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Friday, February 18, 2011

[R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks] The Monty Python Flying Black Babies Chimp-Fest Drama

Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

As Why We Are White Refugees readers may recall, I contacted Rendier on February 08, with “Invitation to Respond -- Your Response shall be posted in full”, regarding an article I had written about my perspectives, regarding his efforts to shut down SA Sucks. I suggest Rendier reads it again: Voltarian SA Sucks Temporarily Shut Down by Masculine Insecurity on Steroids: Rendier (Renaldo) Gouws.

It appears Mr. Rendier has totally forgotten many of the views I expressed therein, about whether I support all the opinions and perspectives of SA Sucks; or whether I support their right to express their opinions, including those which I may disagree with, because I subscribe to the freedom of speech principle's of Voltaire: "I disagree with what you say; but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

[Quote] Undoubtedly Voltarian SA Sucks is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. Their blog posts range from the satirically shocking, to in depth scientific politically incorrect journalism, incorporating philosophy, science, psychology, military strategy, history, etc. If you are easily offended, and your commitment to the 'freedom of speech' of those you disagree with does not include fighting for their right to express their opinions - only freedom for my speech and my opinions - then SA Sucks is NOT recommended reading material. Your -- I Disagree With What You Say, And I Will Ruin You If You Say It -- Psychological Insecurity Inner Fascist buttons will be activated.

[..] “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” -- François Marie Arouet, also known as Voltaire (1694–1778), French philosopher, author.

“I've noticed the stupider the person, the quicker they are to take offence to anything...” -- Colby Malsbury

For those who don't know SA Sucks, it has a wide variety of reading material, some of it really shocking for the politically correct, or the easily offended. It includes plenty of Voltarian satire, that can make your head spin. As Adriana Stuijt writes 'rage and truth dished out in outrageously rude dollops is just too hard for some people to take'. It really has a huge mix of stuff.

It also has profound race realist and South African articles you won't find anywhere else on the internet, except Mike Smith's blog: Mike Smith's Political Commentary. If Mike did not back up his SA Sucks posts, on his Political Commentary blog, they'd all be gone; but they aren't, so consider his Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box series: Intro :: What Diversity Means in SA :: First rationale for Apartheid: Violent nature of Blacks :: Second Rationale: Black culture and customs :: Third Rationale: Black Cognitive Ability :: Other Rationales :: The Role of a Goverment :: The lies about the Homelands :: The lies about the Townships :: District 6: A Case Study in Forced Removals :: Bantu Education under Apartheid :: The Architects of Apartheid :: The Apartheid Laws on Mixed Marriages :: Scapegoating Apartheid to Steal our Country and Wealth :: Smuts and Rhodes "World State" :: The hidden Goverment :: The Banking Conspiracy :: Hypocrisy at the United Nations :: The Role of the Commonwealth :: Dr. Verwoerd, Nationalist Visionary, “The most hated man in South Africa” and the success of Nationalism :: The Assassination of Dr. Verwoerd :: Holy Terror: How the Church Crucified South Africa :: Behind the Paper Curtain, and Beyond :: P.W. Botha - Start of the Final Betrayal. [/quote]

Rendier Chimp vs Alpha Beard Men Chimps

My personal analysis about Rendiers intentions I detailed as among others:

Young Alpha Chimp Takes on 67 yr old Epic Beard Man Alpha Chimp

Thomas Bruso aka Epic Beard Man EBM Interviewed
[..] His choice of how he markets himself, in his desire for popularity and power, reminded me of the manner gangs in the Oakland ghetto used to go about in their -- Verbal Mounting -- gang turf-wars.

[..] Rendier original reasons for shutting down the blog, were his alleged outrage at SA Sucks bloggers who were -- in his opinion -- 'racist white trash'. Racist white trash were damaging his image and reputation as a 'white south african', and the -- educate the ignorant -- work he believes himself to be doing. No effort to win the hearts and minds of SA Sucks bloggers by reason and debate; No! Rendier launches a Pied Piper video, where he calls on his mobjustice fanclub to shut down SA Sucks; and like good little sycophantic fans, who don't argue with the Guru's instructions; the mobjustice inclined do so, without any further enquiry.

When SA Sucks are understandably furious about Rendiers hypocrisy, he does the young Alpha -- I want your turf -- male dance challenging the older Alpha's to a fight; and as older Alpha's they give him a Verbal Mounting keyboard snot klap; since Verbal Mounting is something psychologically insecure Rendier does understand. Rendier chooses to interpret their Verbal Mounting snot-klap responses as evidence of death-threats against him. He now changes his alleged justifications for why SA Sucks needs to be shut down to the alleged 'death threats against him'. Mighty important he feels; the baddy neo-nazi white trash sent him death threats; so he must be important!

He kicks SA Sucks Older Alpha Males between the nuts, SA Sucks bark back, and Rendier runs howling to his fanclub how he's been bitten, by the baddie racist white trash.

