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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

17 April Intn'l Lutheran-Revere “Stop Boer Genocide” Protests at SA Embassies in Sweden & Russia...

17 April Intn'l Lutheran-Revere “Stop Boer Genocide” Protests at SA Embassies in Sweden & Russia...

Andrea Muhrrteyn || Why We Are White Refugees || 22 April 2011

On 17 April two groups of modern day Lutheran Reveres, one in Sweden and another in Russia, delivered their ‘Here we stand. We can do no other’ messages to the Norwegian Nobel Committee's Multi-Culti Papal Rainbow Fascist Pharisees: the African National Congress (ANC).

Call it fate or synchronicity, but 17 April is the anniversary of the German Priest and Professor of Theology, Martin Luther's 1521 speech to the Assembly of the Holy Roman Empire at the Diet of Worms, where he refused to recant his teachings, thereby initiating the Protestant Reformation:
“Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures or by clear reason (for I do not trust either in the pope or in councils alone, since it is well known that they have often erred and contradicted themselves), I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. May God help me. Amen”

While many of Multi-culti's adherents have yet to notice, their religious adherence to the doctrine of Multi-culturalism has become no less than fascistically fundamentalist. It is not enough to have 'Ni**er loving credentials', to join this Multi-Culti religion, but like other Fascist religions, it is required that you fundamentally believe that your religion is superior, the one and only true religion and demand everyone want to be a 'Ni**er lover'; and anyone who just simply wants to love their own culture or values are heretics/racists/white supremacists/neo-nazis (never defined).

Imagine if it was decreed that any and all music concerts could no longer choose their specialisation genre but in order to be approved to sell tickets (make a profit) all concerts had to be multi-musical correct. Every concert had to include music from every single genre, and nobody would be allowed to leave the concert until the last song is played. How many reggae or blues music lovers would buy tickets to be forced to listen to classical, country western and heavy metal? The only people who would enjoy these concerts would be multi-musical correct, right? Every other music group would consider themselves very much aggrieved for not being allowed to discriminate against the music concerts they can't stand, and discriminate in favour of the music concerts they love.

Why is it so difficult for Multi-Culti's to understand that while they may love all non-white music genre's, not everyone else does. In the same way that some men discriminate in favour of blonde's and against red-heads, generally white nationalists discriminate in favour of white western cultural rule-of-law, freedom-to-be-responsible values and against black no-rules-at-all freedom-from-responsibility cultural values. Notice for example the human conscious serious, concerned and disciplined non-violent protest, in accordance with the rule-of-law; in contrast to No-Rules-At-All Freedom-from-Responsibility burning down schools, rock throwing, toyi-toying hilarity as if the subject of the protest is a Monty Python play.

The fragile ego's of multi-culti addicts -- so offended that their multi-cultural belief is not worshipped as the king of all cultural religions -- manifest their resentment, to these white nationalist heretics, by their deliberate refusal to confront the population policy common sense reality that white South Africans and Zimbabweans are the World Demographic Coalmine Canaries.

Like Pope Leo's excommunication of Luther for refusing to recant 41 sentences from the 95 Theses, and for setting fire to the bull at Wittenburg on 10 December 1520; and the Emperor's decision to declare Luther an outlaw for refusing obedience to the Pope, by permitting anyone to kill Luther without legal consequence; the International multi-culti Rainbow Farisees have allowed the genocide of Africa's white Boer heretics to continue without any international legal consequence from the International Criminal Court, let alone any objections from the Human Rights Committee and Committee on Economic and Social Rights: the bodies setup to respectively monitor the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR (PDF))and the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights (CESCR (PDF)), which state among others:
1. All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

3. The States Parties to the present Covenant, including those having responsibility for the administration of Non-Self-Governing and Trust Territories, shall promote the realization of the right of self-determination, and shall respect that right, in conformity with the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations.

The interviews show some evidence for the "spiral of silence" explanation: many interviewed reporters felt that population is a hot issue, better left unmentioned.... Thus a spiral of silence about population growth may be maintained by determined pronatalists, immigration advocates, and intimidated journalists. How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection, Univ. of SW Louisiana

One tactic whereby the multi-culti religion endorses the extinction -- without legal consequence -- of its heretic/racist non-adherents is to demand the absolute silence or expulsion of any heretic who exposes the reality that for example: the non-White population of the earth effectively doubles itself every 34 years, compared with White population which now only doubles itself every 200 years; or put differently: from 1900 to 2100 - a period of 200 years, the proportion of Whites on earth will have dropped from 30 per cent to three percent. In 1868 the white population in South Africa was 50%, by 2001, it was 9%.

