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Thursday, April 8, 2010

None Dare Call it a ‘Kill Farmers’ Cult-Hero Political Conspiracy to Kill Eugene Terre’Blanche?

by Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

In New South Africa, those who act on the ANC’s cultural heritage of ‘Kill Farmers’, are accorded with automatic membership -- prison and street-cred status -- of the 27’s gang. Were the murderers of Eugene Terre’Blanche psychologically and ‘Kill Farmer’ politically motivated to attain ‘Kill farmers’ Cult-Hero Gang Status? The SAPS ‘head office’ expert investigators, have yet to ask themselves that question!

According to David Bullard, the journalist fired by the Sunday Times for being too honest, and upholding one standard; as opposed to the double standards upheld by the politically correct media:
It’s hard to believe that the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche won’t be linked to the infamous “shoot the boer” song. Or that the murder itself, whatever the police may say, isn’t a symbolic declaration of war on whites in this country. It’s probably nothing of the sort but the failure by the ANC to control Julius Malema’s hate speech is bound to suggest that the big wigs in the ruling party have given the thumbs up to a bit of white culling. Why couldn’t they have waited until after the World Cup though?

The Transvaal Agricultural Union expressed a similar opinion:
“Over the last few weeks we have seen how farm murders have drastically increased, how there is currently a discussion going on about the nationalisation of farms, and the arrival of the emotionally charged song “Shoot the Boere”, more debates about nationalisation, and the eventual murder of a well known leader. TAU SA is getting more convinced, on grounds of the evidence streaming in, that the murder of Mr. Terre'Blanche was not a normal criminal act, but a pure political murder, to which quite possibly the goverment could be linked.

“The viciousness and barbarity that is inflicted upon farmers during farm murders, was repeated during the murder of Mr. Terre'Blanche, and is disproportionate to the alleged dispute about a wage disagreement.”

In addition to the aforementioned factors which pose serious questions regarding the political climate's contribution towards plausible motives and circumstances of Mr. Terre'Blanches death, there are additional even more disturbing factors.

According to Gary Allen and Larry Abrahams book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, about the Jeckyll Island conspiracy by International bankers to create a world socialist super-state:
FDR once said “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” He was in a good position to know. We believe that many of the major world events that are shaping our destinies occur because somebody or, somebodies have planned them that way.

I have often wondered why it is that so many people are so afraid of even hypothesising that any criminal act involves a conspiracy. After all any criminal act conducted by more than one person, which required pre-planning involved the “conspiracy” to commit the relevant criminal act. For example: (1) It is quite obvious that flying 4 airliners into United States Goverment and Corporate Property is a “criminal act”. (2) Such a criminal act, requires extraordinary logistics and planning (“conspiracy”), by more than one person working together to commit the criminal act. (3) Consequently, whatever story you believe, whether it was 19 Middle Eastern suicide bombers, the United States Military, Israel's Mossad, or Extra Terrestrials; all of them are “conspiracy theories”. To believe anyone of them, makes you a “conspiracy theorist”. That is of course, unless you -- like all psychologists who have never bothered to inform themselves of mens rea forensic psychology doctrines -- believe that two or more people could hijack four different aeroplanes totally spontaneously, for the same cause, on the same day, with the same targets.

Is there a Conspiracy to ‘Kill Journalists’?

How many dead journalists do we have in South Africa? I can recall three: two journalists I recall committed suicide; I am simply gatvol, Chris Louw and Mark Stanfield; and one was viciously murdered and tortured: well-known Jacaranda-radio journalist, Peter Cassidy, 68, from Pietersburg.

Is Julius Malema or the ANC singing ‘Kill Journalists’. Not that I know of, yet. He is referring to them as ‘agents’ and ‘bastards’, but not yet singing ‘Kill Journalists’.

So, I doubt there is any conspiracy to kill journalists, since nobody is publicly advocating on behalf of dead journalists. Such a “conspiracy theory” is therefore lacking in “conspiracy facts”.