Committment to Transparent Debate from SA Sucks & White Refugee; NONE from Rendier

My intention in contacting Rendier was to offer to act as an intermediary attempting to encourage Rendier and SA Sucks to engage in a written debate with each other, about their views, and to provide such a neutral platform (where neither party would be censored) for such a debate; thereby hoping to avoid an escalation of hostilities, between Rendier and SA Sucks; so they could find a place to live and let live, agree to disagree. The [R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks] articles posted were:

White Refugee was totally transparent in publishing the entire discussion with Rendier, for all White Refugee readers. SA Sucks readers posted links to it, once SA Sucks was rejuvenated. Rendier on the other hand declined to inform his readers that he was in fact engaging SA Sucks on Why We Are White Refugees. He appeared to be ashamed of informing his fanclub of this reality. He never responded to any of the issues raised in Mike Smith's response to him, or White Refugee responses to him on February 10.

In the meantime, with no response; White Refugee moved on, and reported on other issues. SA Sucks and Rendier were and are welcome to debate each other, or not, in whichever format they choose; whether Honourable Intellectual or Physical Jujitsu; or otherwise. It was/is thier fight and their choices.

A few hours ago, I received the following communication from Rendier:

White Refugee Response to Rendier's Search for Support to Censor SA Sucks Monty-Python Flying Black Baby Satire

Once again it is my opinion that Rendiers motives have nothing to do with the actual content of SA Sucks, whether allegedly ‘racist’ or satirical, offensive, or otherwise.

His motives are to shut down SA Sucks, because he is a young alpha chimp and wants to shut down SA Sucks cause he’s making a claim for their Territory. They are a popular blog with many readers and followers and he wants those followers for himself. Instead of taking them on by debate, and winning any of their readers by reason, he's going about it in an underhanded fashion.

Flickr: Haiti Earthquake Photos [Similar] [Similar]
Rendier is allegedly upset about a photo on SA Sucks, taken after the Haiti Earthquake, where a morgue worker throws a dead child through the air, onto a bunch of other dead bodies.

If Rendier was remotely seriously upset about that particular photo of a dead black child being flung throug the air, onto a bunch of dead black bodies; which his fans believe to be photo-shopped (i.e. not real, but made up by some 'racist'); then why is he not attempting to shut down the following sites where the exact same 'racist photo-shopped photo' can be found:

Denial about the Root Causes of Haiti's Socio-Economic and Political Problems

Like all socio-economic, psychological, financial, political or spiritual problems anywhere in the World, Haiti's problems did not arise out of nowhere, but are the consequences of many factors, and many decisions made by Haitian's themselves:

White Refugee’s perspectives on many of these issues were reported in:

Haiti Earthquake Humour:

[White Refugee interpretation of SA Sucks Boer-Afrikaner Race Realist 'Tough Love' Satire is eloquently described by Lenny Bruce in this Californian 'Tough Love' Youtube: Lenny Bruce: Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight?]
No, Rendier will respond, it is the 'racist' humour. In my correspondence to Rendier, I asked him to please define what he meant by 'racist'. I am still waiting, even though I provided him with my 'racism' definition, borrowed from Gedaliah Braun.

It doesn't matter that you inform Rendier that many of the bloggers and readers on SA Sucks are former Apartheid soldiers who fought back to back with black soldiers; many of whom they highly respected as extremely professional soldiers; but that these guys do not adhere to political correctness when it comes to exposing black incompetency, double standards, hypocrisy etc.

They (SA Sucks bloggers) practice what I call SA Sucks Apartheid Race Realist 'Tough Love' Satire, which I defined as follows:

White Refugee Definitions:

Tough Love: Tough love is an expression used when someone treats another person with brutal honesty, which may be interpreted as being harsh or stern; providing them constructive criticism feedback on issues they may be in denial about, or refuse to confront, due to victim stories, or such like; which if they impartially enquire into can enable their personal growth in the long run.

Satire: (1) A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit. (2) Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity. (3) the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc. (4) a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule. (5) a literary genre comprising such compositions.

Race Realism: “Race realism is rejection of the agreeable fantasies about race that have become orthodoxy since the 1960s. First, it is obvious that most people prefer the company of others of their own race. Forced integration therefore causes tension and resentment.....” - -- AmRen's Jared Taylor defines and explains Race Realism...

Apartheid: “[Apartheid] is a policy which sets itself the task of preserving and safeguarding the racial identity of the White population of the country, of likewise preserving and safeguarding the identity of the indigenous people’s as separate racial groups....... The choice before us is one of these two divergent courses: either that of integration, which would in the long run amount to national suicide on the part of the Whites; or that of apartheid ... to preserve the identity and safeguard the future of every race....” -- Dr. Malan's National Party, 1947, as referenced in 10 January 1964 Counter-Memorial filed by Gov. of the Rep. of S. Africa (Books I-IV), p.463/473; International Court of Justice

Does Rendier want Monty Python Flying Black Babies Satire Censored; or Just SA Sucks?

