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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boycott 2010 World Cup!: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

‘World Cup of Bribery’ -- Zugg Swiss Prosecutor

SA Sports Boycott :: 01. SA Farm Attacks Guerrilla Warfare (12:19) | 02. Mark Dice: Boycott Sports (04:38) | 03. William Cooper: Sport Circus (02:31) | 04. Alan Watt: Truth About Sports (05:46) | 05. Noam Chomsky: Sport & Authority (03:38)
[Senior Fifa Officials Involved in Largest Bribery Scandal in History - Zug Swiss Prosecutor] :: [Fifa Corruption Empowers Global Capital] :: [Fifa, Media Corruption and Mass Murderers] :: [Soccer City Tenders and Blank Checks] :: [Is Fifa Blackmailing SA Media Editors] :: [Foul! The Secret World of Fifa] :: [Fifa & Mbeki's $3Billion Elephant Finger to Capetown] :: [A robotoid successful World Cup of Bribery and Rainbow Hypocrisy La-La-Land]
[SA Sports Boycott: SA Farm Attacks Guerrilla Warfare (12:19)] :: [Mark Dice: Boycott Sports (04:38)] :: [William Cooper: Sport Circus (02:31)] :: [Alan Watt: Truth About Sports (05:46)] :: [Noam Chomsky: Sport & Authority (03:38)]

Boycott 2010 World Cup: Truth & Justice; or Secession?

“No Normal Sport in TRC Hypocrisy on Steroids ZA”

“The agricultural department of a bank in South Africa has calculated the per capita murder rate of ethno-European farmers to be four (4) times greater than the average murder rate for the population of South Africa.” -- GenocideWatch Report, 2002

“RACIAL HATRED is the main cause of the incredibly high violence- and cruelty level which specifically target the primarily Afrikaner victims of farm attacks.”

“This is one of the shock findings of the long-awaited farm attack report, which the Afrikaans-language Beeld newspaper has managed to publish in spite of the decision yesterday by the South African government security and safety Minister to “hold back its publication.”

“According to the South African state advocates who were quoted in the independent commission's (still unpublished) formal report, racial hatred is an important factor in the violence and cruelty which mark the South African farm attacks targeting Afrikaner farm dwellers.”

-- GenocideWatch Report, Aug 2003
» Farm Attack Official Investigation Report: Farmers tortured and murdered due to “racial hatred”

“Backed by travel advice issued by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), London's The Telegraph newspaper has placed South Africa alongside Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Haiti, Eritrea, Pakistan, Burundi, Nigeria and the DRC in terms of danger to travellers.

According to the FCO, SA has “an underlying threat from terrorism”.

‘Avoid townships, practice safe sex and “exercise the highest degree of caution”, are some of the travel tips given to tourists visiting South Africa. The US, Australia and UK governments state websites, were updated recently to include security advice for citizens planning to travel to S. Africa for 2010 World Cup.’
» ZA Top 20 Dangerous Travel Destinations: Beware: SA is Violent: UK, US, AU et al warn citizens: “Exercise Highest Degree of Caution”

‘Zimbabwe style farm invasions may be delayed ... but will definitely happen in SA's future’
-- Lt. Gen. Mojo Matau, Former Chief of Mil. Intel., SANDF

... Then I asked my friend [Lt. Gen. Mojo Matau], this man in the kitchen cabinet of ANC power in the new South Africa, what he thought of Robert Mugabe. At his reply my heart sank. He described Zimbabwe’s President as a hero for what he’s done to white farmers, and a leader who illuminated the path ahead for South Africa. I remonstrated, as I always do, and ended by telling Mojo that I saw myself as an African first, a white second, and that it was my ardent wish to stay on the continent. ‘Your only home,’ countered Mojo, gently taking my hand again, ‘is England.’

.... Mugabe, to say it without beating around the liberal bush, is a hero to many of my black African friends. Most of the people I’m talking about are from the upper middle class, inheritors of the African kingdom after colonialism. According to one Zambian, who is among my very oldest of comrades, ‘Mugabe is Shaka Zulu.’

