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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ask Ernie Els: “No Normal Sport, in an Abnormal Society”

Ask Ernie Letter (further below) sent to: [Mr. Ernie Els: Ask Ernie (Ack Rec/Read: C. Burke)] [Mr. Hannes van Niekerk, Ernie Els Foundation (Ack Rec/Read: P. Cotton)]

CC: [Darryl Cullinan, Shaun Pollock, Graeme Pollock, Hugh Page, Clive Rice, Jacques Kallis, Morne du Plessis, Mike Proctor, Jonty Rhodes, Marks Maponyane, Gary Baily, Bruce Fordyce, Fanie de Villiers, Ian McIntosh, Steve Elworthy, Lara Kaplan; c/o Sandton Sports Club (Ack Rec/Read: G. Wallace) (Ack Rec/Read: D. Britz) (Ack Rec/Read: D. Viljoen)]

CC: [New York Times] [Wall Street Journal: Heather McDonald] [Fancourt: Mr. & Mrs. Plattner (Ack Rec)] [FIFA: Sepp Blatter (Ack Rec)] [Transparency in Sport: Andrew Jennings] [2010 Local Organizing Committee: Danny Jordaan (Ack Rec/Read)] [ANC Youth League: Julius Malema, c/o Mr. Gwede Mantashe] [Sowetan: Andile Mngxitama (Ack Rec/Read)] [Fahrenheit 2010: Craig Tanner (Ack Rec)] [HSRC: Udesh Pillay] [Salon: Jenifer Schute (Ack Rec/Del.)] [AIPCS: Ben Chavis] [Abathembu: Attorney Majola] [ISS: Henry Boshoff (Ack Rec/Read: Webmaster)] [Cape Party: Jack Miller] [VVK: Paul Kruger] [SAIRR: Anthea Jeffery] [Treatment Action Campaign (TAC): Nathan Geffen] [Social Justice Action: Mr. Gavin Silber (Ack Rec/Del.)] [SAHRC Complaint # WC-2009-0455BS: Head: Danaline Franzman & Complaints Registrar: Sebongile Mutlwane (Ack Rec/Read: P Carelse)] [Norwegian Council for Africa: Sigrun Johnstad] [Nelson Mandela, F.W de Klerk, Desmond Tutu; c/o and via: DA Leader, Ms. Helen Zille (Ack Rec/Read: DA Leader)]

Media et al: [Rian Malan] [Jani Allan] [Anglican Church of SA: Archbishop Makgoro (Ack Rec)] [Fedhasa] [702 Radio Editor] [Beeld Editor] [Biophile Editor] [Business Community Journal Editor] [Die Burger Editor] [Business Day Editor] [Citizen Editor] [Litnet Editor] [Mbendi Editor] [Mirror Editor] [Sake 24 Editor] [SAPA Capetown Editor] [SAPA Johannesburg Editor] [Sowetan Editor] [Sunday World Editor] [Sunday Times Editor] [Tech Review Editor] [Mail & Guardian: ThoughtLeader Editor] [Thoughtleader David Smith] [Weekend Post Editor] [Witness Editor] [Weekend Post Editor] [Limpopo Mirror Editor] [Zoutpansberger Editor] [SABC2 Morning Live]

Mr. Els,

RE: Ask Ernie: In (i) Memory of Golfing Fan & Journalist Peter Cassidy; and (ii) Honour of Lara Kaplan; I ask: Is Ernie Els South African Sports Julius Malema?

A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash; Directed by Ray McCormack, Basil Gelpke, Reto Caduff
I was wondering if you are a member of the ANC Youth League, because when I read World Cup Safety Fears – Overplayed, says Els, in the New York Times, I wondered if you had contracted the Julius Malema virus: ‘Like a dronk Carl Niehaus hotnot ANC worshipper, I don’t care about facts or reality; I just worship the corrupt, autocratic ANC and say what they order me to say’:
The World Cup is going to be beneficial to South Africa; so spending billions of taxpayers Rands on sport Stadiums is more important than citizens education and safety and security: “The venues and the stadiums are unbelievable and all the airports have been redone.”

