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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Open Letter to Julius Malema, from Piet Skiet Rudolph

Mr Julius Malema
ANC Youth League
Luthuli House
Sauer Street

Mr Julius Malema,

A friend of mine forwarded me a copy of your speech to students at the Free State University on Friday 22/01/2010.

It is obvious that you were again frothing at the mouth on your favourite topic - white racism. You apparently alleged that one should ‘not be afraid to confront issues of race’. I agree with you. Race is such a natural topic as is discussing the weather.

I am not a racist, but if racism means preference and love of my own people, the Boer people - and not even all whites- then I guess that I may qualify as racist.

But Mr Malema, you are a true racist and obviously suffering from a huge ego and an inferior complex when it comes to whites. You are nothing but a ‘Boere basher’.

It is reported that you said ‘those who have oppressed us should be pressed to show remorse and accept that African leadership was ruling the country.’ I thought that this happened in 1994, but in 2010 you are still pleading for ‘remorse’ and ‘pressure’. What kind of remorse - remorse because we were born with white skins? What kind of pressure - the often repeated slogan of the late Peter Mokaba "kill the Boer, kill the Farmer?"

I thought that the ANC wanted to create a fully integrated, inclusive new South Africa, with respect for everybody,the white minority included, to become a South African nation? This did not materialise and now you are propagating reverse apartheid! I did not think that the New South Africa was going to work, but your people had the opportunity to prove me wrong, having two thirds of the whites prepared to work towards your promised Utopia.

If that happened, it would have buried the apartheid and closed the book on the past. A new dispensation would have dawned, with whites contributing to it. This would have been an example for the world to see! But, that did not transpire, and affirmative action and blatant discrimination against our white minority became self evident. Even white children, born after the demise of apartheid, are now being discriminated against by you and your cohorts, believing that they should pay and suffer for ‘the sins of their fathers’.

In 1993, before the ANC took office, I wrote a letter to Mr Nelson Mandela, stating that although we are going to have a change of government, I believed that we are not going to experience a change of attitude. I said that the so called “oppressed” , will become the new oppressors. With your attitude it is now self evident.
It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, Mr Malema.

However, it is clear from your actions, that you have never spoken to a Boer who does not tremble in fear before you! The only whites that you have been in contact with , are those bleeding heart liberals, who find delight to grovel before you and your cohorts. We, the proud Boervolk, can never stoop to that level.

I repeat it is evident that you are a blatant racist, and we the Boers, know how to deal with racists! We were never conquered by an armed force. We were sold out, without a shot being fired in anger. Sold out by the treachery of the leaders of the National Party.

Should there be any doubt about the veracity of this statement, you are underestimating the resolve of the Boervolk to resist the excesses of your people. Study our history and you should realise this. Those who ignore history, are bound to repeat it!

Your claim that the "ANC fought for a non-racial society and was building a non-racial society", is devoid of truth.

Without the whites you will never succeed, the reason being that you require the vision, ingenuity and inovative spirit of the white man. You should realise that the luxurious black car that you are driving, and the exquisite watch on your wrist, including the basic knive and fork for your luxurious meal is by courtesy of the white man . The AK 47, favourite weapon of the blacks, was invented by a white Russian man. The only contribution to that by your people, was pulling the trigger.

You also stated that freedom is ‘useless while the country’s economic power was still in the hands of white males.' That is just as far fetched. It was only the discriminatory affirmative action and other measures that created obscene wealth for a few of the now ruling elite. Whites are now becoming entrepreneurs and the blacks, because of the easy availability and guaranteed cosy jobs, are already lacking behind. No thinking is necessary, because jobs are assured at the expense of the whites. This once beautiful functioning country is being returned to the dark ages because of mismanagement in all spheres of government. Eskom is a shining example!

Roads and the infrastructure is not being maintained and only 3 out of the 284 municipalities have a reasonable functioning sewerage system. Stealing telephone and electrical cables, manhole covers and everything of value is the order of the day. Under black rule, the country is on the inevitable road of becoming another basket case.

“States shall protect the existence and the national or ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity of minorities within their respective territories and shall encourage conditions for the promotion of that identity.”
-- Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities
[Boycott 2010 World Cup Brief: Re: Abathembu Secession]

The peaceful Boer nation had two Boer Republics , the Transvaal and the Orange Free State. It was forcibly taken from us by the invading British and mostly assisted by Blacks.

This eventuated in a Boer holocaust where 24 000 children and 3 000 women died in British concentration camps.

The yearning for our freedom and the return of our land is still burning in our hearts .

The right to our freedom, under a government of our own people, is non negotiable. We are only prepared to negotiate on the strategy to attain it.

If we don't draw boundaries now, history is bound to draw them for us!

That is the only way lasting peace will be assured in this country.

Yours faithfully

Piet Rudolph

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