If this exponential decrease in population was happening to Polar bears, at the expense of Sea Turtles, Multi-Culti's would be demanding polar bears be placed on the WWF exintinction warning list with special procreation rights, while Sea Turtles receive Maoist one-child only cultural revolution education on family planning, if not experience outright humane culling. Instead white people who value their Lutheran Enlightenment and Western civilisation cultural heritage, and who would prefer not to head directly back to the Multi-Culti's preferential destination: the Dark Ages; are not as lucky as polar bears in the MultiCulti Hypocrisy Empire.

The only options it appears for the Polar Bears are to religiously, culturally and politically secede from the Multi-Culti Hypocrisy Empire. 17 April also provides us with some historical precedents on the principle of Secession.

17 April is the day before the anniversary of minuteman and Sons of Liberty member Paul Revere's 1775 famous midnight ride through New England with the warning message: ‘the redcoats are coming’.

As a result, on 19 April, 77 Lexington militiamen came together under Captain Parker, at North Bridge, Concord, where they were famously instructed by Captain Parker to:
“Stand your ground; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

The battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War, which finally resulted in the 13 colonies seceding from the Kingdom of Great Britain and founding the United States of America.

According to Ron Paul, former Texas Republican Candidate for US President: Secession is an Important Constitutional Principle, and without the right to a healthy open discussion about the issue, the right is meaningless:
America was born from an act of secession. When King George’s rule trampled on the rights of the colonies, we successfully seceded from England. It took a war, but we were well within our rights. We applauded when former soviet states seceded from the USSR and declared their sovereignty.

On a personal level, contracts you enter into can be terminated if one side unilaterally changes the terms. If a credit card company jacks up your interest rate, you have every right to fulfill your obligations and close the account. Imagine if you were forced to stay with a credit card company forever no matter what just because you previously signed up! The principle of self-determination applies to political unions as well. In the cases I mentioned above, governing organizations transformed into much more overbearing entities than originally agreed upon.

The founding of the United States of America is by far not the only example of Secession that can be studied for guidance. More recently there was Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999) (PDF), which granted Kosovo the “recognition of a human community within a sovereign state enjoying a right to self-determination.” [Secession: International Law Perspectives, Christian Tomuschat, P34]

The response from then President Putin and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov was for a “solution mutually acceptable to Kosovo leaders and Belgrade.” Putin further implied that Russia would officially recognize the secessionist territories in the post-Soviet conflicts if the United States and other Western governments recognize Kosovo's secession from Serbia. The crux of Putin and Lavrov's argument was that all these conflicts belong in a single category and require a single-model solution. Ostensibly, the Kremlin sought a generally accepted and consistently applied standard:
Any proposed solutions should be universal in nature... If someone takes the view that Kosovo should be granted state independence, then why should we withhold the same from Abkhazia or South Ossetia?... [Furthermore] to act fairly, we need commonly recognized, universal principles for resolving these problems" (Itar-Tass, RTR Russia Television, January 30, 31).

Sounds a bit like Martin Luther and Captain Parker, don't you think:
“If someone takes the view that ANC Bishops should be granted the religious integrity independence to interpret the word of Norwegian Nobel Committee God, as a “Rainbow Nation”; then why should we withhold the same religious independence to a contrary interpretion, i.e “TRC was a fraudulent PR publicity stunt”, from an honest multi-culti religion's Pope, or the common man?” (Martin Putin?)

“Furthermore to act fairly, we need commonly recognized universal principles for resolving these taxation of minority white citizens without providing them with political representation in majority culturally alien goverments focused on their extermination” (Vladimir Parker?)

No multi-culti Rainbow Azanian can convince any white nationalist that millions of white South Africans, who voted for a New Rainbow South Africa, i.e Non-Racial Rule of Law; also voted for its direct opposite: Racial No-Rules-at-All, i.e. Indiginization, Nationalisation, Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and welfare policies providing financial incentives for black African poverty procreation production factories.

If black African South Africans want Rainbow South Africa to commit Zimbabwe economic and food security suicide, that is their choice. The rest of the Rainbow can do so; including the TRC Hypocrisy Pharisee multi-culti's, but this is not what millions of white South Africans voted for when they voted for a new Rainbow Nation Social Contract. The majority (74%) of White South Africa does not want to commit Zimbabwefication Economic suicide, and they have the right to back out of such a social contract. They have a right to not commit economic and food security suicide. They want a divorce from this economic suicidal political multi-culti group marriage. They want to secede.

The 17 April declarations of Swedish and Russian Lutheran Reveres are analogous to Frederick III, the Elector of Saxony's decision to intercept Luther and escort him to his Patmos, the security of Wartburg Castle at Eisenach. It is a Minuteman message to the Norwegian Nobel Committee's Multi-Culti Papal Rainbow Fascist Pharisees, that the Boer Genocide will no longer be permitted to continue without International legal consequence.

