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Monday, September 27, 2010

'Right2Know Keep SA's Media Free': Constitutional Freedom of Speech for all?, OR Mobjustice 'Freedom of Speech for Select Few Only' Campaign???

Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

Keep SA's Media Free, where you are banned from expressing support for Constitutional or Voltarian principles of Freedom of Speech. Only mobjustice freedom of speech allowed!

“If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought – not free thought for those who agree with us, but freedom of thought for that we hate.”
– Dissenting Opinion of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in United States v. Schwimmer, 279 U.S. 644 (1929).

“...freedom of expression is an essential process for advancing knowledge and discovering truth. An individual who seeks knowledge and truth must hear all sides of the question, consider all alternatives, test his judgment by exposing it to opposition, and make full use of different minds. Discussion must be kept open no matter how certainly true an accepted opinion may seem to be; many of the most widely acknowledged truths have turned out to be erroneous. Conversely, the same principles applies no matter how false or pernicious the new opinion appears to be; for the unaccepted opinion may be true or partially true and, even if wholly false, its presentation and open discussion compel a re-thinking and re-testing of the accepted opinion. The reasons which make open discussion essential for an intelligent individual judgment likewise make it imperative for rational social judgment.”
T Emerson, The System of Freedom of Expression at 6-7 (1970)

When I was a waitress, I provided every single customer of any race, religion or idelogical political point of view with the same best professional service I was capable of. Imagine a waitress who refuses to serve you a pizza, steak, or beer, because she does not belong to the same political party, or share the same political or religious ideology?

Why is it that all professions are required to uphold this standard of professionalism, EXCEPT FOR SA MEDIA EDITORS AND JOURNALISTS?

It is my understanding that if I had provided those whom share my ideological, cultural or religious beliefs with a higher standard of service, and a lower standard of service to those whom I disagreed with, or whose views I found offensive, I would have been guilty of discrimination.

If I proceeded to refuse to provide the professional service of ‘waitressing’ to those I disagreed with or found offensive and simply ignored them, so they sat at their tables without any service, as if they don’t exist, I would have been justifiably fired. I cannot imagine that any CCMA official or Labour Court Judge would have given me my job back, if I argued that I don't have to provide professional service to people I don't like or disagree with; do you?

With not one doubt in my mind, I can herewith inform you, that if the South African Press Ombudsman and SANEF print media, were held to the same professional standards of equal and impartial service, I held myself to as a waitress; the SA Press Ombudsman would have fired SANEF’ editors and withdrawn their right to call themselves 'news corporations'; they would have to refile corporate applications to publish propaganda, gossip, innuendo, smear campaigns, etc.; because they repeatedly violated the Press Code of Conduct’s requirements of impartiality and fairness; and appear incapable of practicing impartial, fair professional 'news reporting' service.

Keep SA's Media Free, is a Facebook group run by Manie Bosman and
Ben Konnek. It is allegedly a "group dedicated to support freedom of speech (which includes free media) as a valuable cornerstone of the democratic process in South Africa."

I have been banned from Keep SA's Media Free (sic) Campaign, for posting the following 'Freedom of Speech', media corruption and media censorship of news links and related comments:

The link posted was: Excerpts: Mbokodo: Inside MK: Mwezi Twala - A Soldier's Story, by Mwezi Twala. The excerpts from Mwezi Twala's book Mbokodo include details of some of the Quatro atrocities committed by ANC security/Mbokodo at among others Camp Quatro, and Twala's comparison between the Apartheid Goverment and ANC's treatment of their prisoners.

Mbokodo was submitted as one of the list of authorities evidentiary documents to the SA Constitutional Court, in 'Freedom of Speech and Media' case of The Citizen v. Robert McBride, in the Radical Honesty SA Amicus Curiae arguing among others that the TRC's 'crime of apartheid' was a falsification of history (PDF).