Mugabe is ‘speaking for black people worldwide,’ writes the South African journalist Harry Mashabela. Regarded as a solid liberal in his long career, and writing in the Helen Suzman Foundation’s September newsletter, Mashabela pointed to the adoration Mugabe won at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg last year:
‘The applause and standing ovation were a tacit expression of appreciation of the courageous stand Mugabe has taken in trying to resolve the critical land problems facing his country.’
» » [Read Further] See also: [Liberation by (Extermination-of-White-Settler) Reconciliation!] [Mugabe & White African] [Zimbabwe's Climate of Fear] [From Rhodesia's Breadbasket to Zimbabwe's Basket Case] [UK Immigration Judge Refers to Zim Land Invasions as Genocide] [A Tribe in Trouble] [Zim to White Farmer: We torched your farm..] [Farmers at War in Zimbabwe] [ANC planning Zim-style Land Invasions after 2010 WC] [Emigrated Liberals: Why were we so Wrong About Mugabe?] [Black Zimbabweans Say Life was Better Under White Rule/Rhodesia]

“Is SA crime a ‘race war’?
Attacks on whites show racial prejudice to be a contributing factor”
-- Rodney Warwick, UCT Ph.D Thesis

...... Daleen Pieterse's husband was tortured with a hot kettle, stabbed and finally strangled with shoelaces. She and her 10-year-old son were viciously assaulted with molten plastic; her calf muscle was lacerated, clothes cut off and a knife forced between her legs. Her 3-year-old daughter was threatened with abduction and rape.

As in so many of these crime incidents accompanied by murder, sadism and sexual assault, the assailants were black and the victims white.

As with the Skielik shootings, it is impossible to miss the racial hate component, although such violent white racism is now an exception and mobilises massive media and government condemnation.

But the Pieterse's horror, although mirrored by numerous other occurrences, received just standard press attention, for anti-white "race crime" seldom prompts loud official condemnation.

Although perceptions of black hatred as a crime motive are verbalised among citizens, it is not considered appropriate to publicly dwell upon crime containing a discernibly nasty anti-white dimension.

I argue that it does, and results in serious implications for both the white community and the country's future.

» » [Read Further] See also [3 Gang-Rape 'white bitch' for gang-culture street-cred] [74% of White SA's agree with 'White Refugee' Huntley] [Adapt and Die] [White Refugee Letter to Canada Media] [Getting Away with Rape & Murder] [SA's Secret Race War] [How do Africans say 'Lebensraum'?] [Wake Up Whitey!] [Africa 4 Africans] [Killing Fields: Farms of Fear] [ANC's People's War] [Africanisation of SA] [African for Africans Final Solution] [Relationship between African Occult & African Criminality] [Ethno-Cultural Warfare] [Hunting Season on SA's farmers Not Yet Finished - NL] [Hunting Season on SA's farmers Not Yet Finished - UK] [Kill the f***ing whites now] [How do Africans say 'Lebensraum'?] [Unamused American Observers of African 'TRC'] [Frank Ellis: BBC's Reporting of Farm Murders in Zim & SA (02)] [Canadian Tortured & Murdered on Farm in Limpopo] [Is White Genocide Coming to SA? - USA] [Amnesty Intn'l: Why Silence About SA Farm Murders?] [ANC is in breach of TRC Social Contract - TAU] [Stop 'Boer Genocide' Protests in Sweden & Russia] [Lawyer: African Population Explosion = Ticking Time Bomb] ['National Democratic Revolution' is cornerstone of ANC/SACP/Cosatu policy analysis - SAIRR] ['S.Africans' Appeal to Dutch MP for Safe Haven from Violence targetting Whites]

“In New South Africa, those who act on the ANC’s cultural heritage of ‘Kill Farmers’, are accorded with automatic membership -- prison and street-cred status -- of the 27’s gang.”

According to Johnny Steinberg, in his book The Number, in New South Africa, those who act on the ANC’s cultural heritage of ‘Kill Farmers’, are accorded with automatic membership -- prison and street-cred status -- of the 27’s gang. Put differently, if you adhere to gangculture and in accordance with such gang culture, Kill a Farmer in South Africa, then you are rewarded with automatic membership of the 27's gang. In Nongoloza's Children: W. Cape Prison Gangs, Steinberg states:
Over the past two decades, news of the strange world behind the bars of South Africa's prisons has been spilling out in dribs and drabs. Among the things we have learned is that the so-called "Number gangs"—the 26s, 27s and 28s—are about 100 years old, that they originated in the jails, mine compounds and informal settlements of turn-of-the-century Johannesburg, and that today they constitute a formidable force in every prison across the country.

