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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Organized Crime Robbery of FIFA Jhb Communication Center; SA Media blackmailed into Silence?

Update: Monday 15 February 14:45 PM

Karin Roodt, from PRAAG reports in 'Sokkersentrum in Braamfontein beslis geroof' (Soccer center in Braamfontein definitely robbed):
After PRAAG posted an article on Friday stating that the YMCA in Braamfontein had been robbed by a group of about 25 armed men, FIFA, the international football federation denied that this robbery was in any way related to the Soccer World Cup.

Even the daily newspaper Beeld dismissed PRAAG's allegations as an internet rumour that was false. PRAAG has rechecked their facts with their source, and can confirm that the robbery in Braamfontein is World Cup related, but that FIFA has not officially taken over the administration of the YMCA building from the YMCA Board.

The YMCA building in Smit street, Braamfontein, however, is earmarked as accommodation for 700 to 900 international journalists, during the Soccer World Cup. Not only would they be provided accomodation at reasonable prices, but a Communication Center was also being equipped with the necessary computers, monitors, editorial and electronic equipment to allow them to make their reports for worldwide dispatch. It is this equipment that was robbed on Friday morning.

Case Number 731/02/2010 was reported to the Hillbrow police station in Johannesburg, in which the alleged “building materials” were robbed by robbers with knives and firearms, while the security guards were detained. The “building materials” refer to the electronic equipment which was being installed for soccer journalists.

According to PRAAG's source, who would prefer to remain anonymous, for fear of losing his job, contractors were installing the equipment, when the YMCA building was robbed. Only when the building and the installation is finally completed, will the local organizing committee of the World Cup oficially hand over building to FIFA.

The fact that the YMCA building, destined for use by soccer journalists, is not yet officially under FIFA's control; is now being used to deny that any soccer related robbery occurred. Should Sepp Blatter be robbed on the street outside his hotel, one can certainly argue that he was robbed in his personal capacity; and that FIFA was not officially involved in the incident. Consequently the robbery is being seen as “just another robbery” which occurs on a daily basis in Johannesburg; and is being implied to have no “official connection” to FIFA or the World Cup. The fact that a center for soccer journalists was robbed of its communication technology, before its completion and the arrival of the journalists in the country, speaks volumes about South Africas safety and security reality.

According to an anonymous spokesperson, “it will be difficult to sell the communication equipment on the local market, because the robbery has been reported; but it will probably find a home somewhere else in Africa.”

Update: Monday 15 February 2010 14:02 PM

Karin Roodt, from PRAAG reports in Berig op PRAAG ‘vals’ volgens Beeld (Article on PRAAG ‘false’ according to Beeld), that “the article about the robbery of FIFA's communication center in Braamfontein, Johannesburg; is according to Beeld, false.”

Update: Monday 15 February 2010 02:40 AM

Daniella du Plooy, from Beeld reports in Web gons oor FIFA inbraak (Web abuzz over FIFA robbery), that “a rumor on the Internet that Fifa's “Communication Center” in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, was robbed, is false.” FIFA denies having any offices in Braamfontein, and according to Capt. Bheki Mavundla, there was indeed an office robbery, that was reported to the Hillbrow police station on Friday, but neither Beeld nor the SAPS provide further information about this reported robbery. It does not appear as if Beeld/Ms. du Plooy contacted Dr. Roodt for his comment about why PRAAG are spreading ‘a false FIFA-robbery rumor on the Internet.’ Nor has Dr. Roodt made any further comment, or updated corrections, at PRAAG, in response to the Beeld article. Perhaps later today.

Update: Sunday 14 February 2010 23:02 PM

I was first informed of this story on Friday evening, by Henri Le Riche. I searched for confirmation, could find none. I waited for Saturdays newspapers, only to find them silent. Henry subsequently informed me he read the story on PRAAG. Still the media were not confirming or denying PRAAG'S allegations of FIFA's embarrasment about being caught in a massive armed robbery. This I found very strange, considering Independent News vicious attack (PDF) against the Boycott 2010 World Cup campaign, accusing it of being an Anti-SA smear campaign, when by far the majority of its justifications for the Boycotting of the World Cup, were mainstream media news articles, and reports, etc.

If true, PRAAG's article detailing this alleged armed robbery of FIFA's alleged Communication Center, is a very serious confirmation of organized crime in South Africa's danger to a successful World Cup. If PRAAG's article was not true; considering its explosive allegations; other mainstream news organisations, FIFA, or the Minister of Police, would surely expose such false allegations? But all there was, was a void of silence. It was into this void of silence, that I posted the following post on Saturday, February 13, at 10:03 pm.

Sunday came.. and the PRAAG story is still there, and the SA media, FIFA and Min. of Police are still totally silent; no confirmation, nor allegations of falsehood; except finally late Sunday afternoon, two anonymous commentators on PRAAG's website; one of whom alleges that the SA media will be clarifying the issue in Monday's newspaper, the other alleges to be a FIFA news statement, without any link to the alleged original. So, until Monday's clarification, if any, this is whats available about this story.