South Africans are one happy rainbow family: “black people, white people, Afrikaans speakers, English speakers, Xhosa speakers, everyone ... we have all become a nation now.”
Please could you answer the following questions; to explain your statements.

ONE: Which of the following evidentiary facts did you factor into your decision-making that spending billions of taxpayer rands on fancy Sports Stadiums is more important than spending on schools, education, family planning so as to avoid breeding poverty stricken children, and citizens Safety and Security (See also Question Two)

Development and Dreams: The urban legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup; By Udesh Pillay, Richard Tomlinson, Orli Bass (eds) [*Kalahari*]
[SA's Inconvenient Truth: False Hopes About 2010 World Cup?]
[1] Fahrenheit 2010: The allegations in the documentary Fahrenheit 2010: A matter more important than life and death by Australian Craig Tanner; which exposes some nasty facts about the 2010 World Cup.

[2] World Cup 2010: South Africa’s Inconvenient Truth: Being in the ‘Sport Development’ field, I imagine you are fully aware of Human Sciences Research Council’s Research study Development and Dreams: The Urban Legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup which asks very uncomfortable questions to someone such as yourself peddling your aforementioned ‘2010 World Cup is financially good for South Africa’. It asks whether South African’s false hopes about the 2010 World Cup, are South Africa’s own “inconvenient truth”?
"The tragedy is that public funds have been looted for a moment in our history. People are still going to be living in shacks, the jobs are not sustainable - this is a blatant misuse of funds” -- sociologist Ashwin Desai.
[3] World Cup Costs to Ratepayer and Taxpayers: Capetown Airport has proposed a 133% increase in Airport charges. Or do these things not bother you much, as long as your money is hidden in Swiss Numbered bank accounts, and your David Beckham cocaine-sniffing buddies are raking in the millions?

“Cape Town is set to sign away the R4.5bn Green Point super-stadium - for just R1 a year..... Ralph Malan, a retired engineer and vehement opponent of the [Green Point] stadium, says the project has been “bedevilled from start to finish with official deception of the public…. The stadium is going to haemorrhage money.” The “white elephant” spectre is one that has come to haunt World Cup and Olympic Games hosts. A little over a year after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games China is struggling to find a real purpose for its 450-million-dollar showpiece Bird's Nest stadium, while one of Germany's 2006 World Cup stadiums in Leipzigalso struggles to attract more than a few thousand fans to third-division games.

Foul! Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-rigging & Ticket Scandals; by Andrew Jennings
[Is FIFA Blackmailing RSA Media?]
[4] Corruption in Sport: Honest and sincere Soccer fans are sick to death of the Mafia corruption in FIFA, not to mention Mr. Blatter’s FIFA endorsement of Charles Taylor, currently on trial at The Hague for murder, mutilation, torture, human sacrifice, cannibalism, using women and girls as sex slaves, abducting adults and children, forcing them to perform forced labour and go to war ... and burying a pregnant woman alive in the sand. It has further been alleged, that the World Cup to South Africa was a political corruption quid pro quo for Sepp Blatter to install himself as the FIFA Godfather Czar for Life. Don’t you have any ethical principles against corruption in Sport Mr. Els?

[5] Peak Oil’s current and impending Financial, Agricultural & Political Crisis: All aforementioned is occurring, when dozens and dozens of South Africa’s Government, Media and Corporate leaders have been warned, in 18 July 2006 :: PeakOilRSA :: Briefing Report, among others, about the urgent measures required for South Africans to implement to mitigate the disastrous impending financial, agricultural and safety and security consequences of Peak Oil. Building Sports Stadiums, in the face of Peak Oil, is the same as spending all your finances, time and resources on planning for a Fancy Dress Ball on the Titanic, while your friends are building life-rafts, thanks to their concern about icebergs floating around in the water. Peak Oil was described by Rep. Bartlett, on the floor of the United States Congress as:

The Wall Street Journal sat down with Mr. Michael Ruppert, author of Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World to discuss oil, Wall Street and the “imminent collapse of human industrialized civilization.”
[Sounding an Alarm on Oil]
Civilization – the modern, petroleum based civilization that Dick Cheney refers to as “The American Way of Life” -- is coming to an end soon. This is not the wacky proclamation of a doomsday cult, apocalypse bible prophecy sect, or conspiracy theory society. This is the scientific conclusion of some of the best-paid, most widely respected geologists, energy advisors and oil experts, scientists & scientific bodies, and investment bankers and banks, in the world. These rational, professional, conservative individuals are making and recommending serious preparations for the global phenomenon known as global Peak Oil.
TWO: Do you – like many corrupt ANC government officials -- simply deliberately and indifferently ignore information because it does not fit your belief that South Africa is “one happy rainbow family”; such as for example:

[1] Abathembu, Cape Party, VVK and others Representations: the ANC is a government of tyrannical indifference, political prosecutions and persecutions, which has breached and nullified the Constitutional Social Contract; justifying their demands for Secession and Self Determination under a new Social Contract:
[a.] The leader of the Abathembu Xhosa clan, King Dalindyebo has filed a Notice of Secession from the South African Government, as a result of “the conclusion that the relationship between the South African Government and the Abathembu Tribe has irretrievably broken down,” subsequent to an ANC conspiracy of legal prosecution and persecution against the King for refusing to be an obedient ANC lapdog.

[b.] The Cape Party has endorsed the Abathembu Tribe’s aspirations of Secession, because the conflict between South Africa’s many different cultures exposes the fraudulent idea of South Africa as a unitary state.

[c.] Within the Afrikaans and Boere community many different groups are calling for, and discussing options for Secession and Self Determination, from the VVK, AWB, Herstigte Nationale Party, Freedom Front, etc. In a recent Volkstaat Survey on Beeld, only 27% of Beeld readers where happy living on the ANC’s Black Apartheid Corruption runaway freight rain heading directly, for Zimbabwe.
[2] How South Africa peddled the world a Fake Truth & Reconciliation Commission Political and Emotional ‘Fake Rainbow Feel Good’ Ponzi Scheme:
[a.] The Truth Commission Lies: In People’s War: New Light on the Struggle for South Africa, and The Truth About the Truth Commission, Anthea Jefferey exposes the massive hypocrisy and lies behind the alleged ‘Truth Commission’; and the ANC’s alleged ‘democratic’ intentions.
[b.] Complaint to Nobel Institute: Truth Commission Lies: In legal complaint to Norwegian Nobel Institute, and subsequently filed as an evidentiary document (# FF.01a) in application with the High Court of the Western Cape (# 19963-09): Notice of Legal and Political Request to: (I) Withdraw Nobel Peace Prize’s from Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, for (a) Intellectual Dishonesty & Hypocrisy; (b) Moral, Political and Religious Prostitution; and (c) ‘TRC-RSA’ Fraud and Betrayal; and (II) Accept Nobel Peace Prize Nominations for Dr. Albert Bartlett; Dr. Garret James Harden, and Dr. M. King Hubbert, for Intellectually Honest and Politically Honourable Ecologically Sustainable, Human Rights, Peace and Social Justice Advocacy (PDF), the South African Government is accused of peddling a fake Truth and Reconciliation Commission Political and Emotional “Feel Good” Ponzi Scheme.

[c.] Complaint to Human Rights Commission: ANC’s Crime of Apartheid: In complaint (WC-2009-0455BS) to the South African Human Rights Commission, Dr. Brad Blanton, candidate for US congress in 2004 and 2006, author of the Radical Honesty series of Books filed a Supporting Affidavit (PDF) wherein he agrees with the allegations of the Founding Affidavit, that the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Politicians were peddling fake and two-faced ‘Truth’ and ‘Reconciliation’, for political disinformation deception purposes.
[3] How ANC South Africa stands accused of Crimes against Humanity and the Crime of Apartheid (
[a.] The crime against humanity is defined as: “…persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.”

[b.] ‘The crime of apartheid’ means, among others, “…. persecution…. committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.”