We know, too, that the world of the Number gangs is one of staggering brutality. Its self-styled judiciaries sentence inmates to death, to gang rape, to beatings with prison mugs, padlocks and bars of soap; among the prerequisites of joining the "soldier lines" of the gangs is the taking of a warder's or a non-gangster's blood; leaving a prison gang, sharing a gang's secrets with a warder, or talking casually about the gang's workings to the non-initiated are all punishable crimes.

» » [Read Further] See also: [African SIGINT Report on Murder of Eugene Terre'blanche: Political Pre-Planned Murder] [None Dare Call it a ‘Kill Farmers’ Cult-Hero Political Conspiracy to Kill Eugene Terre’Blanche?] [Oom Eugene's Symbolism and Military Honour] [CODESA NP Politician admits he never forgave ET & AWB at TRC] [True Political History of 'Kill the Boer'] [Right to Boere Volkstaat Protests in Sweden & Russia]

UK Immig. Judge refers to Zimbabwe Farm Invasions as ‘racially motivated Genocide’..

Daily Mail.UK | 16 September 2010

A woman who admitted taking part in savage evictions of white farmers from their homes in Zimbabwe lost her bid for asylum after a High Court judge accused her of ‘crimes against humanity.’

Mr Justice Ouseley threw out the widowed mother-of-two’s appeal to remain in the UK after she confessed to beating up ten people during two land invasions.

The judge said the state-sponsored mob violence, which saw white famers’ land seized and shared out among President Robert Mugabe’s cronies, was akin to genocide.

‘We are satisfied that the two farm invasions were crimes against humanity,’ he said, likening the 39-year-old woman’s role to a concentration camp guard who followed Nazi orders during the Holocaust.

.... Mr Justice Ouseley, sitting at the Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber said the farm invasions were ‘part of widespread, systematic attacks’ against white farmers and their black workers, carried out with the full knowledge of the regime ‘as a deliberate act of policy’.

The intention behind the ‘obviously inhumane’ invasions ‘was to cause great suffering or inflict serious physical or mental injury’ on victims and cow them into never returning to their homes or opposing the Mugabe regime, he added.

‘The aim was achieved by the mob violence of beatings administered to men and women, burnings and lootings in a deliberately brutal and terrifying experience.

‘They were undertaken for political reasons, the suppression of perceived opposition and for the financial advancement of the regime members and supporters,’ he added.

There was also a ‘clear racial element’ to the attacks, the judge said.

» » [Read Further] See also: [Rustenburg Farmers Files 'Genocide' Complaint to Int'l Crim. Crt] ['Stop Boere Genocide' Protests in Sweden & Russia] ['We're going to take the land & determine the price' - Malema Report to ANCYL National General Council] [Africa's Indiginisation -- Bread Basket to Basket Case -- Pied Piper....] [Your Right2Know: 140 SA Elite Confirm: Kill African Whitey Refugees. It’s the Right Thing to Do...]

Farm Murders in South Africa - Carte Blanche (15:27)

ANC VIP's of Violence (29:35)

Farm Murders in South Africa - SkyNews: Includes Interview of Min. of Safety & Security: Charles Ngcakula

Min. of Safety and Security: Charles Ngcakula: 'If you don't like the crime, leave the country'

EU MP Philip Claeys, from Vlaams Belang (VB) confronts Pres. Zuma at EU Parliament, about SA's more than 3000 murdered white farmers, since 1994; & what concrete measures the ANC are taking about crime.

Nelson Mandela, shortly after he was released from prison, by F.W de Klerk; prior to receiving a Nobel Peace Prize award for his alleged commitment to “reconciliation” with whites; sings a struggle song about “Killing Whites”.


Anonymous said...

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the heads up.

My response to Mr. Saunderson-Meyer (he refused to publish my comment, so I had to publish it mayself) is at:

Thoughtleader William Saunderson-Meyer endorses ANC's Slave & Cannon Fodder Breeding Population Policies; Critics are Loonies and Internet Bigots...

Anonymous said...





Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Anonymous,

You don't mention any of these 'good' things happening in South Africa?

Die Beeld recently reported that 57% of the letters they receive are not about South AFricans concerned about crime, or rapes of babies, or corruption, or aids, etc, but about rugby, cricket and soccer. For many South Africans sport is more important than an honest and ethical goverment, than good honest sincere and totally transparent relationshhips between black and white and coloured and indian, and chinese.

For the sports fanatics of South Africa, sport is more important than babies being raped, than farmers being murdered, than corrupt politicians spending billions on white elephant sports stadiums that could educate children, pay for police, give poor african women access to contraception so they can better their lives.

