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Thursday, December 24, 2009

SA's Robbers with Blue Lights & Badges: ‘Why going to 2010 World Cup terrifies Guardian.UK's Louise Taylor..’

LAST month, three robbers who pretended to be police officers robbed four Spanish tourists.

The tourists had changed money at the airport and were on their way to the Hilton Hotel in Sandton when three men in a blue Ford Fairmont used a blue light to pull the driver over after the Marlboro turn-off on the N3. They stole about R28400.

In September, US Agency for International Development employee Thobekile Finger and an airport shuttle service driver were attacked as they returned from the airport. The men demanded their valuable items.

In May, four men were arrested for allegedly posing as police officers and robbing people. The men flashed a fake police badge at their victims, and then asked them to pull over. They told their victims they were from the “tourism and drug control unit”, and needed to search their bags.

In May 2008, Freedom Mukwevho and Bongani Thabethe were arrested on four counts of armed robbery linked to attacks carried out on people who had just entered the country from the airport. The two were linked to the hold up of Oluremi Obasanjo, wife of former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In October 2007, a group of traditional Greek singers were robbed by three bogus policemen just after they left the airport. » » » » [Sowetan (PDF)]

Why going to South Africa for the World Cup terrifies me

Louise Taylor, Guardian.UK
Tuesday 7 July 2009 17.03 BST

Between 30 and 40 newspaper clippings were presented as evidence of life in South Africa. “One article exhibited was published in [the Daily Sun in 2004] by Africa Ka Mahamba. [It was] entitled ‘Taking from whites is not a crime’,” Kaplan said. The article quotes the leader of the “Uhuru cultural club” as telling youngsters who attended a Human Rights Day celebration to steal from whites because “it is the right thing to do”.
[IRB Ruling: MA8-04910: Brandon Huntley]

Statistics, anecdotes and research suggest that touring the Rainbow nation as a fan next summer could be a dangerous option. In fact, the 2010 World Cup should have gone to Egypt.

"Awe-inspiring landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, beautiful vineyards and amazing wildlife – the Rainbow nation offers something for everyone, where the people and culture are as diverse as the landscape. Africa's southernmost country has long been the inspiration of travellers the world over ... "

So says the blurb introducing South Africa in a typical holiday brochure. Few readers could fail to be enticed – well, at least until they spotted the prices – but most will also ask themselves the questions: What about the crime? Is it safe? Happily, South Africa seems to do tourism, particularly high-end tourism, pretty well, and the answers in the overwhelming majority of cases are a resounding: It won't affect you and Yes.

I've never been but would love to take a typical Cape Town/Garden Route-type holiday. What I would definitely balk at, though, is touring as a fan at next year's World Cup – an event, with the final 12 months away, we are counting down to. Indeed, having done a bit of research on the subject, I know I'd be absolutely terrified.

Such fears are often as much about perception as statistics, but unfortunately the stats – not to mention much anecdotal evidence – confirm that football fans like me are right to be more than a little scared. After all, this is a country in which approximately 50 people are murdered every day.

Let's start where the UK government would like us to, with the official Foreign Office travel advice. As a fairly regular visitor to the Middle East, I know this can sometimes seem unnecessarily alarmist but, even so, the South African advisory is still capable of making the most well-travelled England fan think twice.

Here are some selected excerpts. "South Africa has a very high level of crime including rape and murder." "In all areas of South Africa you should be cautious when out after dark." "There have been a number of incidents involving foreigners being followed from Johannesburg airport to their destinations by car and then robbed, often at gunpoint." "The standard of driving is variable and there are many fatal accidents." Meanwhile, "vigilance" is demanded "at all times" in Durban.

So far so cheery. Then there was the recent news that G4S, the world's biggest security firm, has declined to work at next summer's World Cup. Nick Buckles, the organisation's chief executive, took that decision after revealing that G4S rated South Africa more dangerous than Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of course, much violence occurs in the townships but, looking in from the outside, a major problem appears to be the lack of public transport. Where are the wonderful train services that helped Germany 2006 run so smoothly? After reporting on last month's Confederations Cup, the journalist Gabriele Marcotti wrote: "Public transport is generally poor and, besides, most foreign tourists are told not to take buses and trains."

