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Summary of Ecology of Peace Radical Honoursty Factual Reality Problem Solving: Poverty, slavery, unemployment, food shortages, food inflation, cost of living increases, urban sprawl, traffic jams, toxic waste, pollution, peak oil, peak water, peak food, peak population, species extinction, loss of biodiversity, peak resources, racial, religious, class, gender resource war conflict, militarized police, psycho-social and cultural conformity pressures on free speech, etc; inter-cultural conflict; legal, political and corporate corruption, etc; are some of the socio-cultural and psycho-political consequences of overpopulation & consumption collision with declining resources.

Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

[] David vs Tutu Goliath's TRC Fraud & Ecolaw Corruption

Concourt #23-10: The Citizen v. Robert McBride

Radical Honesty SA Amicus Curiae in Support of Population Policy Common Sense Interpretation of Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act, 34 of 1995

Concourt 23-10: RH Amicus:

CCT #23-10 Amicus Evidentiary Docs:
[Dr. Truth: ‘SA’s TRC was a fake political PR show’] :: [Know Your TRC-Reconciliation-Fraud History: Liberation Theology, Kairos, White Guilt, and Black Victimology Power] :: [Radical Honesty About Anger & Forgiveness, by Brad Blanton] :: [Practicing Radical Honesty, by Brad Blanton] :: [An ABC’s of Ecology Systems Approach to a Sui Generis Agriculture Mythology: When did we Become We?] :: [The Conflict of the Past: A Factual Review | Die Konflik van die Verlede: ‘n Feitlike Oorsig] :: [MK's Mbokodo & Complaint by SADF Generals to Public Protector of TRC Handling of SADF - January 1998] :: [Mencken – Licenced to Breed DieOff – Monkeylaw Prophets] :: [14 March 1984: ANC Stuart Commission Report: Commission of Enquiry into Recent Developments in the People’s Republic of Angola, March 14, 1984, Lusaka, Angola] :: [July 1990: Paul Trewhela, Searchlight South Africa, Vol 2, No 1: p.30-35: Mutinies in the Liberation Armies: Inside Quadro] :: [July 1990: Bandile Ketelo, Amos Maxongo, Zamxolo Tshona, Ronnie Massango and Luvo Mbengo, Searchlight South Africa: Vol.2 No.1: (p.35-68)] A Miscarriage of Democracy: The ANC Security Dept. in the 1984 Mutiny of Umkhonto We Sizwe] :: [July 1990: Ex-ANC Detainees, Searchlight South Africa: Vol.2 No.1: (p.35-68): An Open Letter to Nelson Mandela from Ex-Detainees] :: [Jan 1991: Letter to the Editors, Searchlight South Africa, Vol 2, No 2: (p.91-94): The ANC Conference: From Kabwe to Johannesburg] :: [July 1991: Elty Mhlekazi, Searchlight South Africa, Vol 2, No 3: (p.49-53): The Case of Samuel Mngqibisa (Elty Mhlekazi)] :: [1992: ANC Skewiya Commission Report: Report of the Commission of Enquiry into Complaints by Former African National Congress Prisoners and Detainees] :: [Dec 1992: Amnesty International Report: South Africa: Torture, Ill-treatment and Executions in African National Congress Camps (Dec 92)] :: [Apr 1993: Paul Trewhela, Searchlight South Africa, Vol 3, No 2: April 1993 (p.8-30): The ANC Prison Camps: An Audit of Three Years, 1990-1993] :: [Oct 1993: Olefile Samuel Mngqibisa, Searchlight South Africa, Vol 3, No. 3, (p.11-16): Sexual Abuse of Young Women in the ANC Camps] :: [1994: Mwezie Twala & Ed Benard, Jonathan Ball Publishers: Excerpts: Mbokodo: Inside MK: Mwezi Twala - A Soldier's Story] :: [April 1993: Paul Trewhela, Searchlight South Africa, Vol 3, No 2: (p.08-30): A Death in South Africa: The Killing of Sipho Phungulwa and the Mandela Monarchy 'M Plan'] :: [6 Dec 2009: Paul Trewhela, Sun Times: Inside Quatro: Uncovering the Exile History of the ANC and SWAPO] :: [28 October 2010: Paul Trewhela, Politicsweb: The Thami Zulu Question]