For the sports fanatics, they don't care, about humans being sacrificed for muti in south africa, about black and whites being murdered and their genitals cut off while they are still alive....

None of these or many other things some of which some black and white south africans are very concerned about, worry South Africa's sports fanatics..

So tell me Anonymous what do you know? Do you know your own name? If so, why don't you share it with us?

Anonymous said...

I read about the farm murders and saw the photo's, the photo of that little boy beaten to death sticks in my head like glue, because I have a son around that age. It seems like no one cares or knows about these murders because we don't see it on the news. Can't government see what is happening to this country? Can't someone do something? I really don't want to end up like that. If a person tries to defend himself in his own home, they lock him up for murder, it is outrages!! I think the only thing we can do is for us to stand together.We are no where safe anymore, not even in our own back yards.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, I would imagine you would have to have an incredible amount of hate and rage in you for a racial group of people, when you can bludgeon a child to death, that you have never met, and do not know, purely because of the colour of his skin. It doesn't make sense to anyone whose beliefs are founded upon Judeo Christian beliefs.

But 80% of South Africa's black Africans beliefs are not founded upon Judeo Christian beliefs; they are founded upon Occult Ancestral Worship Pagan beliefs: muti-medicine, withcraft etc.

Within that belief system, the greater the amount of terror inflicted upon a human or animal that is being 'sacrificed', the greater will be the 'muti-power'. Now even if the murderer does not commit the murder in order to harvest muti-organs, the principle of the persons screams and terror, transfer to the murderer the power of those screams. At least that is what they believe, and from their beliefs, flow their actions.

I had no idea about this Occult stuff, and so I did some research for articles, etc. Here are a few, where you can get a better idea of the underlying belief systems of Occult religions.

For example: According to Adam Smith:
“In communities where a witchcraft paradigm informs understandings about other peoples’ motives and capacities, life must be lived in terms of a presumption of malice.”

Put differently, it doesn't matter how 'good' or 'kind' anyone is, black or white; to someone who believes in witchcraft (80% of black South Africa), because they will interpret your 'kindness' as motivated by 'malice'.

Here are some articles which provide more indepth perspectives to how Occult believers think differently to Judeo Christian believers.

* What is the relationship between African Occult Muti Sacrifice Ritual Belief Systems, and African Criminality?
* Africanisation of RSA: ANC's Occult "Struggle" Politics
* AIDS in the 'Witchraft Paradigm' of Power
* The Sixth Weapon ... Ethnocultural Warfare


Stephanie said...

I am completely disgusted by this website. Bad things happen all over the world. If you hate South Africa so much why don't you leave? At least then we wouldn't have to read the racist polemic of a small-minded, bitter person...
People like you need to wake-up!!!!
This blogger probably will probably not have the balls to publish this comment but I have to say that I love my country and all the people in it. You speak of race wars... you are perpetuating a cycle of racial hatred with your pathetic piece of propaganda. To any foreign person who is reading this, South Africa is a country of love and you should attend the World Cup and experience our wonderful culture!
The people in this blog are so ready to judge and you call yourselves Christian! Jesus preached a message of love for all people but clearly your Bible does not contain that section.
And just so you know, African people with traditional beliefs consider witchcraft to be evil and would be insulted that you are placing their beliefs under this heading.
Get over yourselves!!! Do some research before commenting!!!

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Stephanie,

I am a member of the Radical Honesty culture, so before I make assumptions I'd like to make sure I understand you, and am interpreting you correctly. In Radical Honesty our social contract foundation is honesty and sincere forgiveness. But we can only get to sincere forgiveness, if we have told the 100% truth, and really actively listened.

Have you sincerely forgiven Mr. Terre'blanche, Mr. Eugene de Kock, Mr. Robert McBride, or anyone of the individuals who personally testified before the TRC? How do you define sincere forgiveness and how do you know 100% if you have sincerely forgiven someone in your culture?

I am unclear what exactly you say you are disgusted by. If you could be more specific we can discuss it, and try to understand where both of us are coming from.

Nothing said above is quoted from any anonymous source, every statement is from a public transparent source.

I am not sure where you got the idea that I hate South Africa. I don't like hypocrisy or two-faced people's hypocrisy; but my door is always open to them -- since sometimes it my friends who are honest with me, who help to expose my hypocrisy -- for an honest conversation, to reach sincere forgiveness.

