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Monday, April 12, 2010

Suidlanders & AWB Legally Prepare for ANC's Indiginisation UHURU; Liberal media Drink Rainbow Hypocrisy Koolaid...

Right-wingers get ready to return to laager 'as in 1838'

Thousands of religious Afrikaner right-wingers, fearing an "onslaught", are preparing to move into armed laagers in the countryside.

Apr 10, 2010 10:24 PM
By Paddy Harper, Sunday Times

Known as the Suidlanders, they have identified easy-to-defend farmland around the country and are waiting, with packed bags, emergency rations, weapons and tents, for the signal from their leaders.

Danie Roberts, an AWB founder member who heads the Suidlanders in KwaZulu-Natal, said he had fielded "at least 500 calls" this week from panic-stricken Afrikaners wanting to join the organisation.

"Since last Saturday, I have hardly slept. People have been calling from all over, some of them wanting to retaliate, others panicking,'' he said.

Roberts said the past two years had seen a massive growth in membership.

"You have (ANC Youth League president Julius) Malema out there, and what he is saying is scaring people. He is driving Afrikaners to join us. You could say he is helping us."

Member families are instructed how to prepare emergency rations, tents, clothing, vehicles and other necessities and to be ready for attacks.

The Vryheid Suidlanders have found a stretch of land on the banks of the White Umfolozi River, bordered by a mountain range, for when "the situation becomes another 1838".

They believe the land, on a cattle farm, is "safe" and can easily be defended by members with military training against an "onslaught" . They say they can accommodate up to 500 of "our people".

"We do not want it to happen, but we believe that something very bad is coming our way," said Roberts, a reborn Christian. "We believe that, just as our Lord saved the Boers at Blood River in 1838, he will save us again now."

Members, he said, were banned from taking part in illegal activities and were expected to be disciplined.

"If there is any person who is doing anything illegal, I will personally notify the police. We cannot have cowboys who will only place our wives and children under threat.

"When we see there is a possible onslaught coming our way, we will respond, but not with fire. We will respond by getting our people out of town."

He said phase two of the Suidlanders' plan included joining up with groups from other towns to form larger encampments.

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Statement from the Suidlanders

Upcoming Public Suidlander Meetings on Safety and Security

Former Military Intelligence Officer in the SADF, Gustav Mullers Suidlanders Presentation: What is the possibility of UHURU (aka Knight of the Long Knives): Watch Full Presentation on Youtube

If you don't want to be caught with your pants around your ankels it is advised you attend the nearest meeting to your home. This is really very important.

In consideration of the sensitive nature of the current Security situation in South Africa, prior to the Soccer World Cup, it has been decided that all smaller meetings on the tour are to be postponed until Aug/Sept, should we be spared.

We are only going to have public meetings in larger towns, which shall also be advertised on the radio and in newspapers. We request that people living in small towns attend the larger gatherings, since our time is short.

At the meetings Suidlanders DVD's and Camp Instruction books (for women) will be available.

On Saturday 10 April there will be a National Management meeting in Pretoria. The SAPS have been invited thereto, to confirm that we are not doing anything in secret.

The program for public meetings is as follows:

Pretoria - Maandag 12 April om19H00 (Andy by tel nr 0825729522).

Krugersdorp – Woensdag 14 April (Ampie by tel nr 0716889945)

Vanderbijlpark – Donderdag 15 April (Willem by tel nr 0792179005)

Alberton – Vrydag 16 April (Nico by tel nr 0722760582)

Johannesburg – Saterdag 17 April (Pieter by tel nr 0826406834)

Witbank – Maandag 19 April (Wally by tel nr 0836100571)

Hoedspruit – Dinsdag 20 April (Stefan by tel nr 0828789329)

Nelspruit – Woensdag 21 April (Jaco by tel nr 0833107348)

Kimberley – Woensdag 19 Mei (Ian by tel nr 0833100333)

Bloemfontein – Donderdag 20 Mei (Nikki by tel nr 0828512549)

Potchefstroom – Vrydag 21 Mei (Flip by tel nr 0834473233)

Brits – Saterdag 22 Mei (Fillip by tel nr 0832641123)

Marble Hall – Maandag 24 Mei (APK saal Marble Hall, Chris by tel nr 0824548194)

Cullinan – Dinsdag 25 Mei (Hans by tel nr 0824418972)

Pietersburg – Woensdag 26 Mei (Mariska k/u 0512978639-Tinus k/u 0829262303 en na ure 0152257170)

Kaapstad – Vrydag 28 Mei (sms asb u navrae na Jaques by tel nr 0827705399)

Rustenburg – Dinsdag 1 Junie (Gert by tel nr 0836538364)

» » » » [Suidlanders :: Eendracht Maakt Magt :: Suidlanders Youtube]


eric nel said...

al grond wat ons wettiglik besit is die waarvoor piet retief gesterf het daar is kopiee van kontrak geteken met dingaan ons moet die grond terugeis en koning aanstel

eric nel said...

ons moet die grond wat retief vi vermoor was terugeis en koning aanstel

eric nel said...

die grond wat piet retief voor vermoor is is ons sin wettiglik ek het kopie van kontrak wat dingaan geteken het ons kan ons eie koningkryg vestig daar

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