[c.] Complaint WC-2009-0455BS to the SAHRC indictment reads as follows: Indictment of (i) Hon. Patricia de Lille, MP, ID; (ii) Mr. Thabo Mbeki, Former President; (iii) Mr. Bulelani Ngcuka, Former NPA Nat. Dir.; (iv) Mr. J.S. Selebi, Former SAPS Commissioner; (v) Mr. B.M. Skosana, Former Min. of Corrections, (vi) Mr. Nelson Mandela, Former President; (vii) Mr. Jacobs, Senior Prosecutor: NPA: Capetown; & (viii) National Prosecuting Authority: WC; for: Accessory After the Fact, Complicity in Actions and Knowledge to Tragedy of the Commons Slave and Cannon Fodder Breeding (a) Crimes against Peace, (b) Crimes against Humanity, and (c) the Crime of Apartheid; by breaching their Promotion of National Unity & Reconciliation Act 34, 1995, social contract duties & responsibilities; violating § 2 (4) of the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004, Article 6 of the London Charter, & Article 6, 7, 33(2) of the Rome Statute, of the International Criminal Court.

[d.] Complaint WC-2009-0455BS is supported by the following Expert Witness Affidavits:
[i.] Dr. Leonard Horowitz D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H (PDF). In 2002 Dr. Horowitz prepared a submission for Congress: Committee on Government Reform Hearing on Vaccines as a Risk Factor for Autism. His article Polio, Hepatitus B and AIDS: An Integrative Theory on a Possible Vaccine Induced Pandemic, was accepted for publication in the peer reviewed Journal of Medical Hypotheses; published May 2001, Vol. 56, No. 5, pp. 553-694. The article details the evidence as described in laymans terms in his bestselling book: EMERGING VIRUSES: AIDS & EBOLA: Nature, Accident or Intentional? [ii.] Dr. Brad Blanton, independent candidate for United States Congress, in 2004 and 2006; author of among others Radical Honesty, Practicing Radical Honesty, and Honest to God, affidavit: Affidavit of Brad Blanton, Ph.D, evidencing the legal, psychological, and socio-political ‘citizens privilege’, Nuremberg Principles skills and competencies of Individual Responsibility, required for acts of civil disobedience to perceived illegitimate authority; and their application to the common law ‘reasonableness test’(PDF)
[4] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Gold Medal: Farm Attacks 7 times higher than any other country in the world:

“Farming in South Africa is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. The murder rate for farmers is 313 per 100 000 per year according to a statement in July 2007 by Freedom Front spokesperson, Pieter Groenewald - about eight times higher than the reported national average murder rate. Farm attacks in SA are also 7 times higher than any other country in the world. White people are in most cases the victims - there is, however, a perception that whites are the only victims.” -- Farm Attacks in South Africa, by TrueCrimeExpo “The agricultural department of a bank in South Africa has calculated the per capita murder rate of ethno-European farmers to be four (4) times greater than the average murder rate for the population of South Africa.” -- GenocideWatch Report, 2002

[..] “The Committee also interviewed 15 prosecutors – all of them state advocates – in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Kimberley, Pretoria and Pietermaritzburg. They were unanimously of the view that farm attacks were non political in nature. At the same time the degree of violence and cruelty exhibited during farm attacks was exceedingly high. Most state advocates attributed this extreme violence to racial hatred.” – The Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Farm Attacks, July 2003
[5] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Gold Medal: Assaults per capita:

[6] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Gold Medal: Manslaughter per capita:

[7] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s Your ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Gold Medal: Murders with Firearms per capita:

[8] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Gold Medal: Rapes per capita:

[9] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Silver Medal: Murders per capita (beaten by Colombia):

[10] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Silver Medal: Murders without a firearm per capita (beaten by Colombia):

[11] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Silver Medal: Murders with a firearm, per capita (beaten by Thailand):

[12] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Silver Medal: Rapes by country (beaten by the USA with a population of over 300 million):

[13] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ Crime Olympics Silver Medal: Manslaughters by country (beaten by Mexico)

[14] Fake Two-Faced Hypocrits and Sycophants to Political Correctness: Hypocrisy Olympics: Gold Medal

Honest to God: A Change of Heart That Can Change the World, by Brad Blanton & Neale Donald Walsch
Now either we are the Rainbow Nation, who told the Truth (sic) and Forgave (sic), or we are winning the World Crime Olympics, because a majority of our citizens are filled with hate, and not allowed to, or willing to, brutally honestly and nonviolently talk about it; rather they prefer Raping, Torturing and Murdering, their hearts filled with racially motivated hate! Being Galileo Forensic Evidence minded, as opposed to Flat Earth PC minded, I am forced to admit South Africa, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu and F.W de Klerk, are winning the Worlds Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals as Two Faced Hypocrits, in the Hypocrisy Olympics; and considering the worlds Hypocrisy accomplishments, that is quite an achievement in Hypocrisy!

