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Friday, February 11, 2011

[R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks] Intellectual Jujitsu

[R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks] Intellectual Jujitsu

Voltarian SA Sucks Temporarily Shut Down by Masculine Insecurity on Steroids: Rendier (Renaldo) Gouws

07 February 2011
Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

The Voltarian SA Sucks blog has once again been shut down; this time by Rendier (Renaldo) Gouws, and some of his The Rendier Show - I Disagree With What You Say, And I Will Ruin You If You Say It - fanclub. To be fair some of his fans disagreed, and voiced reason; but he did not listen.

Undoubtedly Voltarian SA Sucks is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. Their blog posts range from the satirically shocking, to in depth scientific politically incorrect journalism, incorporating philosophy, science, psychology, military strategy, history, etc. If you are easily offended, and your commitment to the 'freedom of speech' of those you disagree with does not include fighting for their right to express their opinions - only freedom for my speech and my opinions - then SA Sucks is NOT recommended reading material. Your -- I Disagree With What You Say, And I Will Ruin You If You Say It -- Psychological Insecurity Inner Fascist buttons will be activated.

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Response from R3ndi3r: Why I shut down SA Sucks

08 February 2011
Renaldo Gouws
Rendier / R3NDI3R

Hi There and thanks for the link.

I would have appreciated a chance to give my side of the story before you actually went and published it but I suppose you are more inclined to agree with people you have known personally from years on the blogs.

I really see this as wasting time because regardless of what I say your mind has been made up, but I do suppose some more neutral people that will see the above article might actually want to hear my side of the story. So here it goes.

On February 5 at 7:12pm I got a message from a lady on Facebook, that I now know to be a member of SAS, I wont name her as I would like to show her more respect than what she showed to me.

She sent me a link to an article Knorrig wrote about me, basically bragging about what was in the article and how I looked like a complete fool. I then decided to follow the link and see what all of this was about. After reading through everything and seeing I was called a "big Little man", "Steroid Bunny", "faggot", "kaffer lover" and so forth because I made a video on Nelson Mandela and how I think that everyone that insults a person on their death bed is a bastard and white trash.

This is not limited to Mandela as I perfectly made it clear in my video. Anyone that insults someone on their death bed is a piece of scum. Wouldn't you agree? Am I not right in saying this? If your family member had to be on his death bed and you read online or somewhere from someone that "HE IS FINALLY GOING TO HELL" or "HOPE HE SUFFERS", wouldn't you feel the exact same way?

The issue started with him misquoting me in my video and ofcourse making it fit his image of me, he basically said "rendier says that all white people are white trash if they are against Mandela"... that is obviously not true as I have mentioned above.

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Timeline of Events In R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks

08 February 2011
Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

24 June 2007

Khayav : A perfect example of an ignorant South African.

At 09:49: “If I could kill one of the guys who was responsible for enforcing Apartheid, I would” - R3ndi3r

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Mike Smith Responds: Rendier's distorted Inquisition reality

09 February 2011
Mike Smith
SA Sucks & Mike Smith Political Commentary

Thanks for bringing Rendier’s long albeit boring and untruthful response about his reasons for getting SA Sucks shut down to my attention.

It is clear that Mr. Rendier has a distorted view of his own reality. Allow me to put into perspective what his real reasons were.

A certain Lady on FB [Name Witheld] basically had a disagreement with Rendier and told him to go and have a look at SA Sucks to see the truth about Mandela that he was praising. Cowardly Rendier then accused her of causing the site to be shut down, when it was him and his sheeple followers who flagged the site at Wordpress. Wordpress shut us down, not Rendier. He does not have the power to do so.

I do not hold this lady, who is one of our supporters, responsible for the shutting down of SA Sucks. It was Rendier, his followers and ultimately Wordpress who shut us down. For him to now hide behind a girl, absolving himself of all blame, shifting the blame onto others, etc just shows the moral backbone of this person.

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[R3ndi3r vs. SA Sucks] Rendier Interview Transcript

10 February 2011
Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees


[Rendier] >>And I know we disagree on this but I do not take threats of violence or death lightly.

Well that is fine, but it would help if you first make sure whether the threat is indeed meant as a threat, or whether it is a joke, or a prank, or just venting steam, or just some keyboard warrior big talk; or whatever.

Remember: You can respond in any way you wish; but some responses are more enlightened than others; and others are more neanderthal, beat my chest and beat you over the head with my club, than others! We have a choice, in (a) how we choose to interpret any statement made by anyone else; (b) if there is any ambiguity in how the message can be interpreted, to ask questions to make sure that our interpretation is the correct one, rather than to believe our assumptions that we are correct, and know what other people think; and (c) how we choose to respond.

[Rendier] >>I finally feel that we are getting somewhere. Now that all the tough love nonsense is out the way. :-)

Tough love is one of the few kinds of love that is sincere. If someone lies to you, for whatever reason, that is not love. You cannot help anyone by giving them love that keeps them dependent or enables their victimhood. One of the reasons I love radical honesty is that I am surrounded (well when I was in us, now its only by email) by people who give me tough love.