I am also not clear on what exactly I said that you say is the 'racist polemic of a small-minded, bitter person...'?

I don't think that my former African American husband, a man of honour and integrity, will agree with you, that South Africa has treated his white Afrikaner farmers daughter wife with love and appreciation for her commitment to stand up for black and whites. I think he would say SA has legally and politically persecuted his former wife, for simply practicing her non-violent culture of truth-telling and sincere forgiveness.

What would you have to say to him, a black foreign American, about how your country of love, South Africa, has persecuted his white Afrikaner wife?

The statements about African witchcraft culture -- such as by Mr. Adam Ashforth -- on this page are from experts. He lived in Sowetho, doing his research. Did you even read Dr. Ashforth's article, before you commented?

If your African culture expertise on African beliefs is greater than any experts here stated, please provide your expertise credentials and your expert conclusions, and I will honourably publish such.

Thank you for your contrarian opinion; if you provide more evidence and state anything above to be untrue, I shall honourably publish a retraction and apology.


The Rooster said...

It's one thing to be a "realist" (In your case neurotic, sensationalistic and alarmist) but quite another like this site to have a boner for tragedy. Lol. Get a life.

Selalelo said...

Some stupid white people are still stuck with their past. They did not earn their living fairly except to abuse black people not realising that it will come to an end one day. Now that days of "my vel is my graad" are gone, they face reality. Their only hope is to cause civil war, world cup disruption, etc so that we all suffer. My advice to them is that If you don't like our beloved country S.A., don't bad mouth it, just pack and go to Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Stephanie said...

I am not obviously not an expert on the study of 'witch-craft' as you
call it, however I have read fairly extensively on the subject. I just
feel that witchcraft is too primitive a term for multi-layered African
beliefs, you are more than entitled to disagree. Using body parts to
make 'muti' is not very common - if you look at police statistics.
This is 'black' magic and you will not find many people who are
involved with this.
I never said anything about forgiveness, but I have to admit you have
me there. The men you mention are all completely disgusting. I only
said you were bitter because you seem to have many things to complain
about, I'm sorry if I misunderstood you. You just do not seem to have
much love in your heart.
I am sorry if you feel persecuted, perhaps you should see someone
about this. I would be more than happy to explain to your ex-husband
why I, as a white South African, am proud to live in this country.
I apologise for calling you a racist if this is not the case, it just
seemed to me that the overall tone of your blog was somewhat
antagonistic towards people of colour.
We are all entitled to our own world view, but your world seems to be
a very sad place. This is why I assumed you were bitter.
Sorry for any offence caused, I may have been to viscious in my rhetoric.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


You are more than entitled to your opinion, when you choose to be more specific to provide statements for what exactly you consider alarmist, neurotic or sensationalistic, then I can take you more serious. Till then...

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Are you suggesting that I am stupid, did not earn my money fairly and abused black people?

You could be quite correct. I guess it could be perceived as stupid to have been so committed to a new south Africa to want to donate my entire inheritance to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Even more stupid to spend about 20 years spending at least 40% of my earnings on working on behalf of justice for black people. In fact to have been so committed for justice on behalf of black people, that it cost me a year in prison.

Sorry that you disagree with the thousands of black people who feel that the world cup billions should rather have been spent on education, safety and security, training skills, family planning, etc... and that you would rather see those black people suffer in misery, as long as you can watch yourself some soccer match.

I guess what you are saying is that you would prefer not to have whites like me around; who prefer sincere honest racial relationships, instead of two-faced hypocrisy ones. My apologies that I am not good enough South African for you.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Thanks for your response. I am neither an expert, I simply posted what otehrs had said. I have never come across any problem that has been reduced by pretending it does not exist, or by people shoving it under the carpet, instead of educating about it, and raising awareness about it. In my experience those who generally wanted the problem shoved under the carpet or who wanted to pretend it didn't exist, were indirectly sanctioning the continuation of the problem. According to the worlds expert on muti-murders, Col. Gerard Labuschagne, many many muti-murders statistics are hugely erroneous becuase so many possible muti-murders are not even identified as such, and simply classified as normal murders; however underlying psychological motivations may be related to muti-psychological issues.

I guess if you consider the persons mentioned as 'disgusting', you have not yet forgiven them. This is one thing I fail to understand from many SA's. In Radical Honesty, we would never ever lie to anyone and say 'I have forgiven you' when that is not true. They call themselves 'proudly south african'; i.e. they pretend they forgave and started a new slate, but it is a lie.

