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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why a ‘Kaffir-Sussie’ (Nigger Lover) demands Justice for Mr. Eugene Ney Terre'Blanche..

Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

It is a strange schizophrenic twist of fate that the editors and journalists whose propaganda insists that South Africa is a new democracy, thanks to having reconciled and forgiven; continue to spit in the face of 'reconciliation' by refusing to forgive two of South Africa's most hated and unforgiven men: Eugene Terre'Blanche and Robert McBride.

Furthermore barely weeks before Mr. Terre'Blanche's brutal murder over 140 of SA's Academic, Media, Political and Civil Society 'TRC' 'leaders' (sic) stated they had no objections whatsoever to the legal persecution and prosecution of a SA 'Kaffir sissie' activist, who alledges SA's TRC was a PR publicity stunt - Fraud.

Now if 140 of SA's leaders have no objections to the legal persecution and prosecution of a nonviolent white SA farmers daughter activist, formerly married to an African American, whose ideology is a commitment to Radical Honesty; i.e. sincere truth-telling and forgiveness. What do you think are the chances that any of these alleged TRC leaders are going to object to the legal persecution and prosecution of someone they refer to as a 'white supremacist' Mr. Eugene Ney' Terre'Blanche? Zero chance?

Why does a Kaffir-Sussie support Justice for Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanche?

Eugene Terreblanche: Final Interview [01/03]
[02/03] [03/03]

The principle of the 'Rule of Law' means absolutely nothing, if citizens only endorse justice for their friends or those who agree with them. The Rule of Law only exists in a country, where citizens endorse the Rule of Law, for their enemies.

I would venture that I am probably one of the few people in South Africa who are willing to sincerely forgive both Mr. Robert McBride and Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanche. I don't think most South Africans are even willing to fake intellectual forgiveness for both McBride and Terre'Blanche. Both remain unforgiven by a significant portion of South African citizens, who schizophrenically refer to themselves as 'Proudly South African'.

A few personal observations about how Mr. Terre'Blanche has clearly been misrepresented, by SA's TRC Hypocrisy elite:

[1] Mr. Terre'Blanche was a leader who took Personal Responsibility:

As far as I am aware, Eugene Ney Terre'Blanche is the only Political leader who personally went before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and took official responsibility for the actions of his 'Apartheid' politically motivated orders to kill; unlike Nelson Mandela or F.W. de Klerk, who avoided taking direct personal responsibility for their explicit political military orders to kill, torture and murder, blaming alleged foot-soldiers, such as Eugene de Kock, or ignoring realities of Camp Quatro detainees.

Furthermore no media publication, editors or journalists have -- as far as I am aware -- taken any personal responsibility for their conspiratorial role in the violence of apartheid, or their post-Apartheid endorsement of the population production of poverty and misery, and its resource war consequences of violence, crime and racial hatred.

[2] Mr. Terre'Blanche is a 'White Supremacist'; Is he really?

Mr. Terre'Blanche supports an ideology which is in favour of encouraging his followers to refrain from procreating with other races. But so do, and did, the Royal Families of Britain, Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Japan, China, and Germany, etc. Nobody is accusing them of being white, Thai, Japanese or Chinese supremacists. In fact, many black people -- including some in my husbands family -- object to blacks marrying non-blacks. They encourage blacks to only marry blacks. Many black and white people who do not belong to the AWB encourage their children to marry not only within their racial bloodline, but frequently within their cultural tribe. Are they all 'supremacists'?

Then we are told about that alleged odious Neo-Nazi flag. However anyone with just one little braincell of impartiality, who sincerely enquires from the AWB about what the flag means, would find out -- from the AWB -- that:
The Three Sevens emblem symbolizes the Biblical number of finality and final victory in and through Jesus Christ our saviour. The number 777 stands directly appose to and in conflict with the number 666 - the number of the anti-Christ, and the beast in Revelations.

The circle around the Sevens symbolizes movement forward and therefore eternal life in and through Christ. The red colour symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ that was crucified on the cross for the sins of mankind. It also symbolizes the blood of Christians that were spilled by persecution for our believes and the blood of the Boer nation that was spilled in the struggle for freedom from domination.

The white symbolizes the purity of our ideal.

The black is the heraldic symbolic for bravery.