» » » » [Ref's: Abathembu Justifications for Secession]

Press Release: Statement from Swedish Resistance Movement

April 17, 2010 Protest against the genocide in South Africa

On Saturday the 17th of April 2010, the Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) march to the South African embassy in Stockholm, housing representatives of the ANC government. We hold the ANC responsible not only for the murder of Eugéne Terre’Blanche, leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), but also for the ongoing genocide of whites in South Africa.

Eugéne Terre’Blanche dedicated his life to the struggle for his people and a sovereign state for the white Boer people. Tragically his life ended, just like thousands of other white farmers, brutally murdered by blacks. Several thousands and yet more, are those who mourn the loss. We shall never forget his sacrifice!

Therefore we march – under the slogan “Stop the Boer genocide!” – in honor and remembrance for the white leader of the AWB. But we also march to tell the world about the situation for our kindred people in South Africa. We will tell of a government who in silence support murder, rape and plunder of whites.

Hereby we call upon our brothers and sisters around the globe to take a stand, no longer can we sit and do nothing as the white population of South Africa is being murdered. What happens in South Africa today, will happen in our nations tomorrow! The Swedish Resistance Movement march to the South African embassy in Stockholm on Saturday 17th of April, to show the Boer nation that they are not alone, that we are with them in their struggle for survival. We urge YOU to do the same, to show the world that the white race is still a force to reckon with, for this our comrades, IS YOUR DUTY!

Russians Protest Boer Genocide

By NewsGuy, The Right Perspective
April 21, 2010

On the same day Swedes took to the streets of Stockholm and other cities to honor slain AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche and bring light to the silent Boer genocide in South Africa, a similar protest was held by Russian nationalists in Moscow.

Members of the Russian Nationalist party DPNI delivered a protest letter to the South African embassy in Moscow that day, blaming ANCYL leader Julius Malema’s repeated public singing of “Kill the Boer” at political rallies for causing Terreblanche’s murder.

The letter, written by DPNI Head of the Central council, Basmanova Vladimir Anatolyevich, also called for fair representation and protection for the White minority in South Africa:

In connection with the murder of prominent politician and South African citizen Eugene Terreblanche due to his race and ideology, as well as in connection with the systematic violation of the rights of White people in South Africa, we require:

  1. Providing quoted number of seats for parties representing the interests of the White majority (such as the Freedom Front Plus, revived nationalist party, and etc.);

  2. Stop discrimination against whites;

  3. Punish those responsible for the murder of Terreblanche, including Julius Malema, who sang “Kill the Boer”;

  4. Develop programs for the return of the White citizens of South Africa (most of which are also highly skilled experts, the massive influx of which could significantly contribute to the development of the republic as a whole) who were forced to leave the country due to high levels of racial discrimination (providing a package of social guarantees, funding for development, soft loans for housing purchase and improvement);

  5. Cancel job quotas for Blacks in South Africa;

  6. Select state subsidies vigilante groups of white citizens;

  7. Recognize the national currency of Orania, and the right to develop its own independent media;

  8. Recognize the right of the Boers to establish their independent state – Folkstaad or cultural autonomy in the north-east of the country;

  9. Curb illegal immigration from neighboring African countries.

A second letter was sent to UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon, calling on the international body to address the ongoing discrimination against Whites by the South African government:
The United Nations (UN) was created by the international community to keep peace and security, and as a guarantor of human rights around the world. A particular area of attention of all international human rights organizations has always been a realization of the rights of national minorities to self-determination, which is especially important in situations where the national majority, have taken a commanding position in the state, conducting a proactive and systematic policy of discrimination. Such system is available in attitude to the white ethnic minority in South Africa and such situation has continuation basis even today.

During the Apartheid era, the UN played an active role in the internal affairs of different countries in order to prevent further racial discrimination of Black people. However, with 20 years since the end of Apartheid, the level of civil rights violations due to race only has increased, even though the discrimination has now reversed.

One good example of this is the system of job quota distribution for Black residents of the state, which leads to discrimination the right to work of White people and a drain of qualified professionals, which significantly enhances the crisis in health care institutions and law enforcement.

During 20 years time, South Africa is standing under social discrimination of white people by Black majority with provocations of the criminal contingent with different kind of offenses against the White South African citizens, including murder, rape, and looting.

All attempts to establish and develop people’s self-defense detachments forces have been prosecuted. This is despite the fact that in places of compact settlement of Boers or White Europeans, where there are no White self-defense militias, criminal groups of Black Africans are executing ethnic purges. Crimes on violence against Whites because of their race are not investigated by the authorities, or only selectively investigated.

The presence of White discrimination in South Africa inevitably is outraged by world society opinion and reproduces doubts in necessity of introducing benefits for communities which were affected by discrimination in the past.

Thus, all activities of the South African authorities to the white citizens undermine confidence in the ideas of equality, multiculturalism, open society, support the rights of national minorities a national majority.