I am flabbergasted how you can say someone you have never met is bitter and has no love in their heart, when you have only shared one comment with them.

Dr. Brad Blanton accused the SA goverment of having legally persecuted me in a witchhunt for falsely arresting me, and sending me to pollsmoor for 33 days without a bail hearing, and giving me a kangaroo court trial. Now if this is how little justice the Rainbow nation hands out to 'kaffir sussies', how much justice can the rainbow nation be trusted to give out to people who are simply white?

I am happy you are proud to live in SA. I wonder how proud those TRC men and women you never forgave are to live in the country which promised them forgiveness, and lied to them, and yet who go around talking about how proud they are to live in SA?

If you think I am antagonistic to black people, you should hear my former husband. He does not however think that you can raise black people to higher standards by making excuses for them, for why they cannot be decent upstanding honest citizens. He like me does not htink that you help black people by pretending that black culture and black morality and black spirituality is not in one massive crisis; and that liberals who make excuses for this black behaviour, don't help one bit, and in fact are more racist than Eugene Terreblanche could ever be, cause they really think blacks are incapable of higher standards, and so treat them like they are some incompetent pet monkeys, whom can just be constantly excuse from standards required of everyone.

And no offence taken... it is virtually impossible to offend me! You are more than welcome to express your brutally honest opinions, whatever they are at any given time. With new information our opinions often change, and so the truth constantly changes! ;-)

Stephanie said...

Muti murders are easily identifiable by the fact that the victim has their eyes cut out so that they cannot see what is happening to them; and their tongues cut out so they cannot speak of what has happened to them.
I am not making excuses for anyone, nor do I treat other people like pet monkeys. But if it makes you feel better to call me a hypocrite etc. then go ahead.
I really feel like I have learnt something about you.
Now why don't you go and put on your nice red dressing gown, the one with the swastika embroidered on the back, cuddle up to some of your favourite nazi memorabilia, put up your feet and have a cup of tea. It's been such a long day, and hatred is so much work.

Seeker of Truth said...

This load of crap does not interest me

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Are you saying that the worlds expert on muti-murders is a liar, and that you know more about muti-murders than he does?

I never said you make excuses for anyone. YOu accused me of being antagonistic towards black people. I responded by stating i have one standard for everyone, because I don't think black people are pet monkeys and I think they can live upto the same standard, and when they don't, I confront them, not cause of their race, but because of their lack of honour and integrity. If you are someone with double standards then that is you, but I don't know you well enough to make such a statement as in 'You Stephanie are a hypocrite'. I don't know, are you?

I asked you wether you had forgiven those 'disgusting' people Terre'Blanche, de Kock and McBride? Weren't they promised they would be forgiven if they told the truth?

I gave you a description of my opinion, what I mean by 'I have one standard for everyone, i don't care what their race is'. I don't know what you do. I don't know you well enough to draw any conclusions about you. Only you know whether you have double standards and withhold criticism from blacks because you treat them like pet monkeys who canot handle criticism and must not be confronted about their cultural behaviours that are disgusting, and which if done by whites you would vehemently criticise.

I also did not accuse you of being a hypocrite, I asked a question. I don't know if you are a hypocrite, or not. As I said in my first response, in Radical Honesty we first ask another person allot of questions, to make sure we are intepreting them correctly. It is active listening, it is an attempt to make sure I am hearing what you are saying. It is questions and responses of interpretation -- not final conclusions.

If you feel you have learnt something about me that is fine. I do not make quick decisions about anyone, I prefer to get to know someone really well, before I jump to incorrect conclusions. But everyone makes their decisions about another, based upon their own values. So if you feel you know someone after three comments, and thats okay for you. No problem. There are some people I have had hour long conversations with, and I would never say 'I know them,' cause I would be lying.

It sounds like your definition of 'love' is that you must say nice things to otehrs, even if you don't mean it, so as not to antagnoize them with your honest opinion about them (your truth). Or how exactly do you define 'love' and 'hate'.

Is it loving or hating someone to lie to them about your honest opinion, that they may be to incompetent to hear your honest opinion, which they would consider 'antagonizing them'? Would that fit into your definition of 'love', or 'hate'?