When has any journalist writing about the evil 'white supremacist' AWB ever informed you what the 777 flag means to the AWB?
Yet these same journalists went to extraordinary measures to inform all South Africans repeatedly what 'Kill the Boere' allegedly meant to the ANC. How 'Kill the Boere' was not to be taken literally, but was just a metaphor for 'Kill Apartheid'. While some allege the ANC's support for Malema's Kill the Boere, was their attempt to rewrite history.

The AWB want to live in their own Volkstaat, and have actively endorsed their support for other races and African tribes to their right to their own Volkstaat. Not too long ago, the AWB and Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie endorsed the Abathembu Tribe's desire to secede from South Africa. While political analysts stated the Abathembu's secession desires were 'not a crime', but needed to be resolved politically, the ANC refused, and were supported in such refusal by the DA and SA media, confirming the ANC's political supremacist desires over the Abathembu clans aspirations for self-rule and sovereignty.

This clearly indicates that the allegation that the AWB are 'white supremacists' is not based upon any factual evidence that they wish to dominate or rule over anyone, other than themselves; unlike the ANC and DA. The DA and ANC don't only want to rule over DA and ANC members; to the contrary the DA and ANC want to rule over and dominate all South Africans, irrespective of race and culture. Shouldn't we be referring to the DA and ANC as supremacists?

[3] Only in Oceania Hell does large scale racial hatred murder equal reconciliation

Eugene Ney Terre'Blanche, the Boer of all Boere, is murdered farmer number 3368 in South Africa since the accession to power of the ANC in April 1994. By way of comparison:

* In the 1950s, in Kenya during the Mau Mau war, a dozen white farmers were killed.
* During the war of Rhodesia in 15 years, 270 white farmers were murdered.
* In South Africa, between 1970 and 1994, in 24 years, while the ANC was "at war" with the white minority goverment, sixty white farmers were killed.

Irrespective of the fact that a 2003 Goverment Enquiry Report, investigating the then over 1000 farm murders since 1994, revealed that most State advocates were unanimously of the view that the degree of violence and cruelty during farm attacks was exceedingly high, and attributed this extreme violence to racial hatred; the ANC and SA media insist that South Africa is the 'rainbow nation' of reconciliation, and officially 'at peace'.

[4] Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.

I don't think anybody would disagree with me, when I say that many South Africans, black and white, do not experience or perceive the Justice system as providing them with justice; they do not experience justice, and they do not perceive justice to be done.

It is important that justice is not only done, but is seen to be done, because if and when the community experiences and perceives that justice has been done, they will continue to place their faith in the police, prosecutors and courts. This is the foundational social contract agreement between citizen and goverment, for the legal doctrine known as the Rule-of-Law.

However, hardly a week goes by where we read about South African citizens who have lost their faith in the police, prosecutors and courts, some to such an extent that they resort to community, or vigilante justice. The police, prosecutors and judges respond by instructing the community to 'leave matters of justice to the police'. All fine and well, if the police, and the political establishment act in accordance to the principle that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.
In 2008, SAPS Superintendent Ivan Myers, then commander of the Maitland dog unit wrote a report, The South African Police Service: An Organisation on the Brink of Collapse, where he had the following to say about the communities perception about whether the police were delivering 'justice':
Many communities are not very cooperative with the police in the first
instance as they perceive the police as a joke when they view the physical attributes of some police men and women, their inability to exercise literacy skills and the polices general reluctance to respond to complaints.

It is interesting to note that Ask Afrika’s Orange Index gave the S A Police Service a 0% rating whilst private security companies achieved a 60.71% rating. What is even more disturbing is that Chicken Licken outlets achieved a service rating of 53.57% which, if it was feasible would make it appropriate to report crime at your nearest Chicken Licken outlet.

Supt. Myers conclusions about who was behind this destruction of the SAPS:
It is most unfortunate that the conduct of the SAPS management has all but destroyed the hope and optimism of many a member of the Service of all races that embraced democracy in 1994 and were willing to assist in building the Service as a leader in law enforcement on the African continent. Alas their voices have been stifled and their dreams for a better future for all the inhabitants of the country have been shattered due to the political and greedy aims of those in charge.