Quite apart from recounting a late-night incident with a shadowy, gun-toting man – probably involved in security rather than crime – while driving in Johannesburg, Marcotti wrote of some long, unpleasant drives in the dark after covering matches. Commenting on the lack of dual carriageways and lit highways in certain areas, he described negotiating one road heading towards Jo'burg as "like snorkelling in a sewer filled with squid ink". Shortly afterwards came the sad news that a German journalist had been killed in a car accident while driving to a Confederations Cup match.

Talking of the Confederations Cup, remember that players from both the Egyptian and Brazilian teams returned to their hotel rooms after victories over, coincidentally, Italy to find they had been robbed. No matter, though; in March Danny Jordaan, the chief executive of the 2010 World Cup, issued a "100% guarantee" that there would not be "a single" security breach or attack on any team or official attending Africa's first such showpiece. "We'll have 41,000 extra police and 86,000 added [security] personnel," he said.
Those guests who attended a Fifa draw in Durban in November 2007 may take some convincing. They were shocked when Peter Burgstaller, an Austrian ex-professional footballer, was shot dead while on his hotel golf course. Meanwhile, another hotel guest was mugged en route to breakfast and journalists covering the event were advised to venture out only in groups.

Moving on, for the moment, from crime, there is also the HIV issue. Latest stats indicate that just over 18% of South Africa's adult population is infected. Considering that prostitutes always prosper during World Cups, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to detect the looming dangers.

There is a huge political investment in Africa's inaugural World Cup proving a resounding success, and you suspect those Fifa delegates who recently gave the country eight out of ten in terms of preparations could be in peril of believing their own spin.

Deep down, there must be some VIPs pacing Fifa's corridors of power who harbour nagging regrets that Egypt or Morocco did not pip South Africa and win the vote. Indeed, one or two might just regret that the event was not switched to Australia when, some time ago, football's international governing body arguably had the chance to do so.

Personally I'd have preferred the 2010 World Cup to have gone to Egypt. Yes, it would have been very hot (although it's a dry heat) and it would, in places, have been dirty and ultra-chaotic, but it would also have been friendly and welcoming. And, in terms of crime, Egypt is extremely safe. Eyebrows would doubtless have been raised at the potential for organisational mayhem, the nightmarish Cairo traffic and the downtown air pollution, but surely if the Egyptians could build the pyramids they could host a World Cup.

Moreover, staging football's biggest and best event in a key centre of the Arab world might just have helped ease tensions between the international Muslim community and the west while simultaneously weakening the Islamic fundamentalists growing hold over hearts and minds.

Instead, though, South Africa has a wonderful opportunity to change prejudices and perceptions. And, I sincerely hope, prove doom-mongers like me horribly wrong.

This article was amended on Wednesday 8 July 2009. We misdescribed the circumstances in which a German journalist died during the Confederations Cup tournament in South Africa. This has been corrected.

» » » » [Guardian.UK]

Boxing champ KO’d by airport thugs: Blue light used to pull over victims

Bongani Magasela, Sowetan
25 November 2009

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY : Dingaan ‘The Rose of Soweto’ Thobela with WBA lightweight world champion Paulos ‘Hitman’ Moses and trainer Nestor Tobias, who were robbed at gunpoint after they arrived at OR Tambo International Airport yesterday. PHOTO: BAFANA MAHLANGU
A WORLD boxing champion and his trainer are the latest victims of the elusive O.R. Tambo Airport gang.

World Boxing Association lightweight king Paulos “Hitman” Moses and his trainer Nestor Tobias were held up at gunpoint and robbed while in a taxi on their way from the airport.

The two Namibians were attacked by four bogus policemen while en route to Parktown in Johannesburg shortly after 11am yesterday.

They had landed at 10am to attend the launch of Dingaan “The Rose of Soweto” Thobela’s book.

Tobias and Thobela are bosom friends. Tobias fought out of South Africa as a professional for nine years and Thobela is also part of his management.

“Our car was in the slow lane and there was a car in the fast lane driving parallel with us,” Tobias said. “The driver flashed something to our driver, and he stopped right on the highway. There were four guys in the other car.

“They all jumped out and produced guns. One said this is a robbery. We were calm. Mind you, Paulos is a policeman back home.

“I had R12000 cash which they took together with our jewellery and cellphones. They gave us back our passports, jumped back into their car and sped off.”

