’s Reputation.

For example: a brief Google Search [Screenshot] on “What is South Africa's reputation?” provided the following results, in the Top Five:
  1. University of Stellenbosch: Reputation Management Masters Degree Theses

  2. Why We Are White Refugees: South Africa’s Reputation in Europe is Cratering, which is an English Translation of an Afrikaans Burger News Article, by Leopold Scholz: SA se reputasie laat in Europa veel te wense oor (PDF), published on 23 October 2009. The Burger article reports on a Sake 24 article, about the Reputation Institute’s CountryRep, a scientifically developed standardized scorecard that measures perceptions of countries based on key performance indicators, such as (a) Effective Government; (b) Advanced Economy, and (c) Appealing Environment. South Africa was found to be 30, out of 34 countries, and described as having a ‘weak’ reputation (PDF).

  3. Mediatenor: Various perspectives to South Africa’s Political, Media and Corporate Reputations.

  4. Independent Online: South Africa: Reputation Worst Injury in Airlink Crash

  5. Africa Media Online: An African Journalist Reflects on South Africa’s Reputation

So it is unclear what exactly you mean by ‘South Africa’s reputation’; by whom exactly? I imagine, your choice of ‘Anti-SA’ was referring to ‘SA’ not as in the ‘South African people’, but to a particular product, namely the The International Marketing Council (IMC), product known as “Brand South Africa”, to be found at:

Boycott 2010 World Cup’s Perspective to ‘Pro-SA’ Values:

The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race In America, by Shelby Steele

For the record, the South Africa I swear my allegiance to is a Voltarian Constitutional Republic, founded upon the rule of law; with the true and sincere purpose of Truth and Justice for all; not just a select political, corporate or racial elite.
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson

“I disagree with every word you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your goverment when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain

Unlike many South Africans, I do not swear any –- let alone blind obedience -- allegiance to FIFA, or any sports corporation. Nor do I swear any -– let alone blind obedience -- allegiance to black or white, left wing or right wing, communist or capitalist, or any political party’s versions of mobjustice. Politically and legally, I swear allegiance to the Constitution I consider the most Eco-Constitutional Libertarian on the Planet: the United States Constitution.

As a member of the Radical Honesty community (, I swear allegiance to a search for Truth & Forgiveness. To clarify: Not fake two faced intellectual ‘TRC’ forgiveness, for the sake of propaganda, couple of million dollars and Peace Prize Medals, while betraying the people of South Africa; but true and sincere eyeball to eyeball sensate being Radical Honesty Truth and Forgiveness.

FIFA’s 2010 World Cup as an alleged Prestigious Sports Event:

Foul! Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-rigging & Ticket Scandals; by Andrew Jennings
[Is FIFA Blackmailing RSA Media?]

I imagine the FIFA 2010 World Cup is as ‘prestigious’ or not, as the Catholic Church’s doctrine that the Earth Was Flat, was once a very prestigious idea; until it was proven to be false and a lie. Clearly the South African media are not budding Woodwards and Bernsteins, when it comes to FIFA’s Earth is Flat “prestigious’ reputation. Please clarify:
  1. Which of the many very serious allegations of corruption, bribery, vote-rigging and ticket scandals as made by Investigative Journalist, Mr. Andrew Jennings, on his website Transparency in Sport (, and in his book Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-Rigging and Ticket Scandals do you dispute as untrue?

  2. If none; please explain to me what exactly is glamorous, impressive or esteemed, about FIFA’s involvement in corruption, bribery, vote-rigging and ticket scandals, to such an extent that Mr. Andrew Jennings accuses FIFA of making the Mafia look like amateurs: “FIFA makes the Mafia look quite amateur” – Andrew Jennings?

  3. What is glamorous or impressive about FIFA being the “Enron of Sport”: FIFA’s reputation of corruption and bribery and vote-rigging as described in? Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-Rigging and Ticket Scandals?

  4. What is impressive about FIFA’s CEO endorsing a mass murderer, such as former Liberia President Charles Taylor (PDF), whom the International Criminal Court in the Hague’s Prosecutor has accused of among others: “murder, mutilation, torture, human sacrifice, cannibalism, using women and girls as sex slaves, abducting adults and children, forcing them to perform forced labour” etc.?

  5. What is impressive about the reputation of FIFA as described by Andrew Jennings at:

Are the South African media being blackmailed or coerced by FIFA to conduct a smear campaign against the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign?

If not, why are the South African media not informing the South African people about any of these allegations of corruption, bribery, vote rigging and ticket scandals, endorsement of African mass murderers, against FIFA? Do the press have any responsibility, and a duty to prevent the government from deceiving the people about the plausibility that FIFA makes the Mafia look like amateurs?