According to Beeld, General Beki Cele, the new National Commissioner, Chief of Police -- the former one, Jackie Selebi is currently being prosecuted on charges of corruption, fraud, racketeering and defeating the ends of justice, by a brave Prosecutor, named Gerrie Nel -- informed the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee that:
Station commanders are failing in their most basic duty of exercising control over police officials, dockets, firearms and vehicles. Weekly inspections are "generally disregarded" and national orders are ignored. Furthermore, station commanders and other heads have a "serious lack" of skills and knowledge.

Investigative work poor: The inspectorate found that detectives' investigative work is "poor" in all the provinces, among other reasons due to a lack of training and expertise.

Justice should not only be done, but be seen to be done.

R v Sussex Justices, Ex parte McCarthy ([1924] 1 KB 256, [1923] All ER 233), is a leading English criminal case famous for its precedence in establishing the principle that the mere appearance of bias -- in that case a conflict of interest, on the part of the judicial officer -- is sufficient to overturn a judicial decision. In the Judicial Review case heard at the Kings Bench division, Lord Chief Justice Hewart found that:
“.... a long line of cases shows that it is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.

.... Nothing is to be done which creates even a suspicion that there has been an improper interference with the course of justice.

Natural law (i.e. impartial justice) requires that any person making a decision should declare any personal interest they may have in the proceedings.

A person who makes a decision should be unbiased and act in good faith. He or she therefore cannot be one of the parties in the case, or have an interest in the outcome. This is expressed in the Latin maxim, nemo iudex in causa sua: "no man is permitted to be judge in his own cause".

If the community is satisfied that justice has been done, they will continue to place their faith in the courts.

Does General Ntebo Jan Mabula, the Chief Investigating Officer have any conflict of interest?
According to Musa Zondi, the 'Buck Stops Here' decision-maker in Mr. Terre'Blanche's murder investigation is General Ntebo Jan Mabula, the North West Provincial Commissioner for the HAWKS. General Mabula was appointed to that position by General Beki Cele on March 3, 2010.

According to the Mercury (Friends and Foes, Feb 1, 2008), General Mabula (then Senior Superintendent Ntebo Mabula (Potch)) is one of the prominent Friends of Jackie Selebi caught in the Selebi Corruption crime thriller trial that began with the bullet-riddled body of mining tycoon Brett Kebble in September 2005. Upon the instructions from 'higher up' Mabula and co, attempted to derail Scorpions Boss, 'Bull Terrier' Gerrie Nel from arresting and prosecuting Selebi:
Collaring The Bull Terrier

As Selebi's arrest became imminent, a group of men pounced on Scorpions prosecutor Gerrie Nel and charged him with corruption and defeating the ends of justice

The men who tried and failed to collar "the Bull Terrier" are: Captain Tsietsi Mano from Potchefstroom; Senior Superintendent Ntebo Mabula (Potch); Director FT Mpomane, a provincial head of legal services in North West; and top Gauteng Commissioner Richard Mdluli.

On the night of Nel's arrest, at his Pretoria home in which he has lived for 27 years, a "Director Mabula featured prominently".

According to the Sunday Tribune (Nel arrest was an order 'from higher up', 10 January 2008). Gauteng Scorpions Boss, Gerrie Nel alleged per affidavit that Mabula was one of two police officers who irregularly arrested him; who had admitted there was "not sufficient evidence" to charge him, but that they were carrying out instructions from "higher up".
Two police officers seeking an arrest warrant for Gerrie Nel admitted there was "not sufficient evidence" to charge him and that they were carrying out instructions from "higher up", the Gauteng Scorpions boss alleges.

This is one of the startling allegations contained in an affidavit filed by Nel on Wednesday night after his arrest on Tuesday on charges of corruption and defeating the ends of justice.

The affidavit was supported under oath by the acting head of the prosecutions service, Sibongile Mzinyathi.

In the sworn statement, Nel who led the Brett Kebble murder investigation and is heading the investigation into Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi claims his arrest was "made with ulterior motives" and should therefore be set aside.

.... Nel's allegations come after a National Prosecuting Authority statement on Wednesday alleging that police were so desperate to get Nel behind bars that they had defied state policy, lied to NPA bosses and refused to accept the opinion of at least four prosecutors who told them they did not have a case.

Meanwhile the turf war between the Scorpions and the police and the alleged criminal activities of leading law enforcers has sparked fears of a security threat, prompting new ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe to warn on Wednesday that "we have got a potential crisis on our hands".