Saturday 13 February 2010: 10:03 PM

The following news report (below) was published by PRAAG, on Friday, 12 February 2010, at 11:48 hours detailing how 20 - 25 armed robbers, conducted a massive armed robbery of FIFA's Communication Center in Johannesburg at approximately 09:00 hrs. The FIFA Communication Center is being setup for 900 journalists to report from, during the 2010 World Cup. Millions of Rands of communication equipment was stolen by 20 to 25 armed robbers, with military style tactics, precision and planning.

Irrespective of the explosive nature of this news report, neither News 24, nor Independent Newspapers have filed any reports on the issue. It is as if News 24 and IOL have decided that the massive armed robbery of FIFA's communication equipment never occurred.

In response to comment questions from PRAAG readers of the article, who could find no corroboration of the article in other South African media corporations, such as News 24 and Independent News; Dan Roodt, editor for Praag, stated that:

Apparently, the big media groups have all signed legal agreements with FIFA that in return for being allowed direct access to FIFA news report during the 2010 World Cup, they would not report "anything negative" about the World Cup. Presumably, this is being interpreted as such a "negative" event which they are accordingly burying as if it never occurred.

Blykbaar het die al die groot mediagroepe ooreenkomste met FIFA geteken dat hulle, in ruil vir nuus tydens die sokker, "niks negatiefs" oor die wêreldbeker mag skryf nie. Waarskynlik word hierdie gesien as so 'n geval en word dit eenvoudig doodgeswyg.

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

2010 Communication Center Stripped

Friday, February 12, 2010 11:48

To the embarrassment of Sepp Blatter and FIFA, the 2010 World Cup Communication Center being setup for 900 Journalists in Braamfontein, Johannesburg; was held up in a massive armed robbery at about 09:00 hrs this morning. Communication and video equipment worth several million rand was stolen.

FIFA's Blatter has repeatedly dismissed the warnings about local crime and poor policing as mere “racism”; and was still broadcasting TV ads about “Madiba” yesterday.

The Broadcast Center, which is located in Smit Street, Braamfontein, in the old YMCA building, was not completed yet, and contractors were still working on finalising equipment to work. A group of heavily armed men detained the contractors, while large quantities of valuable communication equpiment were removed and driven away.

Security guards were attacked with guns and told to keep their faces to the floor while the building was stripped of valuable communication equipment. A spokesman has described the operation as being of 'military character'. Some communication items that were robbed, were so large that it required “five large men” to carry the equipment out of the building. The robbery must have required considerable planning and organisation, which shows that organized crime is well aware of the windfall the World Cup represents, and is already picking its fruits.

According to witnesses who were detained and held hostage during the robbery, there were approximately 20 to 25 armed robbers. Vehicles stopped and delivered, while other vehicles arrived again in convoy. Sattelite dishes, editorial machines, computers and video monitors were stolen, enough to launch an entire new radio station.

» » » » [PRAAG (PDF)]

Kommunikasiesentrum 2010 gestroop

Vrydag, 12 Februarie 2010 11:48

Tot die verleentheid van Sepp Blatter en FIFA, het die 2010-kommunikasiesentrum vir 900 joernaliste in Braamfontein, Johannesburg vanmôre omstreeks 9-uur onder 'n grootskaalse rooftog deurgeloop. Kommunikasie- en videotoerusting van etlike miljoene rande is gebuit.

FIFA se Blatter, wat reeds by herhaling plaaslike waarskuwings oor misdaad en gebrekkige polisiëring as blote "rassisme" afgemaak het, het gister nog TV-advertensies oor "Madiba" laat uitsaai. Die uitsaaisentrum in Smitstraat, Braamfontein, wat in die ou gebou van die YMCA ingerig word, was nog nie gereed nie en kontrakteurs was nog besig om aan die toerusting te werk. 'n Groep swaar gewapende mans het hulle aangehou en groot hoeveelhede waardevolle kommunikasietoerusting is weggery.

Veiligheidswagte is met vuurwapens oorval en aangesê om met hul gesigte op die grond te lê terwyl die gebou gestroop is. 'n Woordvoerder het die operasie as "militêr van aard" beskryf. Sommige items wat geroof is, was so groot dat "vyf groot mans" nodig was om dit uit te dra. Die rooftog moes heelwat beplanning en organisasie geverg het, wat toon dat georganiseerde misdaad die sokkerwêreldbeker as 'n meevaller beskou waarvan sommige vrugte nou reeds gepluk word.

Volgens getuies wat in aanhouding verkeer het, was daar ongeveer 20 tot 25 rowers. Voertuie het stilgehou en gery, terwyl ander voertuie weer in aantog was. Satellietskottels, redigeermasjiene, rekenaars en videomonitors is geroof, genoeg om 'n hele uitsaaistasie te begin.

» » » » [PRAAG (PDF)]

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