S.Africa’s Crime Statistics & the Flying Scotsman (

People’s War: New Light on the Struggle for South Africa; By Anthea Jeffery
Author of The Truth About the Truth Commission (PDF:379K)
Do you dispute any of the following articles allegations that South African Government Officials in charge of monitoring the SAPS, are either unconcerned, incompetent or indifferent about providing transparent impartial statistics about crime, including racially motivated crime in South Africa?
  1. United Christian Action: Murder in South Africa, by Robert McCafferty (PDF)
  2. Victims Against Crime: Getting Away with Murder, by Peter Hammond (PDF)
  3. Ivan Myers (SAPS): The S.A.P.S.: An Organisation on the Brink of Collapse (PDF)
  4. DA: Government Unconcerned about Problems at the SAPS (PDF)
  5. Mail & Guardian: Top cops knew Stats were cooked (PDF)

Would you agree that if the South African Government is cognisant of the fact that Crime deters Tourism; then they could have spent R11 Billion on training a competent Police Force, for all South Africans, which would benefit South African taxpayers and citizens for many years; instead of building five white elephant sports stadiums; and paying for thousands of security guards to make sure tourists get a crime free holiday to South Africa, while the taxpaying citizens who pay for such tourists safety and security, are not only physically robbed and raped by robbers and rapists, but politically and financially raped and robbed by their own elected government officials.
It is matter of public record that many politically connected crooks who have swindled the state - from the corrupt Land Bank deals to milking school feeding schemes - are walking the streets as free men because corruption appears not to be punished in this country.

South Africa risks gaining a reputation as one of the most corrupt countries in the world if we do not nip the scourge in the bud. In the midst of abject poverty and hunger, greed and the speedy accumulation of wealth have become the most defining characteristics of South Africa's post-apartheid democracy.
--- Sunday Times Editorial, November 22, 2009, Zuma’s first step to fight corruption (PDF)

Surely if the South African Government were seriously and sincerely interested in projecting an honest and accurate reputation to the world, about their true and sincere concerns, then they could demonstrate that they are seriously concerned about some of these crime issues?
  1. MoneyWebb: Did 142 Academics Get It Wrong on Crime? (PDF)
  2. Carte Blanche: Farm Murders in South Africa
  3. Health 24: One Child Raped Every Three Minutes (PDF)
  4. Mail & Guardian: One Quarter of South African [African?] Men Admit Rape (PDF)
  5. CBS News: South Africa Admits Crime Deters Tourism (PDF)
  6. Daily Mail.UK: Hundreds of children on the streets, brutal gangs terrorising tourists and a police force unable to cope... it's a very warm welcome to South Africa (PDF)
  7. Times Online: Farms of Fear (PDF)
  8. Daily Mail: Special Investigation: The Secret Race War in South Africa that threatens to overshadow the World Cup (PDF)

Do you think it is remotely possible to begin to solve a problem; if you refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem?

ZA & ‘Afrikaner Genocide’, etc.:

As far as I was aware, Mr. Oosthuizen said he shut down, due to personal reasons involving the safety and security of his family. I am unaware of any information, let alone evidence, that was banned.

Please could you clarify whom exactly banned; and based upon what investigation or evidence (or would ZA Sucks not be allowed to defend themselves in this ‘banning order’?); or what exactly you meant by “a now-banned website”?

Is it illegal to publish violent and graphic crime photographs, such as this photograph, perhaps?

35-year-old Mozambican national, Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave, was doused with petrol and burnt alive by a mob at the Ramaphosa informal settlement in Reiger Park, in June 2008; was an example of the terror of Xenophobia (Tribal Racism & Mob Justice) in South Africa. [For ethno-cultural ideological roots of necklacing, see: Africanisation of RSA: ANC's Occult “Struggle” Politics: Witchcraft and the State in South Africa]

Do you not think that this is a violent crime scene photograph because the victim is black and from Mozambique? Or is it only illegal for blogs to publish photographs which graphically depict the violence of crime, and thereby raise readers consciousness to the seriousness of the violent crime epidemic South Africa is in denial about?

As far as I am aware, you are correct, Mr. Oosthuizen and ZASucks, among others, have spoken about an “Afrikaner Genocide”.

So has former State Department Official, Dr. Gregory Stanton, the current President of GenocideWatch ( Dr. Stanton thinks that allot of people are ignorant of the meaning of the term ‘genocide’. Here he describes the eight stages of Genocide, (PDF); the five misconceptions regarding the use of the word ‘genocide’ (PDF).

At GenocideWatch: South Africa, we find among others:
Over 1000 Boer Farmers In South Africa Have Been Murdered Since 1991 (PDF) by Genocidewatch, 2002
This Genocide Watch is to raise an alert concerning the number of Boer farmers slain since the end of apartheid in South Africa. The threat of destruction of a group must not be ignored because its numbers are small or its members disfavoured because they have acted in discriminatory ways in the past…..

Farmers tortured and murdered due to “racial hatred” - farm attack official investigation report (PDF), by Genocide Watch, 22 August 2003. (Translated from Beeld: Boere Gefolter Uit Haat (PDF)
AUGUST 22, 2003 -- RACIAL HATRED is the main cause of the incredibly high violence- and cruelty level which specifically target the primarily Afrikaner victims of farm attacks.