Acting NPA boss Mokotedi Mpshe expressed alarm on Wednesday that the police had failed to get his written permission for Nel to be charged, as required under policy directives in the NPA Act.

Nel states in his affidavit that Potchefstroom police officers Captain Tsietsi Mano and Senior Superintendent Ntebo Mabula had approached senior public prosecutor Solomzi Mveke seeking a warrant for his arrest last September.

This move came a fortnight after Nel had obtained a warrant from Randburg magistrate Cheryl Loots for Selebi's arrest on charges of corruption, fraud, racketeering and defeating the ends of justice .

... Police opened a docket on Nel, containing only statements from Mano and Mabula, a transcript of the Tshavhungwa judgment and a copy of an affidavit by former MEEC boss Ernst Khoza who was linked to the corruption for which Tshavhungwa was convicted.

After being rebuffed in their efforts to obtain Mveke's backing for an arrest warrant against Nel, Mano and Mabula then approached an Advocate Mosing, a Pretoria deputy director in the NPA.

On viewing the docket, and seeing that it already contained a blank J50 warrant of arrest form, Mosing had asked whether "the SAPS members were already thinking of applying for a warrant as the evidence was very scant", Nel alleges.

In Nel arrest: police 'ignored lack of evidence':
The police [among others Senior Superintendent Ntebo Mabula, upon instructions from higher ups] were so desperate to get Gauteng Scorpions boss Gerrie Nel behind bars that they defied state policy, lied to the National Prosecuting Authority and refused to accept the opinions of several prosecutors - who told them they didn't have a case.

Now acting National Prosecuting Authority head Mokotedi Mpshe has expressed "serious concern" about the process followed by police in their bid to obtain an arrest warrant against Nel, the man leading the investigation into National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi.

And his concern has been echoed by political parties and analysts, who have described the arrest as a witch-hunt.

In D-Day as Scorpions face off with Selebi, IOL repeat these allegations, about Nel's irregular arrest having been, without sufficient evidence, by Mabula, who was acting in such irregular capacity, on orders from higher up:
Nel obtained the arrest warrant against Selebi in September last year, fuelling a political firestorm that resulted in the suspension of NPA head Vusi Pikoli.

The warrant was later cancelled by senior Randburg magistrate Stanley Mkhari, at the request of acting NPA head Mokotedi Mpshe.

A fortnight after Nel obtained the cancelled warrant, Potchefstroom police officers Captain Tsietsi Mano and Senior Superintendent Ntebo Mabula approached senior public prosecutor Solomzi Mveke for a warrant for Nel's arrest.

According to court documents, they later admitted that there was insufficient evidence to charge him and that they were carrying out instructions from "higher up".

Is ANC Murder Investigation Slap in the Face -- deliberate antagonisation-- of AWB?

According to Johnny Steinberg, in his book The Number, in New South Africa, those who act on the ANC’s cultural heritage of ‘Kill Farmers’, are accorded with automatic membership -- prison and street-cred status -- of the 27’s gang. Put differently, if you adhere to gangculture and in accordance with such gang culture, Kill a Farmer in South Africa, then you are rewarded with automatic membership of the 27's gang. In Nongoloza's Children: W. Cape Prison Gangs, Steinberg states:
Over the past two decades, news of the strange world behind the bars of South Africa's prisons has been spilling out in dribs and drabs. Among the things we have learned is that the so-called "Number gangs"—the 26s, 27s and 28s—are about 100 years old, that they originated in the jails, mine compounds and informal settlements of turn-of-the-century Johannesburg, and that today they constitute a formidable force in every prison across the country.

We know, too, that the world of the Number gangs is one of staggering brutality. Its self-styled judiciaries sentence inmates to death, to gang rape, to beatings with prison mugs, padlocks and bars of soap; among the prerequisites of joining the "soldier lines" of the gangs is the taking of a warder's or a non-gangster's blood; leaving a prison gang, sharing a gang's secrets with a warder, or talking casually about the gang's workings to the non-initiated are all punishable crimes.

As stated in “I like blood & hurting people; I like fu**ing up peoples lives” - SA prison gang member:
To commit a crime, that got a ‘maximum’ sentence, was equivalent to earning your gang distinctions, or being admitted to an Ivy League University. It was to receive maximum street cred, upon your release; as well as maximum prison respect, while serving your sentence.