Now, stop for a minute, and apply a little bit of Oliver Stone deciphering a conspiracy facts, mixed with John Lennon Imagine analogy logic:

Imagine there were over 3368 dead journalists, a list of names, dates they were murdered, news reports about how they were murdered, tortured, etc. Imagine there is even an official goverment report, where State prosecutors confirm that the torture and brutality inflicted upon these murdered journalists is ‘racially motivated’. Imagine these news reports and police dockets document that these journalists were murdered, tortured with hot irons, gang raped, their children forced to watch.

Imagine further that as these journalists murder numbers rise, Julius Malema, the ANC’s attack dog, decides to make a speech infront of a few hundred ANC supporters at the Univ. of Johannesburg not criticising the murder of these dead journalists; but endorsing their murder with his ‘cultural heritage’ song of ‘Kill Journalists’.

Now imagine an outspoken advocate against the murder of Journalists, Mr. Michael Schmidt (the founder of ProJourn), has informed the ANC that should these journalists murders continue, he and his journalist followers shall be forced to step in to defend these defenceless Journalists their husbands, wives & children.

But Julius continues singing ‘Kill Journalists’ and the ANC defend him and say that ‘Kill Journalists’ is their ‘cultural heritage’.

So, the South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) file a legal complaint with the courts, where the Judge asks Julius if he would temporarily stop singing ‘Kill Journalists’ until the matter is heard in the Equality Court and Julius and the ANC can provide their legal reasons and justification for singing ‘Kill Journalists’. But, Julius refuses to temporarily stop singing ‘Kill Journalists’. Instead Julius is off to Zimbabwe, where he is welcomed by Mugabe, as if he on an Official State Presidential visit, with ZANU-PF singing ‘Kill Journalists’.

So, while Julius Malema is off to Zimbabwe, making speeches about the ANC nationalizing all Media corporations, and that all journalists will lose their jobs, and all media corporations will be nationalised and confiscated; the leader of ProJourn, Michael Schmidt, is brutally murdered at his home, in his sleep.

Imagine Michaels murderers say that they did a little research for one of his articles, and he owes them R300 each, so they broke into his home, and chopped his face and torso to pieces with a panga, splattering blood all over the walls and carpet, then they pulled down his pants to expose his private parts, and then they symbolically and strategically placed a message of the blood covered panga/machete on his body, before calling the police to come and arrest them.

Imagine the community who love their cultural heritage of “Kill Journalists”, pop out the champagne bottels and celebrate the murder of the leader of all Journalists -- Michael Schmidt's brutal murder -- and with screams of elation outside courts, and in newspapers elect Michael's murderers to cult hero status.

How many journalists newspaper reports, would be screaming from their front pages, that the brutal vicious murder of Michael Schmidt, number 3368 journalist murdered in cold blood, is the result of a “Kill Journalist” political conspiracy?

Is there a Cover-up of the ‘Kill Farmers’ conspiracy to “Kill Farmers”

So, are we to believe that two of Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanche's farm workers, got upset about R300 allegedly owed to them, and instead of phoning Cosatu to complain about how alleged ‘white supremacist’ ‘racist’ Eugene Terre'Blanche had not paid them; instead they decide, to break into his home, savagely beat him to death with a panga, splattering blood all over the walls, carpet and soaking the matress through to the bedboard, and then to unzip his pants, pulling them down to his knees to expose his private parts, and then symbolically placing the machete/panga on his dead and mutilated body.

Isn't it amazing the people peddling this ‘R300 farmers workers gripe conspiracy theory’ have not informed us these farmworkers favourite piece of literature was The Da Vinci Code?