So, here I am, the former wife of a proud honourable black man, who made a comitment to donate my entire inheritance to a sincere TRC, who spent a year in prison on behalf of black Africans... and you consider me a nazi! Wow! thats interesting... ;-)

So what -- for example -- would helen zille be, she married a white man, never donated her inheritance to a sincere TRC.. not sure how many days she has spent in prison on behalf of black folk?

Is she also a nazi?

Stephanie said...

I find your need to constantly justify yourself highly amusing. I am not calling the expert a liar, I am quote from the UNISA criminology textbook.
I find Helen Zille very irritating, so that will probably make you happy. All I am trying to get across is that I do not hate anyone until they have done something to me personally to make me dislike them. I dislike you because you are trying to make me share your world view through your continuous, asinine arguing.Maybe I make quick judgements but what is that saying? Something about first impressions and how they last... Please do not reply to this post as I find you highly annoying. I hope your high horse trips, falls over and crushes you to death. Enjoy living with your sad world view which is limited only to the media's point of view. I like to spend my time with real people.
It is interesting to see that many people have only negative things to say about your blog. Doesn't that make you wonder. This will be my last post so please shut the fuck up. You can carry on thinking what you like and I am going to live in the real world. Maybe you will end up spending more time in prison because you are a terrorist, that is how I see your shitty blog. Enjoy your life.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


You justify yours, I justify mine, our justifying amuses you.

Col. Labuschagne has a slightly more complex understanding of witchcraft motivated crimes. Not all occur with missing body parts, for example: many rapes are witchcraft motivated by sangomas who instruct men to rape a virgin/baby sodomise a man, so as to rid them of aids etc. As you may know 1/4 of SA's black male population admitted in a study that they had comitted rape. Hence statistics on witchcraft motivated crimes are seriously in error.

I used Ms. Zille simply as an example, I personally have nothing against her.

I still don't know how you define hate: Is it loving or hating someone, if you lie to them about your honest opinion, because secretly you prefer them to think good of you, or you think they can't handle your honest opinion, so you avoid confronting them with your honest opinion of them? Would you be loving or hating someone you deliberately lie to?

I personally don't hate any indivdiual, I only hate certain behaviours.

As for 'arguing' -- that is an interesting interpretation, of yours. My intepretation was that we were sharing ideas and perspectives via a comment process, definitely not even remotely close to arguing.

Generally people who withhold judgement until they have made a thorough investigation are far more deep, thoughtful and fairminded; that is a principle of law: you never make a conclusion about another's guilt, until you have heard all the evidence. Those who make quick judgements are generally considered superficial and plastic.

Sorry for fidning me annoying, I find your interpretations interesting, even if I disagree with them.

I don't know what you mean by: "Enjoy living with your sad world view which is limited only to the media's point of view."

I am happy you like to spend your time with real people; so do I, except I imagine my radical honesty real people, will make your real people seem quite plastic.

As for the many people you think who leave negative comments on the blog. I imagine if Galileo had had a blog... he'd have probably received 99.9 % comments screaming at him that the earth was flat, by people upset about his genius! It is the fate of visionaries who walk ahead, where others have not yet even dreamed of going.. to be criticised and misunderstood.. So, I don't take it personally! ;-)

Doesn't that make you wonder??

Stephanie, I have never raised my hand in anger at another person in my entire life, not even twice when I was assaulted; so I don't know how you define 'terrorist'.. but generally I imagine it includes violence. I have never endorsed anyones violence; I have only asked that those who did commit violence and wanted to be forgiven, be sincerely forgiven, so they could start anew. Its a spiritual principle called redemption. Its what a man named Jesus died on a cross for; sincere redemption of those who had sinned and wanted to start anew. I am at heart, and always have been a Gandhian non-violent RAdical Honesty truth teller...

My apologies you find that offensive.

Take care...

alex_nastaly said...


I am most pleased by your cool and collected approach towards stephanie. I have extensively read the exchange between yourself and stephanie and applaud your responses. Your cool approach towards this subject of white genocide is by all extents "perfect". It is this approach that will aid the white South Africans to emerge victorious from this volatile situation, i believe, even in the event of a racially motivated civil war. With regards to stephanie, you have "intellectually check-mated" her as I see her simplistic last response signifying her biased utopian perspective. Please Andrea, keep up the good work!!!! I am only racist towards those who show racist contempt towards myself and my fellow white South Africans.