This is one of the shock findings of the long-awaited farm attack report, which the Afrikaans-language Beeld newspaper has managed to publish in spite of the decision yesterday by the South African government security and safety Minister to “hold back its publication.”

According to the South African state advocates who were quoted in the independent commission's (still unpublished) formal report, racial hatred is an important factor in the violence and cruelty which mark the South African farm attacks targeting Afrikaner farm dwellers.

U.S. Says South Africa Impedes U.N. Motion to Condemn Rape as a Tactic (PDF) by Warren Hoge, New York Times, 9 November 2007.
UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 8 — The United States accused South Africa on Thursday of obstructing an American-drafted General Assembly resolution that would specifically condemn rape and sexual abuse used by governments and armed groups to achieve political and military objectives.

Speaking in a telephone interview from Washington, Ms. Silverberg said that the South Africans were demanding watered-down language that would make the resolution one about sexual violence in general rather than one about sexual violence sponsored by governments. “We think there is a real difference between governments that fail to prevent rape and governments that actively promote it, and we do not want the resolution to blur that difference,” she said.

The resolution, which currently has 61 co-sponsors, would also call on the secretary general to report back to the General Assembly on evidence of government-sanctioned rape.

Mr. Stanton was also interviewed by Carteblanche: Farm Murders in South Africa.

According to Adriana Stuijdt, a former Sunday Times journalist, An Open Letter to Canadian Journalist about White Refugee:
Dr. Stanton came to the conclusion that this was a ‘growing genocide’ instead of just ‘ordinary crime’ -- despite claims by the SA government to the contrary. He wrote a report about it…. Stanton was interviewed by South African journalist Susan Puren for her documentary on the ongoing murders of white rural residents in South Africa, “A Bloody Harvest”, which was aired on the SA TV programme Carte-Blanche (M-Net).

Ms. Caroline Suzman’s: The Killing Fields Photographs:

“A roadside memorial made by farmers, near Machado, Limpopo Province.” -- The Killing Fields: Farm Attacks in South Africa [See also: The Secret Race War you won't read about in your World Cup brochure Photos: Caroline Suzman: Gallery]

My last correspondence to Ms. Caroline Suzman, (CC’d to yourself), was on Wednesday 25th of November, in email: Boycott 2010 World Cup and Caroline Suzman fotos: Re Article: Special Investigation: Secret Race War, by Aidan Hartley, of Daily Mail, UK. I have received no further requests from Ms. Suzman, in response to this letter:
As I said, I have no problems with removing your foto’s, but I just want to make sure I understand you correctly. The PDF attachment you sent me, is not available from Boycott 2010 World Cup, which the mainstream media in South Africa, should be aware of, since they were informed of its retraction, between 07 and 09 November 2009. So I don’t know why the Daily News Senior Journalist in Durban was forwarding the PDF to you; 19 days after it had been retracted and a full and unequivocal apology had been made……..[SNIP]

So, Caroline, I hope I have managed to give you somewhat of an overview of the blogs and the issues, where your fotographs may be found, whom to contact, and what contextual issues you may wish to look out for, so as to make a fully informed decision, in terms of where you allow your fotographs to be published, with those who share your concerns, as expressed in your fotographs.

Please let me know whether you still object to the foto’s as they are found on the blogs that I am responsible for, so that I can make such changes for you; if you still so require.

Soccer as a Tool of Oppression by ANC & FIFA:

Soccer Against the Enemy: How the World's Most Popular Sport Starts and Fuels Revolutions and Keeps Dictators in Power; by Simon Kuper

“Soccer, being a choice drug of the masses, screws up our brains by keeping us away from thinking, planning and organising to change our situation. It basically makes us spineless people who fear to challenge the big lie that has been force-fed on us as a collective truth” – Blackwash, Uhuru News

White Refugees is not the author of aforementioned quote. It is found on the White Refugees pages at: The World Cup, We Don’t Need it!, by Politicsweb, republished from APDUSA Views: A Noble Cause Betrayed – Commodification and Politicisation of SA Sport by the ANC (PDF); and “F*** 2010 World Cup!”: Soccer being used as a weapon to cover oppression, Uhuru News (PDF).

Excerpts from The World Cup, We Don’t Need it!, by Politicsweb & APDUSA Views (PDF)
There is no evidence from previous mega-events, or South Africa's current circumstances, that the World Cup will deliver any major benefit. Politicians traditionally lie about the projected economic and social outcomes of such events in order to requisition the resources required for their own political ends. The best guess is a pitiful 50 000 jobs and growth of 0.94% of gross domestic product. The World Cup was never intended for the benefit of township or suburban residents.

This is a new form of colonialism - never mind the Chinese, Sepp Blatter's FIFA has got here first with commodified sport on a grand scale. And to keep visitors safe, a new form of apartheid will have to be erected to protect them from the violence that prematurely ends the lives of 30 000 South Africans every year.