[15] South African Police Force: An Organisation on the Brink of Collapse:
Many communities are not very cooperative with the police in the first instance as they perceive the police as a joke when they view the physical attributes of some police men and women, their inability to exercise literacy skills and the polices general reluctance to respond to complaints. It is interesting to note that Ask Afrika’s Orange Index gave the S A Police Service a 0% rating whilst private security companies achieved a 60.71% rating. What is even more disturbing is that Chicken Licken outlets achieved a service rating of 53.57% which, if it was feasible would make it appropriate to report crime at your nearest Chicken Licken outlet.

……. There are justified concerns regarding the levels of Crime and the ability of the SAPS to ensure the safety and security of the FIFA world Cup. These concerns emanate from the local as well as international community and SAPS response, as well as the SA Soccer Federation is one of “We have hosted numerous big events without incident such as the 1995 Rugby World Cup, the 2003 Cricket World Cup and the World Summit on Sustainable Development so we can handle 2010”.

Whilst the aforementioned may be true and a reflection on the countries ability to have hosted such events at the time important issues are being conveniently overlooked such as: “That previous events that attracted international attention were hosted in the past at a time when there was a form of normality in the Service. Thus; that was then, this is now.”

The Soccer World Cup is a colossal event on the international sporting calendar. It will not make a difference to pump in thousands of additional members to police the event when the Service does not even have the capacity at present to adequately train and deploy its current workforce who are anything but professional and not capable of performing the most rudimentary (mundane) of tasks. -- SAPS: An Organisation on the Brink of Collapse, by SAPS Specialist, Ivan Myers, 27 February 2008. [Not to mention how these SAPS incompetents intend to handle Al-Shabaab or Sheik Abdul El-Faisal’s World Cup of Terror aspirations.]
[16] Ernie Els, Julius Malema and the ANC’s ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’: Ignorant and Maliciously Indifferent to 74% of White SA’s consider themselves Persecuted in South Africa, and hence South African White Refugees!

As from 74% of White SA’s agree with Huntley, ANC and liberals deliberate indifference legitimize Huntley’s White Refugee Status, to Nathan Geffen & Gavin Silber, et al:

Beeld Newspaper (1 September 2009)

“Is Canada correct in granting a White South African refugee status?”
1. Yes (83%) (5869 votes)
2. No (4%) (261 votes)
3. All races suffer under crime (13%) (924 votes)

Die Burger Newspaper (1 September 2009)

“A White South African was granted refugee status after Canada’s immigration board found that the South African government could not properly protect White South Africans from persecution. What do you think?”

1. Preposterous - Everyone is a victim of crime, poor people in townships even more so (15%) (515 votes)
2. It is true that the government cannot control crime, but unnecessary to stereotype Black people. (23%) (789 votes)
3. Kanada here I come! (62%) (2131 votes)

Independent Online Survey (02 September 2009)

A South African man has been granted refugee status in Canada, where an immigration board found “clear and convincing proof” he was persecuted for being white. IOL asked its readers: Is applying for foreign citizenship on racial grounds justified?

Most IOL readers thought there was nothing wrong with applying for foreign citizenship on racial grounds.
1. Yes (65%) (691 votes)
2. No (35%) (373 votes)

Rapport Newspaper (2 September 2009)

“Are there grounds to grant White South Africans asylum in foreign countries (due to crime)?”

1. It is hogwash-White and Blacks are equally affected by crime (13%)(761 votes)
2. Whites are a preferred target (87%)(5266 votes)

Conclusion: Seventy Four Percent of white South Africans feel --- exactly the same way Huntley does -- that they are being persecuted in South Africa for reasons of their race/membership of a particular ethnic group!

