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Thursday, September 23, 2010

SA Farm Attacks []

‘Zimbabwe style farm invasions may be delayed ... but will definitely happen in SA's future’
-- Lt. Gen. Mojo Matau, Former Chief of Mil. Intel., SANDF

... Then I asked my friend [Lt. Gen. Mojo Matau], this man in the kitchen cabinet of ANC power in the new South Africa, what he thought of Robert Mugabe. At his reply my heart sank. He described Zimbabwe’s President as a hero for what he’s done to white farmers, and a leader who illuminated the path ahead for South Africa. I remonstrated, as I always do, and ended by telling Mojo that I saw myself as an African first, a white second, and that it was my ardent wish to stay on the continent. ‘Your only home,’ countered Mojo, gently taking my hand again, ‘is England.’

.... Mugabe, to say it without beating around the liberal bush, is a hero to many of my black African friends. Most of the people I’m talking about are from the upper middle class, inheritors of the African kingdom after colonialism. According to one Zambian, who is among my very oldest of comrades, ‘Mugabe is Shaka Zulu.’

Mugabe is ‘speaking for black people worldwide,’ writes the South African journalist Harry Mashabela. Regarded as a solid liberal in his long career, and writing in the Helen Suzman Foundation’s September newsletter, Mashabela pointed to the adoration Mugabe won at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg last year:

‘The applause and standing ovation were a tacit expression of appreciation of the courageous stand Mugabe has taken in trying to resolve the critical land problems facing his country.’
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Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Farm Attacks, 31 July 2003

“The agricultural department of a bank in South Africa has calculated the per capita murder rate of ethno-European farmers to be four (4) times greater than the average murder rate for the population of South Africa.” -- GenocideWatch Report, 2002

“Racial hatred is the main cause of the incredibly high violence- and cruelty level which specifically target the primarily Afrikaner victims of farm attacks,” is one of the findings of the long-awaited farm attack report, which Beeld newspaper managed to publish in spite of the decision yesterday by the South African government security and safety Minister to “hold back its publication.” -- GenocideWatch Report, Aug 2003

“The Committee also interviewed 15 prosecutors -- all of them state advocates -- in Bloemfontein, Capetown, Kimberley, Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria. They were unanimously of the view that .... the degree of violence and cruelty during farm attacks was exceedingly high. Most state advocates attributed this extreme violence to racial hatred.” -- Report: Comm. of Enquiry into Farm Attacks, July 2003

[00: Table of Contents (PDF)] [01: The Appointment of the Committee (PDF)] [02: Incidence and Nature of Farm Attacks (PDF)] [03: Examples of Farm Attacks (PDF)] [04: Case Studies: Direct Attacks (PDF)] [05: Case Studies: Land Invasions (PDF)] [06: Victims of Farm Attacks (PDF)] [07: Perpetrators of Farm Attacks (PDF)] [08: Investigating Officers and Prosecutors (PDF)] [09: Submissions to the Committee (PDF)] [10: Literature Review (PDF)] [11: The Farming Community (PDF)] [12: Crime and Its Causes in South Africa (PDF)] [13: The Criminal Justice System and Farm Protection (PDF)] [14: Comparative Studies (PDF)] [15: Legislation on Land and Land Reform (PDF)] [16: Security on Farms and Smallholdings (PDF)] [17: Trauma and its Treatment (PDF)] [18: Conclusions and Recommendations (PDF)] [19: Summary of the Report (PDF)] [20: Oral and Written Submissions and Bibliography (PDF)]

“Is SA crime a ‘race war’?
Attacks on whites show racial prejudice to be a contributing factor”
-- Rodney Warwick, UCT Ph.D Thesis

...... Daleen Pieterse's husband was tortured with a hot kettle, stabbed and finally strangled with shoelaces. She and her 10-year-old son were viciously assaulted with molten plastic; her calf muscle was lacerated, clothes cut off and a knife forced between her legs. Her 3-year-old daughter was threatened with abduction and rape.