The ANC has effectively nationalised football and badgered the population with endless propaganda about the World Cup; to such effect that even mild criticism has been suppressed. The media has bought into the myth of nation building through sport (the mystique of the 1995 rugby world cup victory is constantly invoked) and any dissent from this view is equated with treason.

Taxpayers will pay dearly for this act of national prostitution destined to bequeath a clutch of expensive, white elephant sports stadiums. Health, education, police and local government infrastructure budgets will continue to suffer.

As the ANC's need for the rainbow nation myth wore off, sport was used to pursue other objectives.

The fate of sport since the silencing of Sacos nearly 20 years ago has been one of relentless political and commercial exploitation. Sacos believed that sport belonged first and foremost to communities and their people. Now, in no small measure because of ANC cynicism and opportunism, it is little more than a packaged commodity.

Wake Up Whitey’s Alleged ‘Offensive’ Population Growth Statistics:

Wake Up Whitey! (aka Population Policy Common Sense) (PDF) Info on Facebook Page:

The symptoms of overpopulation colliding with finite or scarce resources (ecological overshoot resource wars) include: energy depletion, food shortages, species extinction, politically correct fascism, Immigration and emigration racism and xenophobia, terrorism, starvation, poverty, disease, crime, economic & political instability, pain and misery... Population Policy Common Sense

[Note: Irrespective of Wake Up Whitey! Nonviolent Martin Luther King Population Policy Common Sense Education Mission; it was subsequently deleted from Facebook, for alleged ‘TOS’ violation [Screenshot], as being ‘offensive’; however Facebook has no problems whatsoever with the Facebook Group: South African Satanic Community. [SS] While I vehemently disagree with all that South African Satanic Community stands for; I respect their right to freedom of speech; and have no intention of filing any complaints against them with Facebook; nor do I recommend anyone else to. I am simply providing an example of Facebooks arbitrary double standard hypocrisy.]
The symptoms of overpopulation colliding with finite or scarce resources -- i.e. ecological overshoot resource wars -- include: Local, National or International Resource Wars, energy depletion, food shortages, species extinction, politically correct fascism, Immigration and emigration, terrorism, starvation, poverty, disease, crime, economic instability, pain and misery. [Population Common Sense: Exponential Functions & the Laws of Sustainability]

Overpopulation by whom????

The massive overpopulation taking place in the non-White world will cause increasing waves of non-White immigration into the former White heartlands of North America, Europe and Australia. [March of the Titans, by Arthur Kemp]

WORLD (White vs Non White) Population Growth:

__________Total _______ Non Whites ______ Whites ______ W % of Total
1900: ____ 1.625 M _____ 1.140 M ________ 485 M ________ 30
2000: ____ 6.095 M _____ 5.142 M ________ 953 M ________ 15

[Approximate numbers from graph, World Population Growth from 1000 AD to 1200 AD according to Durandt & UN Reports; which show the disparity between White and non-White population growths, based on United Nations figures. White nations is taken from "developed countries", compared to the non-White world of "total world population".[March of the Titans, by Arthur Kemp] (See Wake Up Whitey Photos, for Graph)

The exponential and explosive growth of the non-White population of the earth - which effectively doubles itself every 34 years (compared with White population which now only doubles itself every 200 years), means that by the year 2100, only three per cent of the earth's population will be White.

From 1900 to 2100 - a period of 200 years, the proportion of Whites on earth will have dropped from 30 per cent to three percent.

SOUTH AFRICA (White vs Non White) Population Growth:

__________ Total _________ Non Whites ______ Whites ________ W % of Total
1868:_____ 800,000 _______ 400,000 ________ 400,000 ________ 50
1948:_____ 11.5 M _________ 8.5 M __________ 2.5 M _________ 21.7
1980:_____ 29.5 M _________ 26 M ___________ 3.5 M _________ 11.8
2001: _____ 44 M __________ 40 M ___________ 4 M ___________ 10

[Approximate numbers taken from Graph: SA Demographics, from 1868 to 2001; from Prospects for the white tribe: the future of the Afrikaner people in South Africa, by Dan Roodt] (see Wake Up Whitey Photos, for Graph)


By 1994, most European Union member states had an average 10 - 15 per cent non-White population, with this figure effectively doubling every fifteen years.
This will mean that, unless current immigration trends are halted, all of Western Europe will have a non-White majority population by the year 2090 at the latest, and possibly earlier. These statistics are from the EU's own official records, Eurostat, in Belgium, and possibly earlier. These statistics are from the EU's own official records, Eurostat, in Belgium. [March of the Titans, by Arthur Kemp]


USA Population Projections, millions (rounded off)

__________ Total _______ Non White _______ White ________ W % of Total
1997: _____ 267 M ________ 72 M __________ 195 M _________ 72.8
2010: _____ 298 M ________ 96 M __________ 202 M _________ 68
2030: _____ 347 M ________ 137 M _________ 210 M _________ 60.5
2100: _____ 572 M ________ 353 M _________ 219 M _________ 45.6

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, Series P25-1130, "Population Projections of the United States by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: 1995 to 2050". [March of the Titans, by Arthur Kemp]


There is, of course, nothing simple about these problems; those who feel inclined to dismiss the seriousness of this potential should consider the question: "How does one say `Lebensraum' in Chinese?"