THREE: In Memory of Golfing Fan and Freelance Journalist Peter Cassidy (68), who was murdered in August 2007; his ‘Black Power Rainbow Family’ gang murderers never arrested:

According to Henri Boshoff, a military analyst with the Institute for Security Studies, in a January 2006 front page Saturday Star article, sophisticated urban criminals were exploiting the same “military precision” tactics used in farm attacks to hit homes in residential suburbs in South Africa’s major cities. Such military tactics include: (i) reconnaissance of the target beforehand; (ii) Secret signals left outside the house for other members of the gang; (iii) Heavily armed gangs; (iv) Use of violence including rape. Well-known Jacaranda-radio journalist, newspaper freelancer and long-time Pietersburg resident Peter Cassidy, 68, was murdered in his Savannah Mall, Flora Park house. His body was found on the floor of his bedroom in his house in McDonald Street. A rope was twisted around his neck and his hands and feet were tied when police found him. He was lying on his stomach. The following graphic (below) illustrates this particularly gruesome killing-method previously carried out against mostly farmers in Farm Attacks.

According to a total absence of media reports indicating the contrary, the gang of murderers who tortured and killed Golfing Fan and journalist Mr. Peter Cassidy; were never apprehended. Consequently Mr. Cassidy is currently classified as one of the 570 victims of every 1000 crimes committed, whose perpetrators were never arrested. But even if Mr. Cassidy had been one of the 430 murder victims whose murderers were arrested, would they have been one of the 77 who were convicted? If so, the 8 who were sentenced to two or more years of imprisonment (for murder!!)? If so, they’d probably have been parolled by now, eagerly awaiting those 450,000 soft target ignorant World Cup tourists!

FOUR: In Honour of Comrades Iron Woman Lara Kaplan, and Kaplan Brothers: Russel and Robert.

The Sandton Sports Club offer a wide variety of high profile sports personalities as guest speakers. Their distinguished personalities include: Darryl Cullinan, Shaun Pollock, Graeme Pollock, Hugh Page, Clive Rice, Jacques Kallis, Morne du Plessis, Mike Proctor, Jonty Rhodes, Marks Maponyane, Gary Baily, Bruce Fordyce, Fanie de Villiers, Ian McIntosh, Steve Elworthy, etc. And: LARA KAPLAN. Lara Kaplan has completed 12 x Comrades Marathons, as well as most of South Africa’s biggest endurance events (Duzi Canoe Marathon, Iron Man Triathlon, Argus Cycle Tour, 100 Miler (160km run) and Puffer 80km Trail Run.)

Lara Kaplan is the sister of Russel, Robert, David and Irnest Kaplan. I imagine, it could be said that most of the Kaplan family were diehard left wing liberals, who like many white South Africans believed, and wanted to believe, the dream of the rainbow nation. Russel had already left South Africa during apartheid, as a result of his objections thereto. Robert Kaplan had a computer academy specifically targeted to providing computer education training to black South Africans. Lara Kaplan, probably thought Nelson Mandela was the Rainbow Madiba, until she found out he couldn’t give a damn about victims of crime. But, perhaps not too dissimilar from the personal experience of Jenifer Schute, overtime these liberal notions changed. Lara no longer felt safe in South Africa. Being financially capable of emigrating, she emigrated to Canada.

Her brother Russel Kaplan is an Immigration lawyer in Toronto. According to the Transcript of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board ruling of Mr. William Davis, in the case of Brandon Huntley, Lara Kaplan testified on behalf of Brandon Huntley’s white refugee claim.
[122] (c) Multiple attacks. The witness, Laura Kaplan, was attacked and threatened with guns by African South Africans on two separate occasions because of the colour of her skin and perceived wealth.

[123] (d) Laura’s brother Robert who was tortured and shot by African South Africans and miraculously lived, now has major physical and psychological problems.

[124] (e) Laura’s brother Robert and her father survived only because of their wealth, being able to install electronic and guard protection for themselves both inside and outside their homes.

[125] The evidence of the claimant and the witness and the documentary evidence which I accept as credible shows a picture of indifference and inability or unwillingness of the government and the security forces to protect White South Africans from persecution by African South Africans.
What was the response from Sandton Sports Clubs distinguished personalities to support Lara Kaplans’ brave courageous stance to help poor white South Africans escape South Africa’s epidemic of ‘Poverty is the root cause of Crime’ racially motivated brutal criminality?