Blog Posts & News Articles:
:: March 26, 2010 :: [‘TRC was a fraudulent PR publicity stunt’ & ‘Human Consciousness Rule-of-Law Freedom Charter’, to be heard in Constitutional Court!?] :: April 02, 2010 :: [ConCourt: ‘Was SA's TRC a falsification of History’?] April 09, 2010: [SA Media Conspiratorial ‘What Bleads, Leads’ role in SA’s Race War..] :: May 07, 2010 :: [Radical Honesty ‘TRC was a falsification of history’ application admitted as Amicus Curiae in The Citizen vs. Robert McBride] :: May 26, 2010 :: [Concourt: ‘Was Apartheid A Just War for Demographic Survival from Marxist ‘Swart Gevaar’’?] :: July 21, 2010 :: [White Refugee Amicus to Concourt: ‘TRC is guilty of fraud and falsifying history’] :: July 24, 2010 :: [Archbishop Tutu announces retirement after TRC fraud allegations] :: [SA Concourt: Was ANC's 'liberation struggle' a Just War, or Spectacular Fraud?] :: January 28, 2011 :: [Open Letter to Tutu: Why do you endorse blacklisting of TRC Fraud critics & evidence?]

Bloemfontein Mag. Crt: State v. Reitz 4

Radical Honesty SA Amicus Curiae Application
SA Media's Censorship of CCT 23-10 TRC Fraud Amicus: ‘TRC social contract’ is founded on Truth and Reconciliation Commission fraud
Request Court to confirm Accused and Plaintiffs belong to different culture’s and whether they were informed by their counsel of their constitutional rights to invoking cultural law

State v. Reitz 4 Court Docs:

Complaint to SAPS & SA Press Council Docs:

Blog Posts & News Articles:
:: 30 July 2010 :: [CityPress: Rightwing group tries to scupper Reitz trial] :: 31 July 2010 :: [‘Rightwing group tries to scupper Reitz trial’ - City Press] :: 03 November 2010 :: [WR: 10-11-03: Press Ombudsman Ruling: Radical Honesty White Refugee vs City Press; RE: CityPress article: “Rightwing Group Tries to Scupper Reits Trial”] :: [M&G: City Press reprimanded by ombudsman (subsequently deleted)] :: [M&G: Ombudsman: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD] :: [News24: Reitz 4: Ombudsman reprimands City Press (subsequently deleted)] :: [New24: Ombudsman dismisses Reitz [TRC FRAUD] complaint] :: [NewsTime: Press Ombudsman Raps City Press On The Knuckles] :: [BusReport: City Press reprimanded by the Press Ombudsman] :: [City Press: Ombudsman clears City Press [of censoring TRC FRAUD]] :: [Cape Argus: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]: Ombudsman] :: [Cape Times: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]: Ombudsman] :: [Daily News: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]: Ombudsman] :: [IOL: Ombudsman: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]] :: [Pretoria News: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]: Ombudsman] :: [Sunday Independent: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]: Ombudsman] :: [Sunday Tribune: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]: Ombudsman] :: [The Mercury: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]: Ombudsman] :: [The Star: City Press did nothing wrong [censoring TRC FRAUD]: Ombudsman] :: 14 November 2010 :: [WR: Radical Honesty - SA Appeals to Judge Zulman, Press Appeals Panel; for Review of Press Ombudsman City Press/Reitz Four Ruling] :: 27 February 2011 :: [WR: Ubuntufied Legal Lynching in Rainbow Hypocrisy SA: The Reitz 4 TRC Fraud Prostitution Circus: Introduction: Politicians, Editors & Lawyers: Kangaroo Court Actors] :: [WR: [II] Media Timeline of Events - Ignoring Anti-Lynching Voices] :: [WR: [III] Ubuntu Kangaroo Court Justice – Evidence is Irrelevant] :: [WR: [IV] The Reasonable Initiation Legal Fraud – Who cares about the Evidence?] :: [UFS Black Liberation Theology's 'Reconciliation' successfuly destroys Reitz-4's ‘Whiteness’, by cultivating their ‘White Guilt’?]

Concourt #06-11: Radical Honesty SA v SANEF & 87 Others

Radical Honesty SA Application for Direct Access for a Writ of
(I) Habeus Mentem; and (II) Certiorari / Review

CCT 06-11 Court Docs:

Blogs & News Articles:
:: January 14, 2011 :: [Radical Honesty SA v. SANEF Press Council, et al: Radical Honesty takes 88 SA Media Elite to Concourt for Censorship of Media Corruption] :: January 22, 2011 :: [Peak Oil & Ecological Overshoot raised in SA Constitutional Court Media Corruption case] :: [CCT # 06-11: Concourt to review SANEF censorship of TRC Fraud & Ecolaw Media Corruption] :: February 02, 2011 :: [‘Conspiracy of Silence as David v. Goliath in Concourt: CCT #06-11 Blacklisted by SA Media’ Email to SA Legal Fraternity drives SAPA to Action] :: February 03, 2011 :: [Are the media allergic to constructive critical examination of their conduct?] :: February 17, 2011 :: [‘Exposing (i) TRC Fraud, (ii) Media's Ecolaw Corruption & (ii) African White Refugee Persecution; not in interests of justice' - SA Concourt] :: February 21, 2011 :: [SA's TRC Fraud & Ecolaw Concourt Corruption; to be a Guinness World Record?] :: 01 March 2010 :: [WR: Humans: An Endangered Species: [I] The Power of Compound Population & Economic Growth] :: [[II] When Exponential Population & Economic Growth Collides with Finite Resources] :: [[III] Triage Ethics -- Conventional Morality or Human Survival?] :: [[IV] Easter Island Lesson: Peak Resources: A Death Sentence for Billions] :: [[V] A Proposal: How to Determine Who Can and Who Cannot Reproduce]

Scientific Journalism Rating

Request the Constitutional Court to issue an advisory ruling, with expert witness input from Wikileaks and/or OpenLeaks ‘scientific journalism’ experts, in support of a clear classification system of ‘media corporations’; similar to Hotel Star Ratings and Smoking Label warnings. For example:
  • Three Star Media Corporations practice unbiased and politically incorrect scientific journalism;
  • Two Star media corporations practice left or right ideological propaganda when it contradicts scientific journalism truths, and withhold from their readers access to the original documents they are reporting their bias upon
  • One Star gutter yellow smear propaganda journalism, which has no interest whatsoever in scientific truthful reporting, only profiting from spreading gossip and malice.

All media corporations would be required to publish their ‘scientific journalism’ hierarchical star status, in a designated space on their front page, clarifying their Star Status, and what that STAR status means regarding the scientific journalism (or not) quality of factual information being sold to the reader. For example: The Star Status warnings could say:
  • 3 STARS: Reading this Publication could make you Intelligent, particularly if you verify the authenticity of the report, by means of checking the evidentiary documents provided for your access.
  • 2 STARS: Reading this publication could enforce your left or right wing ideological biases, whenever the publication declines to provide evidence for its left or right wing biased allegations;
  • 1 STAR: Reading this publication will make you so intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and politically stupid, that you won't even know you are stupid; because you will just be an automatonic sheeple zombie.

UK Westminster Mag. Court: RSA v. Shrien Dewani

Radical Honesty SA Amicus Curiae Application:
SA is a criminal mafia parasite state:
Descartian Jurisprudence does not exist in ‘Rainbow Hypocrisy SA’

RSA v. Dewani Court Docs:

Blog Posts & News Articles:
:: December 31, 2010 :: [Radical Honesty SA Open Letter to Dewani and Hindocha families: Shrien Dewani has zero% chance of fair trial in South Africa] :: January 13, 2011 :: [Radical Honesty SA Questions to V&A Waterfront: 'Public Relations Censorship & Deception' of Crime in SA, by SA Media] :: January 19, 2011 :: [Amicus Applic. to Dewani’s Judge: SA is a criminal mafia parasite state: Descartian Jurisprudence does not exist in ‘Rainbow Hypocrisy SA’] :: January 24, 2011 :: [Proudly SA Magistrates: Respect Their: Assassination HitLists, Pornography addictions, SMS sex-texting, 22 children, fraud, bribery, et al] :: January 25, 2011 :: [UK Ind. Party (UKIP) Request to City of Westminster Clerk of Court; RE: Dewani Amicus Curiae Application] :: February 01, 2011 :: [‘SA citizens - SA legal system is corrupt - Amicus challenge to Dewani extradition’ - The South African] :: February 4, 2011 :: [Home Secretary & HM Court Svc. Req. City of Westminster's Clerk of Court to Respond to Dewani Amicus Application] :: February 6, 2011 :: [Q to Cape Law Soc: Which argument/s in Radical Honesty SA Amicus in RSA v. Dewani is/are ‘without substance or legal basis’?] :: February 20, 2011 :: [SA Legal System Incompetent: The Silence of the Lawyers] :: [RSA v. Dewani: Complaint filed with Her Majesty's Courts Svc, alleging Due Process Court Irregularities & Bias by Magistrate]

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Unified Quest is the Army Chief of Staff's future study plan designed to examine issues critical to current and future force development... - as the world population grows, increased global competition for affordable finite resources, notably energy and rare earth materials, could fuel regional conflict. - water is the new oil. scarcity will confront regions at an accelerated pace in this decade.
US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
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ARMY STRATEGY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Office of Dep. Asst. of the Army Environment, Safety and Occupational Health: Richard Murphy, Asst for Sustainability, 24 October 2006
2006: US Army Strategy for Environment
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