One of the reasons for the argument that the TRC was a fraud, was that the truth about the atrocities at Quatro were never told, and those who were tortured and executed, and falsely imprisoned never got their stories told at the 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission'; just like many other issues which the TRC ignored or censored.

The Radical Honesty SA Amicus Curiae before the Concourt has been massively censored by SA media; hence no citizens are aware of it; except for citizens who read this blog.

The comments posted to the link at the 'Keep SA Media Free' group follow:

The other link posted to the group was Your Right2Know: 140 SA Elite Confirm: Kill African Whitey Refugees.

It was about two social science studies, which are briefly summarized at link as follows:
The short version conclusion of the 'Kill Whitey' social science study (below) shows the different ethno-collateral-damage choices made between liberals and conservatives. If forced to approve of the collateral damage death of individuals, liberals preferentially endorse the collateral damage death of Whitey. Conservatives preferentially endorse the collateral death of non-whitey.

Short version of the 'African White Refugee' study (further below), asked over 100 of South Africa's Media, Political, Civil Society and Academics to choose between (a)Freedom-of-Speech for All (Constitutional Freedom of Speech); and (b) Freedom of Speech for Liberals (Mobjustice Freedom of Speech) and Political and Legal Persecution for African White Refugees. None chose Constitutional Freedom of Speech for All. A majority chose Mobjustice Freedom of Speech for Stalinist Liberals and Legal Persecution for African White Refugees.

The comments from the 140 SA 'Proudly Truth and Reconciliation' South African elite, remind me of Baruch Hirson's (Ed of Searchlight SA) efforts to inform the liberal elite about the torture, murder, gang-rape and execution atrocities committed by ANC's Mbokodo and Swapo Security Forces against ANC and Swapo members. In Women and Swapo: Institutionalized Rape in Swapo's Prisons, Paul Trewhela (Searchlight SA: Vol.3, No.3. Oct 1993) writes:
Copies were sent to the Namibian Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, all Namibia support groups and the presidents of Cuba, Angola and Zambia. There was no reply.

... She went on to note that despite all this [rape, torture & executions in Swapo's prisons], support for Swapo from the churches and from the British Labour Party was unwavering. Glenys Kinnock (wife of the then leader of the Labour Party) and Lady Tessa Blackstone had visited Namibia and been told about these matters. They had said they would take the matter up with Swapo, 'but they did not meet any of the victims'. Mrs Endycott's article was reprinted by the Times of Namibia on 26 September 1989. Accompanied by an illustration of inmates in one of Swapo's dungeons drawn by a former prisoner, it appeared under the headline: 'Swapo's hellholes. Why is the left silent?' The question is still unanswered.

If African White Refugees, are wondering: Why is the Media, Political and Academic Left Silent about Farm Murders and African White Refugees? Stop and Think: If the Left consider Non-White lives as more important than White lives; and they have so little concern for Non-White ANC and Swapo lives being tortured, murdered and executed by their fellow Stalinist ANC and Swapo elite; what on earth makes you think they are going to care one iota about White Farmers being murdered and tortured and White Refugees being legally or politically persecuted by their Stalinist Progressive Elite Friends?

The following were simply comments posted to a posting made by Eliza Beth

So, what do you think?

Is 'Right2Know Keep SA's Media Free' group in support of:
  • Constitutional Freedom of Speech for all?, OR
  • Mobjustice 'Freedom of Speech for Select Few Only' Campaign???


Hannelie said...

This is ludicrous! Manie and his group is EXACTLY going against the fundamental issue at hand here!! But they preach "Freedom of speech"?

Maybe they are not serious about this page..they are just looking for numbers..people who only click to join their page believing it is the real thing..Shame on them!

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Hanelie,

Ag ja... ;-) what can you expect from people who are not committed to constitutional freedom of speech; only to freedom of speech for those that agree with them.. as if that is 'freedom of speech'.

Its truely orwellian... but sadly I am not surprised.. thanks for the thoughts though! ;-)

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