The Guerrilla War of Racially Motivated Gratuitous Violence in White South Africa’s Backyards: From Robert Kaplan (1997) to the Lotter Sisters (2009):

According to Salon Magazine, in their article What Happened to Rob Kaplan (PDF), written in June 1997:

The No. 1 Web site in South Africa is not about the beautiful countryside, the miraculous overthrow of apartheid or the glory of Nelson Mandela. It's about “a brutal act of violence” that has left its white victim “battling to breathe.”

“We just wanted our friends from all over the country to leave their own get well messages," said Irnest Kaplan, who found his elder brother Rob, 34, near death in his Johannesburg home on May 1. Rob, who ran a computer training center for blacks, had been shot twice in the chest, stabbed, beaten, pistol-whipped and tortured for hours with a household heating iron by three Zulu-speaking robbers seeking the keys to a nonexistent safe.

“Our intention now,” said Irnest, who works for The Internet Solution, one of South Africa's largest Web development and server companies, “is to have a meeting with Mr. Mandela, show him the responses and demand radical action ... We hope to leverage the Internet.”

The Kaplan incident was typical of the horrendous street crime that has enveloped South Africa. Carjackings, shootings, knifings and rapes have become so common that many newspapers have simply stopped reporting them unless the details are particularly grotesque -- a burning, for example, or a machete maiming. But Kaplan's Web site immediately attracted attention. In its first week it racked up 120,000 hits; in its second week, 1 million hits.

So far President Mandela's office has remained silent, no doubt aware of the racial dimension of the issue. The Kaplans are white and those complaining most vocally about violent crime are white. And the alleged perpetrators are mostly black. They almost always involve a high degree of gratuitous violence. Gang rape is a growing phenomenon.

The Turnaround: How America's Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic; By William Bratton, Peter Knobler
Are these merely post-apartheid expressions of white racism? No, says former New York Police Commissioner William Bratton, who was asked to come up with a crime reduction proposal for South Africa's minister of police.

“The situation seems to be getting worse ... The climate of fear has meant so many guns and people tend to shoot first. We did not meet a single person who did not know a victim of serious crime.” The former Lebanese ambassador, who fled the country after his house was broken into once too often, was quoted as saying that Beirut, even in its worst days, was safer than Johannesburg today.

The exodus of whites has grown since the advent of black majority rule, and crime is usually cited as the most compelling reason. As you read through Kaplan's site you get the feeling that for the average white South African, the guerrilla war of the apartheid era is not over -- it simply moved to their backyards, to their roads, stoplights, parking lots and to any place where they or their families are a target. Still, says Bratton, “They shouldn't lose optimism.” Crime can be lowered, he says, but it requires something he says the Mandela government has so far not shown: “leadership.”
According to the ANC Daily News Briefing, the ANC’s primary concern at the time, appears to have been Crime Victim’s Internet Site a “Hit”.

2009 Guerrilla War in White South African’s Backyards: Lotter Sisters
‘Alice Lotter, 77, and her daughter Helen, 57, both frail, were tortured to death at their farm in Allenridge near Welkom in the Free State on April 1, 2009. According to forensic evidence, the Lotter mother and daughter had died excruciatingly painful deaths: first tortured by being stabbed with broken glass bottles into their vaginas. One of the women also had her breasts cut off while she was still alive – and both women’s blood, police forensic experts found, had then been used to paint anti-Afrikaner hate slogans on the walls of their homestead. -- Alphabetic Name List: Murders, attacks on SA Farms and smallholdings 2009: Death Toll: 3,074; and Volksblad
FIVE: Does the ‘Poverty is the root cause of Crime’ belief, justify criminality?