If you have ever spent time around hunters, who would talk with awe and respect, about a hunter who had killed one or more of the ‘Big Five’, then you would notice the similarities of the conversations. While a hunter of course makes use of the meat, and skin etc. of his kill, he does not kill it primarily for the meat, or skin, but for the thrill of the hunt; for the prestige of receiving respect and reward for being the ‘Big Five’ hunter.

Eugene Terre'Blanche being to many the King of Boere, represents to any individual steeped in gangculture to be the ultimate 'Kill Farmer' Trophy.

Were the murderers of Eugene Terre’Blanche psychologically and ‘Kill Farmer’ politically motivated to attain ‘Kill farmers’ Cult-Hero Gang Status?

Why is General Mabula's investigation avoiding this line of questioning and investigation, considering, among others: (i) Mr. Terre'Blanche's 'Kill Farmer' status, (ii) his ritualized and symbolic vicious and brutal murder; (iii) the murderers decision to turn themselves in for 'Kill King of Farmers' cult hero status; (iv) many in the communities response of according them with 'Kill King of Farmers' cult hero status?

Instead of investigating all aforementioned, General Mabula has negligently or intentionally diverted the investigation to a line of enquiry that appears to be the intentional assassination of Mr. Terre'Blanche's character, the dead victim of a vicious murder. Is General Mabula once again conducting legal proceedings upon insufficient evidence, and doing so upon instructions from "higher up"?

Why is General Mabula and his Higher Up Political and SAPS bosses screaming from South Africa's front pages, that Justice for Mr. Terre'Blanche shall not be done; and will manifestly and undoubtedly not be seen to be done?

Are General Mabula's 'higher up' bosses deliberately and intentionally attempting to rub salt into the AWB wounds and pain? To antagonize and provoke the AWB?

The AWB's request: Appoint Piet Byleveld & Gerard Labuschagne in Charge of Mr. Terre'Blanche's Murder Investigation

SA Race Relations require that Justice not only be done; but BE SEEN TO BE DONE. We want these two top SAPS investigators in charge of search for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about who murdered Eugene Terre'Blanche; and why.
[AWB.Justice.4.ET: Byleveld & Labuschagne]

“In my capacity as regional representative and organizer I have come to the conclusion that one of the most important murder investigations in South Africa is being conducted by unqualified and inexperienced investigators with fore-ordained suspects. Immediately after the murder we had a private investigator at the scene of the crime. I am accordingly aware that there is evidentiary information that was present at the scene of the crime that the police has not publicly revealed, and accordingly I suspect a cover up. The ANC is paying for the attorneys for the defendants, and the police are acting unprofessional. False accusations are being disseminated to coverup the inexperience of the investigating officials. I demand that Piet Byleveld and Gerard Labuschagne be immediately appointed to expose the truth. It is my submission that the SAPS and ANC do not want to reveal the true facts.” - Mr. Juan van Zyl, Regional Representative of the AWB.

Is the AWB Request for Byleveld and Labuschagne reasonable, in favour of Justice; & the Rule of Law?

According to the Daily News (There's something about Piet Byleveld..., March 09, 2007):
Super-sleuth has uncanny ability to persuade criminal suspects to confess

It is something powerful and intoxicating. Whatever it is, it makes tough men wilt like roses under the powerful African sun.

In case you don't know Piet Byleveld, let me introduce him to you.

Byleveld is a middle-aged policeman who must be feared by all criminals. He is the man who looks at suspected criminals straight in the eyes and they just start singing like canaries.

I don't know how he does it, but one thing is quite clear: Byleveld has supernatural powers.

Perhaps it's something to do with his eyes and moustache. Could it be the way he dresses? The old-style suits of detectives of yesteryear?

Maybe it's his dry, humourless "I'm-a-policeman" kind of look. Or is it a combination of all these and much more?

Clearly Byleveld is every citizen's dream. He is our modern-day Dick Tracy or Mike Hammer. If you're a criminal, he will find you, no matter what.

Perhaps this is his special power. Criminals know that Byleveld will find them, no matter what. They know that even if they stall, duck and dive, he will nail them. So they don't waste his time; they tell him what he wants to know.