Tobias said the robbers demanded nothing from their driver. “‘I asked him to take us to the nearest police station to open a case. He took us to Bedfordview where we opened a case.”

Tobias described the ordeal as “a peaceful robbery”.

He said they had sent an SMS to Thobela immediately after going through the immigration passport gate.

Thobela did not reply so Tobias called him on his cellphone which happened to be off.

“I kept trying him for about an hour until I decided that we should catch a cab because I knew where we were going. A guy approached me and asked if we were looking for a taxi,” Tobias said.

“We walked towards his car and when we got there I demanded to know why his car had no taxi sign. He said it cost too much money to have that sign.

“We loaded our stuff in the boot, jumped inside and off we went. I then started making calls home just to let them know that we had arrived safely as the driver made a quick call. It was after that call that we were stopped.”

» » » » [Sowetan]

Four Lions fans robbed in SA

Sport 24
20 June 2009 14:52

Johannesburg - Four British rugby fans on Saturday told how they were beaten up and robbed by armed thugs in South Africa shortly after their arrival on the same night that the Egyptian side in a key football tournament became the victims of thieves.

Brothers Michael, 57, and Peter Harriott, 58, and Simon 57, and John Murphy, 52, flew into Johannesburg on Thursday night for the British and Irish Lions tour.

In an interview published by the Saturday Star, the men said the robbers had followed them as they drove to a guesthouse in the plush northern Johannesburg suburb of Sandton where they were due to check in.

"A black Mercedes-Benz boxed us in and four men appeared with guns. They surrounded our car. They ordered us out of the car and told us to lie on the floor and remove our wallets and watches," Michael Harriott said.

He was punched in the nose when he tried to grab one of the robbers' guns, according to the report.

"They threw me to the ground and, the next thing, one of the robbers got into our hired car, while the other three jumped in theirs. They sped off with our luggage."

That same night, several players from the Egyptian football team returned from their 1-0 victory over Italy at the Confederations Cup in Johannesburg to find that their hotel rooms had been ransacked.

» » » » [Sport 24]

Japan fear for PE safety

Sport 24
11 November 2009 10:01

Tokyo - Japan's football team is subject to a security curfew ahead of Saturday's friendly with 2010 Soccer World Cup hosts South Africa.

Japan's players have been instructed not to leave their hotel after dark while they are in South Africa for the match in Port Elizabeth.

"The players are free to go to the beach in front of the hotel, but we've told them not to go out after dark," Ichirota Fukushi, the team's media relations director, said.

South Africa has one of the worst crime rates in the world, putting the government under pressure to show that safety is improving ahead of next year's World Cup.

South Africa's murder rate - one of the world's highest - has dropped slightly, but the country faces a distressing rise in rapes, robberies and hijackings, according to South African police figures released in September.

» » » » [Sport24]

Expat [Hiking Tourists] tells of horror ordeal

Pia Nänny, Die Burger
24 December 2009 07:21

Hermanus - "My worst fear was that they'd slit my throat or rape my wife," said expat Martin Stern from his hospital bed at the Hermanus Medi-Clinic on Wednesday.

He and his wife Janet, 57, were attacked and robbed by two [black] men in the Fernkloof nature reserve in Hermanus on Tuesday.

Visitors to the reserve were warned to be extremely careful, since it's difficult to patrol the "enormously large" reserve.

The 59-year-old Stern, who now lives in Canada, said they'd left to go hiking before 07:00 and didn't suspect a thing when they walked past the two [black] men. However, the men turned on the couple.

"They had terrifying knives - almost like hunting knives," said Stern.

He was stabbed in the wrist and in his back. His wife was also stabbed twice. They were thrown to the ground, where the men threw rocks at the couple.

The Sterns, who used to live in Cape Town but emigrated to Canada in 1986, said their daughters, who live abroad, were very upset when they heard about the attack.

"For many tourists abroad, crime is one of the great concerns when they travel to South Africa. We adore Hermanus and would love to come back, but if you don't have a good reason to choose South Africa as your holiday destination, there are many other places you could go."

Stern said visitors should be clearly warned when they want to go hiking in Fernkloof.

Grant Forbes, reserve manager at Fernkloof, said that in the first attack two months ago, an Italian couple were approached from behind and held up at knifepoint: "They didn't see the guys' faces."

