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Friday, February 18, 2011

VVK Meeting disrupted by attack on Paul Kruger

'Boer'-Extremists disrupt VVK-meeting.

Vrydag, 18 Februarie 2011 10:28

A small group of "Boer"-extremists under the leadership of Mr. Piet Rudolph disrupted the Volksraad Verkiessing Kommissie meeting held at Paardekraal on Krugersdrop last night. A follower of Mr. Rudolph stormed down on Mr. Paul Kruger of the VVK and started beating him in the face till the blood splattered. A bleeding Mr. Kruger subsequently made a call for unity, considering the threats being faced by the Afrikaner volk; and the need for transparent leadership.

From the beginning of the meeting, Rudolph shouted interruptions while the ten candidates standing for the VVK election clarified their positions should they be elected to the Volksraad. Despite these interruptions, the meeting ran smoothly and there was a high degree of unity among the candidates and the audience about the struggle for survival for Africaners and the need for visible Afrikaner leadership.

At the very end of the meeting, without any provocation Rudolph's henchman attacked Paul Kruger at the microphone, beating him in the face while he was handling the audience's questions.

A bloodied Mr. Paul Kruger, at VVK Paardekraal Meeting
Most of the people who attended the meeting, voiced their disappointment with the unsolicited attack on Mr. Kruger and expressed their opinions that it reflected badly on all Afrikaners. Mr. Jaco Mulder of the Freedom Front Plus, who was also present in the audience, described it as a "reality TV show" attack, saying: "It surprised me that Piet Rudolph is still at large, because he causes trouble wherever he goes." According to Mulder, Mr. Kruger has already received death threats from "Boer" extremists in regards to his role in the organization of the Volksraad for an Afrikaner People's Assembly Elections.

In contrast to the behavior of Rudolph and his accomplice, Kruger treated Rudolph with great tolerance, including providing him with time to make a speech. During his speech Rudolph accused Kruger of "doing a new thing" and that the restoration of the Boer Republics was the only possible political solution for the country. He also attempted to create suspicions surrounding the VVK, and alleged that Mr. Kruger had a hidden agenda.

It is not known whether Mr. Kruger has laid a charge of assault against his attacker.

At the PRAAG website there have similarly been alleged death threats in the comments section, directed at Dr. Dan Roodt.

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Press Release: Paul Kruger About the Meeting Arranged by the VVK at Paardekraal, 17 February 2011

18 Februarie 2011

On 17 February 2011, for the first time in over a century, my people had the opportunity to become familiar with the personal views of men who have been nominated to stand for a Volksraad, not involved in Party Politics. The event took place at a public meeting that the Afrikaner People's Assembly Electoral Commission arranged at Paardekraal.

I listened to these nominated leaders and wondered once how people can claim that there are "no leaders" among us. What a privilege to be part of a nation, with such men in its ranks! They are by nomeans the only leadership potential in the Afrikaner people - there are still others who have demonstrated their loyalty and noble motives, including what is required to place Afrikaners back on the path to freedom. These leaders and their followers will soon share in the reasonable, legitimate and unequivocal procedures of a democratic nation election process - a process that by no means new, but one that until recently has remained almost forgotten by our people since the British rule period dawned in 1902.

But there were also some who attended the Paardekraal meeting with their own sinister agenda. Who did their best to try to disrupt the harmonious atmosphere - in which candidates had great respect for each other, rather than themselves - to break an old familiar tune: "We will not stand together, we are not persuaded by you, we despise you, we will not allow you your opinion - and especially we will not just leave you alone, we will insist on our own so-called "better" plans - we'll show you our anger, demean you, defame you" - and finally a man I don't know at all, walked up to me, while I was answering a question from someone else, and without any warning broke my nose with his fist.

In the ensuing events, according to witnesses, one of his apparent companions - Piet Rudolph - waved a gun in the face of a young farmer in attendance.