Monty Python: She's a Witch
Is Rendier going to advocate for the Shutting down and Censorship of Sabotage Cat; Byron Crawford, Savage Minds, Pirate4x4; etc?

Something to Laugh About: A Few Thoughts on Humor in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Savage Minds

“Humor is one of the fugitive forms of insubordination.”
– Donna Goldstein, Laughter Out of Place

[..] The first earthquake joke I heard goes like this:
Jesus and Satan run into each other on the street. Satan says to Jesus, “Look at that country there, Haiti. That’s mine. All the evil, the violence, the suffering – Haiti is my country.” Jesus looks at Satan and says, “Oh, really? Let’s see about that.” Then he picks up Haiti and begins to shake it and shake it, and everyone cries out, “Oh, Jezi, Jezi, sove m Jezi! Save me, Jesus!” Jesus puts Haiti down, turns to Satan and says, “You see? Haiti is mine.”

While Haitians find this joke hilarious (doubled-over laughing, gasping for breath), foreigners never do. I tried telling it to my mother, who found it, in her words, “creepy.” This joke shows the country wedged in a game of one-upmanship between cosmic “good” and “evil,” although the role of the “good” seems awfully tenuous. This humor is dark, absurd, and context-specific – but everyone gets it.

Another earthquake-related joke features traditional Haitian folk characters, dimwitted Bouki and clever, tricky Ti Malis:
Bouki and Ti Malis are looking up at the stars. Bouki says, “Look at all those stars, Malis. Look how many they are, how far away, how they glitter. What do you think it all means?” Malis responds, “Monchè, it means someone has stolen our tarp!”

These familiar characters, whose stories people have heard since childhood, are transposed, like everyone else, to the transformed post-earthquake landscape of tents, camps, and tarps. Yet their predictable personalities – Bouki’s dreamy naïveté and Malis’s cruel pragmatism, key elements of the humor – remain intact and familiar.

[..] Everything is obviously not all right in Haiti. It is very far from all right. It is facile to assume that laughter is necessarily an expression of happiness. In the words of Haitian novelist Jacques Stephen Alexis, in General Sun, My Brother: “We blacks joke all the time. When we are suffering, we laugh and make jokes. When we are dying, that is, when we have finished suffering, we laugh, sing, and make jokes.”

Joking can be a way to cope. Joking can be the telling of uncomfortable or hard-to-articulate truths. Joking allows one to assert one’s humanity in what would seem to be impossibly dehumanizing conditions – of saying that despite everything, the speaker is still here, still a person, and still telling a story rather than being dissolved and absorbed into the story. Joking can be an act of defiance and fury, a way of shaking your fist in the face of injustice, of momentarily wresting control from a world that threatens to bend and vanquish you. It is speaking truth to power – a way to laugh at earthquakes, to laugh at politics, to laugh at cholera, to laugh at God, to laugh at death.

Haiti Earthquake Jokes:

I dumped my Haitian girlfriend last week. She's been crushed ever since.

What kinda dance moves do Haitians perform at dance clubs?
They try to "raise the roof" or "hold up the wall".

What does it take to pick up a Haitian woman these days?
A digger.

After the worst earthquake in 200 years the capitol of Haiti is leveled. Damage estimates are in the tens of dollars."

Did you hear about the new Haitian Boy Band? The New Blocks on the Kids

What's a Haitian's favorite drank? Vodka Martini, Shaken not stirred

a Haitian guy walks into a bar.... it collapses

whats Haiti's favorite game? Quake...

what has 1,000 arms and legs? Haiti Hilton

Byron Crawfords: Bring Amber Lamps: Artwork inspired by Epic Beard Man

Who is Byron Crawford?

My name is Byron Crawford, though most people on the Internets call me Bol, which is Swahili for “The Gulliest One.” As you can see, I take no small amount of pride in my African heritage. When I’m not working like a hebrew slave at a series of soul-crushing minimum wage jobs, I devote most of my free time to doing community outreach with black and “latino” youth. No homo. I run a website (perhaps you’ve heard of it) called The Mindset of a Champion, in which I educate today’s youth on some of the most pressing issues of the day, including racism, homophobia, healthy living, respect for women, tolerance for religion, and who really runs the record industry. I also work as an online columnist for XXL magazine. A committed feminist, I also donate as much money as I can (sometimes more) to underprivileged female college students in a small, rural town called Sauget, Illinois. Because as far as I’m concerned, it’s one thing to talk about it on the Internet, but it’s a whole other thing to put your money where your mouth is....

Bring Amber Lamps: Artwork inspired by Epic Beard Man


» » » » [Excerpt: Byron Crawford]

Response to Rendier: The Monty Python Flying Black Babies Chimp-Fest Drama

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