Recently, representative of the youth organization of the ruling African National Congress – Julius Maleme publicly performed the song “Kill the Boer” and triggered another wave of violence against the White population of South Africa, which resulted in the death of 69-year-old opposition representative, Eugene Terre’Blanche.

Based on the foregoing, we, as Russian Public Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), require from the United Nations to adopt the following measures to ensure security at the South African republic of all persons, regardless of their race, basing on respect of human rights and without double standards:

  1. Confirm the right of the Boers to establish their independent state – Volkstaadt or cultural autonomy in the north-east of the country;

  2. Consider the issue about establishing a system of financial and humanitarian support for the creation and development of White autonomy, allowing the White population of South Africa to realize their right for national development, as modeled by Orania;

  3. To elaborate recommendations for the elimination of discrimination of the White population in South Africa;

  4. To abolishing the quota of jobs for Black people;

  5. To grant quoted number of seats in Parliament to parties which are representing the interests of national minorities (such as the Freedom Front Plus, Revival Nationalist Party, and etc.);

  6. To promote legalisation of the national currency of Orania, the Oranim, and offer the right to develop their own independent media;

  7. In case of continued discrimination of White ethnic minority, and pressure on the political opposition, representing their interests of white people, countermeasure is to suspend the membership of South Africa in the UN;

  8. To place limited peacekeeping contingent on the territory of South Africa to protect the rights of national minorities, to stop ethnic purges, as well as reducing the level of blatant criminality in the country;

  9. Develop programs to address the problem of illegal immigrants, which according to some sources, numbers more than 25% of total population. It is known that illegal immigration is directly proportional to the level of crime, including motivated by racial hatred;

  10. Strengthen the monitoring of human rights of the White population in other African countries, especially in those where the White minority has traditionally exercised significant social, economic, political activity, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Angola and Mozambique.

Please would be so kind, Mr. Secretary-General, to give answers or comment on the merits of the above.

» » » » [DPNI]

Swedish Nationalist Movement Burn ANC Flag in Stockholm

Written by Red, AfrikanervolksParty
Saturday, 17 April 2010 23:57

The Swedish Nationlist Movement protested today in Stockholm against the genocide of whites in South Africa. As usual with white behaviour the protest was peaceful and orderly. Approximately 100 activists started their march at about noon with police escorts to the ANC Embassy on Sankt Eriksplein, many with flags, including the Transvaalse Vierkleur, and banners with the slogan “Stop the Boer Genocide!”, including posters of murdered AWB leader, Mr. Eugene Terre'Blanche.

During the protest march flyers were handed out to observers with information about the horrific conditions in South Africa.

The protesters did not allow the police to intimidate them infront of the ANC Embassy and the message of the ANC's hate towards the white South African population and the right for whites to self-rule and sovereignty was clearly expressed.

Kristian Nordvall, the leader of the organisation, stated in a short speech infront of the Embassy that the real conditions in South Africa are being covered up by the media and the politicians pretend these conditions are not occuring. He encouraged listeners to continue to focus and expose the genocide of whites in South Africa.

The highlight of the march was when the ANC-flag was set alight with loud chants of

In the meantime the police recognized one of the protestors who had been targetted at a previous protest. The police tried to remove the individual but the group remained firm and refused. With firm negotiations a suitable solution was found within five minutes and once again the protest could proceed focussing on the Boer genocide in South Africa.

» » » » [Afrikaner VolksParty]

Report from the Demonstration

- Stop the Boer Genocide!

Av Redaktionen, Swedish Resistance Movement
19 april 2010

The protest march by the Swedish Resistance Movement, under the slogan ”Stop the Boer Genocide!”, took place in Stockholm on Saturday 17th of April, without any major disturbances. Following here is a brief report on the event.

About a hundred participants joined the assembly at Sankt Eriksplan in Stockholm around noon. Except the organization´s own members and supporters, members of other nationalist groups showed up in support of the Boer.

Once gathered, participants flanked the street with flags, a banderole, shields and signs. Both the Resistance Movement´s own flags, as well as the Vierkleur flag was represented. The banderole read “Stop the Boer genocide!” and the signs showed a portrait of the murdered leader of the AWB, Eugéne Terre’Blanche, who was honoured today as well. While the protesters waited for the march to begin, they distributed leaflets containing information about the South African situation to onlookers and people passing by.

Once again the protesters lined up with the banderole, the flags, the shields and the signs. A few more leaflets was handed out, of which one was delivered to the embassy together with the remains of the burned flag. Magnus Söderman – one of the executives of the Swedish Resistance Movement – ripped the ANC flag in anger, to give a hint of his feeling about the presence of the ANC in Sweden!

» » » » [Excerpts: Swedish Resistance Movement]

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