I have news for this little gang: Do not think you will steer me - or my people - off this path to freedom we happen to be travelling since 1836, or make us falter. Not for a moment. And if you wish to act like our arch rivals, to continue to wish to destroy our work, with your cowardly "stealth attacks", and brandishing your weapons in our faces - know that we will not tolerate such criminal misconduct, nor will we simply ignore it, due to your white skins. It is your choice to behave in this matter -- you will have to live with the consequences.

Long live the Boervolk!

Paul Kruger.

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Orde Boerevolk: Gebeure by Paardekraal

21 Februarie 2011
Piet Skiet Rudolph
Orde Boerevolk

Die misleiding en verdraaiings van die Afrikaners binne die sogenaamde VKK waar daar met Boere-sentiment oor ons geskiedenis, ons drang na vryheid en enige paaiery van die ANC, te koop geloop word, was ...'n sweer wat iewers moes oopbars.

Die feit dat hierdie bedenklike organisasie nog van die Boeremonument by Paardekraal gebruik gemaak het om hulle verfoeisels as Boeresentiment te probeer opdis, wys hoe roekeloos hierdie Afrikaners in hulle verdraaiings is. Van die Dopperpredikant wat strykdeur oor die Afrikaner gepreek en gebid het en die danspassies van die sogenaamde kandidate om hulleself as Afrikaners aanvaarbaar te maak en wanneer dit goedklink, 'n Boeresluier uit te pluk,was die optoffery en uitdossery om van naar te word. Op dieselfe parade was diegene wat met hulle diensplig en range gespog het asook die dienspligontduiker Dan Roodt.

Ek het niks te doen gehad met enige aanranding op Paul Kruger, wat as voorsitter opgetree het. Ek was ook nie naby hom nie anders sou ek dit probeer verhoed het. Hy is egter 'n regsgeleerde en bekwaam genoeg om die voorafgaande gebeure wat tot die aanranding, aanleiding gegee het, self aan 'n hof te verduidelik. Sy beweerde aanrander se oupagrootjie was een van die bouers van Paardekraal. Daar is 'n klip tot sy eer by Paardekraalmonument opgerig.

Ek is na die vergadering om vrae te vra en tussenwerpsels te maak, wat nog altyd in ons politiek aanvaarbaar was. Dit is my demokratiese reg. Ongelukkig is daar nog steeds onder Afrikaners die weersin om vra te antwoord en verduidelikings te gee. Daarvoor is ek gevloek, geslaan en in die gesig gespoeg deur baie jonger mense as ek. Ek word hierdie jaar 74. Dit is die gedrag van mense wat hulleself Christene noem.

Die gebeure waarvan ek aangekla word het na die vergadering in die straat buite Paardekraal plaasgevind. Ek het genoeg rede gehad om te vrees vir my lewe. Dit sal my egter nie verhoed om my plig te doen nie. Ek het ook nie 'n vrees om toegesluit te word nie. Hier is nog instansies soos die geregshowe waarop 'n mens jou kan beroep.

'n valse gerig wat deur die Afrikaners versprei word is dat onder die invloed van drank en onvas op my voete was. Ek drink niks en almal wat my ken weet dit. Ek is 'n diabeet wat probleme met my sig ervaar. Hierdie gebeure was in die aand.

Een van die kandidate van die VKK, Dan Roodt, het 'n vieslik gedig oor Boerevrouens geskryf wat nou in omloop kom. Verskonings dat die 'gedig', dertig jaar gelede geskryf is, word as verskonings aangebied om hom te verontskuldig. Dit is egter 'n direkte belediging van Boervroue in die ergste graad. Dan Roodt sal moet plan maak om verskoning te vra vir sy prulskrywery, of die konsekwensies daarvoor te aanvaar. Ons het nog nie 'n woord van afkeur uit die geledere van die VKK gehoor nie. Hulle stilswye word as kondonering beskou.

Opgestel deur Piet Rudolph namens die Aksiekomitee, Orde Boerevolk.

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