So what's special about Byleveld? Colleague Gill Gifford says he is known for being sensitive and has a unique way of handling cases.

His style, she says, is quiet and unassuming. "He remains emotionally detached, treating his suspects with the same res-pect with which he regards victims' families," she adds.

Wouldn't it be great if all our police officers had a Byleveld effect on criminals? An effect that says "don't commit crime because he will find you"?

According to Carte Blanche (Super Sleuth, 07 August 2005)
'Piet Byleveld hasn't lost a case since 1996 and it's that track record that's earned him a reputation as a top cop. Over the past decade he has solved a string of South Africa's most gruesome headline cases - hunting down the country's most brutal serial killers.'

According to South African Police Services (GOING THE EXTRA MILE, INSPITE OF ...):
Commissioner Suiker Britz often spoke about “Ysters”; the term in which he referred to his specialized detectives. This was a term of endearment and absolute respect for the detectives that were prepared to go the extra mile; detectives who had dedication, loyalty, initiative, and would carry on until they had literally exhausted every possible avenue in an investigation.

Supt Byleveld is such a man. A man with a passion for the job.

.... Policemen throughout South Africa have together given millions of hours so that the people of South Africa have some peace of mind. How many of them though, get recognized. Thanks to the Serious and Violent Crime Unit’s initiative, some policemen are not taken for granted. If you want to encourage good practice and excellent service delivery, start recognizing your fellow colleagues and the input they give.

According to the South African Police Service (Commander of SAPS Investigative Psychology Unit appointed as Professor Extraordinarius):
Snr Supt Labuschagne joined the South African Police Service in October 2001 as commander of the Investigative Psychology Unit, which falls under the Detective Service at Head Office. This unit lends support to detectives throughout the country, primarily in the investigation of psychologically motivated crimes....

"Snr Supt Labuschagne is a credit to the South African Police Service and to his country. Not only is his expertise an invaluable investigative tool for detectives probing complex cases, but it has also contributed significantly to successful prosecutions in several cases, resulting in convictions and appropriate sentences. He is also actively involved in the development of other police officials in this country and abroad. He is to be congratulated on this latest outstanding achievement, which is an acknowledgement of his personal commitment to law enforcement and his courage in tracking down some of the most prolific and violent killers in our midst," said the Divisional Commissioner of the Detective Service, Commissioner Rayman Lalla

Am I the only Ka**ir Sissie who supports the Rule of Law/Justice for Mr. Terre'Blanche?

I could find no conflict of interest in either of the two top SAPS inspectors requested by the AWB to be appointed to investigate Mr. Terre'Blanche's murder.

It accordingly appears to me, that the AWB's request is not only reasonable, but more importantly would contribute to SA citizens reaffirming their faith in the justice system. For if in the case of Mr. Terre'Blanche, black and white citizens observe that political and judicial authorities insist that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done; then surely such authorities would be demonstrating that they are seriously and sincerely committed in word and deed to the rule-of-law, for Mr. Terre'Blanche and his alleged murderers.

What kind of country are we living in, if the AWB -- alleged evil 'white supremacists' -- are endorsing and calling for fair, impartial justice to be done and to be seen to be done, i.e. the rule of law; and the ANC political and media elite -- alleged supporters of Rainbow nation democracy -- are endorsing biased injustice to be done and to be seen to be done, i.e. no rules at all?

Andrea Muhrrteyn is the White Refugee nom-de-plume for Lara Johnstone, the 'Kaffir-Sussie' who demands justice for Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanche.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Copy of Comment to Leadership Online: TerreBlanche Murder

Mr. Piet Coertze
Leadership Online Editor

CC: Mr. Robbie Stammers, Editor Leadership
CC: Mr. Andrew Sehrsen, Owner Leadership
CC: Mr. Roysten La Mond, Owner Leadership
BCC (Honour and Transparency Purposes): AWB Representatives

Mr. Coertze,

(I) Your Article Terre’Blanche Murder in Leadership Online; and (II) Questions & Request for Comment: Why a ‘KaffirSussie’ demands Justice for Mr. Eugene Ney Terre’Blanche.

Thank you for your telephone call in response to my call yesterday. As I said in our telephone conversation, I have generally considered Leadership Online to be somewhat fair and impartial, I particularly liked your article on the history of ‘Kill the Boer’, which I found very informative and factually based.