But the cover-up continues. The Da-Vinci code murders decide to phone no less than the police, from Mr. Terre'Blanche's phone, to hand themselves in; to say:
'We dunnit!, We are the heroes who brutally murdered the Afrikaners Warrior. If the murder of a farmer gives a prisoner a high status in prison in SA; making them eligible for automatic membership of the 27's gang; then the vicious brutal murder of Eugene Terre'Blanche should give us no less than cult status. So please come fetch us, so we can turn ourselves in, to get our due 'cult-hero' reward. But please don't tell everyone we committed this act for cult-prison and street-cred ‘Kill Farmers’ status; instead just blame it on the ol ‘white supremacist’ racist, not paying us R300.'

In this ‘Kill Farmers’ and ‘Kill Whites’ and ‘Rape and Pillage’ gang culture, a few minutes of brutal savagery to Mr. Terre'Blanche, has earned them the equivalent of Malema status in prison; made them instant hero’s with the many South Africans who passionately hate Eugene Terre’Blanche, far more than they love the rule of law; but we are expected to believe, they did it cause they were upset about R300, and didn't have Cosatu's hotline complaint number handy?.

And while we are at it; if Mr. Terre'Blanche was such a ‘white supremacist’ why was he even employing black labourers; giving blacks jobs, instead of the 450 000 poor whites living in plakker camps, around South Africa, who undoubtedly would probably be only too happy to get a plakker home on a farm, where they could plant a few veggies and earn enough to feed their children. Surely employing black labourers who were harbouring fantasies of brutally murdering him with a panga, so as to attain prison and street-cred cult status for ‘killing a farmer’, ended up being the most expensive labour decision Mr. Terre’Blanche made in his entire life.

Hiring black labour, who consider their cultural legacy that of ‘Kill Farmers’ cost Mr. Eugene Terre’Blanche no less than his life.

Was there a ‘Kill Farmers’ Cult-Hero political conspiracy to Kill Eugene Terre’Blanche?

I called Col. Gerard Labuschagne, of the SAPS investigative Psychology Unit (IPU), the unit which is responsible on a national basis for assisting in the investigation of psychologically motivated crimes. Col. Labuschagne, has five degrees, namely a Bachelors Degree, an Honours Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Masters Degree in Criminology and a Doctorate in Psychology.

I wanted to know what his thoughts were about the symbolism of the panga on Mr. Terre’Blanche’s dead and viciously mutilated body, the pulling down of pants, the telephoning of police to turn themselves in. Col. Labuschagne stated that he could not provide a professional comment to this sensitive matter, unless he had been provided with full access to the crime scene, all relevant documentation and interviewed the suspects. I asked whether the SAPS investigators investigating Mr. Terre’Blanches murder had contacted him for his expert Psychological Profiling expertise. He said ‘No, they have not.’

I then telephoned SAPS Capt. Adelle Myburgh, who is the official spokesperson for the SAPS team investigating the murder of Mr. Terre’Blanche.

I enquired whether the SAPS could confirm with 100% certainty that Mr. Terre’Blanche’s was not sexually mutilated, and whether he had all his sexual organs intact, considering the Police and Prosecutor's decision to charge the murderers with 'crimen injuria'. She confirmed 100% that Mr. Terre'Blanche had not been sexually mutilated.

I told her I had called Col. Labuschagne and asked her whether the police had any psychological criminal profiler expert on the case, considering that the extremely bizarre psycholgoical motivational behaviour for butchering a man to death with a panga/machete, pulling down his pants to expose his private parts, symbolically and strategically placing a panga/machete on his dead body; then calling the police to say ‘We dunnit’. Furthermore it is alleged the younger one has a previous conviction. She said the top police investigators from headoffice were working on the case, but she did not know if any of them was a criminal psychological profiler.

In New South Africa, those who act on the ANC’s cultural heritage of ‘Kill Farmers’, are accorded with automatic membership -- prison and street-cred status -- of the 27’s gang.

Were the murderers of Eugene Terre’Blanche psychologically and ‘Kill Farmer’ politically motivated to attain ‘Kill farmers’ Cult-Hero Gang Status? The SAPS 'head office' expert investigators, have yet to ask themselves that question!

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