It should also be clear that solutions to the pressures created by population growth and movement, pressures that threaten the security of so many states, are beyond the means of any single state. [US Army War College: People Wars: Ruminations on Population and Security: How Does One Say 'Lebensraum' in Chinese? ]


“Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases we do not understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution but universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem and education of the billions who are its victim.”
-- Martin Luther King Jr.

SA Special Police Units to Investigate ‘Martin Luther King’ Quoting Websites:

Senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo allegedly said: “Unfortunately, there are no laws governing this, so no legal action can actually be instituted against any individual.”

What exactly does he mean by “no laws governing this” – what does he mean by “this”? Is quoting Martin Luther King against the law? Is it against the law to publish the accurate statistics for racial population growth, in comparison with the statistics for racial population possible extinction? Is it only legal to campaign against the extinction of wild animals, not against the extinction of particular racial groups?

The legal definition of the Crime of Apartheid states that any ‘policies of discrimination or crimes committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them…’

That includes any actions committed by black racial groups for the purposes of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them.

Is Senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo upset, that “unfortunately” there are no laws in South Africa, against campaigning against the ANC’s crimes of apartheid?

I imagine it is possible Senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo became aware of White Refugees and Boycott 2010 World Cup, because White Refugee’s -– unlike ANC-SAPS Official policy –- has a policy of TRANSPARENCY (generally considered one of the foundations upon which a Democracy or Constitutional Republic is founded) and NON-VIOLENCE; and hence keeps the South African Police informed of its non-violent opinions and perspectives on issues.

For the Record: White Refugee: Boycott 2010 World Cup Letters which have been filed –- for transparency record keeping purposes, among others –- with International Military Law and Intelligence Agencies, include:

Complaints: (i) South African Human Rights Commission: Complaint # WC-2009-0455BS and (ii) High Court, Western Cape: Application for Review # 19963-09, were filed with:

Open Letter to FIFA 2010 World Cup Teams: God vs. FIFA: ‘Flying Scotsman’ Anyone? (PDF), was also filed with SAPS:
  • Gérard Labuschagne, Investigative Psychology Unit, Serious and Violent Crime Component, Detective Service Head Office, South African Police Service

Crime of Apartheid ANC’s ‘Successful’ Hosting of 2010 Soccer World Cup:

It appears Superintendent Naidoo is a bit confused. The Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign has not made any allegations that the South African Government are incapable of hosting a ‘successful’ 2010 Soccer World Cup, any more than they alleged Captain Edward John Smith, was incapable of putting on a Fancy dress Ball, on the Titanic, for the evening of 13 April 1912. Unlike Captain Smith, the ANC have been repeatedly warned about the impending – “imminent collapse of human industrialized civilisation”, and instead of building Rafts, they are arranging for their 2010 World Cup Fancy Dress Ball on S.S. ZA-Titanic.

The ANC Government are quite as capable of doing anything efficiently or competently, should they put their minds to it. They have demonstrated their endless capacity for efficiency and competency in corruption. It is not their capabilities that are being criticized, but their lack of morality and ethical standards of behavior: the self interested and greedy goals they focus their capabilities towards.

The ANC Government are as capable as holding a 2010 Soccer World Cup, as the Apartheid Government were capable of holding any Rugby, Soccer or Cricket World Cup. It was not the Apartheid Governments event management capabilities that were ‘boycotted’; but their alleged lack of non-racial ethics and immorality.

The Apartheid Government were accused of the Crime of Apartheid. The International Sports Boycott against any sports events to be held in South Africa was to demand the Apartheid Government desist from their conducts and activities which were the foundation of the accusations against them of the Crime of Apartheid.

The ANC Government are accused of the Crime of Apartheid (SAHRC-WC-2009-0455BS).

Accordingly the Boycott 2010 World Cup is campaigning against any sports events to be held in South Africa as a demand that the Black Apartheid ANC Government desist their conduct and activities which are the foundation of the accusations against them, for their Crime of Apartheid (

Your article does not refer to which report Senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo is referring to in regards to South Africa’s alleged “reputation of being one of the best tourist destinations in the world.” According to a brief Google Search, the highest I could find South Africa’s ranking as “tourist destinations” was 25 out of 58 countries, just below Croatia, and above Hungary, in 2007; by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). No South African city rates among the top 20 City Tourist Destinations.

The Psychological & Communication Hypocrisy Toxicity of / International Marketing Council:

Toxicity is the degree to which a substance is able to damage an exposed organism.

An Industrial Farmer may sing the praises of Chemical Fertilizers as follows:
Between 1950 and 1984, as the Green Revolution transformed agriculture around the globe, world grain production increased by 250%. That is a tremendous increase in the amount of food energy available for human consumption. This additional energy was provided by fossil fuels in the form of fertilizers (natural gas), pesticides (oil), and hydrocarbon fueled irrigation. This massive increase in food production allowed for the massive increase in population.