I write to you from the perspective of an impartial observer from the Radical Honesty community. In the Radical Honesty community: ‘Leadership’ is about taking personal and political responsibility; i.e. practicing and preaching ‘The Buck Stops Here!’. It is above all about being honest, 100% the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, in all communications, not just in court. It is about making a commitment to participate in a conversation of active listening, sincere and serious active listening to people whom you disagree with. Our constitution is the Truth and Forgiveness Social Contract. In Radical Honesty, we never inform anyone we have forgiven them, if that is not true. We simply commit to remaining in the conversation with such person, we inform them we have not yet forgiven them, and we are working on it. We continue and remain committed to the conversation towards sincere forgiveness.
PDF: Truth & Forgiveness Social Contract

In that capacity I have, among others, filed an Amicus Curiae application in the case of McBride vs. The Citizen. For it is quite obvious to someone who does practice sincere forgiveness that there is a significant amount of schizophrenia involved in people who never forgave Robert McBride, but who call themselves ‘Proudly South African’. I would imagine the term ‘Proudly two faced hypocrites’ would be more applicable, don’t you think?
PDF: The Citizen vs. Robert McBride: Application to Chief Justice of Constitutional Court

Subsequent follow up: Neither the Citizen, nor Mr. McBride objected, so the matter is currently before the Chief Justice. Additional information about three International Experts who would like to testify before the Concourt, on the issues in my application:
SA Media Conspiratorial ‘What Bleads, Leads’ role in SA’s Race War..


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


I appreciate you for sharing with me your thoughts that you struggled with being impartial towards the AWB. That your lack of impartiality – my interpretation -- was founded upon a lack of forgiveness for the AWB from your fears of allegedly having been placed on some hitlist, during your participation in the CODESA talks. I don’t know if it was true that you were on a hitlist or not; if so, your fears then were justified. Did you have any evidence that this hitlist actually originated from the AWB? I say so, cause I am aware of an assassination contract that was covertly released by the PFP to ‘right wing’ assassins, to assassinate Mandela while he was at Robben Island, who were hoping for a backlash against the then National Party. So, if the hitlist was indeed an AWB hitlist, that would not have been kosher, but if the hitlist to scare you, did not originate from the AWB, what then? Were these issues brought before the TRC, and did you manage to find out what the truth was regarding the hitlists? In my aforementioned application to the Chief Justice, I mention many examples for how the TRC failed to get the truth, and failed to enable victims and victimizers to meet with facilitators to get to sincere forgiveness.

But I must say, I also don’t think it is honourable or ethical, and certainly not an example of ‘leadership’ for you to be pretending that you have forgiven the AWB, when the truth is that you still hate them, and never forgave them. Such information should be presented in any news article, namely the author’s conflict of interest; that you never forgave them. It appears that you, like many, if not most of SA’s journalists, did not seriously and sincerely practice truth-telling and reconciliation, did you? You are by far not the only person who did not seriously and sincerely forgive and who is not seriously and sincerely practicing reconciliation.

Are you aware that the ANC allegedly currently have a hitlist on over 20 people in regarding to massive corruption at the Mbombela World Cup Stadium in Nelspruit? Very few people seem to be upset about this hitlist. The ANC police are not even bothering to investigate or protect those who are on the hitlist, hence a few of them are already very, very dead. A few months ago I received an email death threat, and when I contacted an individual in the NPA, whom I reasonably trust, as being sincere, to find out whom I should submit the complaint to at George Police Station, the NPA officer told me that he would first need to find out if there was a competent police officer who would professionally deal with the threat at George SAPS. He could find no such competent police officer to refer me to. Luckily it appears the person who made the threat was only expressing temporary rage and got over his anger, and did not follow through on his anger and threat. He was just blowing off steam. But don’t you find it interesting that the NPA could not find me a competent and professional police officer in George, to whom I could submit the complaint? Last year I went to the SAPS officers in George to submit two affidavits of complaint against two SA Government officials, one a politician and another a Prosecutor, for charges of perjury, fraud, corruption and persecution. The police refused to accept the charges. The perjury was committed by a leading South African politician on the witness stand, and the Magistrate ruled the perjury did not matter, in regards to the credibility of the politician’s allegations.
PDF: Patricia de Lille
PDF: Pros. Jacobs