The other two attacks were similar. In the second, a woman was slapped in the face, and in the most recent attack, three weeks ago, eight hikers were mugged by two men who beat them with their own walking sticks.

» » » » [News 24]
» » [Cape Times: A Friendly Greeting, then a Brutal Attack (PDF)]

Diplomats Fury at SA Rape Bungle

Noelene Barbeau, Sunday Tribune
September 16, 2007

The French and Belgian governments are incensed at how the South African Police Services botched investigations into the rape of a French tourist and an attack on her Belgian boyfriend on the Durban beachfront in December last year.

The two suspects walked free this week. This is after police had originally received accolades for the speedy arrest after the incident during the International Paralympic Committee Swimming World Championship last year.

Now, apart from the lambasting the police got in court this week, the consuls said the victims had not even been informed that the accused - arrested within 36 hours of the incident - had been set free.

This follows months of delays arising from police not appointing an investigating officer, not following up on DNA analysis or taking statements from other police officers.

Then, after the matter had been set down for trial this week, the policeman who made the arrests did not pitch and prosecutor Jackie Jonk was forced to close her case. In acquitting the accused - Mpendulo Sithole, 20, and a 16-year-old, who cannot be named - Durban Magistrate Sharon Marks, said she was "highly disturbed" by the "continual bungling" of the case.

» » » » [Sunday Tribune (PDF)]
» » [Sunday Tribune: Foreign couple tell of rape pain (PDF)]
» » [Sunday Independent: Rape suspect's acquittal outrages foreign couple; Traumatised victims feel they have been abused a second time as litany of police bungling eventually sees accused walk free (PDF)]

[French] Woman shot dead, baby found crying

The Star
11 December 2008, 18:19

Maxime Du Pont & Charlotte Coutrot: [Photo: Louise Diesel]
[26/02/2014 WR-Ed: Photos removed at request of Mr. Du Pont]

A 30-year-old French woman has been found murdered at a house in Parkhurst, Gauteng police said on Thursday. Captain Bheki Mavundla said the woman was found by her husband when he returned from work on Monday.

"The husband tried to call her all day, but could not reach her," Mavundla said.

When he arrived home he found the gate wide opened and became suspicious. He called ADT security guards, and together with the guards went inside the house and found the woman dead on the floor.

She had been shot in the head. A five-month-old baby was found crying next to the woman.

Mavundla said house appliances were alleged to have been taken out of the house.

» » » » [The Star (PDF)]
» » [The Star: French Woman Found Slain as her Baby Cries (PDF)]
» » [Eyewitness News: L’Oréal manager leaves SA after wife’s killing (PDF)]

Shock at Death of [Austrian] Ex-Footballer

Noelene Barbeau, Sunday Tribune
December 2, 2007

A well-known Austrian sportsman was murdered at a luxury resort on the South Coast on the eve of the 2010 Soccer World Cup Preliminary Draw last year. News of his death made headlines around the world and left friends and family reeling.

Soon after landing on South African soil, Peter Burgstaller teed off on the golf course at Selbourne Hotel Spa and Golf Estate. That afternoon, a security guard discovered his body on the 12th tee. He had been shot dead and robbed of cash and a cellphone.

» » » » [Sunday Tribune (PDF)]
» » [News 24: Austrian Killed in Durban]
» » [News 24: Shot Footballer 'had little chance']
» » [News 24: Man's wait for dead footballer]
» » [News 24: Burgstaller Accused Wants Black Lawyer]
» » [Sunday Tribune: Two Brothers Deny Killing Austrian Golfer (PDF)]
» » [News 24: Burgstaller: Brothers Guilty]

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» » [‘SA not ready’ 2010 Terror: ‘Intelligence Services woefully unprepared’]
» » [ZA Top 20 # 2:... UK, US, AU et al warn citizens: “Exercise Highest Degree of Caution”]


Barry Meehan said...

Come on, people!
South Africa is the only country in the world to host the Rugby World Cup, the Cricket World Cup and now the Soccer World Cup! Both the Rugby and Cricket World Cups went off without a hitch or any sort of incident, as will the Soccer World Cup next year!
Tourism is vital to any developing country, and especially vital to a nation with a history like ours. Give us a chance, and stop being so alarmist. Plans are being put into place to protect tourists, and I can assure you that our beautiful country is no more violent or scary than 99% of the rest of the world! Be here for 2010 or miss out on one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime!
Barry Meehan
Committed & proud Durbanite

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Mr. Meehan,

Are you saying that the 7,000 odd photo's Mr. Snowy Smith has taken of The Death of Durban looking like a cesspit, are frauds? Why is the Durban municipality not responding to Mr. Smith? Is your website committing fraud, by withholding important information from tourists, for your own financial benefit, Mr. Meehan?