But an Organic Farmer considers the Industrial Farmers ‘God’ –- i.e. chemical fertilizer -- to be a toxic substance. Why? It is toxic in the degree to which chemical fertilizers damage the soil, the plants which grow in the soil, and the surrounding ecology and water tables:
Consistent and perpetual application of chemical fertilizer degrades the physical structure of the soil, leading to a lack of oxygen in the plants root zone. A number of processes are responsible for this, such as increasing soil salinity, alkalinity, and sodium levels. All can be traced back to the long-term use of chemical fertilizers, and are especially dangerous in dry climates.

Soil erosion, lack of crop rotation and excessive use of toxic chemical fertilizers rob our soils of essential nutrients that we need in fruit and vegetables. Within 50 years of industrial agriculture, some vegetables now have 50% less magnesium, 48% less calcium, and 46% less iron.

Feeding the plants indirectly, by means of organic matter on the other hand, enhances the chemical, physical, and biological health of the soil. Ultimately, the quality of the garden plants is only as good as the quality of the soil in which they grow.

Brand South Africa / International Marketing Council: ‘Reputation Management by Deceipt’ Industrial Chemical Fertilizer Farmers.

The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom; By David Kupelian

They practice self deception upon themselves, and upon others, all in the name of ego, status or financial profits for their own self interests. They have no problem using Deception, whether as beguilement, deceit, bluff, propaganda or concealment. When the conversation reaches the stage of soil depletion, they simply add larger doses of chemical toxic verbal fertilizer: More deception to propagate the beliefs they want people to believe, which benefit them and their political, economic or financial status, but which are not true.

They rely on, and perpetuate, the ignorance, greed and self deception of their followers; and thrive on encouraging racial (black) or ideological (entitlement welfare victimhood culture) mobjustice:
“In South Africa, it seems like the ANC wants to keep people ignorant and uneducated so that they can still get their votes because in the well informed and educated people in South Africa, ANC membership and support is minimal. Simply because it's substandard and dumb, the way they run things.”
-- Taetjo Mathabatha, Design Engineer at Jessop Industrial Machinery

“[The activists who are active in the ANC today] are just out there to get money, to enrich themselves. In fact, ninety percent of them. I haven't met somebody who says, ‘There's too much corruption; I will expose something.’ Nothing has happened. So to say somebody is ‘active’ means ‘active’ to gain more money.”
-- Gordon Webster, upon his resignation from the ANC in 1998. Former high profile ANC Activist, Member of uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the ‘anti-apartheid’ bombing, that killed a SAP police colonel.

Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth; by Brad Blanton, Ph.D.

White Refugee / Boycott 2010 World Cup: Radical Honesty Futilitarian Organic Farmers.

In the same way that an organic farmer knows the value of organic compost – hummus – made from natural ingredients, so as to grow fruit and vegetable rich in nutrition: a Radical Honesty Organic Communicator knows the value of honesty and sincerity, is the only way in which s/he can grow any relationships rich in trust, friendship and honour.

A Radical Honesty communicator knows – just like any honest psychologist -- that in order to confront problems, we must be willing to, and provided the opportunity to, publicly and nonviolently air our psychological and emotional dirty laundry: our honest feelings of anger, fear, hate or whatever; to the person we are angry with, and to hear their response, and remain committed in such dialogue until understanding and closure is honestly and sincerely arrived at.

Questions for the International Marketing Council ( Mr. Simon Barber, journalist for Mail & Guardian, Business Day, Sunday Times & Cape Times:

I am unaware what Mr. Simon Barber is disgusted about, or judges without ever having met me, or ever having had a conversation with me, to accuse me of “spewing hate”.

What about me is he so disgusted about:
  • My commitment to sincere honesty as opposed to fake and two faced image management?
  • my commitment to honest and sincere Radical Honesty forgiveness as opposed to two faced and fake intellectual pretend TRC forgiveness?
  • The content and views of my 1999 submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?
  • the colour of my former husband’s skin?
  • my non-violent Anti-Black-ANC Apartheid Political Necessity Activism efforts on behalf of Black and White South Africans, for which I spent 12 months in a South African prison cell?
  • my willingness to impartially enter into a conversation with anyone, of any colour or religion, no matter how much I may disagree with their point of view, with a commitment to active listening?
  • my choice of Radical Honesty ( as my cultural religion?

White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era (P.S.); by Shelby Steele

All of the above, and more, provide the foundation for my beliefs and ideas wherefrom my principles required me to take a stand against the ANC Governments Black Apartheid Crimes of Apartheid (; in accordance of the justifications provided for, for the Boycotting the 2010 World Cup (

Is Mr. Barber stating that only ‘White Apartheid’ should be boycotted?

Should we we not hold Blacks to the same standards as whites, because African Blacks are ethically retarded and not capable of the same ethical standards as whites?