John Maher of Delancey Street: A guide to peaceful revolution in America; By Grover Sales

Delancey Street is an incredible mixture of pure idealism and hard practicality. It is the best and the most successful [criminal rehabilitation] organization I have studied in the world”
— Dr. Karl Menninger
On January 4, 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported in A Crime Theory Demolished, among others, (a) the evidence that demolished the Poverty is the root cause of criminality theory; and (b) how William Bratton’s Policing Strategies worked to massively reduce crime in New York and Los Angeles:
As New York Police Commissioner in the mid-1990s, Mr. Bratton pioneered the intensive use of crime data to determine policing strategies and to hold precinct commanders accountable—a process known as Compstat. Commissioner Kelly has continued Mr. Bratton's revolutionary policies, leading to New York's stunning 16-year 77% crime drop. The two police leaders were true to their word. In 2009, the city of L.A. saw a 17% drop in homicides, an 8% drop in property crimes, and a 10% drop in violent crimes. In New York, homicides fell 19%, to their lowest level since reliable records were first kept in 1963.

The Compstat mentality is the opposite of root causes excuse-making; it holds that policing can and must control crime for the sake of urban economic viability.
I would imagine a country seriously concerned about their Crime Olympics Reputation, would be anxious for any evidence of successful crime prevention! But not to be, in fact such successful crime prevention information has been censored by both government officials and SA media!

Our beliefs are the root causes for much, if not all, of our behaviour. If Lara Kaplan held the belief that she could finish the Comrades Marathon, by only going on one AA training run a week; she would quickly find out that her belief made finishing Comrades impossible. If Ernie Els believed that he could win the PGA, by driving all his golf balls into BEE bunkers; he would quickly find out his belief is wrong. What separate Ernie Els and Lara Kaplan sports accomplishments, from the ANC and their liberal Poverty Pimp brigade New South Africa of Corruption and Criminality accomplishments; is that Ernie Els and Lara Kaplan are not fussy about what belief they implement; except for one factor: Lara & Ernie’s belief has to produce results on the sportsfield!. No result: hasta manyana the belief, for a new belief that does deliver results! The only result the ANC is concerned about, is how loyal everyone is to their ‘Poverty is the Root cause of Criminality’ Flat Earth Ideology/Belief. Like the Catholic Church, they don’t tolerate Galileo’s Forensic evidence to the contrary, who are labeled ‘racists’.

The ANC do not care about beliefs that work to reduce crime; the ANC care about ideologically politically correct beliefs, which financially and politically benefit them; irrespective of whether they work or not to alleviate the particular problem or not.

Crazy Like a Fox: One Principal's Triumph in the Inner City; By Dr. Ben Chavis, Carey Blakely
[Swampfox's Tough Love]
If the ANC cared about finding beliefs that work to reduce crime, they would know that in communities where the ‘poverty is the root cause of crime’ belief proliferates, that community has more criminals, because more people believe poverty justifies their criminality. This is not rocket science, communities where people think that icecream makes you thin, have more fat people. Poor communities who think like Ben Chavis have more university graduates. If I was President of South Africa, instead of fornicating every other friends daughter in sight; I’d be hiring Ben Chavis as Min. of Education; William Bratton as Min. of Police & Mimy Silbert as Min. of Corrections. So, why did Ernie Els choose to gatkruip -- like a dronk Carl Niehaus hotnot -- with among others, the corrupt ANC, the FIFA Mafia Godfather; and Bono Geldoff Poverty Pimp hypocrites by pretending that the World Cup is going to benefit poor black people?

What does Ernie Els have to say to Sowetan journalist Andile Mngxitama, who thinks that the South African government “are hosting a shockingly expensive Soccer World Cup for the enrichment and enjoyment of whites. The debt of the World Cup is likely to be paid even by [black African] children”? How many World Cup fans will leave SA duped, conned, and screwed over by Proudly SA lies?

Why is Ernie Els pretending that South Africans are one happy rainbow family, or is your circle of friends only populated by two faced sycophant hypocrits? What does “No Normal Sport, in an Abnormal Society” mean to Ernie Els? Does Ernie Els think Proudly South African Society of two-faced hypocrites, raping babies and grannies, and ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ Torture and Murder is ‘normal’?

Mr. Els, I don’t doubt when it comes to golf you know exactly what you are talking about. But may I suggest that when it comes to other matters, such as Crime, Criminality, financial soundness of the World Cup, etc.; you do your intellectual and evidentiary research homework, before making an absolute moronic dronk hotnot ANC poepol of yourself, on the world stage!

Respectfully Submitted,

Lara Johnstone
Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?
Why We Are White Refugees

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