It appears you also appear to -- like many South Africans -- value money above principle, honour and integrity: May I remind you:
Excerpt from: Pro-SA Boycott 2010 World Cup Campaign:

The ANC Government are quite as capable of doing anything efficiently or competently, should they put their minds to it. They have demonstrated their endless capacity for efficiency and competency in corruption. It is not their capabilities that are being criticized, but their lack of morality and ethical standards of behavior: the self interested and greedy goals they focus their capabilities towards.

The ANC Government are as capable as holding a 2010 Soccer World Cup, as the Apartheid Government were capable of holding any Rugby, Soccer or Cricket World Cup. It was not the Apartheid Governments event management capabilities that were ‘boycotted’; but their alleged lack of non-racial ethics and immorality.

The Apartheid Government were accused of the Crime of Apartheid. The International Sports Boycott against any sports events to be held in South Africa was to demand the Apartheid Government desist from their conducts and activities which were the foundation of the accusations against them of the Crime of Apartheid.

The ANC Government are accused of the Crime of Apartheid (SAHRC-WC-2009-0455BS).

Accordingly the Boycott 2010 World Cup is campaigning against any sports events to be held in South Africa as a demand that the Black Apartheid ANC Government desist their conduct and activities which are the foundation of the accusations against them, for their Crime of Apartheid (
So, whose website is telling the truth, Mr. Meehan; your (TeamDurban) or Mr. Snowy Smith's (Death of Durban)?

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea
I certainly don't intend to get involved in a mud-slinging contest, for which Mr. Snowy Smith is famous in Durban. I have visited his site and note that most pics and articles are well over a year old. It is also a great pity that his attacks are racially-motivated.
Certainly there are problems in Durban, and it would be great if Mr. Smith would channel his energy positively into creating solutions and react pro-actively with the City, like many of us are doing. We are well acquainted with the Victoria Embankment/Yacht Mole area, being the organisers of the Durban Boat Show, and are aware that after heavy rains and storms, a lot of debris gets washed into the harbour. Mr. Smith's photos are taken after these rains. I can take photos from the same positions on well over 300 days of the year, and show you pristine harbour views.
The Team Durban website is certainly not a money-making venture, but an honest effort to help the City with its marketing and ensure that every visitor to our part of the world has a positive experience to remember.
Durban is making positive efforts to create a world-class destination, as can be witnessed by our beautiful new stadium, the work presently being done on areas like the beachfront, the Yacht Mole, Warwick Avenue Junction etc etc.
I remain a committed, 60 year-old born and bred Durbanite, and can assure you that I do not (in your words) "value money above principle, honour and integrity". I am here to assist my City, my province and my country, all of which I believe in with a passion.
Barry Meehan

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Mr. Meehan/Barry,

I was, and am simply responding to a comment you placed on White Refugees, wherein you made some allegations against the Boycott 2010 World Cup, without having bothered to read the Boycott 2010 Justifications.

I informed you where you could educate yourself about the Boycott 2010 Campaigns Justifications for the Boycott.

Secondly, your comment, linked to TeamDurban, appeared to imply that Durban was heaven on earth. Nobody is raped, no crime, i could not find any mention that anyone in Durban has any concern for crime, corruption etc. I have lived and worked in Durban (few years ago, but it was heading fast for a cesspit then). If a tourist wanted to visit Durban, I would NOT be giving them the advice TeamDurban is, because I would be lying to them, and deceiving them.

Thirdly, Mr. Smith's anger: I am aware of Mr. Smith's anger -- he has been mugged more than a few times, -- and he is expressing his anger in letters. He has not expressed his anger by raping a baby, or any child or woman, by beating anyone to death, or by any violent act. He is expressing his fury and his rage, in words on pieces of paper. That is what people who are angry in a democracy do -- they express their anger at the incompetence of their leaders to their leaders on paper. Companies call it 'customer feedback'. Now if Team Durban or anyone who runs the city of Durban don't give a flying hooot about people who have been mugged, and robbed, who express their anger, nonviolently on paper in complaints; but respond by repeatedly ignoring such citizens, (for doing their citizen duty); then such officials are PRESENTING TO THE WORLD (a) a picture of indifference and inability or unwillingness of the government to respond to the complaints of angry minorities, such as Mr. Smith.