Is it ‘racist’ or ‘spewing hate’ to imagine that blacks are, just like whites -– if they want to be –- capable of the same ethical standards?

Exactly which statement that I made, where and when, in what context, does Mr. Simon Barber -- Thought Leader Journalist for the Mail & Guardian, US correspondent for Business Day, the Sunday Times and the Cape Times; US Country manager for the International Marketing Council (IMC) -– consider as “spewing hate”, or is he “rightly disgusted” with?

Your Senior Journalist with the Daily News Professional Knowledge RE: SA’s Reputation on Crime, SA Justice System & Population Issues:

[Will South Africa Survive?] South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country Since the End of Apartheid; By R.W. Johnson

To conclude, I am at a loss to explain your alleged naivety or ignorance about (a) Foreign Diplomats Honest Perceptions to South Africans incompetent and inefficient administration of Justice; (b) South Africa’s epidemic of crime, the Goverments denial of that reality; and its fudging of crime statistics; considering you are the journalist who wrote:

Diplomats Fury at SA Rape Bungle (PDF), by Noelene Barbeau, September 16, 2007.
The French and Belgian governments are incensed at how the South African Police Services botched investigations into the rape of a French tourist and an attack on her Belgian boyfriend on the Durban beachfront in December last year.

The two suspects walked free this week. This is after police had originally received accolades for the speedy arrest after the incident during the International Paralympic Committee Swimming World Championship last year.

Foreign couple tell of rape pain (PDF), by Noelen Barbeau, September 23, 2007
A foreign couple attacked in Durban in December, said they started to lose trust in the South African police almost immediately after an officer fell asleep three times while taking their statements.

Now they are left with feelings of bitterness and anger towards the police for bungling the investigation into the woman's rape and her boyfriend's assault.

Speaking to the Sunday Tribune from Brussels, on Wednesday, the French woman's boyfriend said he had heard only that morning that the two accused had been acquitted and did not know the case had been in court nearly two weeks ago. He was not going to tell his girlfriend ...

Rape suspect's acquittal outrages foreign couple; Traumatised victims feel they have been abused a second time as the litany of police bungling eventually sees the accused walk free (PDF) by Noelen Barbeau, September 23, 2007
Their acquittal follows months of delays by the police. These include not appointing an investigating officer, not following up on DNA analysis and not taking statements from other officers.

And furthermore your implied denial that racially motivated crimes exist in South Africa, where people are killed for as little as a R350 cellphone, purely because they are “white”. In this case the ‘white’ victim was visiting Austrian tourist, Mr. Peter Burgstaller.

Shock at Death of Ex-Footballer (PDF), and Two Brothers Deny Killing Austrian Golfer (PDF), both by Noelen Barbeau about the murder of Austrian Footballer Mr. Burgstaller, whose murderer subsequently repeatedly referred to Mr. Burgstaller as “the white man.”
A well-known Austrian sportsman was murdered at a luxury resort on the South Coast on the eve of the 2010 Soccer World Cup Preliminary Draw last year. News of his death made headlines around the world and left friends and family reeling.

Soon after landing on South African soil, Peter Burgstaller teed off on the golf course at Selbourne Hotel Spa and Golf Estate. That afternoon, a security guard discovered his body on the 12th tee. He had been shot dead and robbed of cash and a cellphone.

In SA Justice System is Failing Rape Victims (PDF), you appear to conclude that the South African Justice System is Failing Rape Victims.

Killing a Huge Blow to the Nation (PDF) and KZN Murder Rocks the World (PDF), and Friends convinced Rattray assassinated. Murder of internationally famous South African historian hits world headlines and rubbishes claims that the government has crime under control (PDF), Friends Convinced Rattray Assassinated (PDF) by Noelen Barbeau, January 28, 2007 [Related: SAPA Report: Rattray Murder highlights ‘Crime Crisis’ (PDF)]
“‘Prince Charles’ friend is dead,” read one newspaper headline in Britain this weekend….. Famed battlefield historian David Rattray has been killed - reportedly assassinated - while trying to protect his wife from gunmen in their Fugitives' Drift home in northern KwaZulu-Natal. His death also provoked widespread anger about violent crime, and some residents of Fugitives' Drift are threatening to take matters into their own hands.

“We need to make the government aware that crime is out of control. There have been five hijackings in Kosi Bay this week. What are they doing about it?” asked a local.

But people close to the Rattray family are convinced that this was not just another break-in but a cold-blooded assassination.

Last week, Jackie Selebi, the national police commissioner, told MPs, concerned about the impact crime might have on the 2010 World Cup, that the situation was far better now than it was 12 years ago when the country hosted the rugby World Cup. Yet the timing of the Rattray murder makes a mockery of assurances by police bosses and senior ANC politicians that crime is not out of control and that there is no need to worry about it affecting the World Cup, writes Chiara Carter.

