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Monday, December 27, 2010

Huntley to appeal 'African White Refugee' Canadian asylum ruling; after African White Refugees Briefing Paper submitted to 160 EU Elite..

As detailed in 'Boere-Volkstaat for African White Refugees' Petition to NATO Military Committee: Chiefs of Staff; c/o SHAPE & NATO Sec. General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the African White Refugees Briefing Paper was submitted to 160 EU and NATO Officials between 05 to 16 December 2010.

Some of the officials who acknowledged receipt of the Briefing Paper include:
  • Prime Minister David Cameron/10 Downing Street;
  • Mr. Jean-Rene Germanier, President of the Swiss National Council;
  • Rt. Hon. Michael Meacher MP. UK House of Commons;
  • Lieutenant General AndrĂ© Blattmann, Chief of Swiss Armed Forces;
  • Mark Laity, Chief of Strategic Communications, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE);
  • Kingdom of Netherlands, French Republic and Swiss Confederation Embassies in Pretoria;
  • Amnesty International;
  • French Institute of International Relations - Ifri (Paris);
  • France Terre d'Asile;
  • Asylum Aid;
  • International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC);
  • Swiss Refugee Council.

The African White Refugees Briefing Paper naturally refers to, and details issues raised in Brandon Huntley's case, including evidence and arguments that:
  1. Judge James Russell‟s African White Refugee Assertions of particular NGO Agencies and Goverment Departments being "credible and trustworthy sources‟ of "objective evidence" in the matter of African White Refugees was in error; because many of these agencies who support the ANC's narrative of Apartheid political history, have huge ideological prejudice towards ethno-cultural conservative/Apartheid Europeans;
  2. the South African media and Political elite censor and suppress evidence of political and legal persecution of European South Africans such as the African White Refugees Documentation currently before the Constitutional Court (Radical Honesty SA Amicus Curiae detailing Persecution of Radical Honesty culture); and
  3. that the UNHCR failed to submit the African White Refugee Petition to Federal Court Canada, Justice's via: Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Canada; but failed to honourably inform the African White Refugee Petitioners of their refusal to do so. Consequently Judge James Russell was never provided with the African White Refugees petition; as a result of the UNHCR's refusal to forward it.

It is unknown whether the African White Refugees Briefing Paper arguments have anything to do with Huntley's decision to launch an appeal of Judge Russell's 24 November 2010 ruling.


Huntley to appeal Canadian asylum ruling

2010-12-27 22:25
Jinine Botha, Beeld

Johannesburg - The Canadian legal team of the white South African who was granted and then lost asylum status in Canada, is preparing to appeal the withdrawal of his right to remain in that country.

Brandon Huntley, 32, caused a stir in Canada and South Africa in 2009 when he claimed his fear of crime against whites made him a candidate for asylum, and a government board agreed.

Huntley, who grew up in Cape Town, claimed he had been attacked seven times by black robbers and called a “white dog” and a “settler”.

A panel of the Canadian immigration board found that his fear was justified and granted him asylum in August 2009.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney appealed to the country’s federal court for a review of the decision by William Davis of the immigration and refugee board.


Advocate Russell Kaplan, one of Huntley’s lawyers, alleged that Kenney would never have appealed the decision if not for “pressure, driven by allegations of racism” by the South African government.

On November 24 2010, Judge James Russell ruled in the federal court that granting Huntley refugee status had been a mistake, adding it was clear Huntley came to Canada to look for work, not because he was fleeing persecution.

Kaplan said the ruling was a turning point for white South Africans who feel they are being targeted because of their skin colour.

“In his judgment, Russell said that just because Huntley’s circumstances could not be regarded under law as persecution, this didn’t mean other white South Africans could not qualify.”

He said an application for appeal was made to the federal court of appeal on December 22, to be heard by three judges.

Kaplan said the appeal turns on three questions, of which he was only prepared to discuss one.

Canadian government painted 'racist'

The appeal goes to the question of whether the federal court had the jurisdiction to hear the government’s appeal.

He said the main argument is that the South African government painted the Canadian government as racist when Huntley was granted asylum.

“The question is whether a new judge would be afraid to be called a racist if he or she upheld Huntley’s second application.”

Huntley may remain in Canada while the legal process is completed.

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