Frankly, Mr. Meehan, I have not come across one in six million South Africans, who are not racially motivated. Thats okay, I listen to anoyone, no matter how 'racially motivated' and listen to the facts they present to support their 'racially motivated' argument. Depending on the facts to support their argument, I draw my conclusions.

If I had to rule out anyone in South africa's argument, becuase they were racially motivated, that would include you -- your racial motivation is white guilt. That's okay. You are welcome to be motivated by whatever you want. I, unlike you, don't judge people for their racial motivations. I judge their arguments, based upon the facts they are able to present for such argument.

[continued in [2/2]]

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


You admit that there are problems in Durban. Good I agree. Your website -- it appears -- denies the reality of these problems to the tourists you are attempting to brainwash with 'good news'. Thats okay -- such ignorant tourists who want to believe such crap, can go to you, once they are raped or mugged; and express their anger to you; and you and the Durban muncipality can ignore them and accuse them of being 'racially motivated'. This you call 'marketing South Africa'.

I do not condone goverments or corporations who lie to customers, or citizens about the truth about reality. I do not endorse anyone's propaganda, even if I may benefit from that propaganda.

I am a member of the RAdical Honesty community; which is my culture and religion. TRUTH, and TRANSPARENCY and a COMMITMENT TO REAL SINCERE FORGIVENESS, not two-faced hypocrisy intellectual 'TRC' fake forgiveness.

Surely before you even begin to think about solutions, YOU FIRST ACURATELY IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM?

It is possible you are correct about Mr. Smith's Yacht Mole photos, but he had many other photos too.

I lived in Durban for over 2 years, a few years ago, and can tell you, that not on one day for the entire two years i lived there, did i ever see a pristine harbour view. I saw rubbish and trash, and it was disgusting. Maybe that has changed, but I doubt it. But it is possible.

Your marketing and mine appears to be rather different. I market the truth, so that anyone is faced with reality and is aware of what to expect, and can make the propert precuations. That way they are not shocked and deceived and betrayed, by lies and disinformation.

As for the Durban Stadium, Mr. Meehan, you clearly are absolutely 100% clueless about Peak Oil, and its consequences on cities. That Stadium, indicates Durban Municipality's commitment to a fancy dress ball, on on the Durban Titanic, heading straight for the Peak Oil iceberg.

To begin to educate yourself, see:
* ANC Captain Blighs of S.S. ZA-Titanic Charging Full 'Circus Maximus' Speed Ahead to 2010 World Cup Iceberg...
* Meet South Africa's new Big Five...White Elephant 2010 WC Stadiums

Mr. Meehan, I can only evaluate whether you value principles more than money, in your actions that befit your words. Your actions to befit the principles of providing HONEST AND TRANSPARENT information for the tourists that visit your website, indicates to me, that you do not highly value honesty and transparency, about informing them of the reality of crime, incompetence and corruption in your city.

Your passion clearly is not the same as my passion. Thats okay. My passion is TRUTH, and TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY, and a COMMITMENT TO REAL AND SINCERE FORGIVENESS.

I do not think that you can solve any problem, when you are not willing to impartially evaluate its root causes; and when those who are upset about the problem, are vilified and ignored.


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Unified Quest is the Army Chief of Staff's future study plan designed to examine issues critical to current and future force development... - as the world population grows, increased global competition for affordable finite resources, notably energy and rare earth materials, could fuel regional conflict. - water is the new oil. scarcity will confront regions at an accelerated pace in this decade.
US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
Human Farming Management: Fake Left v. Right (02:09)
ARMY STRATEGY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Office of Dep. Asst. of the Army Environment, Safety and Occupational Health: Richard Murphy, Asst for Sustainability, 24 October 2006
2006: US Army Strategy for Environment
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Peak NNR: Scarcity: Humanity’s Last Chapter: A Comprehensive Analysis of Nonrenewable Natural Resource (NNR) Scarcity’s Consequences, by Chris Clugston
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