I was further surprised to find your bias against the principles I support for poor women’s rights to making informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, and the consequences upon their future lives of never ending poverty, should they be ignorant enough to consider themselves ANC ‘Operation Production’ slave and cannon fodder breeding ‘Occult Liberation’ factories (PDF); considering the ANC’s population policy choices to provide financial incentives for poor women of colour to breed more poverty; instead of using such taxpayer funds to provide financial incentives for poor women of colour to refrain from breeding, until they have gotten themselves an education, self sufficiency and a loving and committed partner.

Pupils find plight of being young moms unbearable (PDF), by Noelen Barbeau, Dec 14, 2009:
“The impact of pregnancy and parenting is highly gendered. It is the young girl and mother who suffers the greatest disruption. Girls are bearing by far the largest burden of (generally accidental) pregnancy,” were the findings of joint University of KwaZulu-Natal and University of the Western Cape study.

Professors Robert Morrell, Deevia Bhana (both from UKZN's School of Education) and Tammy Shefer and students have spent nearly five years working with schools in Durban and Cape Town as well as collaborating with the South Africa-Netherlands Research Programme on Alternatives in Development.

According to South Africa-Netherlands Research Programme on Alternatives in Development
Women's empowerment in relation to sexual and reproductive health has been identified as one of the most important health and development issues facing SA and other developing countries. A variety of policy documents and health bills emphasise the importance of enabling women to make informed choices in relation to their own sexuality, procreation and other related health aspects. Since there is a considerable variation in gender roles between cultures, there is a need for a development strategy which addresses the specific needs of women in a particular area.

I Have a Dream: Imagine R11 Billion 4 Family Planning Incentives 4 African Poor:

The Road to Hell: The Ravaging Effects of Foreign Aid and International Charity; by Michael Maren

The South Africa- Netherlands Research Program on Alternatives in Development ideas on women empowerment in reproductive health sounds very similar to: Henry Kissinger’s, as Secretary of State, for Republican President Richard Nixon’s: National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth:
“...there is general agreement that up to the point when cost per acceptor rises rapidly, family planning expenditures are generally considered the best investment a country can make in its own future”

And to Democratic President Obama’s, Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton: Family Planning a Positive Choice for Society:
“I believe strongly that family planning is an important aspect of development and I’ve seen this around the world,” she said.

Clinton also emphasized the importance of giving women the freedom to choose their options with respect to their reproductive rights.

“I think empowering women to be able to make choices that are in the best interest of the children they already have, and the family size that they desire – it increases education outcome, it increases income generation, it provides a much stronger basis for human development,” she said.

“Trying to empower and educate women so that they are able to make these decisions and they have access to family planning is not only positive to the woman and her family but for the larger society,” Clinton added.

Imagine if the South African Government actually practiced what they pretend to preach as “one of the most important health and development issues” and had decided to invest in South Africa’s future by spending R11 Billion on Family Planning and Educational Grant incentives to be awarded to poor women who wanted to abstain from procreating unwanted children, and instead get an education and lift themselves out of poverty and ignorance; with a commitment to only procreate once they were financially self-sufficient and in a committed and loving relationship?

Instead the ANC decided to spend R11 Billion on Soccer Sports Stadiums, kickbacks to FIFA, and safety and security for foreign soccer fans; who are not in the least concerned about whether any poor African woman or unwanted poverty stricken African children go hungry, get addicted to drug, gets sold into sex slavery, etc. etc…; while accusing those who do care about the procreation causes of African poverty, of being ‘racists’. So, instead of really confronting the African poverty issue at its root, the ANC instead prefer to use additional taxpayer funds to continue their ‘Operation Production’ slave and cannon fodder breeding program, by providing poor women with financial welfare incentives to breed more poverty, more crime, more unwanted children to be used as economic and sex slaves.

Honourable Opportunity: Did your IOL: Technology Article violate Press Code?:

All the President's Men; By Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein

In light of (i) the detailed aforementioned information, (ii) the fact that you had my cellphone number and email address, but refrained from contacting me prior to the publication of your article, for any comment (Journalists are enjoined by the Press Code and legal precedent to provide the subjects of stories a fair chance to respond): I would like to give you the opportunity to honourably make a self assessment of your IOL Technology article Anti-SA Smear Campaign on Facebook about the Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign; to assess whether your article prescribed to the South African Press Code which requires news to be truthful, accurate, fair and balanced.

If not, that you will print the relevant retractions and corrections of errors; and to inform me, by email of such retraction. In the absence of any such notification by or on January 18, 2010 (or later, should you request additional time in writing); I shall conclude that you have no intentions of publishing any retraction or correction of your errors; and that -– unlike me -- you are not a Ellsberg, Bernstein and Woodward fan.


Lara Johnstone
Boycott 2010 World Cup
Why We Are White Refugees

Source: PDF Letter

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US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
Human Farming Management: Fake Left v. Right (02:09)
ARMY STRATEGY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Office of Dep. Asst. of the Army Environment, Safety and Occupational Health: Richard Murphy, Asst for Sustainability, 24 October 2006
2006: US Army Strategy for Environment
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