As in so many of these crime incidents accompanied by murder, sadism and sexual assault, the assailants were black and the victims white.

As with the Skielik shootings, it is impossible to miss the racial hate component, although such violent white racism is now an exception and mobilises massive media and government condemnation.

But the Pieterse's horror, although mirrored by numerous other occurrences, received just standard press attention, for anti-white "race crime" seldom prompts loud official condemnation.

Although perceptions of black hatred as a crime motive are verbalised among citizens, it is not considered appropriate to publicly dwell upon crime containing a discernibly nasty anti-white dimension.

I argue that it does, and results in serious implications for both the white community and the country's future.

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“In New South Africa, those who act on the ANC’s cultural heritage of ‘Kill Farmers’, are accorded with automatic membership -- prison and street-cred status -- of the 27’s gang.”

According to Johnny Steinberg, in his book The Number, in New South Africa, those who act on the ANC’s cultural heritage of ‘Kill Farmers’, are accorded with automatic membership -- prison and street-cred status -- of the 27’s gang. Put differently, if you adhere to gangculture and in accordance with such gang culture, Kill a Farmer in South Africa, then you are rewarded with automatic membership of the 27's gang. In Nongoloza's Children: W. Cape Prison Gangs, Steinberg states:

Over the past two decades, news of the strange world behind the bars of South Africa's prisons has been spilling out in dribs and drabs. Among the things we have learned is that the so-called "Number gangs"—the 26s, 27s and 28s—are about 100 years old, that they originated in the jails, mine compounds and informal settlements of turn-of-the-century Johannesburg, and that today they constitute a formidable force in every prison across the country.

We know, too, that the world of the Number gangs is one of staggering brutality. Its self-styled judiciaries sentence inmates to death, to gang rape, to beatings with prison mugs, padlocks and bars of soap; among the prerequisites of joining the "soldier lines" of the gangs is the taking of a warder's or a non-gangster's blood; leaving a prison gang, sharing a gang's secrets with a warder, or talking casually about the gang's workings to the non-initiated are all punishable crimes.

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Farm Murders: A Rainbow-TRC-Peace, or Racial-Hatred-War Reality?

[Excerpts from Radical Honesty SA Amicus to Constitutional Court]

75. Political Climate of Farm Murders: According to (2.5 x 52 x 16)[198] Eugene Ney Terreblanche is murdered farmer number 2080 since the April 1994 TRC social contract brought S. Africans ‘peace and human rights’ (sic). By way of comparison:

In the 1950’s Mau Mau War in Kenya, the official number of ‘European settlers’ killed was 32[199], of which a dozen were said to be farmers.

During the 15 year Rhodesian war, 260 white farmers were murdered[200].