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Dr. Brad Blanton, former ‘Honesty in Politics’ candidate for Congress in Virginia, 2004 and 2006; best selling author and psychologist of the Radical Honesty series of books and principles, filed a written Affidavit in the High Court, stating his objections to the SA Goverments legal and political persecution and prosecution of myself; accusing Patricia de Lille and the NPA of conducting a legal witchhunt against me.
PDF: Affidavit of Brad Blanton, Ph.D

I subsequently contacted 30 media organisations, and all the mainstream political parties to inform them that, among others, the Police refused to accept my charges, against said officials; and of Dr. Blanton’s allegations of the witch-hunt against me. The response by these 140 SA political leaders:
140 SA Elite Confirm their Deliberate Indifference to Rule-of-Law; No Objections to SA Gov. persecution of ‘RH White Refugee’

Charming ‘Rainbow democracy’ we have in SA, don’t you think; when 140 of SA’s political, media and academic leaders confirm that they are totally and deliberately indifferent to the persecution of a ‘Kaffir Sussie’. If a ‘Kaffir Sussie’ cannot get justice in Rainbow SA, what about white people who are not even a Kaffir Sussie? Isn’t their only option to join the AWB, to work for a Volkstaat and self-determination; because clearly nobody – but the AWB, and related Volkstaat Verkiessing Komissie organisations – gives a flying rats ass about their lack of access to justice and the rule of law?

Now about your article on the Terreblanche Murder. As I said to you, it appears to me as if the SA Media are deliberately and intentionally attempting to provoke the AWB, to fling mud in their face, and salt in their wounds about the murder about Mr. Terre’Blanche. Frankly I am repulsed and disgusted by the alleged ‘TRC’ and ‘Rainbow democracy’ SA media’s behaviour and reporting about Mr. Terre’blanches murder.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Some of my disgust with the SA Media’s biased antagonisation of the AWB, I expressed in an article:
Why a ‘Kaffir-Sussie’ demands Justice for Mr. Eugene Ney Terre’Blanche.

I’d appreciate it if you could give me your ‘Leadership’ views in regarding to the issues stated in that article, among others:

1. Do you understand, or even want to understand Why a ‘Kaffir-Sussie’ supports Justice for Mr. Eugene Terre’Blanche?

2. Do you agree that it is important, -- if it is true that we are living in a ‘democracy’ where the SA media and political leaders are committed to the ‘Rule of Law’ and interested in enabling sincere and committed Racial Harmony -- that ‘Justice should not only be done, but be seen to be done’?

3. Does General Ntebo Jan Mabula, the Chief Investigating Officer in Mr. Terre’Blanche’s murder, have any conflicts of interest?

4. Is, and has the SAPS and Hawks murder investigation of Mr. Terre’blanche, a Slap in the Face – deliberate antagonisation – of the AWB?

5. Do you support the AWB’s request that Piet Byleveld and Gerard Labuschagne be appointed to Head the Investigation of Mr. Terre’Blanche’s murder?

6. Do you agree/disagree that the AWB’s request that Piet Byleveld and Gerard Labuschagne be appointed to Head the Investigation of Mr. Terre’Blanche’s murder; is in support of Justice/Rule-of-Law?

I look forward to hearing your perspective and response.

Respectfully Requested,

Lara Johnstone
Cell: (071) 170 1954

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Unified Quest is the Army Chief of Staff's future study plan designed to examine issues critical to current and future force development... - as the world population grows, increased global competition for affordable finite resources, notably energy and rare earth materials, could fuel regional conflict. - water is the new oil. scarcity will confront regions at an accelerated pace in this decade.
US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
Human Farming Management: Fake Left v. Right (02:09)
ARMY STRATEGY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Office of Dep. Asst. of the Army Environment, Safety and Occupational Health: Richard Murphy, Asst for Sustainability, 24 October 2006
2006: US Army Strategy for Environment
CIA & Pentagon: Overpopulation & Resource Wars [01] [02]
Peak NNR: Scarcity: Humanity’s Last Chapter: A Comprehensive Analysis of Nonrenewable Natural Resource (NNR) Scarcity’s Consequences, by Chris Clugston
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