[Rendier] >> I am really not an ego driven or insecure person. I started my youtube channel for one reason. To let the world know about white South Africans and how apartheid has been reversed.

If only apartheid had been reversed, life would not be bad at all. To the contrary. If apartheid were reversed, where is your homeland?? Where you can go, to live amongst your tribe? There are many many examples. If whites could be treated as blacks were during apartheid, we would not have any problems.

[Rendier] >> I know more than what the people over at SAS gives me credit for, I know alot about the history of the Afrikaner along with all the wrongs of apartheid and the rights.

That may be.. but from their perspective there is also a lot you don’t know. There are things we know we know, things we know we don’t know, and things we don’t know, we don’t know.

[Rendier] >>I have read countless of articles written by both white and black people about apartheid along with various books on the opinion of mandela along with other people who fought against apartheid.

Mike Smith is one of the most eloquent writers on apartheid. He has a knowledge of black people, many black people don’t have. Do yourself a favour and read his series: Opening Pandora’s Apartheid box.

[Rendier] >> The really sad part here is that mike, knorrig etc and I are fighting for the same thing... the realization for the rest of the world that white people in South Africa aren't safe and that we are treated like the lowest form of life... of course we have a different way of relaying it and also we have different opinions on certain figures. For instance Mandela... He has a right to hate him just like I have a right to respect him... regardless of who is wrong and who is right. Same goes for what I think of people who hate on Mandela just like what he thinks of people who respect Mandela.

But this is where you are a little confused about ‘fighting the same thing’. You do agree on some issues, but on some fundamental ones you do not. It does not help pretending you agree on the issues that you do not, and when those issues are fundamental to solving the problem; and one side stands in the way of solving the problem, as a result of their beliefs on a particular issue, you cannot say that you are really fighting for the same thing.

The problem is a braintumour. Both sides agree there is a braintumour. One side says, you give the patient asprins and bandaids. The other side says you have to operate to remove the braintumour at its root. The bandaid gang refuse. Who is the biggest problem in solving the braintumour problem??? The bandaid to braintumour gang, even though they agree there is a braintumour?

South Africans who deny the reality of TRC fraud, are the bandaid and asprins to braintumour crowd. They deny the opportunity to fix the problem at its source. They agree that South africa has many problems, crime, etc etc… but they refuse to want to address the source. So who are the ones standing in the way of fixiing SA’s problems???

[Rendier] >>Suppose me and SAS will never be round the same table to discuss this but I honestly just hope we can stay out of each others way and respect the boundaries placed.

I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. just depends. I don’t speak for SA Sucks, am not a member, just a reader, mostly of Mike stuff, and only give my interpretations and I could be wrong.

[Rendier] >> I am firmly still fighting for the white man regardless of how they disagree with that. I suppose they fight more for the people who are extreme and I for the people more relaxed.

Could be. They might say they fight for the root cause problem solvers, while you fight for the bandaid brigade! ;-)

[Rendier] >>I really just hope this infighting stops and that both of us can once again spread the word against our common enemy... the ANC.

Your enemy is the ANC. The ANC is not their enemy. They would not have any problem with the ANC, if the truth was told at TRC, about apartheid, and a real sincere TRC occurred. If a real TRC occurred, it would have been a reality to confront that SA can only live in harmony if the races and tribes are given their own volkstaats, and in a federation of volkstaats. Their problem is the fraud and betrayal that occurred during TRC. That is not only the ANC’s fault, it is also many liberals who endorsed the fraud. Why??? Cause they hate the conservative afrikaners so much, even though they can see that the afrikaners analysis is correct; their ego and hatred of them, make them want to punish htem by withholding the opportunity to resolve the problem and to admit that the afrikaners were right.

Many of the worlds problems are easily solveable.. between individuals who don’t allow their ego’s to dominate the solving of the problem. Ego’s don’t solve problems, they are addicted to power. They will bullshit others, and most of all themselves, about all their ‘intentions’ and concern for the problem, but give them an opportunity to solve the problem at its root cause, and they refuse, even though they acknowledge it’s the truth, it is not ‘their’ idea, and their ego wants the recognition! It is both tragic and hilarious!

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The Monty Python Flying Black Babies Chimp-Fest Drama

18 February 2011
Andrea Muhrrteyn
Why We Are White Refugees

As Why We Are White Refugees readers may recall, I contacted Rendier on February 08, with “Invitation to Respond -- Your Response shall be posted in full”, regarding an article I had written about my perspectives, regarding his efforts to shut down SA Sucks. I suggest Rendier reads it again: Voltarian SA Sucks Temporarily Shut Down by Masculine Insecurity on Steroids: Rendier (Renaldo) Gouws.

It appears Mr. Rendier has totally forgotten many of the views I expressed therein, about whether I support all the opinions and perspectives of SA Sucks; or whether I support their right to express their opinions, including those which I may disagree with, because I subscribe to the freedom of speech principle's of Voltaire: "I disagree with what you say; but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

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