In South Africa, between 1970 and 1994, in 24 years, while the ANC was "at war" with the white minority goverment, sixty white farmers were killed.
76. The July 2003 Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Farm Attacks[201], details:
The Committee also interviewed 15 … state advocates in Bloemfontein, Capetown, Kimberley, Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria. They were unanimously of the view that .... the degree of violence and cruelty during farm attacks was exceedingly high. Most state advocates attributed this extreme violence to racial hatred. [202] 
Features of specific farm attacks culled from NICOC and other security agency reports, such as utterances by attackers, gratuitous violence and the fact that the attackers did not steal anything, are cited in support of this [Land related intimidation, racism, hatred, revenge and politics] interpretation. There is also reference to perceived racial hatred stemming from the historic relationship between blacks and whites in South Africa, and a desire for retaliation for past injustices. [203] 
In his book Midlands, Steinberg, while acknowledging that the motive in the majority of farm attacks appears to be robbery, supports the theory that the imperative to reclaim land lost through colonial dispossession is a key factor in some of the post-1994 attacks, which ‘tamper with the boundary between acquisitive crime and racial hatred’. He talks of ‘a racial frontier’ and claims that the perpetrators of a farm attack did so ‘to push the boundary back, a campaign their forebears had begun in the closing years of the nineteenth century and which their great-grandchildren believed was their destiny, as the generation to witness apartheid’s demise, to finish’.[204]
77. According to Johnny Steinberg, in his book The Number[205], those who act on the ANC’s cultural heritage of ‘Kill Farmers’, are accorded with automatic membership -- prison and street-cred status -- of the 27’s gang. Put differently, if you adhere to gang-culture and in accordance with such gang culture, Kill a Farmer (Boer) in South Africa, then you are rewarded with automatic membership of the 27's gang. 
78. The 2080 farm murders have occurred in a country officially allegedly at peace, after having achieved alleged 'reconciliation', indicate that the "rainbow reconciled nation" is nothing but an illusion not reflected in evidentiary facts and reality on the ground. People who have forgiven each other, or are participating in such a conversation, collaborate to address and eliminate the root causes of their dispute, they don’t murder, rape and torture those they allegedly forgave, in order to rob them; unless their definition for ‘forgiveness’ is ‘murder, rape and torture’. 
79. When Archbishop Tutu said the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had failed[206] (perhaps because it was a ‘get the big fish’ vengeance commission, instead of a rainbow perspectives revolution of forgiveness consciousness commission?); was he referring to acts like that of Joseph Hlongwane, 22, when he brutally tortured and murdered his employers Alice, 76 and Helen, 57 Lotter, and the English media censored the incomprehensibly brutal murder and trial?[207] 
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UK Immig. Judge refers to Zimbabwe Farm Invasions as ‘racially motivated Genocide’.. 
Daily Mail.UK, 16th September 2010

A woman who admitted taking part in savage evictions of white farmers from their homes in Zimbabwe lost her bid for asylum after a High Court judge accused her of ‘crimes against humanity.’ 
Mr Justice Ouseley threw out the widowed mother-of-two’s appeal to remain in the UK after she confessed to beating up ten people during two land invasions. 
The judge said the state-sponsored mob violence, which saw white famers’ land seized and shared out among President Robert Mugabe’s cronies, was akin to genocide. ‘We are satisfied that the two farm invasions were crimes against humanity,’ he said, likening the 39-year-old woman’s role to a concentration camp guard who followed Nazi orders during the Holocaust. 
.... Mr Justice Ouseley, sitting at the Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber said the farm invasions were ‘part of widespread, systematic attacks’ against white farmers and their black workers, carried out with the full knowledge of the regime ‘as a deliberate act of policy’. 
The intention behind the ‘obviously inhumane’ invasions ‘was to cause great suffering or inflict serious physical or mental injury’ on victims and cow them into never returning to their homes or opposing the Mugabe regime, he added. 
‘The aim was achieved by the mob violence of beatings administered to men and women, burnings and lootings in a deliberately brutal and terrifying experience. 
‘They were undertaken for political reasons, the suppression of perceived opposition and for the financial advancement of the regime members and supporters,’ he added. There was also a ‘clear racial element’ to the attacks, the judge said. 
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Farm Murders in South Africa - Carte Blanche [1/2]

Farm Murders in South Africa - Carte Blanche [2/2]

Farm Murders in South Africa - SkyNews: Includes Interview of Min. of Safety & Security: Charles Ngcakula

Min. of Safety and Security: Charles Ngcakula: 'If you don't like the crime, leave the country'

EU MP Philip Claeys, from Vlaams Belang (VB) confronts Pres. Zuma at EU Parliament, about SA's more than 3000 murdered white farmers, since 1994; & what concrete measures the ANC are taking about crime.

Nelson Mandela, shortly after he was released from prison, by F.W de Klerk; prior to receiving a Nobel Peace Prize award for his alleged commitment to “reconciliation” with whites; sings a struggle song about “Killing Whites”.

Appeal of SA's TRC Fraud and 'Kill Boere' Agreement between Afriforum & ANC filed to Constitutional Court

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