Stephanie said...

hi andrea,
As you can see I do battle to let things go. I am not without my faults. I just want to answer your question.
I define hate by the level of work someone is will to do to undermine or destroy someone or something. For example, during apartheid, 'terrorist' attacks were faked, murders were commited and people were segregated and treated as less then human. all of this took alot of work on the part of the rascist government.
I never said that you have raised your hand against anyone, if you haven't that is a good thing.
I define love as the ability to see good in someone or something and to be willing to spend more time with or on the something. (I am not talking about romantic love, although this is a part of what I mentioned.)I am highly emotional and it is hard to have intellectual debate when your feelings get in the way. You are entitled to your viewpoints, but if you live in Canada your viewpoint will be limited to what the media says about South Africa, because you are not living here to experience it, that's all. But good news doesn't make the headlines too much, that is all I am saying. If you say you are not rascist I recant that statement and I apologise, I just feel that spreading fear is an act of terrorism and this website certainly does contain things that can make people afraid, even you have to admit that.

Stephen said...

Calling white persons stupid is absolutely the correct thing to do ! We are stupid. We must join in the fun : We and we alone voted to negotiate the end of apartheid (stupid) We do not break and burn if we protest (stupid) We go on with building the country and supplying food for various countries (stupid) We still go to school and do our best to stick to rules (stupid) We are selling our knowledge to countries like Kazakhstan because our country doesnt want it (stupid) We join groups to fight violence and corruption (stupid) We complain about bad service (stupid) We cry for every murder, rape and child abuse case, regardless of race (stupid) We apologised for wrongs of the past (stupid) Hitler killed 6 million people, the Germans go on with their life (stupid) Yes I agree, whites are STUPID !

lawrence said...

What a bunch of retards. South Africa will host the world cup, whether you like it or not. The sooner white people stop talking whites this whites that the better, because truth be told, they are not as affected by crime as blacks. I see white girls driving with their windows open in Joburg, yet you are telling the world there is genocide against whites? Stop looking for sympathy and fight just as we all do. Crime is a national problem, and you need to stop behaving like visitors, because if you feel like one, then go back 'home'. If you know SA is your home, fight for a safe South Africa as its your right as a citizen.

Joselito said...

Eu conheci o webiste através de um amigo e fiquei chocado com as informações que encontrei aqui. Sou brasileiro e me surprendi que nunca este tipo de perseguição foi divulgada na imprensa mundial. Sobre o nazismo negro de Mugabe eu já tinha ouvido falar, mas sobre o massacre que os fazendeiros brancos vem sofrendo na Africa do Sul nunca vi nenhuma informação. é um completo absurdo. Como vocês conseguem continuar vivendo com alguma tranquilidade sob estas condição? É realmente assustador.

Fernando Castro São Paulo - Brasil

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

@ Alex: Thanks for your words. I ain't got no problems with Stephanie, we just disagree on a few things!

@ Stephanie: My apologies been hectic the last few months; I had to file a brief for Concourt, and never done one before, so was up all hours of every day. Sorry. HOpe you enjoy your WC, I ain't changed my mind, but such is life.

@ Lawrence, I don't usually read people's pages that I consider retards; nor engage them in leaving comments, but anyway. I have met many people around the world who had huge and I mean huge differences of opinion, I found engaging them to make an impartial enquiry into why they thought the way they did far more interesting that simply accusing anyone i disagreed with of being a retard; but to each his own.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

@ Joselito: Welcome. Thanks for your comment
Webiste I met through a friend and was shocked at the information I found here. I'm Brazilian and never surprised me that this type of harassment was reported in the world press. About Nazism black Mugabe I had heard, but on the massacres that white farmers has been suffering in South Africa have never seen any information. is a complete nonsense. How can you continue to live with some peace under these conditions? It's really scary.

Fernando Castro São Paulo - Brazil
Joselito, thanks for your comment. Yes it is a bit like the wild west, but in the wild west you were allowed to defend yourself from being attacked, and in SA we are not allowed to do so, because if we do that is 'racist'. We appreciate your thoughts and hope we can solve our problem, or we shall have to find ourselves a Wild Bill Hickok! ;-)


Joselito, obrigado por seu comentário. Sim, é um pouco como o oeste selvagem, mas no oeste selvagem que foram autorizados a se defender do ataque, e na África do Sul não estamos autorizados a fazê-lo, porque se fizermos isso é "racista". Nós apreciamos os seus pensamentos e espero que possamos resolver o problema, ou vamos ter de nos encontrar um Wild Bill Hickok! ;-)

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